FMC Chapter 3230

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3230 Burning Chariot, Astronomy
The body that the hunter had just controlled suddenly became a large fireball with a claw and a claw. The demon flame directly poured from his viscera and even the depths of the cells, and the pouring rain could not be ruined.

He screams like a monster in the blazing flames. The whole person is like a rubber with excellent elasticity. It suddenly grows, grows laterally, and suddenly expands into a ball. Eventually, “pā” bursts open. The black object that had just appeared like a haze like a smoke and a flame had just been drilled again, like a poisonous snake flowing in the sky, looking for a new “carrier.”

Li Yao also wants to blast out the second group of flames, burning the hunter’s soul, but there is a needle-like pain in the depth of the neural field, as if every brain cell is torn apart, hurting him. Even the station is not stable, almost a squat planted under the car, can only kneel on the ground and pant.

Obviously, he just awakened, he still can’t control the flame power in the body well. He has already reached the edge of the oil well and the thief goes to the edge of the building. If the divine ability is forced, it will make the mitochondrial factory in the cell out of control. “The body is self-igniting” and completely burns itself to ashes.

Fortunately, they still have a backhand.

Perhaps the strongest backhand.

“Hui Shu!”

Li Yao screamed in her throat.


The window burst, and if the life of the Purple Flame whizzes out, the black Bewildering Mist, which represents the soul of the hunter, is surrounded by black fog, just like a poisonous snake entangles another snake, and even represents the hunter. The “Viper” became a four-and-a-half cut, and when it made a “squeaky” cry, it fled to the front of the carriage.

It seems that the hunter’s soul has been hit hard, and even if it can find a new carrier “rebirth”, it will take a lot of time.

However, at this moment, there was a strange explosion in front of the train. A ball of lightning flashed from the front of the car. Then, the speed of the train suddenly slowed down, and the front wheel even burst into a series of dazzling sparks. It will take a long time to stop completely.

It is not a mountain or an elevated place, but a rolling hill between the mountains.

The train will pass through a small station here, so the elevated structure is gradually lowered and the rails are flush with the ground.

Shadow 绰绰 can see that dozens of lights are lit up near the station, as if it were the eyes of dozens of hungry wolves.

In such a bad storm, the train was not ready to stop at this station. It would obviously not be the station staff and engineering vehicles, but the ambush of the Apocalypse Organization!

“Li Yao -“

Ms. Gray kicked a cockroach and flew it under the car. It fell like a dead leaf to Li Yao and Uncle Hui. “Your driving skills are good, you take the ghost cat and Zhang Daniu first – ghost The cat’s Brain structure is different from ordinary people. Her brainwaves are extraordinarily powerful, which is equivalent to a special ‘antenna’ and ‘server’. With her, even in bad weather, you will not lose contact with the satellite navigation system. Not far from the border, the ghost cat knows the location, as long as it escapes, there are naturally large groups of people to meet you.

“I, Sparta and Uncle Hui, will hold on to this place, rest assured!”

Ms. Foggy said that the eyes had become a gray that could not be distinguished from the pupils and white eyes. From her seven to the pores, a large group of thick fog spewed out, and the three compartments in front and behind were shrouded. Among them, the perception of Li Yao’s companionship has not been greatly affected, but the enemy seems to be in a strange state of ‘five senses’, and one by one grabs the hand, can’t distinguish the direction and can’t see the target, slightly careless, slippery foot It fell from the train that was still driving.

In a critical situation, there was no time to hesitate. Li Yao took an unpackaged silver-white spray can from Hui’s hand and squirted a large group of cool green gas to his wounds, finally relieved the pain slightly. The three men nodded and hanged upside down like a bat and rolled into the carriage.

“pēng pēng pēng pēng !”

“hōng hōng hōng hōng !”

From time to time, there were fierce fighting sounds and explosions on the roof. The entire roof of the car was actually riddled with holes. The storm could pour in unscrupulously and turn the car into a Water Clan pavilion.

Fortunately, the Ark Foundation helped Zhang Daniu to replace a special computer with a high index of three defenses. However, it was not afraid of being damaged in such a harsh environment. However, the above was so lively, Zhang Daniu’s words could not be written, but While screaming, while drilling into the ghost cat’s arms, I also tried to bury my head deeply.

“Let’s go!”

Li Yao squatted on the guy’s buttocks, pulling the partition between the two compartments, the black-skinned off-road vehicle in front, one full enough to the two ordinary cars, and the domineering tires seemed to be like Full of teeth, even if it is not launched, it still gives people a sense of power to destroy.

