FMC Chapter 3213

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3213 Escape, Astronomy
Li Yao took a deep breath and shot the fire hose connected to the ejector in front of the cable. “pēng pēng” repeated, refraction and bounce on the walls of the narrow elevator shaft, and finally wrapped around. A piece of steel cable above.

At the same time, seven or eight iron nails were fired out, and they were unbiased. The steel cable in the middle of the middle, the spark splashed, and the steel cable was broken at half.

The four people hanging under the steel rope immediately swayed violently, and Zhang Daniu issued a scream of killing pigs.

Li Yao took the opportunity to wrap the remaining fire hose around her waist and jumped down, like the fierce Vulture, to the top of the first strong man.

This brawny is also an elite expert in the awakened, encountering a surprise attack, not panic, screaming, punching out with a punch, and when the fist is still halfway, suddenly splits the five fingers and turns the fist into a claw – his The arms and palms are deformed like a deformed body. The arms are covered with cyan scales. When the muscles are inflated, the sleeves are bursting. The fingers are simply five sharp claws like a dagger, tearing the tactical gloves and grabbing Li Yao.

Five iron claws, sweeping out five silver awns in the dark, the sound of breaking the wind, filled with the entire elevator shaft.

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank, and the follow-up route and changes of the other’s iron claws were clearly analyzed. The whole person collapsed into a group, and the danger was dangerously escaped from the sniper of the iron claw. The two men went up and went wrong. Outdated, Li Yao squirted a nail in the mouth, and the eye of the awakened person was deeply embedded in it, and the eyeball was completely blasted.

The iron-clawed strong man made a scream of pain, and Li Yao took the opportunity to grab his neck, slammed it, and fell to the depths of the elevator shaft, making a “hoom” muffled sound, life and death.

Li Yao, however, pulled a pistol from his bulging waist.

It’s strange to say that Li Yao has never been exposed to real firearms before, and most of them play with model toys, but when the cold metal starts, it turns into a life with temperature and spirituality. He grasps the pistol in a flash. The center of gravity and the center axis, and knowing every part that makes up the firearm, knows how to open the insurance. Li Yao doesn’t have to aim at it. He shot all the nine bullets in the darkness below.

His movements seemed to be casual and even unstructured. They did not aim at the two awakens below, but aimed at the walls of the elevator shaft.

However, when the flying bullets bounced and reflected back on the wall, they formed a fatal trap for the awakened person at the bottom, and became a poisonous tooth that was shot from nine different angles and could hardly be blocked and dodged.

This awakened person should be an expert of firearms. At the moment Li Yao appeared, he wrapped his legs with his legs, vacated his hands, and each held a pistol, waiting for the threat from above.

His helmet and bulletproof vest also resist most of the threat from the top and the front.

However, Li Yao did not expect to play cards according to common sense. After a series of chaotic bounces, the bullets shot from his side and below, even though he left and flicked right, and continuously flashed and resisted the first six bullets. There were still three bullets hitting the soles of his feet, thighs and waist, so that he could no longer hold the steel rope, and fell to the bottom of the elevator shaft, disappearing into the deafening roar.

Next, there is only one last awakened person – the most powerful character.

In the darkness, the awakened blue eyes shimmered, accompanied by the shackles deep in the throat, and the whistling wind suddenly came from the narrow elevator shaft. The wind became sharp and sharp, and it was like magic. The power is compressed into a shadowless invisible wind blade.

The awkward shackles turned into a deadly whistle.

Li Yao immediately felt that the invisible wind blade, like a transparent snake, was coming from all angles.


A little careless, the cheeks were cut by the wind blade, and the hot blood flowed out.

In such a narrow and dark combat environment, the invisible wind blade is indeed the best weapon. No wonder the “hunter” will appoint this awakened person to escort Zhang Daniu.

Unfortunately, they met Li Yao.

Li Yao grinned, and the dark red flame flowed over the edge of the palm. Suddenly, he made a knife and made a surprise.

He cut the wire rope suspended in midair.

This cable supported the entire weight of Li Yao, Zhang Daniu and the awakened person. The cable was cut and the three were naturally controlled by gravity and fell.

But the awakened person was caught off guard, and he wanted to suppress Zhang Da Niu, who was screaming and struggling like a pig. He could control his body precisely. For a time, no matter whether the whistle or the wind blade attacked, it was slow. Half shot.

Li Yao was prepared, and the moment before the cable broke, he swayed, his legs slammed on the wall of the elevator shaft, and the whole person turned into a roaring shell, but swept to the awakened and Under the head of Zhang Da Niu, it is also dangerous to avoid the most fierce wave attack of the other side.

