FMC Chapter 3235

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Who is the 3235 chapter? Floating astronomy

The Dream Traveler once again sent an invitation to Li Yao.

“Wait, I have a question.”

Li Yao indulged for a moment, said, “I want to know if Zhang Daniu has accepted your guidance and awakened his past life with your help – according to your reason, this guy’s suspicion is not small?”

“of course.”

The dream travels humanity. “We don’t specifically target anyone. Even before we return to the Ark, we have to accept very strict tests. Of course, it is impossible to miss the author of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. We have already He has tested and, under my guidance, traced his first five memories in a row, nothing special.”


Li Yao is very curious. “What did he do in the last five years?”

“Reversing from this world, the third generation is a network writer, you know, write something strange, sultry and popular reading, lie to ignorant teenagers, mix and drink.”

Dream travels humanity, “Upper to the fourth world, the world development of that reincarnation is slightly different, and there is no such thing as ‘network novels’. He is a tabloid reporter, writes some stars’ love affairs, get some The title of the amazing language, looking for Xiaoming Star to fight the lawsuit, bumping porcelain, and so on.

“After going to the fifth world, he is still engaged in writing work, but he is a **** author. It seems to be an area he is particularly good at. He has worked hard for many years and finally has a little reputation in the industry, but he is It was basically the case that a ruling of the anti-vice operation was arrested and accepted the ruling of justice.

“In short, he is different from the normal ‘observer’. It is a common man who has no moral bottom line. The original intention of creation is purely for the benefit, or in his own words, ‘money and beauty’, and does not inject soul into the work. – It stands to reason that such people are hard to wake up, let alone upgrade to observers, but in “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” there is a lot of things that he can’t write at all. Maybe this is the red star pair. The reason he is particularly interested.

“In any case, although his first five days were a greedy, ruthless, characterless, third-rate writer and tabloid reporter who was willing to write for money, he did not have any relationship with the Apocalypse Organization. He is that. The most inconspicuous little person, a bunch of insignificant data when the Earth restarts, even if the Apocalypse Organization really wants to be undercover, he can’t find him.”


Li Yao nodded, took a deep breath and sat down on the iron chair.

Ms. Gray and the Dream Traveler also breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Yao suddenly asked the dream traveler, “Do you have a watch, what time is it?”


The dream traveler found a very delicate and antique pocket watch from his arms. The case is also engraved with a spiral-shaped eight-claw octopus, full of the atmosphere of the ocean. “Now it is 8:05 in the evening.”

“A few seconds?”

Li Yao asked again.

“A few seconds?”

The dream traveler has a slight glimpse.

“Yes, accurate to the second, tell me.”

Li Yao coldly said.

“Oh, it’s eight o’clock, five minutes and thirty-two seconds.”

The dream traveler frowned. “What?”

“It’s nothing.”

Li Yao squinted at her eyes, and there was a fascinating color on her face. It seemed that she didn’t even understand why she had to ask time, but also asked so accurately.

But he soon forgot about it, and the dreamer nodded. “Since it is the rules of the Ark Foundation, then let’s get started!”

“Well, please relax, look at this watch and watch the rotation of the hour, minute and second hands.”

The dream traveler carried the bracelet and hung the pocket watch in front of Li Yao, shaking it gently.

The hour hand blooms with the dark blue awn, the minute hand flashes with the ghostly dark green, the second hand shines with the burning red light, and the small “one” pocket watch emits a “squeaky” mechanical sound, filling the entire warehouse, overwhelming the storm outside, The whole world has become extraordinarily quiet.

Li Yao stared at the pocket watch, and the eyes became two unfathomable vortex. He was in the middle of it. He felt as if he was just a hundred times more sensitive. He could clearly hear the dream traveler, the fog lady and the Spartan. Every breath and heartbeat, the blood surges in the sound of each bundle of blood vessels in their body; they can also penetrate the container and see the awakened ones hidden in the dark, armed with live ammunition and armed to the teeth; even can perceive the military camp The rain that violently rises outside again, counts every drop of raindrops in the wind.

“wēng wēng wēng wēng 嗡!”

The mosquitoes, which are unique to the rainforest, fly around the dim light on the beams.

No, not “numerous”, but four hundred and thirty-two mosquitoes.

Four hundred and thirty-two mosquitoes, like a clear imprint, are deeply imprinted in Li Yao’s heart.

“Very good, I can already feel your soul faintly, how beautiful, spectacular and profound things…”

The eyes of the dream traveler also burst into the brilliance of the back of the gold-rimmed glasses. The eyes screamed like a smoky smog and spread toward Li Yao. “Next, and I read a paragraph – don’t care, this passage itself It doesn’t make any sense, just to make your brainwaves resonate, so that I can go deep into your memory, and if you agree, just lick your left eye.”

