FMC Chapter 3206

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 3206 chapter critical day, floating astronomy
“This is a problem. The action of ‘Apocalypse Organization’ is obviously not in line with their previous model.”

Tongtou confessed, “In the past, they were 100% obsessed with this kind of person who might awaken as an ‘observer”. They never left alive. Why did they choose to kidnap instead of killing directly? Yes… is this a trap for us?”

“Of course it may be a trap.”

Gray fog, “But if ‘Apocalypse Organization’ really wants to set a trap that will take us all over the net, why should we choose ‘Zhang Da Niu’… a strange bait no matter how you look at it?

โ€œAnd, the Specialist in the after-the-fact foundation invaded the traffic monitoring system in South River City and got some of the whereabouts of the ‘Apocalypse Organization’ awakened. It was discovered that the ‘white night’ opposite had already started before we were ready to act, in other words She is not aimed at us, but is aiming at the goal. Is such a goal worthy of being a ‘white night’ of the ‘deep sensation’? If it is a trap, who is this trap?”

This problem caused the remaining three awakens of the “Ark Foundation” to be silent.

At this time, the young woman who was pushing the stroller was delighted: “Ms. Gray, “Phantom Carving” has found them, and their SUVs have entered the underground garage of the Golden Eagle Building!”

“Very good, let the ‘Phantom Carving’ continue to monitor in the air, make sure that the other party does not replace the vehicle, continue to flee, I will send other people here to find out if they have fled from the underground garage or sneak into other buildings.”

Gray fog, “Wait a minute, there will be twelve experts in the Organization coming to the South River city – ten ‘sense of the deep sense’ and two ‘final hunters’, if they do not escape, midnight twelve Point, start on time!”

“Ten ‘sense’, two ‘finalists’!”

Copper Head and others were exclaimed again. “With such a luxurious lineup, is the Foundation finally ready to do a big job? The Golden Eagle Building is located in the downtown area, even if it is very lively at midnight, we are not afraid of being discovered?”

“According to the perception of the ‘weather instrument’, there is a storm tonight.”

Gray fog, “And, the Foundation has lifted the ban, and you can use it with impunity.”


Copper head and other people suck in a breath of cold air, stuttering, “So, the ‘critical day’ is really coming?”


The fog smiled and the laughter was very cold. “The criticality is near, the world is breaking down. It is unnecessary to hide your identity and ability. Only by doing everything possible, releasing endless possibilities. Sexuality, completely defeating the ‘Apocalypse Organization’ and the whole world, can smash all the shackles and gain true freedom.

“Remember, this is the word “Red Star” – this world is our best and last chance. If there is no way to defeat the enemy in this world, we will be completely suppressed and completely swallowed by the enemy. There is no longer a chance to wake up True Self, understand?”


The three bronze heads stand up in the chest and speak in the same voice. “Beyond the reincarnation, Long Live Free Will!”

“Good, then act!”

The fog waved and led the rest of the three Ark Foundation awakens and left the morgue.

Five minutes after they left, the body bag resting on the icy iron bed made a “snake” sound, and the darkened body suddenly sat up.

Fortunately, no one came in. If a doctor or a staff member saw this scene, it was necessary to have a heart attack.


Li Yao pulled the wrap bag from the inside, and the blackened charcoal shells peeled off, revealing the delicate baby-like skin, and beat about a dozen sneezes in one breath.

“What ‘observer’, what ‘deep sensation’ and ‘final conscious’, what ‘critical day’, what ‘transcends reincarnation’, what the guys are talking about Ah?”

Li Yao scratched her hair and suddenly found that her hair was burned out and she hadn’t grown up yet. He also turned into a big, bald head.

“Well, I am bald and stronger!”

Li Yao swings down a few punches in the void, and feels comfortable from the sound of breaking the wind and the blood. The strength of his own is more explosive than before half a day. For him, as long as he has enough Energy, it is possible to pull out the fireball and the arc from the palm of your hand.

Of course, the feeling of hunger is like the waves of the Yangtze River, rushing into it, almost piercing his chest and abdomen.

Fortunately, this is a hospital, the least lack of nutrients.

Li Yao first naked the cat, sneaked into the laundry room and stole a sick suit, and found a pharmacy, poured a few bottles of high-concentration glucose syrup in one breath, and then went to the inpatient department to steal a suit for himself. The costumes swayed out of the hospital.

Originally wanted to take a taxi or take the subway, but he does not have a mobile phone, and there is not even half a copper plate, or honestly, steal a bicycle!

First return to the “Qingyuan Community” rented by Zhang Daniu, retrieve the parcels hidden in the bushes, take out the overalls and rubber boots originally prepared for Zhang Daniu, and re-arm yourself – fortunately he There is a foresight to let the equipment be thrown before the battle, otherwise these things will be burned, and re-purchasing is also troublesome.

