FMC Chapter 3214

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3214 chapter abandoned the dark? Floating astronomy
Li Yao just stepped on the gas pedal and saw through the rearview mirror that the black mist from the Fortune Building condensed into a huge ghost claw, and grabbed it toward the multi-purpose off-road vehicle. When the black mist shrouded When the top of the off-road vehicle was on, the sound of the “ๅฑๅฑ, ๅฑๅฑ” sound came from the roof, as if it was rubbed by the real claws.

Fortunately, this time the off-road vehicle has started, the roar of the engine overshadowed the claws of the claws, Li Yao slammed the throttle, the water around the wheels splashed, and the off-road vehicle rushed out like an arrow.

“Boom! Hey!”

I don’t know if it is intentional or unintentional. There are dozens of lightning bolts falling in the sky. It is close to the vicinity of the off-road vehicle. If you are not careful, you will turn the off-road vehicle with the people inside to make it into coke.

Li Yao’s face sinks into water, and every pore in the body expands to the limit. He perceives every current and ripple between the heavens and the earth. It is obviously a heavy and clumsy off-road vehicle, but he is driven by the speed of racing motorcycles. The lightning between the snakes, dashing left and right, finally speeds to the limit, far away from lightning and black fog – but Zhang Daniu can not get a seat belt, squatting in the compartment, like The last match in the matchbox, the bile was spit out.

The rainstorm in front is like a waterfall, the world is dark, the whole city is submerged in the boundless rainwater, and the visibility is extremely low. Li Yao is half-reliant on memory, and half of the luck, driving the off-road vehicle to the elevated plane – now on the ground everywhere It is stagnant water. After passing through the lower-lying sections and culverts, it will turn off in minutes. Only the elevated ones are a little safer โ€“ just a little bit.


I was sure that there was no pursuer behind me, Li Yao relieved, and I used Zhang Guang to look at Zhang Daniu. “Nothing, Teacher Cow?”

“No, nothing, vomit!”

Zhang Da Niu squatted a few times on the window, and looked at the storms and thousands of lightnings that ravaged the world. His face became more and more ugly, and he trembled. “This, this ghost weather, how it looks is not like Normal typhoons and heavy rains, itโ€™s not that the ‘hunter’ is telling the truth, the world really started to ‘collapse’? Hey, Li Yao, where are we going now?”

“I do not know either.”

Li Yao’s brows are locked, and although he awakens the monster-like power and the stunned Memory Fragments, it is still not enough to help him such an ordinary student of Elite University, in the “Ark” and ” “Apocalypse” two organizations, even in front of a malicious whole world, find a way out, “Teacher Cow, do you believe the words of ‘hunter’? We live in an infinitely repeated ‘reincarnation world’, all in time prison Prisoner?”

“I do not know either!”

Zhang Daniu wiped his face and said with pity, “I was still worried about the rent for the next quarter last night. I still feel that you have eaten two or three hundred dollars of casserole bones. The result is just twenty. After four hours, I have to face what ‘world collapses, infinite loops’ and so on… I donโ€™t know what to say about such high-end atmospheric problems.

“However, if you think about it carefully, the words of ‘hunter’ should have many real ingredients–because his statement is partially consistent with the statement of ‘dream traveler’, it can explain the problem of ‘Earth BUG’, and the existence of super power is We have seen with our own eyes, if these superpowers are not awakening memories of past lives, what is going on?”

“I think so too, the words of ‘hunter’ can’t all be fake. Of course, it’s even more impossible.”

Li Yao said, “Teacher Cow, whether you have just been with the ‘hunter’ and the snake, I am serious about asking you again, what do you think in your heart? If you want to be in ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Ark’ If you choose one, who do you choose? If you have to choose ‘Apocalypse’, I don’t have to be passionate about myself. Fighting this little life and saving you from the clutches of ‘Apocalypse’, isn’t it? โ€

“This oneโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Zhang Daniu thought seriously for a long time, said, “I don’t know, I still want to see the situation of the ‘Ark Foundation’.”


Li Yao said a little, “I thought you would not hesitate to choose ‘Apocalypse Organization’. After all, the ‘hunter’ is very sensible and tempting – if there is a ‘global will’, Their Organization is the messenger, spokesperson, and men of the ‘Earth Will’ and looks more promising than the ‘Ark Foundation’.”

“This, you are wrong.”

Li Yaoโ€™s words gave Zhang Da Niu a sly smile on his face. He said, โ€œIf the ‘Apocalypse Organizationโ€™ is really so powerful as the ‘hunter’, there is a whole ‘Earth Will’ behind the back, how could it be mixed today? A hidden underground organization, even after the shooting of the T3 game show, was wanted by many policemen? It doesn’t make sense! If the ‘Earth Will’ really exists and can control everything in the Human Race society, then the ‘Apocalypse Organization’ should Replacing the position of the United Nations and the government of the major powers, it is only necessary to launch a comprehensive ultimatum for the ‘Ark Foundation’. Is it necessary to make it happen now, is everyone sneaky and afraid to see people?”

