FMC Chapter 3222

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3222 is an adult, floating astronomy
Even though Li Yao faintly guessed the answer, he was shocked to hear Ms. Gray: “how can it like this?”

“This question should be asked.”

Ms. Gray Mist said, “Since you read Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, you have awakened some very wonderful memories and even abilities. Why can’t others wake up? Otherwise, why do you think we are eager to find Forty Millenniums of Cultivation? The author of this is because there are too many such examples.”


Li Yao keenly grasped the key in Ms. Gray’s words. “You mean, you mean, not only me and the teacher, Zhang Jiashu, there are probably other people, other readers, this work. … stimulating, moving, summoning, awakening from the memory and power from the ‘repair of the universe’?”

“Perhaps, the information and mission of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” are all personally controlled by the Red Pole Star. Directly, I also knew the author and the director of the training director Zhang Jiashu forty-eight hours before, and perhaps even more. Many readers have awakened and have even been protected and organized by the Red Star – who knows?

Ms. Gray, “I can only say that the fantasy world created by an observer, whether it is a novel or a comic, a movie or a game, often does not only activate an awakened person.

“There are countless people who are moved, resonated, and awakened in the same fantasy world. This is commonplace, just like Garriot created the ‘Ringworld World’, perhaps stimulating and awakening millions of times at a time. The ‘British Spirit’, this is why Apocalypse Organization had to send a gunman to force him to be wiped out in the simplest and most rude way.”

“Ms. Gray Mist, what you mean is that “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” also has such power. Its readership is very likely to be, oh, very likely to be the prediction of the Earth and even the future of the universe. The essential?”

Li Yao doesn’t know why he can naturally grasp the thinking line of the red star – no reason, he can.

“It’s possible, but it must be ‘in-depth readers’. For readers like me who can’t support the previous three or five hundred chapters, it’s naturally impossible to extract any power from Forty Millenniums of Cultivation.”

The lady in the fog smiled.

Li Yao also laughed, thought about it, and asked: “So, in addition to the likes to drill the ventilation pipe and the sewer, the teacher Zhang Jiashu has a temperament that has become more…what is the wretched, is there any other super power, I It refers to the kind that can fight especially, for example, a punch and a wall, a height of seven or eight feet, like me, brave and unparalleled?”

“No, not everyone is like you. Just awakened and you can do a trick with the ‘hunter’ – you have simply completed an impossible mission. There are no suitable people and equipment, and you can’t test you the most accurately. But I estimate that you are far from being a ‘sense of the deeper’, at least to the extent of the ‘final conscious’, even the one who surpasses the ultimate sensation, the most High-Level ‘super sensation’!”

Ms. Gray Mist said, “The vast majority of awakened people, unlike unguided, are different from Zhang Jiashu’s differs, and are plagued by hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and illusions. They have neurasthenia and eccentric hobbies, but Fighting power may not increase significantly.

“Not to mention, you should be able to see that Teacher Zhang Jiashu is very resistant to this memory and strength from the “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. He does not want to wake up, not even believe that it is true, in this case. Underneath, it is even harder to play the corresponding strength.”

“What are you going to do?”

Li Yao asked, “Bring him back to the ‘Ark’?”

“Of course not. What do you think is our Organization? Anyone who comes to the garbage collection site? To become a true ‘breaker’, you need the most determined belief, the most tenacious will and the most Sober thinking, we don’t need a person who is not strong and who is extremely resistant to us, destroying our mission from within.”

Ms. Gray, “The original Red Star has come up with a very complicated solution that consumes a lot of resources, and the success rate is not too high, to treat Teacher Zhang Jiashu, and even consider him and the author of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” Conversation, see if there will be any wonderful sparks, but since you are here, Hongjixing said that you are the best person to treat Zhang Jiashu, and the process of treatment will make you more conscious of yourself. Cognition.”

“I, I don’t know what to do!”

Li Yao frowned. “What do I have to do to wake him up further?”

“You will never wake up to sleepy people. We have been in the labyrinth of infinite reincarnation for too long. Many people have lost the courage to look for export, and even denied the existence of exports and feared the export of the world outside, so I will not force you to wake up Teacher Zhang Jiashu.”

Ms. Gray handed Li Yao an emerald green scorpion, which was considered a “consultant” uniform. “Please, after you go in, listen to your heart and let it go.”


Li Yao put on her scalp and said, “I am this age, and this bare head, it doesn’t look like a counselor!”

“It doesn’t matter, the red star has confidence in you, or the sentence, ‘As long as you are you, there must be no problem.”

