FMC Chapter 3200

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3200 Remote Assassin, Astronomy
Yes, Li Yao can’t understand what Zhao Kai is saying, but the emotions of Human Race are always the same. Zhao Kai spits out a series of vocabulary words that are full of screaming and squeaky sounds. The stagnation, the sharp syllables are perfectly integrated with the expression on his face, just like starting the language from the mother’s womb, not the mother tongue and what?

His mouth twitched unconsciously, and the bottom of his eyes gradually spread a kind of sly and indifferent light–not care about his own life, naturally not care about other people’s lives.

Li Yao doesn’t know how to describe Zhao Kai’s temperament. It is like a well-trained professional killer, or a special dirty official Agent, or even a drug lord in the South American jungle. Yes, he grins his teeth and fangs bloom. The secluded light is like a piranha in the Amazon!

“He is not Zhao Kai.”

Li Yao’s heart suddenly jumped out of such a thought.

It seems that a professional killer, a special agent or even a poisonous soul is stuffed into the body of his roommate by a hard-working person, or, or Zhao Kai awakens the memory of the last life, the last life, and even the upper life, completely becomes Another person.


Li Yao is sinking, Zhao Kai has already smashed the large utility knife in the palm of his hand, like a dagger, and once again stalked Li Yao’s throat.


Li Yao’s waist instinct instinct makes a move, the two-handed blade simultaneously draws a sharp arc, perfectly colliding together, the screwdriver is finally harder than the utility knife, and the blade at the forefront of the utility knife is suddenly broken and spurted out. First hit the bed frame, and then bounced out, deeply embedded in the wall.

Zhao Kai’s look is the same, the sound of a bubble bursting deep in the throat, bowing his knees, exhausting his whole body and slamming into Li Yao.

His movements are clean and neat, full of aggressive anger with the goal, like a precise and deadly machine.

He uses a very very ruthless indoor melee fighting technique. Li Yao has seen it in some action movies, knowing that it is a deadly technology that exists in the real world and that elite special forces in major countries will practice.

Zhao Kai’s hands and feet seem to have become four pythons, smeared with Li Yao’s skin, and entangled mercilessly. If Li Yao is still a week ago, I’m afraid to suffocate within three or five seconds. It is.

Unfortunately, he met Li Yao who had already awakened!

“Zhao Kai!”

Li Yao screamed, his limbs and torso suddenly became congested, and the muscles suddenly swelled for a round. The hard-boiled arm popped up Zhao Kai’s entangled arm, followed by a vicious head squat, right in the nose of Zhao Kai’s nose. I wonder if it would hit the nose. Broken, at least put Zhao Kai’s head back.

Li Yao took advantage of both elbows and slammed it on Zhao Kai’s chest and slammed him to the ground.

“Wake up, Zhao Kai, you are controlled by some kind of power!”

Li Yao found that Zhao Kai still wore a Bluetooth headset. There was a small blue dot flashing next to the headset. The display was still in a call state. Then he thought of his strange laughter. Where did he not understand what happened?

Zhao Kai is a roommate who has been with him for four years. If it is not necessary, Li Yao will never hurt his life, but he will get a nail from his waist, and his fingers will be bent and shot at the blue earphones of Zhao Kai’s ear.

Originally, it’s ten, but it’s a shame that Zhao Kai’s face is on his face, and the face of tears is once again showing a mysterious and grotesque smile. The syllables in the mouth suddenly change. From the dialect that is suspected to be somewhere in South America, it becomes a simpler one. Old, rude language.

That can’t even be called a language, purely a whistle that calls for companions when the primitive people are hunting.

“Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey!”

Zhao Kai said.

His eyeballs were originally wrapped in haze and cold, but at this moment it seems to have an invisible film rupture, revealing the violent tyranny and hunger, the eyeball turned into a yellow-brown leopard like, a black bloodshot The blast broke out, and the corners of the mouth on both sides were torn to an incredible degree. The canine teeth grew at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the disgusting smell was spurted in the throat, as if his chest and abdomen were not internal organs, but filled. Corrosive liquid.

Zhao Kai is like a primitive man, or a furious gorilla, once again rushed up.

And his power is as terrible as a gorilla.

Li Yao can bend three or five steel bars at a time, but it is also difficult to completely control Zhao Kai without hurting the other party.

“Hey, huā lā !”

The two men huddled together and slammed into the desk under Li Yao’s bed. The desk made of hardwood and steel was as crisp as a matchbox.

“Zhao Kai, wake up, I don’t want to fight with you!”

Li Yao reached for the bluetooth earphones of Zhao Kai’s ear, but the other party swayed his head fiercely, and still opened his mouth to pose a bite, which made Li Yao unable to start.

