FMC Chapter 3201

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3201 begins the dark battle, floating astronomy
The subway station at the peak of the night is also crowded with people, all with a Eclipse-like faintness on their faces, like a burning Zombie.

Perhaps Li Yao was dressed as a decorator, and the tools in his pocket didn’t cause much trouble when he passed the security check.

Li Yao bought a one-time subway ticket in cash and waited in front of the platform.

When the first subway arrived, there were too many passengers. He did not wait for the right candidate and had to wait for the next one.

When the second subway entered the station, the right candidate appeared.

It was a office worker with a tired, groggy, swaying face.

While yawning, he came out of the subway, but put the phone back in his pocket. It seems that he just brushed a webpage and the phone is still unlocked.

Li Yao walked to the office worker and slammed into a very avant-garde girl next to him, smashing the girl into the arms of the office worker, and swearing when the office worker was in a hurry or secretly happy. After, the still shiny phone fell into Li Yao’s hand.

When the door was closed and the subway started slowly, the office worker was still busy and apologized or yelled at the avant-garde girl. This is probably a rare color in his boring and boring life. He can see through the glass window that he is so excited that his neck is thick. In a circle, I didn’t notice that my mobile phone was missing.

Li Yao took a sigh of relief and didn’t change his color. He dialed the number of Zhang Daniu.

“Take the phone, pick up the phone soon!”

Li Yao screamed in the bottom of his heart and screamed at the gods of the gods. He hoped that when he arrived, he would not see Zhang Danniu’s cold body.

Five seconds, it’s as hard as five days and five nights. Finally, the phone is connected!


Li Yao first made two dry coughs.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough!”

I licked the opposite side and coughed up.

This is the secret code of the two people. If both of them make a dry cough, it proves that everything is normal. On the contrary, it means that one party is in danger.

As of now, Zhang Daniu has not had an accident, but the dangerous alarm in Li Yao Brain is getting more and more harsh.

“Listen, we were stared–my roommate has just been hypnotized and turned into a monster that is proficient in assassination and wants to kill me.”

Li Yao said, “I estimate that the roots are still on you. The other person is dealing with your people. You should be on the road and you will find you soon.”


Zhang Daniu was shocked. “That, what do I do, how long will you still be?”

“I have to wait half an hour to forty-five minutes to get to your side.”

Li Yao said, “In the meantime, you have to calm down and protect yourself before you can escape.”

“Calm? How can I calm down!”

Zhang Daniu screamed, “You just told me this morning that this is a world with super powers, and then I ate a whole sack of hoes in front of me, and I also tore a thicker than a brick. The dictionary, then took away the 20,000 yuan that I worked so hard to accumulate. At night, at night, you told me that I was stared at by some ‘evil super power Organization’. How do you calm me? , alarm, there is a police office in our community, there is a community police station in the opposite community, and we must trust the government at the crucial moment!”

“No, it’s not a matter of faith in the government, but how do you let the government believe in your problem.”

Li Yao said, “Think about it. If you call the police, what are you going to say? Just say that you find that the world has super powers, and now there is an evil super power that is chasing you?”

Zhang Da Niudao: “Hey…”

“If you really say this, you will definitely be controlled as a drug addict.”

Li Yao said, “Community police stations can’t resist superpowers, but they can control your actions and weaken your only mobility advantage. Such an alarm is equal to self-investment.”

“Then, what should I do?”

Zhang Daniu sounded crying. “I am coming out now, looking for you to meet?”

“No, I am not sure if anyone in the other side is secretly monitoring you. Maybe you are leaving your home. Instead, you are in the middle of their arms. As long as you have a fully enclosed van, you can get rid of you from the door of the community in a second. ”

Li Yao indulged for a moment, said, “Listen, then you have to do this. Every step must be strictly in accordance with my instructions, and it may last for an hour.

“First, there is nothing flammable in your home, books, yes, you have so many books, look for a few years old, paper crisp, better burning, and then find some pillowcases, clothes and even plastic bags. Class of things.

“Second, you have a pressure cooker in your house. Yes, then, throw the inflammables into the pressure cooker, ignite, and then throw pillowcases, clothes, cotton wool and plastic bags into the burning. Remember, Of course, I don’t want you to really make a fire, but to make a strong black smoke.

“Third, wait until the black smoke in the pressure cooker comes out, put the pot on the balcony, let the black smoke out of the window, it is best to let the people in the whole community see and smell.

