FMC Chapter 3219

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 3219 chapter forced restart, floating astronomy
“so that’s how it is, are we some kind of… cancer cells?”

Li Yao murmured, “‘Cancer of the Earth’? I like this saying, after all, cancer cells are difficult to completely eliminate, as long as there is a residue of One Star, it is easy to spread and get out of control.”

“Indeed, even if the ‘Earth of the Earth’ really exists, our Human Race is part of it, even a vital part of it – so it’s called ‘The Spirit of Everything!'”

Ms. Gray Mist said, “We have inextricably linked with the will of the earth, so that it can’t simply and ruinly kill us. We can only use the method of ‘precision strike, focus on clearing’, just like the ‘targeted drug’ for treating cancer. ‘The same, ‘Apocalypse Organization’ is such a drug.”

“As you said, I understand a bit.”

Li Yao thought about it, said, “But I still don’t understand. If the Apocalypse Organization is aimed at the Ark Foundation’s ‘targeted drugs’, why do they not look special… to force it? Action is sneaky, not dare to be big Bright hands-on, and the state of the country has nothing to do with, more like the horror organization of the Tibetan head and tail, not the Ark Foundation to come to the scenery!”

“Ark and Apocalypse, the prisoners and the prisoners have their own strengths and shortcomings. It cannot be said that no one is stronger than anyone.”

Ms. Gray gave a slight smile, β€œAs I said, Apocalypse Organic is a ‘targeting drug’ that is used to kill cancer cells, so in the process of ‘treatment’, it is bound by various laws. It can’t interfere with the normal operation of the world, especially the Human Race society. As for why it can’t interfere, I don’t know this. Maybe it still involves the cost issue?

“If the Apocalypse Organization and the Ark Foundation completely rip their skins, the two sides will launch a ‘superpower war’ over the super cities of tens of millions of people, which will definitely affect the politics, economy and even culture of the world, and so on. It even led to the complete loss of control and collapse of the Human Race society. Perhaps, under such loss of control and collapse, there will be more awakened people. For the Apocalypse Organization, it was originally to kill cancer cells, but it turned into To stimulate the growth and spread of cancer cells, it is not good.

“On the other hand, you need to know that the members of the Apocalypse Organization are also awakened, the prisoners who are being held in the reincarnation prison. In the deepest part of their hearts, they are also deeply buried in the unruly and pursuit of freedom, if the earth will Giving them too much power, and making them deeply awakened, is very likely to be self-defeating, so that they can see through lies, realize the truth, and defect to us.

“So, you understand, the Apocalypse Organization is protected and bound by the will of the earth, and it is also subject to the monitoring and restraint of the will of the earth. They have to use their powers cautiously within a certain degree. Naturally, they look cautious. Shrinking hands.

“And we are different.

“There is no earth behind us. We are relying on mountains, but our backing is our own. We can unscrupulously and at any cost awaken the memories before countless reincarnations, control the unimaginable terrorist forces, and do not hesitate to use this power – so Since countless reincarnations, the prisoners can compete with the prisoners, and no one can completely eliminate them.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Li Yao generally understands the origins and contradictions of the prisoners and the prisoners, the Ark and the Apocalypse.

For a moment, he felt that he was still more inclined to break the prisoner – the Ark Foundation.

Ms. Gray’s attitude towards him is also open, and she knows everything, and she has no utter sorrow and indifference.

However, there are a few very critical issues that Li Yao must understand.

“Ms. Gray, take the liberty to ask, what do you want to do?”

Li Yao discretionally said, β€œI mean, I have roughly figured out what the Ark Foundation is doing – you have gathered a group of awakened people and seem to be searching for and protecting more awakened people, especially the awakened. The ‘observer’ in the middle, trying to piece together the secrets before countless reincarnations, I understand so, right?”


Ms. Foggy nodded. β€œOur current mission is to discover and protect all the ‘observers’ and then use these works by the observers to wake up more of the Earth’s long-lost memories, Hot Blooded and self. More and more people are awakening to the existence of True Self and the truth about the reincarnation of the prison – and the mission of Apocalypse Organization is our opposite, to obliterate all observers and to put an end to everything that might be awake.”

“and then?”

Li Yao asked, β€œYour ultimate goal is to break through the reincarnation of the prison and even destroy the earth, but can this be done with the power of these awakened people?

