FMC Chapter 3227

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3227 Fighting Hunter, Astronomy
“It is a chase!”

Ms. Gray’s face is covered with a layer of dignified color, Shen Sheng, “The hunter is still catching up!”

It’s no surprise that Apocalypse Organization will chase them.

However, the time and place chosen by the other party is just right. At the moment, the most violent storms and thunderstorms are in front of them. It is a dangerous section that spans several mountains and consists of dozens of tunnels and railway bridges. Between the rolling hills, the height difference reaches hundreds of meters, and there is a river full of turbulent waves below. Because of the heavy rains, even the calm rivers have turned into turbid waves. Even the extraordinary who have awakened the memory and fighting power of the past, once they fall into it, and are swept away by the surging floods, it is hard to escape.

It was too late, and at that time, the train had already boarded the first railway bridge, and it was impossible to turn back.

“Li Yao, Sparta, get on the roof!”

The lady of the fog opened the compartment and opened a gap. The harsh whistling sound was immediately mixed with the blast and the rain came in. The heavens and the earth turned into the sea, and the stinking “sea water” filled the whole carriage in an instant, and even tore. Crack the walls around them and expose them to thunder and lightning.

Zhang Daniu screamed again without scrambling.

The awakened person with the nickname “Ghost Cat” hurriedly pressed his hands on his temples, and a gentle blue glow appeared in his palm, which quickly calmed him down and fell into a sleepy state.

It seems that the super power of the “ghost cat” is biased towards mental, hypnotic and brainwave interference. On the one hand, it is indeed quite useful. It is no wonder that she is only a “sense person” and is eligible to join this escort squad.

This is not a time of deliberation, not to mention that the lady of the fog really turned into a cloud of fog and got out of the gap. Li Yao couldn’t think about it, and the light sword that tightened her waist, took over the “Sparta” The long-range weapon with the handle completely on the wrist also climbed out.

The hurricane outside the train, like an invisible hammer with a handle, slammed people on the wall and the roof.

There is also a line of lightning, rushing around the rails, and even attracted by the electrical components at the front of the train, bursting a glare on the front of the car.

Coupled with the Abyss, which can’t see the bottom of the railway bridge, it looks like a nightmare on the wooden bridge over the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring. It will never be forgotten at a glance.

If you are an awakened ordinary person, even a well-trained elite soldier can hardly move in such a harsh environment, let alone fight.

Even the awakened people like Li Yao were beaten up by the storm.

It’s easy to climb the top of the car and see a stranger with long legs and feet, wearing a crimson goggles and a combat raincoat. This monk is called “Spider” and is the answering staff of the Ark Foundation at the train station. After the start, he stayed in the car to observe and guard, and wanted to have some kind of temperament, but it was the best.

“look up!”

The spider gestured and pointed to the sky.

Li Yao wiped her face away from the cold rain and forced her to open her eyes.

At first, except for the dark world, nothing was seen, but when a lightning tears the sky and illuminates the earth, he sees it!

It seems to be dozens of huge eagle owls.

It is also like a glider or a huge drone.

Li Yao doesn’t know what kind of drone can fly stably in such bad weather and accurately track a fast-moving train.

But I think that the Ark Foundation has a technology and fantasy weapon that goes beyond Era, and the Apocalypse Organization, which is blessed by the “Earth Will”, will naturally not only fight with the weapons of the 21st century.

“huā lā !”

It was also a thunderbolt that sent a series of upside down lightnings to the ground, and it continued for about a dozen seconds of lightning, making Li Yao and others see the chasers in midair.

Then, that turned out to be human!

The awakening of the Apocalypse Organization, wearing a “flying wing suit” like a mole, carrying a huge jet rucksack behind it, with wide metal wings on both sides, and a dark flame flow from behind. In the incomparably dexterous posture, swooping toward the train.

Of course, not all are awakened, there are indeed a lot of drones, controlled by the awakened, like a burning feather arrow, shot at them.


Sparta screamed, holding a strange and absolutely aggressive gun in his hands, and constantly fired in the air. The gunshot was not a bullet storm, but a dazzling plasma, bursting open in midair. It turned out to be a grid that swept across hundreds of meters.

Li Yao is close at hand, and can perceive the power of plasma from the tremor of the air – his nails are “噼pī pā 啪” bursting open.

Sparta’s own hands and body, the skin is also fragmented, revealing red flesh and blood, and then critted by the rain, I think it should be painful, but he is ignorant, only sneaking and screaming, indiscriminate bombing.

The two “Plasma Cannon” attacks are extremely wide. Many of the apocalypse organizations’ pursuits have been struck by lightning, and the whole body is covered with electric arcs. The flying wings are burned out of the holes, and the metal wings behind them are also seriously distorted. Coupled with the disturbance of the storm, where can still control the direction, they have one after another, planted down.

