FMC Chapter 3234

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3234, Your own command, Astronomy
The ghost cat was originally a petite and delicate girl, but at the moment it was like a mad believer who entered the magic cave. The reversed face was full of confused fire. When she saw Li Yao and the foggy lady came in, she stared straight. Two people, I am crazy.

“The final trial is coming, no one can escape the reincarnation ruling. No matter how you struggle, it is just a mistake, just give up, repent, redeem!”

She narrowed her eyes, indulged in the so-called redemption, and completely fell into the dead loop of self-logic, unable to break free.

Beside her, she still stood a figure, describing a wretched man, who had an ordinary appearance, but had a pair of extremely incomparable hands. His fingers were almost twice as long as the ordinary people, and even more than one section. The phalanx gives the feeling of two big spiders on the wrist.

When he gently put his hands on the temples on both sides of the ghost cat, the palm of his hand is like an iron cap, completely enveloping the head of the ghost cat.

The man whispered the dialect from Nanyang. From his arms, there was a series of strange tattoos. Then the buds underneath the tattoos were like Gu Insect. If the tattoos had life, they were fascinated in their arms. dance.

With such a weird picture, Li Yao felt a ripple in his palm, which was similar to the brainwave, and the source constantly poured into the brain of the ghost cat.

The eyes of the ghost cat turned white in an instant, and the whole person trembled violently, shaking the chain “huฤ lฤ huฤ lฤ”.

The man seems to have read a lot of information from the brain of the ghost cat, making a satisfying snoring, and suddenly, the “smart” expression is similar to the earlier ghost cat.

As he practiced, he stared at Li Yao, half of the cold and half hot eyes, like two knives. I have to dig out the secrets of the deepest heart of Li Yao.

“They are tortured the ghost cat.”

Li Yao said, “But why do you want to do this in front of me, in order to shock me?”

Li Yao’s eyes turned two laps, and suddenly felt the shadows around the warehouse, and there were dozens of powerful atmospheres hidden. With the dim light, the shadows could see some armed awakened people, or stand or sit. Capricorn with a dagger, fiddling with firearms, staring at him intently, showing a highly vigilant posture.

Li Yao stunned and was furious.

“and many more–“

He sighed. “Are you questioning her, or are you testing me?”

The Nanyang geek with his arms tattooed in his arms finally finished the technique, his mouth cracked open to the root of his ear, and while he smiled, he shook his head against the foggy lady.

When the big fan’s hands left the ghost cat’s head, the female undercover’s eyes had turned into a dead gray, pulling down like a dead fish.

“Sorry, he is called ‘brain worm’ and is the Reading Specialist in Organization.”

The lady in the fog explained with a blank expression. “You know that since the Apocalypse Organization was sent to the Ark Foundation to be undercover, it must have received special training. The ordinal torture method does not work for her at all, but, ‘the brain worm ‘The ability to devour brainwaves is just the nemesis of a specially developed awakened brainwave.

“If you are really an undercover sent by the Apocalypse Organization, you have met with the ghost cat before, but it is just a good show, so when you see you coming in, the brain of the ghost cat will be subtle in any case. Changes will definitely be captured by ‘brain worms’.

“But it seems that the ghost cat has no special reaction to you. You didn’t know each other before. This is part of the proof of your innocence and accumulate more trust for you.”

“My patience is limited!”

Li Yao whispered, “The patient of ‘Psychic Space’ is Zhang Jiashu’s first test; between the speeding train and the flood, the mudslide and the hunter Give your life, it is the second test; now you are suspicion, send Itโ€™s the third test in front of the ghost cat. What do you want to do, isnโ€™t that enough?โ€

“Do you think enough?”

Ms. Gray fog asked, “Replacement thinking, if you are the leader of a secret organization such as the Ark Foundation, encounter a superb ability to wake up the super power, and even may step into the sky to become a ‘super sensation’, it is no coincidence that the book is involved in vortex The central mysterious figure, how many tests do you think you have to test, can thoroughly prove his innocence, let him enter the most secret nest of Organization, and get close to the leaders of Organization’s vitality โ€“ especially in such a moment?

Ms. Gray Mist said that she gestured to the depths of the warehouse. Immediately, there were two strong men with a tiger-backed waist, pushing an iron chair like a dental operating bed and pushing them along the two tracks on the ground to Li Yao. .

“Four times.”