Ms. Fog couldn’t help but say that Li Yao was pushed in. “Yes, this ‘decompression room’ has a special compartment on the top and bottom, which can create a very wonderful magnetic field that helps people who enter it. At the level of the brain wave, ‘resonance’ is achieved. Red Star said that such ‘resonance’ is helpful for treatment and can help you find yourself faster. I hope you don’t mind.”

Li Yao didn’t have time to mind, the door was closed from behind, and he and the tortured teacher Zhang Jiashu had big eyes.

Zhang Jiashu was deeply immersed in the memory of pain and horror. It was like a drowning man in a swamp. Two congested eyes were about to explode. He glanced at Li Yao and didn’t care about Li Yao’s overly tender face. Have a bare head and immerse yourself in your own world.

Just sweeping, Li Yao produces a very strange feeling, just like looking in the mirror.

He and Zhang Jiashu clearly can’t play, there is no relationship, there is no similarity, but in the moment when the two men collide, he seems to face himself in the mirror, a more real self, it is strange. and also!

“Mr. Zhang, hello.”

Li Yao sat down opposite Zhang Jiashu, recalling the description of the psychological counselor in the TV movie, trying to pile up a professional smile, and said, “My surname Li, I have been studying at the San Diego Spirit Training Institute some time ago, just this morning. Returning to China, this, I have a very special study on this, hey, on the sewer and the ventilation pipe. How do you feel better? Will you dream about the sewer and the ventilation pipe in these two days?”

Zhang Jiashu’s reaction was somewhat sluggish. Listening to Li Yao’s mention of the word “dream”, the muscles of the whole body trembled abruptly. It seemed to be extremely fearful of recalling dreams. After a long period of time, he was weak: “…no, I don’t feel at all. Ok, but it’s not so good. Except for the sewer and the ventilation pipe, I still dreamed of being very strange, very shameful, terrifying to something that couldn’t be described with pen and ink. I’m going crazy, I have a hunch, and I’m going to go crazy like this. Help me, doctor, save me!”

“I am not a doctor, just a counselor.”

Li Yao smiled. “However, Teacher Zhang may wish to talk about what you dreamed of. Maybe I can use San Diego’s special hypnotism and meditation to help you. This, carry out this ‘guidance’.”

Zhang Jiashu wants to stop and say, and it can be seen that the intellectual qi and the restraint of the teacher are still trying to support his normal thinking.

But the fear of strange dreams and madness still made him quickly put down his shackles, his lips screaming: “I, I have been making a new strange dream for two days, very, very strange, horrible, disgusting, disgusting. Dream, me, me, me, I dream of myself, watching adult movies.”

“This one……”

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse and precisely controlled his smile. “Is there nothing disgusting about this, let alone disgusting? Everyone is an adult, watching adult movies that adults should watch, Shujinhuo, Shu Liver spleen, eliminate toxins, enhance heart and lung function, maintain the dynamic balance of endocrine and hormones, not only help to maintain harmony between husband and wife, but also help you to work and study without any problems – no problem, normal, you Don’t have such a big pressure, this is really normal, very reasonable, and it should be.”

“You don’t understand, you don’t even know what I dreamt of!”

Zhang Jiashu rubbed his face with his hands, almost out of control, and shrugged his shoulders. “I, I dreamt of the movies I watched – all men!”


Li Yao carefully thought about the wording. “Now is the 21st century, science is prosperous, people are ***, many things have been decriminalized and non-disease, just personal hobbies and choices, as long as they do not harm others, There is no need to be too entangled – the pressure on modern society is so great, everyone has a lot of cranky thoughts, no need to be nervous.”

“You still don’t understand. I don’t have any doubts about my sexual orientation. I have been married to my wife for more than 20 years. We are very loving. I only like women!”

Zhang Jiashu raised his voice, like a little beast that was greatly humiliated and shivered. “But I just can’t control myself, as if it is an evil brand, deeply engraved on my soul. Every time I enter the dream, I will Will repeatedly play some disgusting metamorphosis, unattainable adult movies, even if measured by the standards of non-mainstream sexual orientation, the content is too heavy taste, is a … a whole body around the Purple Flame, domineering to add, as if ninety-five Respect, trampling on the stars, the man who controls the whole universe, is repeatedly insulted and tortured by dozens of big men, no, I can’t think, I want to vomit again, save me, doctor, save me! ”


Li Yao blurted out, “Did you dream of the hair of Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji?”


Zhang Jiashu also stunned. “How do you know my dream, how do you know what it is… Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, have you seen it?”

Li Yao: “Hey…”

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