Li Yao deeply remembers everything around him, including the beating pointer, the heartbeat of many awakened people, the distribution of every raindrop in the wind, and the flight path of 433 mosquitoes on the head. Then, He rubbed his left eye.

“The bloodless blackness begins to weave a network.”

The dream traveler said softly.

“The bloodless blackness begins to weave a network.”

Li Yao repeats hard.

“The cells are connected, connected, and connected to the trunk.”

The dreamer’s voice is even darker.

“The cells are connected, connected, and connected to the trunk.”

Li Yao’s voice also dropped significantly, the pupils gradually spread, and his face became stunned, as if drowning in endless memories.

“Then, under the darkness, a white water column with a fountain rising upwards appeared.”

The dreamer’s voice is getting lighter and lighter, and it has changed from feather to dust. The pocket watch in his hand is slower and slower, as if it was solidified in midair by some strange force. In the end, even Really at the forty-five degree angle to the ground, still standing in the air!

“Then, under the darkness, a fountain appeared…high-spraying…white…”

Li Yao failed to finish the poem and found that the whole world has become a vague vortex. Everything around it is like a mixture of sand and smoke, melting, splitting and reorganizing. The secret port deep in the tropical jungle. Missed, replaced by a high-rise building, the glass curtain wall is like a city with 10,000 mirrors.

He dreamed again and returned to the maze that had been repeated many times in the past week.

But this time, his mind is particularly clear-headed, knowing that he is dreaming, and knowing that his deity is sitting in the warehouse of the port military camp. This is a “lucid dream.”


Li Yao saw himself.

He seems to have two perspectives at the same time, one is the “God perspective” from the height of forty-five degrees, and the other is the immersive “first person main perspective”, which quickly traces back to his last life through different perspectives. Life, back to those thrilling and exciting battles.

“It turned out that I was a member of the previous era.”

Looking at a field sound and light effect, it is more exaggerated than the science fiction movie, Li Yao suddenly realized, “I wonder if I have an instinctive resentment against the ‘Apocalypse Organization’, but have a natural closeness to the ‘Ark Foundation’ The feeling, even feel that their leader is very familiar, very familiar, the original I was a ‘breaker’!”

And this is not the end.

Li Yao can clearly feel that there is a force pushing him behind him, just like plugging in the wings of his memory, thinking that this is the super power of the dream traveler.

The city was turned into a ruin in the thermonuclear war, and it was restarted in the ruins. The mirror labyrinth consisting of countless glass curtain walls collapsed, but it quickly re-formed into a new maze of more and more complex. Li Yao continued to pursue in the dream. In my own past, I saw about a dozen reincarnations. I almost always resisted the membership of Organization. At least it was naturally awakened. I found the ‘Earth BUG’ and then the cruelly awakened awakened person. He even caught a long time. The previous Memory Fragments, recalling that he had been a modification car mechanic and racer in a certain world, crossed an “Earth BUG” in a rush.

It was a long time ago, long time to the end of the unimaginable reincarnation.

These past memories have made Li Yao’s will more determined and more powerful, and he can clearly perceive that his divine soul expands like a bloody organ.


The silver-white ball has been following him in a dream.

It used to be like a balloon, connected by a silver wire to the back of Li Yao, not far from the air, but every time Li Yao awakens the memory of the previous life, the distance between it and Li Yao It will be shortened. In the end, the silver wire between it and Li Yao is less than one meter away, and it is coldly hovering over Li Yao’s head.

The mirror-like surface reflects Li Yao’s confused and uneasy face, and is distorted into a look of incomparable demon and embarrassment.

Li Yao can’t remember what she had encountered in her previous life.

“cultivation Li Yao” in “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” has never encountered such a strange existence.

“What are you, what are you?”

Li Yao’s uneasiness at the bottom of her heart was raised to the limit, and she was unable to control her emotions. She punched the silver-white ball and said, “Why follow me!”


The mysterious silver-white ball seemed to be vulnerable, and Li Yao punched into countless pieces, but each curved piece reflected a demon and twisted face, showing him a grotesque smile. .

“Finally, you have come to this step, knowing who you are and knowing your true mission?”

Hundreds of millions of faces, said in unison.

Then, countless faces turned into a big mouth and swallowed him in one bite!

Memory becomes a nightmare, and he wakes up from his nightmare.

I saw the dream traveler vomiting blood and fell out, a face twisted to the extent of fracture, pointing to him screaming: “You, you are not Li Yao!”

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