FMC Chapter 3221

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the innocent disaster of Teacher 3221, Astronomical
This is a very strange big city.

Although the tall buildings and the brightly lit city skyline are almost the same as the South River, it is also a squally shower and lightning flashes and thunder rolls, as if the whole world was swallowed up by floods and thunder, but Li Yao is still hot and humid. The climate and the tropical plants on the roadside recognize that it is closer to the South than South River City, and they escaped at least a thousand kilometers during his coma.

Sure enough, Ms. Gray told Li Yao that it is a provincial capital in the southern hills and a transportation hub for the four or five surrounding provinces. It is very convenient to travel all over the country and even abroad. The geological structure of this area is very stable. There has never been a large-scale natural disaster in history. No matter the earthquake, rainstorm, flood or hail, the tsunami and the storm are nothing.

According to the “Red Pole Star”, if the “Earth Will” is willing to pay a great price, in theory, it is of course possible to erase such a large, inland, extremely stable city, but it is impossible to force it. The natural disasters that occur are “going against the sky” and will consume too much power, which may lead to its failure in the “Great Universe War”, so they are temporarily safe.

Sure enough, despite the torrential rain, some of the low-lying streets have accumulated water, but the normal operation mechanism of the city has not been affected, and it has not yet reached the point of complete paralysis.

The destination of Li Yao’s group is the downtown area of ​​the city, a secret office of the Ark Foundation.

It is said to be a “secret office”. On the surface, it has a public cover. It is a psychological counseling club with a high grade, called “spiritual space.”

Ms. Gray told Li Yao that Apocalypse Organic does not necessarily know that “Psychic Space” is a branch of the Ark Foundation, but it is still the case, downtown is their best cover, if Apocalypse Organization is desperate to attack here, wake up If the people and super powers are all in the world, it will stimulate the hustle and bustle of the Human Race society, and there may be a “cancerous cancer mutation”. This is definitely not what the “global will” hopes to see.

What’s more, most doctors and staff in the “spiritual space” are ordinary people who know nothing about the truth. Similar peripheral institutions are scattered all over the world. Even if one is destroyed, the other boat foundation is hidden in the deep sea. The ontology does not cause much impact.

“This time, the casualties of the Apocalypse Organization are also very heavy. It is estimated that the hunter needs at least twenty-four hours to regroup enough manpower to launch a second wave of attacks.”

Ms. Fog said to Li Yao, “We are here for a night, waiting for the awakening of several provinces nearby – the prisoners are coming to support, starting tomorrow morning, all the way south, crossing the border, of course, there is also a group of advanced The equipment can be used for preliminary testing.”

“How do you detect it?”

Li Yao was suddenly alert.

Although he is more inclined to the Ark Foundation, there is a vague graciousness and familiarity with the Red Pole Star, but it does not mean that he likes to be uncovered to reveal the secrets of the soul to “detect”.

“rest assured.”

Ms. Gray Mist said, “It won’t be too difficult – we have a very special patient here. I hope that you can treat him and relieve his troubles. That’s it.”


Li Yao stunned. “Wait, what do you mean, isn’t it detected? How has it become a cure? Besides, I am not a psychiatrist, how can I treat your patients? What is going on?”

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know, this is the indication of the red star.”

Ms. Gray, “Red Star said, ‘If you are really you, then you must know how to treat this patient.”

Li Yao is more and more confused, but how to ask, Ms. Fog is also the same full head fog.

Everyone entered the building and took the elevator to the “spiritual space” on the 13th floor.

This is not a professional psychotherapy institution. It is just for the modern people to relieve stress and vent their negative emotions. It looks like an elegantly decorated house, and a side of the gallery filled with pale green light is four or five different styles. The “decompression room”, at the moment most of the rooms are empty, only the innermost room, holding a black-eyed Yintang, edema, sullen, restless, both anxious and excited middle-aged.

If the eyes are fascinating and the eyes are blurred, the middle-aged man can be said to be in a good manner, and there is no lack of serious and refined temperament. According to Li Yao’s guess, it should be an occupation in education. Success .

Sure enough, the information given to him by Ms. Gray showed that the middle-aged patient named “Zhang Jiashu” was the director of the 12th Middle School of the city – before becoming a training director, she worked as a class teacher for many years. Serious and responsible, treating students with severe but not concerned, the student’s rate of enrollment is very high. He has been awarded the title of municipal excellent educator for many times. He is a good teacher with good reputation. He is a decent person, Shen Yi, has principles, and the family is also very Happiness is the object of envy among colleagues and leaders. It is reasonable to say that there should be no psychological problems.

