FMC Chapter 3238

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3238 New World! Floating astronomy
Li Yao is very keen to find someone to discuss this matter, but somehow, but very reluctant to find a foggy lady or a dream traveler, think it is better to be a big cow.

This guy is still honest on the boat. Although there are violent storms from time to time, he is forced to spit out even his bile, but there is not much complaint. The main reason is that Ms. Gray will tell the hunter team to chase and even insert the undercover. Frightened this greedy and fearful guy.

As long as I can save my life, I can still hold back if I suffer a little bit of it, not to mention that Ms. Gray told Zhang Daniu that there are many loyal readers on the Ark Foundation’s lair. Of course, I have to master all kinds of super powers. The female awakened person will bring out his happy nose, and the organs such as bones will become like steel and iron. Any pain can be endured. I can’t wait to immediately insert wings and go straight to the “Ark.”

Perhaps it was the reason that the sleepwalker guided him to awaken the memory of five reincarnations—although it was a memory of unscrupulous literati who had no use, and perhaps so many awakened people stayed together, causing his brainwaves to resonate. In short, he The sky has been keeping the literary enthusiasm, the ten fingers are like cramps, and writing “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” like crazy, whether it is watering or not, but a new chapter of three or five thousand words can always let Li Yao harvest something. Recalling more things in the “repair of the universe.”

On this occasion, Li Yao is more and more convinced that he is the “cultivation Li Yao” in the “Repair of the Universe”. It is only for some reason that it has crossed the earth. If you want to come to the Red Star, you should know the cause and effect.

Zhang Da Niu also specifically asked him to provide protection. After all, he has the strongest strength and no problem with loyalty. The two sleep in a cabin at night, and it is convenient to discuss anything.

Therefore, when Zhang Da Niu ended the five-hour continuous attack this evening, Li Yao finally couldn’t help but throw out the problem of “glass marble falling.”

“Teacher Cow, from the information collected by the Ark Foundation, they have found a lot of ‘Earth BUG’, it should be a logical error caused by multiple restarts and some data is not completely covered, but I have carefully looked at it, it seems Don’t you think it’s strange about ‘glass marbles’?”

Li Yao said, “Do you know what is the ‘glass marbles’? It has been heard by people all over the world, as if there are children playing glass marbles upstairs, accidentally falling to the ground, ‘哒哒哒哒’s voice, this kind of voice often appears in the dead of night, not when the children play, and some people are provoked by this kind of voice, and when they ran upstairs to negotiate, they knew that there was no child or upstairs at home. Glass marbles – what is going on here?”

“Of course I know.”

Zhang Da Niu screamed at the swollen fingers, and casually said, “I have read a essay on the ‘urban legend’ and specifically said this phenomenon of ‘upstairs glass marbles falling’. Indeed, many people put this The phenomenon is blamed on strange powers, what kind of ‘little ghosts are like 祟’, and that is a nonsense that has no scientific reason. In fact, this is the various pipes hidden in the floor, the sound of thermal expansion and contraction, not too much care.”

“Yes, but I still feel a little bit wrong.”

Li Yao thought carefully and said, “Every country has different architectural styles and materials. The latitude and climate are different. Of course, the layout and construction methods of the pipeline are even different, but the heat of all the pipelines is different. Is the inflation and contraction sound the same? And, if it is really simple, it is impossible to conduct an experiment to confirm it, or ask the authorities in the construction industry to explain this phenomenon? Even sometimes It is obvious that people have heard this kind of sound in bungalows, tents and even outdoors. How can this be explained?”

“This one–“

Zhang Da Niu scratched his hair. “I don’t know about this. I said that you care so much about the ‘glass marbles’. Many people have heard it. I have heard it many times. What is the relationship? ?”

“Wait, have you heard that?”

Li Yao’s eyes suddenly sharpened. “When, where?”

“This, who knows this!”

Zhang Da Niu is a handkerchief. “Who will deliberately remember this kind of thing. If you have heard it, you will forget it. Anyway, I seem to have heard it once.”


Li Yao is a little excited. “Where, at what time, please think about it, think about it!”

“This, it seems to be, um, it seems that day, the day we arrived at the port.”

Zhang Da Niu thought for a long time, some are not sure. “Probably at eight or nine o’clock in the evening, I just finished the ‘wake up’ of the dream traveler, infusion in a compartment next to the warehouse, replenish energy, some stupid At that time, it seems that I heard the glass marbles falling on the ceiling. “Hey, hey,” I can’t remember.”

