FMC Chapter 3248

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3248 Wasteland Dream, Astronomy

Li Yao’s feelings are getting more and more weird, muttering. “The two of us, who will become ‘100% Li Yao’?”

“This question… Don’t worry, you will know the answer after three days.”

The red star smiled and invited again. “How, do you want to go to the reader meeting with Teacher Cow?”

“Still forget it.”

Li Yao sighed for a moment and shook his head. “I have some headaches. I want to rest early and recharge my batteries.”

“Yes, let Li Yao’s classmates go to rest early, and deal with those enthusiastic readers. There is Teacher Cow alone. I am enough!”

Zhang Da Niu is gearing up and can’t wait to say.

Since they all said that the red star did not reluctantly, Li Yao and Zhang Daniu were sent to the outside of the ramp, and then Ms. Mist and Sparta sent them to the conference hall and residence.

In the name of an unnamed desert island deep in the ocean, the underground living room here is not bad. Li Yao locked the door and threw himself into a sponge-like bed, rising and falling before the spring and goose down. indistinct.

I don’t know why, he is a little uneasi.

In fact, today’s meeting with the Red Pole Star is very smooth. He has obtained a lot of precious information. He has a certain understanding of the mystery of the return to prison and even the Great Universe. However, the plan proposed by the Red Star is simple, but there is no choice. In the case of the case, there may not be a chance of success.

It stands to reason that he should not be so upset.


“If the novel “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” is true, then the protagonist ‘cultivation Li Yao’ in the book has encountered a smooth plan?”

Li Yao muttered to himself, “Every time the seemingly smoother plan, the more amazing the transition will be, the seemingly kind and powerful teammates will instantly turn their faces and recognize people, becoming the most horrible behind-the-scenes BOSS. The difficulty of the mission is soared ten times in an instant – hey, according to this law, is it that the red star is the black hand behind this time? Well, it is a bit like, although this guy claims to be ‘Li Yao’s largest block divine soul fragment’ The holder, but his evil spirits look like it is not serious Li Yao!

“And, I seem to be confused and forget something.

“As if, someday not long ago, I have done some things, some very… terrible, bloody, horrible things, what is it, is it fighting with hunters, no, it should be more than that. How can you forget the cruelty?


Li Yao heard the sound of glass marbles falling from the ceiling.

He suddenly turned up from the bed, widened his eyes, and the two nostrils shrank, and the forehead was infiltrated with a layer of fine, cold sweat.

Here is the underground. Above the ceiling above his head, it should be tens of millions of tons of rock and concrete. Where are the glass marbles?

“Is there really a voice, or is my nerve weak?”

Li Yao took a deep breath and went to the bathroom to fill a basin of cold water, buried the whole head deeply, trying to forget everything that could not be explained.

However, when he used it for three minutes, it was easy to cool down his own Brain. When he lifted his head, he was shocked by the things in the mirror.

What appears in the mirror is not his face, not even his head.

It is a silver-white ball.

The silver-white ball grows directly from his neck, replacing the position of the face and head.

The spherical mirror reflects the fascinating light, and the mirror washes back and forth countless times. It clearly has no facial features, but it is intertwined into a strange and sardonic expression, as if there is another crouching in the mirror, deeply laughing at himself. .

Li Yao stepped back two steps, almost slipping under her feet and sitting on the floor with her ass.

He blinked his eyes, looked at himself in the mirror, and even stretched his trembling hands to explore the five senses. The silver-white ball disappeared instantly and he resumed his original appearance.

However, the ambiguous face made him fall into deeper confusion. He was dizzy and stunned, and he really couldn’t figure out what was going on.

There was a sudden ringing of the room outside.

Li Yao was shocked and determined that it was the phone that the Red Star was allotted to them.

This mobile phone can only be used within the Ark Island area. It is not so much a mobile phone, but a high-level video walkie-talkie with powerful functions, stable signal and strong anti-interference ability, even in the underground inside the island. However, only a few people who know this number, Red Star, Ms. Gray, Sparta and of course Zhang Daniu – who will call him at this time?

Li Yao took a look at the phone and it was Zhang Daniu.

After the connection, the speakers suddenly heard deafening music and laughter. On the screen, Zhang Da Niu shined brightly and excitedly, like a big face like epipilepsy.

Looking out from the gap between his face and the edge of the screen, it seems to be a box in a township karaoke room, and the decoration is magnificent.

