FMC Chapter 3202

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3202 Teacher Cow, I am coming! Floating astronomy
Li Yao first found a hidden bush, put most of the tools, food, bugs and trackers he had prepared, and kept the base of the battle only on his body.

Then I went to the grocery store next to the community and bought an iced soda. I took the straw and stepped it three times to pretend to watch the crowd.

The sharp eyes are like a knife, but it is swept from the faces of every man, woman and child in the community. Even the seemingly white-haired, figure-stricken old man has not let go.

The first fire truck had stopped at the downstairs of Zhang Daniu. Several firefighters set a warning line on the periphery to stop the crowd from approaching. Others were looking for nearby fire hydrants. However, because Zhang Daniu strictly followed Li Yao’s instructions. Only ignited the clothes and cotton wool placed in the pressure cooker. After burning for about a few minutes, the smoke gradually faded and did not cause a real fire. Therefore, the trained firefighters were not too urgent, or Control the scene, evacuate the crowd, and confirm whether there are any injured people in the room.

Li Yao looked around the big trees, the branches, and the roof of the Resident building, planning a route that flew up and was able to evacuate.

Of course, he did not miss the search for suspicious people, and soon found more than one goal.

In the southwest direction about 15 meters, the middle-aged man leaning against the bicycle shed, looking at the dress and temperament should be the office worker who is engaged in civilian work, neglecting exercise, the kind of belly.

However, it is inconsistent with the raised beer belly. The muscle lines on his hands and feet are quite clear. If a piece of steel is bundled together, it is full of spring and explosive power, and his breathing is quite long, almost every About a dozen seconds, only to breathe once, this is an extremely powerful sign of cardiopulmonary function.

A muscle that is extremely strong and has a strong heart and lung function. How can there be a round beer belly?

Also, on the right hand side of Li Yao, about 20 meters above the avenue, is a young woman in a pajamas pushing a baby carriage. It seems that she just walked out from home after a meal, but when the breeze blows her hair, Li Yao found a very secret earphone in her ear, which is a spring coil at the back, which is very professional at first glance, anti-jamming and stable.

Although only a glance, Li Yao can be sure that this is definitely not a Bluetooth headset for listening to music.

What’s more, when you look at the fun with your child, you still listen to music in your ears. Isn’t it right?

This young woman and the middle-aged man of the beer belly just exchanged a meaningful look from time to time, touched the earlobe, nodded, and so on. Li Yao estimated that this was the secret between them to ensure the “safety” around.

Look at the stroller that the young woman is pushing. Sure enough, it is tightly covered and can’t see the baby’s one inch skin.

It is now in the summer, when the weather is hot, although the fire on the upper floor has not really burned up, but the crowd gathered around it is enough to raise the temperature of the whole community by three or five degrees. In this case, Is it a little baby? Obviously a problem!

In this way, Li Yao found a total of six less normal suspicious people.

Five of them are taking care of each other, and they are all within reach, and it is difficult to fall down at the same time.

The sixth was originally within the sight of the rest of the people, but the firefighters temporarily decided to evacuate the owner of the next-door unit. The sudden surge of people disturbed his actions. He had to follow the instructions of the firefighters and change his position.

This gives Li Yao the opportunity to take advantage of it.

At this time, the sky gradually darkened, and the crowd complaining loudly interfered with the attention of several suspicious people. When the sixth suspicious person tried to go behind a big tree, Li Yao silently came from behind. When I got up, my arm looked like a quirk. I bite his throat and smothered his screams in the scorpion. Then he pressed his carotid artery and took it for three seconds. He fell into a coma.

Fortunately, everyone’s attention is focused on the smoked Resident upstairs, no one cares about the dark corners of the small garden.

Li Yao dragged the suspicious characters into the bushes and quickly searched the whole body. There was no clue except for a cell phone, a multi-function tactical pen, and a communicator on the ear.

Just plug the communicator into the ear and hear the sound coming from inside: “Get the target on the rooftop, pay attention to the warning, we have to get him down!”

Li Yao has a tight heart. The first thought is to go to the rooftop to save people, but if you think about it, if the other person has a killing intent, you can kill Zhang Daniu in the first time, without wasting time notifying his companions. Anyway, drowning people in the water tank will not cause a little bit of movement.

Since the companions are to “pay attention to the warnings” and also to “get down” the goals, it is clear that they have to get down to a big living person, and will never be a cold body.

Zhang Dani has three units in this Resident building. He lives in the rightmost unit. Because it is a fire scene, the residents have already been evacuated, and the doorway is lined with a warning line. Only firefighters can enter and exit.

The second unit in the middle, afraid of the spread of the fire, is undergoing evacuation, and many Residents have ran out of the corridor.

The three units on the left are farthest apart and there is no forced evacuation, but many Residents still go downstairs to watch the fun.

From the roof of the building, you can freely go down to the corridor of the three units.