Li Yao took a look at the quick release device that Ms. Mist set for the off-road vehicle, jumped into the car, started the engine, and the roaring roar of the lion from the eardrum to the heart and lungs, opened all the cells around him, and made him Produced a self-confidence that “even if the front is the most violent mudslide, he can also straighten forward.”

The ghost cat pushed Zhang Daniu in and closed the door.


Li Yao didn’t return. “Today’s situation is urgent, and it may be faster.”


Zhang Daniu’s face suddenly changed from pale to pale green, and from pale green to pale, like a cabbage shot on his face.

Before he reacted, Li Yao had already hung up the gear and slammed the throttle.

“hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng !”

The blood seems to have turned into fuel, and it instantly fills every gap of the off-road vehicle. This steel beast is covered by his arrogant fighting intent, and it is between the world of storms, lightning flashes and thunder rolls, burning fiercely stand up!

The front of the car was already aligned with the side door of the train, and at the moment he started the engine, the door slowly slipped to the sides.

There is still no pit stop here, not only the train is still driving at a speed of tens of kilometers per hour, but also a distance of three or five meters from the ground.

Of course, it’s too late to wait until the station is detached. The nails will be surrounded by enemies and completely locked up.

Li Yao made a beast-like roar, and the four wheels of the off-road vehicle turned into a white smoke-filled hot wheels, almost rubbing the bottom of the train out of four transparent holes, when the power was accumulated to the limit, and the speed of the train was further reduced. At the time, the seal of the bound SUV was finally torn apart, and the steel beasts reached the limit almost within a short distance of 0.1 seconds. If the wings were vacated, the train from the train I flew out.

At that moment, time seemed to solidify.

Only Zhang Da Niu’s pig-like roar is still so long as eternal.

In the stagger of wind and rain and lightning, the off-road vehicle draws a perfect arc, spanning a few tens of meters, and squatting on the muddy ground.

The cushions that are soaked in the rain form an excellent cushion. Even so, the tires, chassis and shock absorbers are overwhelmed, and they are flipped by inertia. Li Yao’s eyes are not smashed, and a series of flashes of lightning Operation, the off-road vehicle used the two tires on the right side to slant for a long distance before they came straight again.

The dozens of lights around the train station moved, like a hungry wolf, changed the ambush tactics and swooped toward the prey.

“Tell me about the nearby terrain and the weather!”

Li Yao looked far and wide, trying to find a road parallel to the railway, or a slightly flatter terrain between the mountains, but failed unexpectedly – calculating the time, now it should be noon, but filled with rain The heavens and the earth are as dark as the night, and the rain that the big regiments hit the windows and windows cannot even be described as “raindrops”. It is completely a “rain group” of the size of a hail.

The visibility before and after is no more than 50 meters. Where can I find the road? Even if you find a road, you may be cut off by the flood, or it may be blocked by the vehicle.

Fortunately, they also have “ghost cats”, a “human flesh satellite navigation system” that will not fail in most cases.

“We are here, near this station called ‘Spirit Stream’.”

The ghost cat hugged a strange computer and drilled into the front row. He looked pale and ignored the bumps. He pointed the satellite map to Li Yao. “The road closest to us is this – the national road 370, but this Some sections of the road were intercepted by the flood two hours ago. Even if we are more wild nature, we can’t pass it. Here, there are still places here. These traffic routes have the possibility of mudslides. Maybe it has been blocked!”

“Understood, we seem to be locked up in a small type of basin between the mountains, and the several main lines of the Dao Lineage in and out of the basin are blocked?”

Li Yao, while extremely fast, struggled with the muddy land, and looked at the map provided by the ghost cat. He suddenly found a dotted line. “What is this road, it seems to be able to rush out from here.”


The ghost cat looks at it. “It seems to be a village road that has been abandoned for many years. It was the only way to get in and out of this area decades ago, but it was built on the side of the largest river near the ‘Spirit Stream’ and built on the mountain. It’s very dangerous. There have been many accidents. Numerous vehicles have been planted directly into the Spirit Stream from the village road. Since the national highway and the highway have been repaired, they have been abandoned. After a long period of disrepair, the heavy rain will definitely cause the water level of the Spirit Stream to skyrocket, and it will be even more dangerous if there is mudslides flowing down the river at any time!”

“Nine songs and eighteen bends… is it?”

Li Yao grin, smile is extraordinarily confident – even crazy.

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