“Eight nine or nine o’clock in the evening?”

Li Yao stunned, think about it, it seems that he was brought to the warehouse by Ms. Gray, when he was tested by the sleepwalker.

It was also when he heard the “glass marbles”.

At the same time, the two people heard the sound of falling glass beads at the same time. Is this a coincidence, or is it a deeper and terrible reason?

“There is nothing to do with this. Anyway, I am going to the Ark Foundation headquarters. Any questions, do you want to ask the red star?”

Zhang Da Niu said indifferently, “Ms. Gray Mist has blown the red-spirited star to the gods, saying that he can undoubtedly know that he can solve your doubts!”

“This is down…also.”

Li Yao nodded and said to herself, “I have to see the red star. As long as I see him, everything can be… broken!”


When they sailed deep in the ocean, bad news came from one after another on the land.

As the natural disasters intensified, the order of the Human Race society gradually fell in the direction of collapse. Many small countries that were originally in the economic crisis could not withstand the earthquake, tsunami, heavy rain and floods, and could not be described by pen and ink. Humanitarian disaster.

The displacement of a large number of victims has triggered a chain reaction of more countries. Even the superpowers at the top of the pyramid are overwhelmed and self-sufficient.

On the fifth day of their deep ocean, an unprecedented earthquake hit the Fusang Islands again, cutting off the islands, and 70% of the land area was submerged in the cold water, and the rest of the land became tens of thousands. The secluded islands, tens of millions of victims have won the battle for the sake of the square, and the scene is terrible.

The Western superpowers are also facing their own natural disasters – the Redstone volcano has not unexpectedly violently erupted, volcanic ash has covered most of North America, shadows, hurricanes and floods raging, thieves and Madman rampage, formerly brilliant mountains The country is decaying at a speed visible to the naked eye, exposing its ugliest side.

Now, not many people have discussed on the Internet the topic of “Is the end of the world coming?”

Because everyone is very clear, the end has come, and there is no room for luck.

It was in such a hot and humid environment that Ji Xing arrived in the scheduled waters.

“We have arrived!”

This is a dark cloud, the dawn of the sun, the air is so hot that it can be screwed out of the water, but in the “end of the world” environment, it is still “very good” weather, Ms. Gray specially put Li Yao and Zhang Da The cow was called on the deck, and relieved, “I can’t tell you the specific coordinates here, but the front is where the ‘Ark’ is.”

Li Yao and Zhang Da Niu picked up their toes and looked far and wide. The two thought that they could see a huge, superb tanker, but within the scope of the eye, the sea was calm and empty, nothing.

“What does it mean?”

Li Yao and Zhang Daniu look at each other in dismay and don’t understand.

Moreover, no matter whether the lady of the fog is keeping the coordinates here secret, this sea area will not be too… Is it simple?

The sea here is empty, the sky here is unobstructed, there are no reefs around, and the Bewildering Mist is rolling, the environment is sinister, and there is nothing to do – ships or islands, you can see from the satellite Clearly clear.

Less than a week after they drove out of the port, the modification freighter was mainly against the wind and waves, and it was not fast. It was at some point in the South Pacific, and it was not an inaccessible place.

The Ark Foundation has set up a nest here. The Apocalypse Organization and the “Earth of the Earth” behind it are not discovered at once. How can we wait until today to remain indifferent?

Seeing the full head of the two people, the foggy lady smiled and gestured to the cockpit – move on.

Ji Xinghao waved and waved forward slowly.

An incredible scene happened.

There was nothing in front of the bow, but when they touched the air, there was a dangling ripple in the air. They seemed to cross the invisible barrier. Li Yao and Zhang Daniu felt that there was a jelly. Soft things, rubbing their skin back.

Looking at the front again, the two were shocked – they had changed a world in front of the sea!

The sky just was clouded, the sun was lazy and refused to radiate a little bit of heat, and sporadic raindrops fell on them, mixed with biting chills, and the sea was black as a muddy, floating large ugly seaweed.

However, Ji Xing only sailed three or five hundred meters forward. The sky suddenly became a cloudless blue sky. The scorching sun radiated an unbridled light. Even the sea was blue and thrilling. Every wave was like a sapphire colliding with each other. It is impossible to tell the difference between the sky and the sponge.

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