“Of course, I am not the ability to look down on the awakened, but the earth is too big and too strong, and it involves time, reincarnation and other things that cannot be explained by scientific reason, even if it gathers 100,000, one million. Ten million awakened, 10 million like Hui Shu, awakened the ‘power of the seven gods’ expert, can destroy the earth and break through the reincarnation prison?”

“I understand your doubts, but the answer is – yes.”

Ms. Gray faintly laughed. “Although it seems that the power of the awakened is not strong relative to the entire earth or even the infinite reincarnation of the time maze, the red star tells us that as long as there are enough awakened people, There are enough people to burn Hot Blooded at the same time, stir the divine soul, and push the power of the whole life to the limit, there will be a miracle, this is the key to our rushing out of the prison!”


Li Yao frowned slightly. “Listen, you are very admired by the leader, and you are convinced?”

“You want to say that there is no miracle in the world. The red star is cheating us. He is a ‘go stick’, right?”

Ms. Gray heard the sound of Li Yao’s extra-string, but she did not get angry. She smiled and said, “I can understand your doubts about the red star. After all, to be the leader of all the prisoners, it is impossible to be uncontaminated.” The breath of the god stick.

“But I can tell you for sure that the red star is not just the leader of our world. When countless people have awakened their memories of past lives, they will find out in the past, even in the past, even in the past five cycles. The red star is our leader. It has led the prisoners of different names to resist the Organization and fight with the will of the earth. Although they have repeatedly defeated each other, they have retained the fire of hope every time. After the world is restarted, it remains. Valuable rebellious information allows us to rebuild our Organization, and his strength has become stronger and stronger in the same cycle, more and more like the one who can… destroy the earth!”

“Red Star, destroy the earth…”

Li Yao sucked her nose, and suddenly the leader of the opposing boat foundation was full of interest and even produced a very familiar and intimate feeling. What happened?

“You can imagine how hard it is for a group of seemingly small, carbon-based intelligent lives to compete with the entire planet.”

Ms. Gray Mist said, “If it wasn’t for the Red Pole Star to display his incredible ability again and again, to some extent erode the reincarnation of prison, and to retain the ability and possessions of the last reincarnation to this world, we can’t last so long.

“What’s more, what has just happened has proved the prediction of the Red Star, the miracle is there, the earth will be afraid!”


Li Yao said, “I don’t understand.”

β€œThe super-strong earthquakes in the Western Pacific, the unprecedented tsunami, the typhoons and torrential rains in South River, and the thunder that shrouded the entire world – do you think these are normal natural phenomena?”

Ms. fogly said, “A natural disaster is occasional, perhaps a natural phenomenon, but with so many natural disasters coming at the same time, it can only explain one thing. The efforts of our Ark Foundation have received results, the earth will be afraid, it can not let us Continue to gather more awakens to create ‘miracle’, which is ready to destroy this world’s Human Race Civilization, ‘restart the earth’ in the simplest and most rude way.”


Li Yao didn’t know what to say, and her mind was in a mess.

“According to my Memory Fragments about a dozen worlds, the Earth will rarely adopt such a simple and rude method to ‘restart the Earth’. It – if it does exist, prefer to adopt the natural way, let alone Human Race Civilization Develop on your own and eventually destroy yourself.”

Ms. Gray pointed to her own Brain, saying, β€œEvery time, from the middle of the twentieth century to the middle of the 21st century, the ancient Eastern Empire ushered in a revival, while the iron power of the West is faintly showing recession. The trend is far from losing the power of desperation, and it is impossible to endure its own fall. In the end, the little earth cannot accommodate the ambitions of two powers. The nuclear war is started in the name of sacredness, glory and glory. Human Race will end its own history and Civilization, without the will of the earth make a move.

“Perhaps, for the Earth’s will, this is the most resource-saving, not paying too much, but also in line with the ‘natural law’ restart method. In the past ten rounds, at least eight times have been restarted.

“But this time, the timeline has just reached 2018. The contradiction between the two powers has not yet heated up. Although trade frictions have already occurred, it seems that there are still opportunities for peaceful coexistence, development of new technologies, and the search for new breakthroughs. In a nutshell, Human Race has not lost its mind and hope, and has not reached the critical point of the ‘World War III.’

“So, the Earth will not be able to rely on Human Race to destroy itself. It can only use the most awkward, rude, resource-intensive and costly way to interfere with the laws of nature, create a natural disaster and man-made disaster, and set off the end of the world. ‘To destroy us – if it is not forced, it will not do so.”

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