“咻whoosh! ”

Li Yao opened his mouth and spit out two nails from his tongue. He stabbed the eyes of the awakened person.

This awakened person has long seen how the first companion is recruited. Naturally, he attaches great importance to Li Yao’s nails and his own eyes. He responds in the first time, his head is back, and two nails are rubbed. His eyelids shot past.

Li Yao was just a sham. The goal from the beginning was his throat. He raised his head and showed his throat. He was in the middle of Li Yao’s arms, and a hand knife was cut on the throat of the awakened person. Broken his throat.

“Hey, hey!”

The awakened person licked his throat and made a “squeaky” sound like a leaky ball. Where did he still blow the exit whistle?

Li Yao guessed that he had to use a whistle to control the wind blade, the throat was wounded, unable to make a sound, threatening to reduce 90%, follow a foot, center the awakened chest, and block his only voice in the throat. At the end, he helped him to speed up the fall, and he shot another fire hose, which wrapped up Zhang Da Niu’s feet.


At this time, Li Yao’s waist, the fire hose wrapped around the cable, was stretched to the end of the length.

The fire hose and the cable above it are not knotted. They are only entangled by friction. Naturally, they cannot support the weight of Li Yao and Zhang Daniu, but they slow down their fall.

But for a monster like Li Yao, such a buffer is enough for him to control his body, and drag the screaming and twisting Zhang Daniu, using the way of continuous jump, to cushion the two people’s falling power, This way it fell seven or eighty meters and slowly landed below the elevator shaft.


On the first floor, Li Yao kicked the elevator door from the inside out and called it to the throat hoarse, struggling to exhaust the Zhang Daniu.

“Call Chi! Call Chi! Call Chi! Call Chi!”

Zhang Daniu’s face was blue and his body was trembling. The two legs were soft like springs. How could they stand up? It was obvious that the fierce battle of the elevator shaft scared him, and stared at Li Yao for half a minute. It gradually became bloody, and the light of hope was released from the bottom of my eyes.

“Li, Li Yao!”

Looking at his expression, I really want to hold Li Yao crying, Zhang Da Niu whispered, “Thank God, you are finally here! You don’t know how the bad guys of ‘Apocalypse Organization’ deal with me – they are against me. The coercion and temptation, torture and torture, but also threatened to unload me eight pieces, slice research, they are not people, it is a group of demons!

“However, I am an iron-clad man, and I will never give in to this! ‘You can’t be slutty, you can’t be arrogant.’ This is the motto of Zhang’s life. It is the principle, principle! You can rest assured, no matter how they are. Torture me, torture me, threaten me, even sent two beautiful women like flowers to seduce me, I have not said your secret! Because I firmly believe that my good brother Li Yao, will certainly ignore the safety, home Life is forgotten to save me! You really came, good brother, really loyal!”

“Teacher Cow…”

Li Yao was silent for a while, erased the blood on her face, and said, “Don’t forget that we have a bug, your conversation with the ‘hunter’, I heard it.”

“is it?”

Zhang Da Niu quickly squinted his eyes twice, his face was very natural, his eyes were extremely open and said, “Then you must find out how I used superb acting, and he and the snake, to help you delay the time, even from his mouth to the end. Important information?”

“Don’t say, Teacher Cow, don’t say it.”

Li Yao took a deep breath and said, “Before I change my mind, let me quiet, let’s get out of here.”

Li Yao wasn’t sure if there was a trap in the lobby on the first floor, but he took Zhang Da Niu out of the ventilated window of the toilet and went to the poor street behind the Fortune Building.

The terrain here is high. There are still a few cars parked on the side of the road without being flooded. Li Yao smashed the window of a large-displacement multi-purpose off-road vehicle, forcibly opened the door and stuffed Zhang Da Niu Go in.

Looking out from the rearview mirror, many of the windows of the Fortune Building have a strong and thick black smoke, just like Devil, a building that has become a demon building.

There are countless black smokes, like the claws of life, caught in Li Yao and Zhang Daniu.

“Is it discovered so soon?”

Li Yao licked his mouth, and the five fingers, like iron hooks, directly tore the panel under the console and caught a wire.

“There is only one chance, it must be…”

He followed his own instincts, allowing the natural currents in the nerves and the car’s lines to react naturally, and a spark from the depths of his cells flooded into the car’s control lines and engines.

A pleasant engine roar, accompanied by a violent shock, the car started!

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