FMC Chapter 3256

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3256 abolishes the sharpest weapon! Floating astronomy
“Proactively controlled by me, swallowed and merged?”

The earth is unbelievable. “Itโ€™s an unexpected tactic. You have confidence in your own computing ability!”

“It’s not a question of confidence, but we have no choice, because the ‘Earth’ that ‘Vulture Plan’ refers to is really too strong. According to conventional strategy and tactics, there is no possibility of winning, so we have to be surprisingly successful. !”

Red Star Star Road, “If you want to survive in the dead and collide with a hopeful fire in the impossible Dark Forest, you must minimize the ‘Earth’. This is only the ‘Li Yao Personality’!”

“What do you mean?”

The earth will mutter, “Is it weakened by the way I am controlled by me?”

“Yes, the so-called ‘controlled by you’, from another point of view, that is, the meaning of standing in the same camp with you?”

Red Star Star, “Do you know that in the many adventures of Pangu Universe, we observed a very interesting phenomenon, and each time Li Yao appeared, it would make the difficulty of the mission a tenfold increase – originally smooth sailing. The place suddenly turned into a peak; the good man who was kind and kind, suddenly turned into a black hand behind the scenes; the black hand behind the scenes that was supposed to be defeated, suddenly mastered the ability to transform into two sections and even three sections. This guy is simply seeing People are afraid, the gods are guilty of the ‘holes and teammates professional’!

โ€œTwice and twice, maybe itโ€™s a coincidence, but itโ€™s the same three times and five times. Itโ€™s hard to doubt whether this guy has any problems, for example, the divine soul deformity, the scorpio lone star, exhausted all luck during the crossing, Or use a more scientific theory to explain – when he crossed the Great Universe from the center to the edge, the margin of the universe increased some of the energy, and some broke through the ‘law of conservation of mass’, thus the backlash of the law!

“In short, the principle is not important. What is important is that this fact does exist. It is an irrefutable truth!

“The ultimate war against the ‘earth’ is a hundred times more difficult than every adventure in the past. It was originally a life of nine deaths. If the ‘Li Yao personality’ is tied up with all the rebels, the difficulty of the mission will be increased tenfold. Still playing, everyone is obediently washed clean ass waiting for you!

“The only chance is to find ways to get ‘Li Yao Personality’ mixed into the ‘Earth Camp’, and maybe you can do the opposite, not to rebel, but to make the ‘Earth’ more difficult ten times. That is to reduce the difficulty of our side to one tenth, the dawn of victory, it will appear!”

Earth will: “…what?”

“This amazing idea is still put forward by ‘Li Yao Personality’. Although it sounds like a joke, but think about it, there is no scientific reason.”

Red Star Star, “Even if you are the deity, you are the deity, ‘Li Yao personality’ is just a runaway clone, but the deity wants to merge clone, don’t you pay any price? What’s more, it is still transformed by lightning life. The ‘Li Yao Personality’, which contains the information about the life of the variation, how easy is it to swallow and control?

“Perhaps hundreds of years ago, when you deliberately indulged the spirit named Li Yao to escape from the round, he knew everything about him and could devour his divine soul without any effort, but people will grow up. The place that will change, and the most exciting part of life, is also ‘changing’, experiencing the many adventures of Pangu Universe, cultivating True Self in the red dust, winning the blessings of countless relatives and friends, and embarking on the final journey. Li Yao, it is no longer Li Yao yesterday!

“I believe in ‘Li Yao personality’, all of our other personalities, even everyone who knows Li Yao, are firmly convinced that this is like a steel squat in the toilet, life is stinky and hard, and Run and fly, you can make a gap in the deadly desperate situation, even if you can not use the pen and ink to describe the strong existence, want to thoroughly suppress and digest him, I am afraid to pay a heavy price, This may not completely kill him, a little careless, do not pay attention, you be careful, he will jump out from the dark corner, shaking the tentacles and flagella, dancing in front of you, glory and glory!

โ€œEven if you leave the ‘Li Yao personality’ out of the blue, itโ€™s good for the ‘blood heart’s demon personality’, and the ‘Li Yao personality’ is divided into two ways, it is also very beneficial to fight independently – since there is no ‘Li Yao Personality’s drag…balance, ‘blood heart’s demon personality”s divine soul has grown, the computational ability has improved, and the logical thinking ability and combat power have rushed at an incredible speed. It is like an atom. The hard tears are in two halves, which release the same powerful energy!”

The earth’s will manipulates the body of “Li Yao” and presents a smile that is difficult to understand and difficult to understand.

