FMC Chapter 3250

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3250 Silver White Eyes, Astronomy
Hōng hōng hōng hōng Boom!

Li Yao saw a white smoke rising in front of Warship, which was hidden in the waves, and the Apocalypse Organisation fired!

Although the other side of the Warship, in addition to the last aircraft carrier formation, almost all of the destroyers and frigates of the 1960s and 1970s, but the power of the cannons can not be underestimated, and the film was shot down. Only a mud pit will be drawn. On the battlefield of the real world, even if the artillery fire of the Second World War is covered, it will still be able to cut every hill on the island.

At that moment, time seemed to solidify, and the air became something thick and dignified. The trajectory of each shell flying in midair was clearly visible.

No, it’s not Li Yao’s illusion, but there is really some mysterious power. An invisible force field is formed on the periphery of the Ark Island, and all the shells that are “squeaky” are delayed and fixed in the air. in!

The most recent shell is no more than fifty meters from the island. Everyone can see it spinning like a gyro, but it is impossible to move forward to Half-Step.

Li Yao sensed dozens of strong magnetic fields behind him. When I looked back, I saw dozens of prisoners standing in the void, hands open, and words in the mouth, and the look was extremely dignified.

Their foreheads are covered with blue veins, blood is spilled in the nostrils and mouth, and even some people’s hair turns white at a speed visible to the naked eye. Obviously, blocking the shells from falling, consumes a lot of physical strength and spirit.


Under the leadership of one of the prisoners, they simultaneously violently screamed and pushed their hands together, pushing the shells scattered all over the sky and returning to Warship along the original trajectory.

Hōng hōng hōng hōng Boom!

After returning to Warship, the shells exploded in midair, and between the darkness of the rainstorm, a cluster of red lotuses bloomed.

The shore-based firepower of Ark Island has also spread from time to time.

It is neither a gun nor a missile, but a bunch of milky white beams, or a squeaky, squeaky metal projectile, screaming and whistling away. As long as it can hit an enemy ship, it is often a front-to-back, deadly fatal wound. Whether the target is a fishing boat, a freighter or a Warship, it will fall apart in a minute and sink into the cold, deep sea.

It is a pity that the waves on the sea are ups and downs. The waves seem to deliberately be against the Ark Foundation, so that they can’t aim at them accurately. Instead, they expose their own fort, and they are greeted with a wave of fire attack.

Although there are many prisoners on the Ark Island, not everyone controls the divine power, and the divine ability of the twisting field, even if it is a deep sense of the seven or eight reincarnation memories, can interfere with the direction of three or five shells. It is the limit. When more shells come one after another, they often vomit blood, pale face, and twisted and twisted to the ground. Even if they can barely interfere with the falling point of the shell, they can’t escape the scope of the Ark Island, let alone The original road returned. In a short while, on the beachhead position of Fangzhou Island, there was a hot fireball after another, and the firepower of the counterattack suddenly became sparse.

“wēng wēng wēng wēng 嗡!”

The sea was filled with a murmur of big-headed flies. Li Yao squatted between the reefs of the hounds, squinting and looking at the countless prisoners who were wearing flying suits and carrying jetpacks. The island is coming.

The war between the awakened people will eventually end in the way of the awakened.

The enemy was found to be approaching, and the prisoners behind him also issued the final roar.

“For Human Race, for freedom!”

“I would rather never be super-born, never sneak and steal!”

“We are not alone. In the battlefield of Great Universe, the magnificent and extremely brilliant ultimate war is also in full swing. Stick to it, bloody battles, victory and hope!”

Many of the prisoners also rely on their super powers, or the Ark Foundation’s weapons beyond Era, to fly in the air to meet the apocalypse of the Apocalypse Organisation!

When the two awakened people meet in short battles and collide in the air, entangled into a mess, the scene is not much better than the rogue fighting in the market, and even more cruel and ugly.

A prisoner who just used a lightsaber to degrade the head of a prisoner was burned to coke by another prisoner, and the second prisoner was second in the next second. The prisoner planted a “microbial bomb” similar to Gu Poison, his face instantly became iron blue, the belly swelled at a speed visible to the naked eye, blasted, and the internal organs were blown up.

The prisoner here has just released some divine power of brainwave resonance, forming a shadowless invisible air Great Array, causing the other party to fall into a state of weakness and stagnation, and several prisoners over there will burn instantly. After doing the blood, sacrificed the life, and turned himself into a living cockroach, but it was a black mist that spewed out a group of swarms from the mouth, broke the Great Array here, and then both sides were exhausted and could not Resist the gravity of the earth, from the height of hundreds of meters to the ground between the waves, completely swallowed by the deep sea.