Then, pick up the shared bicycle again and march toward the Golden Eagle Building.

The Golden Eagle Building is located in the newly built Central Business District of South River. It is a long way from the old town where Zhang Da Niu rents. Li Yao has legs like a hot wheels, like a racing athlete.

About a dozen After twenty minutes, as the “gray” said, there was a thick dark cloud in the night sky gathering, and the deafening sounds from time to time, the lightning was like a ready-to-go. Like the dragon, coldly stares at the world.

In a short while, “ๅ™ผpฤซ pฤ ๅ•ช”, the raindrops of the beans were sprinkled on the earth like hot oil, and there was no precaution. The whole city of South River became a water country, and it was completely swallowed by heavy rain.

“So big rain!”

Li Yao has never experienced such a fierce or even mad rain in this life. Where is the rain? It is a flood from the sky. It is accompanied by the hurricane of the Seven X X Level 9. The dense raindrops are like a waterfall. The wall of the copper wall has compressed his horizons to the limit. Within the scope of the eyesight, the bustling of the wines will be dimmed in an instant. There are signs that are blown away by the wind, pots that are blown down by rain, and people who hold their heads and squats. From time to time, there are neon lights and electronic screens that emit “pฤซ pฤ” sounds. Then they are completely extinguished. Then they ride for a while, and then they can’t see half of the passers-by. Only the swaying lights are struggling in the squally showers.

“This is not normal.”

Li Yao erased the hot rain on his face. Some couldn’t tell whether it was rain or magma or even plasma. He stared at the distant horizon, and the numerous lightnings fell on the rolling city silhouette. If a lightning jungle, the abrupt rises.

If it is said that there is a world end, the sight is not the case.

Is it true that the “grey fog” of the Ark Foundation says that the whole world will collapse?

Li Yao struggled to touch the corner of his mouth. He felt the scene of collapse in front of him. He had seen and experienced it once, no, maybe countless times.

But this time it should be different.

This time must be different!

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao continues to pedal, between the squally showers and the lightning flashes and thunder rolls, swaying and rushing.

Itโ€™s midnight in the Central Business District.

The central business district with high-rise buildings was originally a city that never sleeps. Even in the middle of the night, the glass curtain wall of a skyscraper has a colorful light, like a fairyland shrouded in aurora.

But under the indiscriminate bombing of the storm and the super thunder, today’s city that never sleeps is dead, like a sneaky flood.

The shape of the Golden Eagle Building is very strange. It has a trident taste. There is a huge golden eagle statue standing in the square in front. It is very easy to find even under the pouring rain.

Li Yao didn’t rush in, but found a bridge that was not far away, curled up in a stinking corner, took out his own micro-display modified with electronic components, and connected the signal amplifier and headphones together. .

The distance between the flyover and the Golden Eagle Building is no more than one hundred meters. Although the wind and the showers are severe, the interference is serious, but it should not be a problem.

Sure enough, after Li Yao turned on, the monitor trembled for about half a minute, and it gradually stabilized, and a bleak spot appeared in the upper left corner.

โ€œNot a Golden Eagle Building?โ€

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse and carefully adjusted the receiving coil and display. โ€œIs it next to the Fortune Building?โ€

Also, driving the car into the underground garage of the Golden Eagle Building does not mean that the nest is on it. The three caves of the Rex Rabbit are supposed to be.

The straight line distance between Golden Eagle Building and Fortune Building is no more than one hundred meters. It is still within the scope of Li Yao’s positioning and eavesdropping. Li Yao gently taps the earphones and constantly fiddles with the antenna to eliminate the storm โ€œzฤซ zฤซ zฤซ zฤซ โ€ Interfere with the sound and listen to the sound coming from the depths of the headphones.

He heard it, although it was a little vague, some distorted, and occasionally interrupted, but Zhang Daniuโ€™s sharp and very characteristic voice could not be wrong when he heard it. Thank God, the author is still alive!

He seems to be tied to a chair by a large flower. Li Yao can hear the muffled sound from the leg of the chair constantly hitting the carpet. It can be seen that he is in a state of high nervousness and the whole person can’t contain it.

At this time, someone came in the room and seemed to have opened another chair in front of him and sat down.

“Mr. Zhang – is it called “Mr. Zhang”, or “Where is the real person” or “real person?”

The tone of this person is very stiff, and there is almost no stagnation. It should be a foreigner. It sounds cool and cool, as if it is a precise machine. “First introduce myself, my name is Smith, Hugo? Smith, but I am used to it by friends and enemies. Call me ‘Hunter’, I am sorry to invite you with such a rude method. No way, suddenly, the situation is critical, you will not mind?”

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