Below is the Bewildering Mist and the torrent between the mountains. These chasers missed the train and the bridge, and they plunged into the stormy waves, and there was no sound for a moment.

Li Yao, Ms. Mist and Spider also joined the battle group. The ruined fireworks bloomed in the most splendid manner in midair, forcing the pursuers to disperse.

“whoosh! 咻咻whoosh! ”

It was found that the firepower of the Ark Foundation was fierce, and the pursuit of the soldiers changed the strategy. The drone speed of the drone was instantly increased. When it was still in midair, it ignited the raging flames, like a burning hoe.

“First hit the drone!”

Sparta should be the weapon Specialist in Organization. It instantly senses the strangeness of the drone, and directs everyone to concentrate all the firepower on the drone. Sure enough, a drone is blown up, and a diameter of tens of meters is instantaneous. The fireball and the fireball are also mixed with a grayish-white flame that seems to be dead. It is very difficult to believe that the drones are exploding over the carriage.

More drones are scrambling to dive, but fortunately the railway bridge has come to an end at this time, but in front of it is a tunnel in the middle of a mountain.

When the train enters the tunnel, the range of defense needs to be reduced to the extreme. Everyone fires together and destroys several drones outside the tunnel. The fireball is like a claw, and the rampage is like a thunderous dragon, but it cannot catch up with extreme fast. train.

But the warning is far from being lifted.

This is just a short tunnel with a total length of no more than one kilometer. The chaser who is still in midair can easily cross the hill and go around them.

Li Yao and others gritted their teeth and turned their eyes to the exit of the tunnel ahead.

Sure enough, when the train drove out of the tunnel, the chasers who were wearing a flying wing suit, like hungry crows, circled not far from their heads and even wanted to dive onto the train.

“go to hell!”

Sparta once again roared and bombed, blasting a chaser who had just jumped to the top of the car, hitting a torn body and crushed bones on the rock on the side of the railway, but it was a good time for the chaser to ambush the shadow of the tunnel exit. In the face, the machine flew past the low altitude, and the sharp claws cut his right shoulder into three deep visible bone wounds. The right hand, Plasma Cannon, also flew out and disappeared into the darkness.

In the air, it seems that the chasing person’s smirk is like a crow’s scream.

Ms. fogdly snorted, her lips slightly open, a touch of gray fog like a flying snake with wings, entangled the chaser, spread quickly, wrapped him completely in a large cloud of fog Deprived of his five senses, he slammed into the mountain at a very high speed and turned it into a fierce fireball.

However, the interruption of continued firepower has also created an excellent landing opportunity for the pursuers, including the “hunter” Hugo, Smith, who is still in the suit of this bitch, sunglasses and black shoes. The seven chasers fell lightly on the roof.

“Boom! Hey! Boom! Hey!”

Lightning followed one after another, briefly illuminating the world of black and white.

“hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng !”

The river below the train, as well as the rolling hills in the distance, made a deafening roar. It was a large-scale explosion of mudslides, hundreds of millions of tons of calculated rocks and mud rolling in and devour all the sounds.

Even the train itself, there is a noticeable tremor, as if the viaduct supporting the rails and trains will collapse at any time.

On this doomsday stage, the Ark and the Apocalypse, the prisoners and the prisoners, are coldly confronted by two carriages.

Perhaps it is an illusion, Li Yao also saw that the hunter not far from him fainted to him, seems to have made a “hello” gesture.

The train had already entered the second tunnel without waiting for him to react.

This is a 12-kilometer tunnel, meaning that for a long time, they will be in absolute darkness.

The coming of darkness is also the horn of battle.

Losing sight is not a big obstacle for many awakened people, but it adds to the fierce and variable battles.

For a time, footsteps, shooting sounds, bullet impact sounds, but also the edge of the sheath and cutting the flesh and blood, breaking the bones of the sound, one after another, endless.

Li Yao also felt that there was a very sharp force sweeping through her chest and trying to dig out her heart.

I didn’t have time to think about it. The instinctive reaction turned back and kicked out with both feet. It was really in the middle of the goal, but it was like kicking on rubber. The feedback was very dull and extremely uncomfortable.

However, finally opened the distance with the other side – the heart of the wild jump told him that this is definitely the most dangerous enemy.

“Li Yao, I really didn’t expect you to be alive, and in just a few days, you have such a wonderful power.”

Sure enough, the hunter’s polite and ruthless voice came from the darkness.

The hunter didn’t even go looking for the Mist, and went straight to Li Yao!

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