Ms. Gray gave her four fingers to Li Yao. “No matter how many tests you feel, you can prove the innocence of such a mysterious character. Anyway, the red star thinks that it takes a total of four tests to get 100%. Determine your identity and dare to put you into the real ‘Ark.'”

“What does it mean?”

Li Yao looked at the iron chair and his face became extraordinarily ugly. “How do you want to test?”

“We hope to wake up your past life.”

In the darkness, a dark-haired man wearing a white coat and wearing gold glasses slowly came to Li Yao and smiled. “I introduce myself, I am a ‘dream traveler’, Li Yao classmate and Teacher Cow. I should have seen a lot of posts I posted on the Internet, and even interested in me?”

Li Yao glimpsed and immediately understood that before they greeted themselves, they must have contacted Zhang Daniu. It was a guy without bones. He didnโ€™t need a little bit of coercion and he would say everything.

“I am responsible for every word I publish on the Internet. I guarantee that every word is true, even if it is not what actually happened, at least my true feelings.”

Dream travels humanity, “However, what I didn’t write on the Internet is that I have been staying in the ‘Ark’ for the last month, accepting the Enlighten and Quenching of the Red Star, the ability is higher than the past, not only can Seeing your past life, you can even lead more awakened people, Expeditions and discover their past lives.

“Li Yao classmates, there is no need to be so nervous, you should not regard this as a test, try to be a special cultivation, a journey deep in the soul – including the red star, we are very curious, You only wake up a part of the previous memory Fragments, you have such a powerful combat power, if under my guidance, you can clearly recall all the memories of past lives, previous lives, even dozens of reincarnations and inherit all Ability, what a horrible look will you present?

“This is what I want to do.

“In fact, guiding the awakened to discover their past lives is a very consuming and energetic thing for me. If you are a monster between the ‘final sensation’ and the ‘super sensation’, I must Taking great risks can help you find your true self. However, Red Star said that you and Teacher Cow are both indispensable pieces in the puzzle. For the sacred mission and true freedom, I am… No regrets!”

The dream traveler converges with a smile and stares at Li Yao seriously.

Li Yao thought for a long time.

“If I refused?”

He silently observed the position of all the awakened people in the warehouse, even hidden in the deepest part of the darkness, the faintness of the zombies was not let go, and instantly formulated dozens of plans to break through the encirclement in the brain, full of alertness. .

Ms. Gray and the dream traveler looked at each other and both of them smiled at the same time.

“Reassured, you don’t think so good, there won’t be any stupid things like ‘killing people’.”

Ms. Gray Mist said, “The main thing is that we can’t kill you. Even if it hurts you, we must pay a heavy price. Maybe more than 30 elite players who are ambushing here will die two-thirds. As soon as the war is over, we can’t afford such a loss โ€“ this is the result of a personal assessment by Red Star.

“So, even if you refuse to accept the last test, we can’t help it. There is no need and no way to hurt you.”

“Just, in this way, you can’t go to the depths of the ocean to find the ‘Ark’ with us, nor can you see the deity of the Red Star. We will part ways here and will leave you with sufficient supplies, arms and The local currency, although the end has come, the currency has become useless waste paper, but I hope you understand that this is our limit.”

Li Yao coldly snorted, no words.

Indeed, he can of course be angry with the other party’s distrust and refuse to test three times and five times. No matter whether the “Ark” or “Apocalypse” wants to leave him, I believe that I have to pay a terrible price.

But since he refused the test, the security of his identity is still doubtful, and the other party is not willing to take him deep into the ocean, which is also a reasonable thing.

Li Yao is hesitant. He doesn’t like the taste of being suspected and scrutinized.

“I don’t want to convince you, Li Yao.”

The dream traveler spread his hands and said that he was not malicious. “Itโ€™s just that before the farewell, the red star has a very strange word for me to tell you– no matter how dissatisfied you are with so many tests and doubts, how many grievances And blaming him, still hope that you can stick to the end, because, as long as you completely awaken your past life memories and discover your true identity, you will know that all tests and doubts are necessary, even if you arrange yourself If you want to blame, blame yourself.”


Li Yao, the second monk, couldnโ€™t figure out why, โ€œIโ€™m going to blame myself, is it that I have arranged so much suspicion, screening and testing? What is going on!โ€

Although he was puzzled, his heart was deep, but he faintly believed in this unreasonable “ghost story.”

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