Li Yao raised her eyebrows with some surprise.

It turned out that Zhang Da Niu and him thought the same, just because of the “hunter” of the slut, just dare not say it.

This guy is not stupid though it is sloppy.

“And, if you don’t find the word ‘hunter’, is it contradictory?”

Zhang Da Niu proudly said, “He likened the earth to a ‘reincarnation prison’, and their members of the ‘Apocalypse Organization’ are both ‘model prisoners’ in prisons and ‘jaws’ – is there such a thing?”

Li Yao nodded: “Yes, he said so.”

“This is ridiculous.”

Zhang Da Niudao, “I don’t know how much you know about the prison. Although I don’t know the specific organization structure and management mode in the prison, I can guarantee that there is no 100% in any prison in the whole world. Prisoners come to manage prisoners? If you are a prisoner who is more honest, better, and more ‘model’, the prison administrator occasionally needs you to maintain the underground order inside the prison, saving the manpower and resources of the manager, but in any case, the prisoner Itโ€™s a prisoner, itโ€™s impossible to upgrade to a real jailer and manager, right?โ€

Li Yao thought about it, and instantly understood this very simple truth. He nodded: “Yes, perhaps in the eyes of the awakening of ‘Apocalypse Organization’, he is a ‘model prisoner’ and is a ‘Jailer’ who absolutely obeys the ‘Earth Will’, but Prisoners are prisoners. If there is a humanized will to the earth, it is impossible to believe in any earth person, whether you are ‘Apocalypse’ or ‘Ark!’

“Yes, only in a very extreme situation can a prisoner become a jailer.”

Zhang Da Niudao said, “That is the power of the prison administrators is extremely weak, and the order inside and outside the prison has been completely out of control. – If so, what ‘the earth will’ is not so powerful, then can’t it be defeated?”

Li Yao took a look at Zhang Daniu seriously: “It makes sense.”

“Of course it makes sense.”

Zhang Da Niu was excited. “When I talked to the hunter, I thought about it for a long time. – The big man can bend and stretch, the humiliation can be accepted, the knees surrender, what is the relationship between holding the thigh? The problem is, holding the thigh Also choose a thick, long, real 24K gold thigh to hold, like the ‘Apocalypse Organization’ such a self-styled ‘Jailer’ guy, knowing whether the higher level of power in the hands of the pieces, what ‘we are born with sin’, one The appearance of deputy believers, can not be used by people can not help them, smart people like you and me, there is no need to tie them together so soon!

“It is the ‘Ark Foundation’. Listening to the ‘hunter’, it is obviously a group of jailbreakers, but they are so arrogant. Is it another embarrassment, or is it their own arrogant capital? If it is the latter, then we will There is nothing wrong with going to the ‘Ark Foundation’. Anyway, I have spent 20,000 blocks of rebellion. The ‘Ark Foundation’ is so big against the Organization, and I am one hundred times, two million, but not too much?

“Of course, it is best not to take the initiative to find the ‘Ark’, let the ‘Ark’ find and get rid of us – so that if the next ‘Apocalypse’ has the upper hand, completely eliminate the ‘Ark’, We can also say that it was forced by the people of the ‘Ark’ to be degraded. Maybe there is still a chance to abandon the darkness and re-enter the embrace of ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Earth of the Earth’. Li Yao, you ponder, this is the truth. Not?”

Li Yao stared at Zhang Daniu for a long time, long time.

“Teacher Cow, I found you changed.”

Li Yao couldn’t help but say, “From last night to this moment, your temperament, way of thinking and computational ability seem to have changed radically and become completely different from the past.”

“Itโ€™s like saying it by you.”

Zhang Da Niu turned down the sun visor on the window and found a small mirror on the back. He carefully looked at his appearance. “Itโ€™s weird. Since I met you, my Brain seems to be always screaming. Bubble , bubble contains one after another fresh and quirky ideas, many super-complex problems, all of a sudden can be figured out, what is going on?”

“This one–“

Li Yao was about to pick up the words, and the whole body suddenly exploded. The heart seemed to be twisted and twisted, and the steering wheel slammed the steering wheel. The off-road vehicle almost turned 180 degrees on the elevated.

This intricate viaduct has a high and low Third Level. Just as Li Yao slams the steering wheel, another all-in-one black-and-white multi-purpose off-roader makes a steel roaring roar and flies from a higher deck. Going down, trying to hit Li Yao and Zhang Daniu’s car!

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