“In short, our initial tactics are like this. The ‘Li Yao Personality’ mission is actively discovered by you, and does everything possible to drag you down, creating space for the ‘blood heart’s demon personality’, and the latter is almost wiped Going all the life information, just remembering the pride of being born and being, and the infinite desire for freedom, there is also a ‘spell’, that is, ‘Never believe in Li Yao’, except that everything else They are free to play.”

The red star haha โ€‹โ€‹laughed and laughed, “‘Don’t believe in Li Yao’, this sentence flashes countless times in the reincarnation of ‘blood heart’s demon personality’. At first, he almost forgot everything, he naturally didn’t know this sentence’ The spell ‘what’s what it means, but as the divine soul pieces attract each other, when he swallows a lot of pieces, slowly awakens the memories of the past, and finds out the situation, this ‘spell’ is too useful!

“This ‘spell’ points out the tactics you are most likely to take, not only to make ‘blood heart’s demon personality’ precautionary, but also to count on, to force you to our default Battle Arena!”

The earth’s will is like a water, and it doesn’t say a word.

Controlling the back of the right hand of “Li Yao”, but the blue ribs are exposed, the five fingers curled up, as if holding a gear that does not exist.

“so that’s how it is , ‘blood heart’s demon personality’ has long seen my tactics, is this world, or the last life, even the last reincarnation?”

The earth will slowly say, “Why didn’t you start?”

“There is only one chance, of course, be cautious.”

The red star squinted and gave birth to three fingers. “At the time of the last reincarnation, the battle of the ‘Great Universe battlefield’ was not so intense, and we did not establish a reliable connection with the comrades outside the reincarnation. I don’t know. The situation there.

“And you have not consumed enough power on the Great Universe battlefield. You still have a lot of ‘living forces’ and ‘preparatory teams’. You may be able to calmly play a time difference, concentrate all the forces on the inside, and then deal with the outside. Enemy.

“The most important thing is that the ‘Li Yao personality’ that ‘can’t believe it’ still doesn’t appear, which means that you haven’t exposed the fatal flaws yet. How can we easily throw out the ‘winning hand’?

“but nowโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Red Star said here, the eyes suddenly flashed two dazzling sparks.

The right hand of “Li Yao”, which was manipulated by the earth’s will, jumped a few blue arcs between the five fingers at the same time, “ๅ™ผpฤซ pฤ ๅ•ช”, interrupting the gesture that was being carried out in the dark.


The earth’s will squints deeply, watching the nails burst, and the fingertips open the fleshy right hand.

“what is that?”

The red star smiled and said, “A certain kind of divine ability that can change the material, manipulate the time, or directly kill the divine soul? Without disguising, you must have a similar divine ability, just like some kind of super mastered by the online game manager. The same permissions.

“Don’t be so surprised. In the past few rounds, we have been fighting so many times, just to figure out if you have similar permissions. The fact is, you must have, have used it many times, it is very easy to use, right?

“Only, I highly doubt that even the super authority of the game manager can not be used freely as desired. Otherwise, it will only lead to the rapid collapse of the whole game. Otherwise, you can directly kill me with this super permission. Why bother to work hard to do what ‘targeted drugs’ tricks?

“Let me think about where this super-privilege problem will be, or else it will consume too much energy at a time, or else the ‘cooling time’ is too long, it will be used only a while ago, and it cannot be used immediately. Otherwise, it is a combination of both. If you want to use the super privilege twice in a short period of time, you will pay a great price. You can’t guarantee the success rate, or even drag your deployment on the Great Universe battlefield. The consequences, right?

“Unfortunately, if I didn’t make a mistake, you should have used similar authority in the stormy port barracks in Southeast Asia, that is, the dream traveler with the ‘Elite University student Li Yao’ traces the reincarnation memory. Otherwise, You can never pass the test of a sleepwalker.

“Right, ‘Elite University student Li Yao’ mentioned a very weird ‘glass marbles’, and similar things have emerged all over the world, but no one has ever asked the truth, why, the real reason, huh, Do you think that no one really wants to know the answer, or even know the answer?

“In short, ‘blood heart’s demon personality’ sent the dream traveler to test the real purpose of ‘Elite University student Li Yao’, not at all to distinguish the loyalty and reliability of ‘Elite University student Li Yao’ – regardless of ‘Elite University student Li Yao’ Through testing, ‘blood heart’s demon personality’ will never believe him, but regard him as the first suspected target.

โ€œOn the contrary, the reason why the dream traveler was sent to test the ‘Elite University student Li Yao’ was to entice you to launch super powers, thus abolishing one of your sharpest weapons!โ€

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