Li Yao estimates that the other party must be disguised as a resident, and the possibility of evacuating from the second unit corridor is relatively large.

Sure enough, he crouched in the bushes and saw the eyes of the other five suspicious people condensed into the doorway of the second unit.

Li Yao took a deep breath and the cat leaned over and plundered five suspicious characters.

“They don’t seem to be superpowers, at least not ‘Zhao Kai’, which awakens past memories, becomes superpowers of monsters and killers, just trained fighters.”

Li Yao pondered, “So, the other party has a more powerful mission, hidden in the dark? No matter, people must be saved!”

A side slide, Li Yao moved behind the middle-aged man with a beer belly and strong muscles, and screamed: “Hey?”

The middle-aged man was originally in a state of nervous tension. When the instinctive reaction turned back, he was cut by Li Yao with a hand knife on the throat. He held the throat and twisted it to the end. His eyes widened and half of the words could not be called. .

Almost at the same time, Li Yao knocked the three nails in the palm of his hand and made a move. The target was not a suspicious person, but a tire of a fire truck.

The usual nails puncture the tires, and they don’t make too loud sounds, but Li Yao puts all the strength into the nails, and directly pokes the two tires, one of them is really cool. The “pā” sounded loudly, scaring everyone to jump, and all the attention, including suspicious people, was temporarily transferred to the fire truck.

Li Yao took this opportunity to snake in the crowd and solve two other suspicious people in a clean and neat way.

Now, there are only the last two suspicious people.

And they also discovered the existence of Li Yao.

“not good!”

In the communicator, they heard their exclamation, “Don’t-“

They may want to remind the companions in the corridor not to come down, but the sound is hard and interrupted by the nails pulsed by Li Yao. Li Yao sees that his whereabouts have been revealed, simply no longer concealing, and his feet are broken a few tiles. , like the arrow of the string, into the corridor of the second unit.

The narrow corridor was filled with orange-red lights. Most of the Resident had been evacuated. Li Yao looked up and saw a five-and-three-strong man holding Zhang Da Niu down. He couldn’t think about it, left and right, bowed, nailed, first hit Broken floor lights, so that the surrounding is in a dark, at the same time, a nail tilted up, stabbing the other’s jaw, another more insidious nail, then stabbed to the other’s sole.

Because the other party went down to the first floor and a half position, the sole of the foot was just flush with Li Yao’s head. It was difficult to find the existence of Li Yao, plus the sudden flashing of the lights, the pupils were enlarged, and the nails that could escape the shooting down were already the limit. Where can I hide the nails that are shot at the soles of my feet?

“Take”, the nail easily shot through the man’s military boots, nailed his feet, boots and stairs directly together.


The brawny screamed and tried to pull out the nails. Li Yao took the opportunity to squat up and reached for the big cow.

A weird thing happened.

The brawny and Zhang Daniu even pulled out a black-haired dagger from their arms at the same time, smashing them to the chest of Li Yao.

“what the hell?”

Li Yao was not afraid of the sudden attack. She just didn’t understand why Zhang Daniu had to do it to himself. He flashed two dangerous arcs. Yu Guang scanned Zhang Daniu’s face and found his expression stunned. His eyes were straight and his pupil was out of focus. A man who is manipulated does not know what he is doing.

Look at the brawny, holding the knife in the right, but the left hand is sticking to the back of Zhang Daniu. The five fingers are still shaking at a very strange frequency, like the spine, which controls the nervous and muscular network of Zhang Daniu.

“so that’s how it is, is it a very clever hypnot?”

Clearly figure out the principle, there is nothing terrible, Li Yao sneered, watching the two daggers once again under the eyes of their own eyes, but aimed at the left foot of the brawny was nailed, forced to step on.

The left foot of the strong man was originally painful and was smashed by Li Yao. It was a serious disruption to his offensive and control techniques. His left hand was slightly disordered, and Zhang Daniu violently twitched and was not under his control. Li Yao I took the opportunity to gather the five fingers into a shackle and smashed into the shackles of the brawny.

This embarrassment, at least cut off the three or five ribs of the strong man, his dagger came out, the whole person fell backwards.

Li Yao refused to let go, chasing the body, one elbow on the chest of the brawny, all of a sudden suffocated him, spit foam, fainted to the ground.

Zhang Daniu is still a sly, stupid look.

Li Yao didn’t learn how to solve hypnotism. He could only open the bow in the simplest and rude way, “pā pā pā ε•ͺ”, and fanned out dozens of slap in the face of Zhang Da Niu, and both sides of the cheeks were high and raised. It became green and purple, and the black hair was bright. Zhang Daniu’s eyes finally had the focus.


He held his cheek and said with a snarl, “What happened, how did it hurt Ah?”

“Teacher Cow, don’t be afraid, I am coming!”

Li Yao took Zhang Daniu and ran to the corridor. “There were some evil superpowers who wanted to hurt you, but they were wiped out by me!”

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