FMC Chapter 3241

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3241 from Divided Spirit to fit! Floating astronomy
Li Yao understands the meaning of the red star, but it is more confused.

Yes, Teacher Zhang Jiashu is by no means a real Li Yao. He is just an awkward ordinary person, but he is branded with a very distinctive character, belonging to the โ€œcultivation Li Yaoโ€, even if it is only one percent or a thousand. One or one ten thousandth, but Li Yao will never admit it. What is going on?

“Let me come to the original book and tell you everything, even though I don’t know too much, but it is enough to complete our mission.”

Red Star Star, “First of all, you all know that somewhere in the depths of Star Ocean, there really exists a ‘cultivating four universes’, including cultivator Li Yao – may wish to treat him as ‘real Li Yao’ first. ,is that OK?”

Li Yao and Zhang Daniu nodded at the same time, and the two men asked in unison: “Is that true? Repairing the universe and cultivation Li Yao, does it really exist?”

“It’s true. Although the details are definitely different from the content of the novel “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”, I believe that on the other side of the infinite Star Ocean, there are indeed the universe and cultivation Li Yao, and there are countless thrilling and exciting. s story.”

“Hongli Star Road,” and cultivation Li Yao is indeed a kind-hearted, impassioned, ambitious, and unconstrained person for the country and the country. Since childhood, he has determined to burn himself, guard the Civilization, and illuminate. The great hero of the universe!”

Li Yao: “Hey…”

Zhang Daniu: “Hey…”

Red Star: “Teacher Cow’s “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” has written two thousand chapters, the general appearance of the four universes and the literacy of Li Yao, the first half of the life, I believe you all know, yes. He is such a sad and horrible person, fearless, dragging his almost overdraft life again and again, into the most violent torrents and the most dangerous vortex, and several times almost fell to the torn body and crushed bones, divine soul The end of the game, right?”

Li Yao and Zhang Daniu looked at each other and said, “You say yes, that’s it.”

“Although Teacher Cow has not yet written the final outcome of cultivation Li Yao, we all believe that his Dao Heart has been tempered and can never be changed, so he is facing Empire in the end of the four universes. When Saint League, Pangu Civilization and even more powerful enemies, in order to protect what he must guard, he will definitely put himself in the face of greater danger and stronger enemies.”

Hongjixingdao, “Is this speculation not wrong?”

Li Yao nodded, but still felt a little weird: “Yes, but what happened to us, why did we go through the four universes? ‘Through’ to the earth?”

“This question is very simple.”

Red Star Star Road, “Turning through the first few chapters of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, you know how the original ‘Earth Li Yao’ crossed into the four universes and became ‘cultivation Li Yao’?”

Li Yao widened his eyes: “You mean, we crossed the earth from the earth to the repair of the four universes. After the four universes experienced a thrilling, bizarre life, they passed back?”

“Of course, I have to go back, otherwise what should I do with the ‘Vulture Plan’? Now that Teacher Cow has written the relevant chapters, you should all know the truth of the Vulture Plan. Yes, it is to destroy the earth, at least to defeat. Earth – this damn reincarnation prison!”

Hongji Star Road, “Itโ€™s just that itโ€™s not easy to escape from the round. Itโ€™s even harder to go from infiltration to reincarnation. I think that cultivation Li Yao is re-into the reincarnation. It may actively or passively erase all life information in the divine soul and turn itself into a blank sheet of paper.”

“What does it mean?”

Li Yao frowned. “Why do you want to do this?”

“The reason is very simple. Change to you and I are in that position. Starting with our way of thinking, we will make the same choice.”

Red Star, “Because we don’t want to reveal all the information about ‘Four Universes’, regardless of its coordinates in the Infinite Star Ocean, or the conditions of Federation, Empire and Saint League, including the fact that we used to escape from the round. The secret identity, all of which cannot be discovered by the ‘global will’.

“Crossing is a price to pay. I believe that the cultivation Li Yao that has just passed through is still very weak. It is not an opponent of the will of the earth. If it is discovered by the will of the earth at that time, it will not be able to complete the Vulture Plan, but it may be tempted by the earth. , lock and eliminate ‘repair the universe’, then it is finished!

“One more time, cultivation Li Yao is probably not completely active, but falls into a very passive situation. For example, the fleshly body is annihilated, and the divine soul is hit hard, and it is forced to seal all of its own. Life information, enter some kind of… ‘sleep state’.”

The speculation of the red star is well-founded and convincing.