Even the seemingly uncontested deep-sea Spirit Beast, the whitefish with colorful fins and the brightly-coloured jellyfish, joined the battle under the control of the prisoners, but their combat power did not look good. So beautiful, it was quickly crushed by the other’s steel giant beast, and it turned into a turbid trace in the black sea.

The aircraft carrier formation of the other party is getting closer and closer to Ark Island.

In fact, modern warfare is about over-the-horizon strikes. Even Li Yao can see each other’s aircraft carriers with the naked eye. It has far exceeded the radius of the other side’s air strikes.

However, the weather is about storms, lightning flashes and thunder rolls. Fighters and bombers are really not well dispatched, and those with super powers are hard to solve with warplanes, so the other party is still rushing to advance. It must be crushed all the way to the beach of Ark Island.

“Li Yao !Li Yao !”

He suddenly heard someone calling him behind him, she was a foggy lady!

Ms. Gray’s face became paler than when she encountered the hunter that day. He grabbed Li Yao’s wrist and said, “What are you doing here? The red star wants you to go right away. The situation has changed. He has to start ‘super’ in advance. Brainwave amplification system, he wants you to join him to form the core of the puzzle!”

Li Yao glanced at the super giant type antenna that wraps around the island.

The Apocalypse Organization has also apparently discovered the flaws of these antennas. Many of the artillery fires are precisely aiming at the antennas. Although there are prisoners who are desperately guarded, there are still two antennas, the High Tower, which is hit by the shells and melts in the raging flames. Tilt and turn into a smashed scrap copper.

Also, although it is hasty, but if it is not launched now, there will be no chance.

“I’ll go!”

Li Yao’s eyes flooded with light that he hadn’t found, leaping from the reefs and rushing down the underground command room.

In the underground command room at the moment, it has been a mess.

Because the space folds were smeared, the interior of the island seemed to be severely distorted. The original straight road became a winding labyrinth. Li Yao cats drilled in the dark gap and it was easy to come. To yesterday’s command room full of screens.

Fortunately, the optoelectronic lines and wireless signals are very stable, and most of the screens are still full of various images – the battlefields in all corners of the Ark Island and the surrounding waters, as well as the destruction of natural disasters around the world. , as well as a series of data and reports.

Li Yao took a few glances and found that the situation around the world was quite bad. In just a few days, the natural disasters in various places, including but not limited to earthquakes, storms, floods, hail and volcanic eruptions, were serious. Times, numerous densely populated Human Races have been razed to the ground by magma, and countless economically developed coastal areas have become the water town of Zeguo, a multi-million-dollar city, in an unprecedented super-earthquake, The building blocks of children collapsed instantly

This is… the catastrophe of Civilization, the eternal catastrophe!

Looking at the big towns on the screen, the beautiful villages were collapsed. The beautiful villages were covered with volcanic ash. The factories and farmland were swallowed up by the floods. Li Yao’s heart and fists contracted to the limit.

“I don’t have time.”

The red star image was hit hard, and the voice was ten years old. He was madly operating on the console. He seemed to be preparing for the “super brain wave amplification system” and heard Li Yao coming in. The footsteps, the head does not return, back to Li Yao, “Even if we can only launch 30% function, we have no second choice, you have to help me!”


Li Yao said, “How can I help?”

But my heart is a bit puzzled – Zhang Daniu? It won’t be too hangover, can’t climb now?

This guy, it will be a bad thing!

His eyes glanced back and forth between hundreds of screens, and suddenly his eyes were fixed.

He saw the fleet of Apocalypse Organization on dozens of screens.

At this time, almost all the ships, including the aircraft carrier formation, swayed a huge silver-white balloon, drifting into the air regardless of wind, rain, lightning and artillery.

Each balloon should be more than three or five meters in diameter. It is a weather balloon specially designed for high-altitude detection, or an air-defense ball that intercepts enemy fighters. Therefore, it is very strong. Even if lightning is raging around, it will not stop them from flying higher.

Hundreds of silver-white balloons fluttered and floated between dark clouds and thunder, like hundreds of silver-white eyes, staring at Li Yao through the screen.

Li Yao’s breathing suddenly lags, the heartbeat becomes very weak, and the anger and tightness of the fists are gradually loosened for the destruction of the earth. The ten fingers are twitching unconsciously, but the pupils are slightly enlarged, losing the brilliance just now, deep into the eyes like black holes. In the depths, two silver-white spots of tip size appeared.

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