“shuā! shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

The handle knife was again introduced by Zhao Kai with an inch of knife tip. In the midair, a silvery glow was drawn, and the steel tube supporting the bed frame was easily cut off by him.

Undoubtedly, Zhao Kai’s strength far exceeds the limits of Human Race.

The two sides insisted for three or five seconds, Li Yao was like a force, and his hands were soft.

Zhao Kai’s face showed a violent and cold mixed expression, and the utility knife slashed Li Yao’s throat.

Cold, Li Yao’s throat is rolling, and a nail is spit out from under the tongue to straighten the Bluetooth headset.

Zhao Kai only stared at Li Yao’s hands, but did not expect that he still had a nail in his mouth. For a moment, “pā”, the Bluetooth headset was shot and shattered.

Zhao Kai’s expression suddenly rose.

Now, it is the turn of Li Yao to play the role of a python, and instantly turn to the back of Zhao Kai. The two thumbs are deeply embedded in the three inches below Zhao Kai’s ear, cutting off the supply of oxygen to the blood supply to the brain.

Three seconds later, Zhao Kai fainted, spit out foam in his mouth, and his hands and feet twitched.

Li Yao took a deep breath and went to the toilet to pull out Zhao Kai’s towel and put it into a group of his mouth to prevent him from suffocating or biting his tongue.

Can’t take care of cleaning up the room, first grab Zhao Kai’s mobile phone and find that the other party has finished the call, and the other party’s number is not displayed on the screen.

Li Yao opened the hands-free blood, Li Yao opened the hands-free, back to the past, and left Zhao Kai’s mobile phone on the ground, the fingers are full of nails, alert to the limit, as if the phone will be invisible at any time. Devil.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is an empty number. Sorry, the number you dialed is an empty number…”

An empty female voice loops repeatedly.

At this time, footsteps sounded on the outside corridor.

It seems that he and Zhao Kai’s fight have attracted the attention of classmates or boarders. At least five or six people are coming to their dorms.

Li Yao snorted and grabbed two of his packages and turned them out of the window.

The conditions of the boys’ dormitory are always worse than the girls’ dormitory. Their dormitory is on the sixth floor of the shady place. There are not many pedestrians outside. Li Yao jumped from the sixth floor to the fourth floor window and jumped from the fourth floor. The balcony on the second floor, finally from the second floor silently landing, smashing the dust on his body, looks like a walk outside the school.

The campus in the sunset is extraordinarily quiet, the faint sunshine is like a layer of pink cockroaches, the football field and the basketball court are full of sweaty students, the next avenue and the small garden are sweet and inseparable couples.

But with the serenity and sweetness of the picture, Li Yao’s urgency could not be burned out.

“How can Zhao Kai become like this, just by controlling the Bluetooth headset, can a person become a powerful, like a monster of a gorilla, or even master so many deadly fighting skills?

“Is the ‘Ark Foundation’ doing a ghost behind it? Or what other super-capacity organization or anti-overcoming ability?

“The other party has already stared at me. Is there a flaw in it, is it drunk, is it a matter of contact with Zhang Daniu?

“It’s not good. Since I have already acted here, Zhang Daniu will definitely not be calm. He is very dangerous. I must rush over immediately!”

In Li Yao’s mind, half of the ice and half of the flames, one side is anxious, the other side is extremely calm thinking, thinking about all the next action plans.

Li Yao took out his phone and restored the factory settings.

At this time, just behind the canteen, there was a garbage truck that recovered the drowning water slowly. Li Yao saw no one and drove the mobile phone directly to the garbage truck.

Fortunately, he had long expected the possibility of tracking and eavesdropping on mobile phones. He exchanged more than 3,000 pieces of cash in advance, otherwise, in this city where mobile payment is difficult, no mobile phone is really a big trouble.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Every step of the way, there is endless information from the depths of my mind, including the various traffic routes from South River Elite University to the city, detailed topographic maps of Zhang Daniu’s residential quarters, and all the available along the way. “Weapons”, and so on, every detail is clearly understood by Li Yao.

“It’s time to release the full power of my ‘Little Prince’!”

Li Yao secretly calculated, “First come to the poor street in the street next to the school to get a car, and then mad at the speed limit of 180 yards, with my magical skills, all the routes are in control You should be able to reach your destination within half an hour!”

Thinking this way, Li Yao walked out of the school.

Then, I saw the rolling traffic at 5:30 in the afternoon and at the peak of the night.

A long strip of steel seems to extend from the ancient past to an unreachable future.


Li Yao said, “Forget it, take the subway. The first line turns to the 4th line, and then rides a shared bicycle, which is quite fast.”

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