But this is not enough to explain the strange things that happened to Li Yao, Zhang Daniu, Zhang Jiashu and Red Star. Li Yao thought about it and said, “Okay, I agree that ‘cultivation Li Yao’ has experienced ‘two The second crossing, with the power from the infinite Star Ocean, returned to Earth, wanting to liberate all the compatriots who were suppressed in the round, but he has only one person, how can it affect so many people? I and you, Who is the real Li Yao?”

“Yes, not.”

The red star smiled. “I believe that cultivation Li Yao not only obliterated all of his life information, but also split the ‘divine soul’ into thousands of pieces.”

“divine soul split?”

Li Yao stunned, “There is such a thing, why!”

โ€œIs this not very well understood?โ€

Red Star Stars, “Because there is a strong barrier outside the Earth, a protective film similar to the atmosphere. If there is a huge meteorite to hit the Earth, it will be torn into thousands of pieces by the atmosphere. Itโ€™s a meteor shower that is gorgeous but not too lethal, right?

“Conversely, if you want God to sneak into the round and return to prison, the complete divine soul is definitely too big, too shiny, too eye-catching, how could it not be discovered by the will of the earth?

“Only active or passive tearing the divine soul into thousands of pieces, quietly infiltration in a quiet way, it is possible that God does not know how to bypass the line of defense, success is coming.

“If you still can’t understand it, imagine the Earth – the outside of the round of jail, wrapped in a network of defenses like a fishing net. Anything larger than the mesh should be infiltration, triggering an alarm, discovered by the will of the earth, and those Less than the mesh, in theory, it is impossible to cause a little damage to the will of the earth.

“So, in addition to obliterating one’s life information, cultivation Li Yao has to shred the divine soul into pieces smaller than the mesh, so that the gods can’t be infiltrated.”

“This is too…”

Li Yao didn’t know how to describe the “cultivation Li Yao” approach. Just listening to the red star, I felt the scalp numb, and it was incredible to the extreme.

“Of course, ‘every walk, there will be traces,’ and the so-called ‘killing life information’ may not be able to recover, it is cultivation Li Yao himself, certainly not wanting to completely annihilate it!”

The red star continued, “Every seemingly blank divine soul fragment is deep in the depths. In fact, all the information from ‘cultivation Li Yao’ is contained. It is not so much a fragment, but rather a sleeping seed. It seems to be lifeless, but as long as they are given the right environment, they can take root and re-emerge with the gorgeous light of life.

“Of course, standing on the shore of the will of the earth, saying that these divine soul fragments are damn viruses, the most dangerous cancer cells, can infect, devour and transform everything, this is true, at least we are infected, not Hahahaha!”


Li Yao rubbed his own temple, and it seemed as if a towering tree had risen in the depths of his neural field. The tree had a lot of fruit, and each fruit had a cultivation Li Yao. face.

Oh, so disgusting!

“Now, you should understand what is going on with us?”

The red star opened his arms and said, “About about a dozen times before the reincarnation, thousands of the most dangerous seeds or viruses from the depths of the infinite Star Ocean penetrate the earth’s will, infiltration into the round. And it is implanted in the divine soul of the thousands of heroes.

โ€œAlthough the power of seeds or viruses is extremely weak, the life information from cultivation Li Yao seems to be completely annihilated, but after all, in its deepest part, there is still a Hot Blooded, a touch of emotion, spread out in the spirits of the spirits. Come, try to awaken the spirits of the past and the yearning for freedom.

“The vast majority of seeds or viruses have failed.

“Time has passed for a long time. After a long time, it has become a real thing. It has really become a fake. The spirits such as Teacher Zhang Jiashu have been indulged in the paradise created by the earth. They have completely forgotten millions. Before the second round, my true appearance, once swept the glory and dreams of Great Universe.

“But after all, a small number of spirits accepted the gift of the seed, the infection of the virus, and the insight into the paleness and illusion of the world before them, and embarked on the road of finding a true self.

“They – we are constantly fighting in the second round of reincarnation, using battle to further activate the power of seeds and viruses, and also looking for like-minded comrades in the resonance of dreams, including people like Teacher Zhang Jiashu, from the depths of his divine soul Bring back the seeds and viruses that do not belong to him and blend into the depths of our own neural field.

โ€œYou can think of this as a jigsaw puzzle. There are countless spirits in the deep field of cultivation. There are cultivation Li Yao’s divine soul pieces. If we can reassemble one piece, we can make ‘100%’ of Li. Yao Rise From the Ashes, and it will become stronger and stronger than the past…the degree of ‘fitness period’!”

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