“Fourth, do you know what to do? Call the fire and let the fire brigade handle it.

“Five, after completing all this, you will leave the room immediately, but don’t go downstairs and turn to the roof. I have observed the structure of your Resident building. It is the old-fashioned Water Element system. There is a very large on the roof. Big water tank, so you can go up to the rooftop from the stairs, right?

“No matter what method you use, open the lock on the corridor to the roof, go up and hide, it is best to hide in the water tank, to ensure that the commanding heights in all directions can not directly target you – don’t be nervous, this is just in case, domestic firearms The control is so strict, I guess the other side can’t be as blatant as the ‘T3 Game Show Shooting Case’. I really want to start with you. It is also the way to go ‘accidents’. Isn’t it really arrogant to get a few sniper rifles?

“Right, before that, leave your mobile phone at home, don’t carry any communication equipment. Within an hour, I will go to the rooftop to find you, can you understand?”

“Ah, ah!”

Zhang Daniu screamed a few times and seemed to be scared by Li Yao’s words. “That, if there are people other than you, come to the rooftop to come to me, take me, take me out of the water tank, what should I do? do?”

“No matter who you are, whether you pretend to be a policeman or a firefighter, don’t trust him.”

Li Yao sighs, “Inspire your blood, bravely fight with him!”


Zhang Da Niudao, “Are you kidding?”

“Of course not. I also know that you can’t beat others, but is there any way?”

Li Yao said, “I am just a superpower who has just awakened the power of ‘cultivation’. It is not a god of omnipotence. The enemy is so mysterious and powerful. I can only grasp the best, I can only do my best. Rescue you, just rescue it casually.

“At least, there is a good news that is certain.”


Zhang Da Niu said, “There is good news?”

“From the experience of “Blood and Sand” author Gilson, “Golden Hunter” painter Takaya Yoshi, “Ringworld’s father” Garriott and others, the other is a well-trained professional, and it is easy to start, never Will make the target suffer too long.”

Li Yao said, “So, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about being tortured by the other party and even unloading eight pieces. Maybe, before you have reacted, everything will be unknowingly ended without pain.”


Zhang Da Niu said, “Do you really help me with your mother? You shouldn’t be my family to play with me!”

“Okay, no kidding, I have a situation here, can’t talk anymore.”

Li Yao said, “I hang up, remember, keep your life!”

“Etc., etc!”

Zhang Daniu’s voice suddenly panicked. “Hey, what’s the situation, you and you, you won’t be attacked by superpowers again? Li Yao, Li Yao!”


Li Yao was smothered by the crowd and slammed on the glass window. It was difficult to breathe. “I took the subway. I just passed a big station and suddenly poured in more than 10,000 people. I, I was suppressed, hū hū Many people, hū hū hū hū, hands and feet can’t move, don’t squeeze, a little quality can’t work… Hey, my mobile phone, where did my mobile phone go? Which one stepped on my mobile phone? Trouble you Ok, my phone!”


Li Yao took the super power to the limit, so it was easy to get a bloody road from the subway in the evening peak. Of course, the stolen mobile phone still disappeared without a trace, and may have been stepped into pieces.

Li Yao apologized to the innocent office worker in his heart, left the subway and found a row of shared bicycles.

The latest type of shared bicycle has an anti-theft alarm system. Li Yao does not have a mobile phone, and naturally cannot scan the code to unlock it.

Fortunately, this year’s shared bicycle competition is fierce. There are many first-generation old-fashioned bicycles being shackled on one side. The rusty locks are just the ears of the scorpion.

The two fingers were pinched and twisted, and the lock of one handle broke. Li Yao flew up and shared the bicycle and took the momentum of the racing motorcycle. Within five minutes, he came to the gate of Zhang Da Niu’s residence. .

At this time, there was a whistling sound from the fire engine in the community. A small type support vehicle had just entered, and a large type fire truck was blocked at the gate of the community because of the road operation and illegal parking. The masses carried forward the spirit of watching the excitement and not being afraid of the excitement. They gathered in the inside and outside of the community in threes and threes. While shaking the fan, they pointed at the Resident building that Zhang Daniu rented, and whispered.

At this time, it is close to 7:00 in the evening, but the daytime in summer is particularly long, the sky is still full of gray light, and hundreds of eyes around the Resident building, everything is clearly seen.

Since the Ark Foundation has chosen the disguise of charities, it is obviously taboo. It is not always in the eyes of the public.

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