There seem to be some male and female women and white-flowered arms and thighs. Some people are crying and screaming, and some people are laughing and laughing. It doesn’t look like a reader’s meeting.

Zhang Daniu should have drunk a lot, and he has a lot of redness in his eyes.

“Too enthusiasm, oh, readers are too passionate!”

He said incoherently, “Li, Li Yao, Teacher Cow can’t support it anymore, or you can come, let’s discuss the follow-up development of this “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” and how to revitalize our science fiction career. Serious subject!”

Li Yao frowned, hangs up the phone without saying a word.


He said to himself, “What is the red star? What the hell!”

This question is doomed to be impossible to get an answer today.

Li Yao felt that her head was getting more and more painful. When she lay down, the whole head was “wēng wēng wēng wēng”.

He and the strange voice contend for a long time, until he fell asleep, only to realize what the sound of “wēng wēng wēng wēng”.

It is the scream of countless souls struggling and screaming in the raging flames, or the horn of revenge.

Li Yao had a dream, dreaming that she appeared on an exceptionally clear and authentic earth—perhaps what the Red Star said, the original origin of the Earth, where the billions of cycles began.

It is not a songs of birds and scents of flowers. It is like a paradise of blue sky and white clouds. It is like a purgatory that has been grilled by flames and covered with smoke and radiation. He is surrounded by countless ragged, strangely shaped variants. Converging into a crowd of people, moving together in a certain direction.

He didn’t understand the meaning of this scene, but he vaguely perceives himself as a member of the tide. He is the kind of anger that is betrayed and abandoned, full of despair.

He rolled forward with the ugly and angry ones around him, stretching his hands toward the horizon, making a beast-like roar, and countless gray, creepy, ugly people merging with them, like sweeping everything. The raging Hong Chao.

However, after all, they failed to catch the traitors and the abandoners. Just as they snarled and snarled, there were dozens of gray columns of smoke on the horizon. The smoke column was a blazing flame, and the flame was wrapped in silver. Streamer, like a super-precious immortal, waved his sleeves, and even looked at them without looking at them, they tore the clouds, pierced the sky, disappeared without a trace.

Only leave them with a ridiculous land full of radiation, and a riddled sky.

The sun on the horizon is blocked by the radiation dust caused by the thermonuclear war. The sun is refracted by the dust and becomes brightly-coloured like a waste water. Li Yao’s dream becomes an abstract painting. The earth people in the painting are like A poor and ridiculous ghost, after realizing that they can’t catch up with the traitor and the abandoner anyway, everyone seems to have lost all their strength, sitting down on the waste soil and being overwhelmed, some people whisper Weeping, some people cursed loudly, but more people just demented to watch the sun, looking at the original source of life, it is extremely generous, the sun that treats all living beings equally!

The sun quickly gave them the answer.

Or, they issued a final ruling on them.

Under the shadow of the radiation dust, they can’t see the whole process of the meteorite hitting the sun, but they can clearly perceive that the brightness of the sun is instantly increased to no more, and expands, expands and expands at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The ocean is evaporating, the forest is burning, the earth is cracking, and all the creatures of Birth, which have been in the sun for hundreds of thousands of years, are enveloped in the flames and high temperatures that the creatures can’t bear, and participate in the fierce reaction of the sun, in a second. Inside, thoroughly carbonized, crushed, and annihilated.

Includes all Earth people trapped on waste soil.

However, Li Yao’s dream did not end in the burning fiercely and scattered ashes and dispersed smoke of hundreds of millions of people.

As the body annihilated, he entered a more eccentric and awkward state, as if he had turned himself into a sea of ​​water in the ocean, forming a little hydrogen element of the sun, or something that could not be described by pen and ink. A … cell on a super life.

All of them are just like him. Without the ugly body, they can better understand each other and, with the help of plasma and electromagnetic waves, condense into a more subtle and beautiful structure.

I can’t talk about it or dislike it. Although he is not very suitable for his new state of living, no matter what state, it is better than being betrayed and abandoned by the wasteland. The deformed and ugly living body is much better, 10,000 times, not ?

Life will eventually find its own path.

Fortunately, they have found it.


Li Yao was awakened by the deafening buzz at this moment.

I don’t know if the dream is too weird and fearful, or the buzzing sound is too harsh. His heartbeat is instantly reached the limit, and the bed is retching for a while, still sweating, the whole spine is cold, and the body is full of life. No effort.

However, the constant rush of buzzing was telling him something, something that could never happen.


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