Of course, the psychological illness is nothing to be said.

“What happened to this teacher Zhang?”

Li Yao looked across the door and found that Zhang Jiashu, the director of the training, leaned over his neck and concentrated on the ventilation pipe above the “decompression room”. His eyes were sloppy and turned, and there was no such thing as a man’s style. Instead, he was like a dog stealing a dog. Little thief.

This kind of look is very…what kind of temperament, I always feel very familiar, as if I have seen it.

“Mr. Zhang awakened, but his awakening was very strange. It was not the same as the conventional awakenings we found. It was like being polluted by something… an alien, awakening memories and souls that did not belong to him. ”

Ms. Gray passed a medical record and said, “As you can see, Teacher Zhang was originally a very decent, kind and traditional person. The family is happy and the career success is counted as the winner of this life. In general, This kind of person is rarely awakened.

“But, according to Zhang’s self-report, one day when he was inspecting the class, he seized a mobile phone of a student. At that time, the classmate was secretly using a mobile phone to read novels in the classroom. This kind of thing is naturally not allowed. If you have collected your mobile phone, you have nothing to say. Anyway, you will return it to the students by the end of the semester.

“However, after Zhang took over the student’s mobile phone, the ghost glanced at him with a glance. Only one glance, he was attracted by the novel in the mobile phone. In his own words, ‘like into the magic cave’, used about In a week, I read the novels of millions of words.

“The novel that the student secretly read is naturally not a world famous book, but a network novel. Zhang is a Chinese graduate who teaches Chinese. He rarely reads these things… In his original words, ‘ This is a sloppy, deceived devil’s thing, but this time, somehow, this novel seems to have the magic of horror, making him day and night, sleepless nights, and even his own work is unintentional.

“Of course, this alone is not enough for Teacher Zhang to seek help from psychiatrists and counselors.

“After reading this online novel, Teacher Zhang made a small high fever, had a nightmare for two or three days, and then had a lot of very weird habits.”

Li Yao listened to God and couldn’t help but say: “What habits?”

“Drilling the sewer and the ventilation pipe.”

Ms. Mist said, “According to Teacher Zhang’s self-report, after this fever, he seems to have a sleepwalking problem. He often sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night, uncovering the manhole cover in the community, drilling into the sewers to run wild and Expeditions. It seems that only in the narrow, dark and depressed space, he feels like a fish, so comfortable.

“Afterwards, not only at night, even when the daytime consciousness was very clear, he couldn’t help but ponder through the ventilation system of each building, thinking about how to climb into it without knowing it – and, really. take actions.

“Mr. Zhang told us that he really got into the ventilation pipes of several buildings, trying to avoid the intrusion of the eyes and eyes of all people into the most rigorous space. Every time he retreats, he will have a cold sweat – as a teacher. If you are caught in the ventilation pipe, you can’t say it clearly. It is really possible to be ruined, but he can’t help it, the impulse from the depths of the soul.”

Li Yao: “Hey…”

“There is temperament.”

Ms. Gray continued, “Mr. Zhang was very popular among the students at the school. Although she had to be a strict director of the ‘Director of Training’, she still convinced many students with his integrity and elegance, but according to His self-report and our investigation in the secret found that many students believe that Teacher Zhang has become … wretched, treacherous, and stunned, and will use many despicable tricks to deal with students. The doorways of those ‘bad students’ are clear and even worse than the ‘bad students’, and many students are complaining.

“But sometimes, he seems that Brain is not enough, IQ is suddenly reduced, and he will blurt out some very naive words, from a high school training director to a junior high school student.”

Li Yao: “Really, is there such a thing?”

“There are those nightmares. Although the fire has already retired, it still entangles him, making him sleep well for a few days and nights. When his eyes are closed, he finds himself in the ventilation pipe or the sewer. Teacher Zhang. I have to go to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist says that he is a middle-aged person. The husband and wife life is not harmonious. The desire cannot be vented. The subconsciously finds the sewer and the ventilation pipe. As a substitute for the wife, you know. of.”

Ms. Gray, “Mr. Zhang sneered at this statement, but the problem does exist, and I have to treat it. When I find it, I find us.”

“and many more–“

Li Yao frowned. “I will ask, what is the name of the online novel that Zhang saw before the onset of illness?”

“You should guess.”

Ms. Foggy looked at Li Yao, “It’s the real thing for the cowboy – Forty Millenniums of Cultivation by Zhang Daniu.”

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