FMC Chapter 3259

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 3259 chapter of the golden horn, blows! Floating astronomy
“Li Yao” is deep in the mind, flooding with waves.

The Earth will try to lock and eliminate the interference of the blood heart’s demon, but its attack is resolved by the blood heart’s demon.

“It’s useless. I believe that launching super-privilege must be very difficult for you now. You have launched it a few days ago in the face of the dream traveler, and you just started the second time, and You are hiding in the same neural field, I can clearly perceive your exhaustion and weakness, and even clearly perceive the shape and structure of every ripple that you release. I know you better than you know me! ”

Blood heart’s demon coldly said, “Your tricks, I have all seen through, I know that you are in the extremely weak ‘cooling time’, this is the real winner!”

Hey! Wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng 嗡!

Accompanied by the sneer of blood heart’s demon, the surrounding of the command room was especially below, and suddenly there was a noise like a bee swarm.

The noise is like the tide, pouring into the command room from the invisible gap, and suddenly drowning the small chamber, and completely shrouded the earth’s will!


Below the command room, in a larger underground warehouse, Zhang Daniu and Meng Luren also have several hundred awakened people who have sat in various positions in the “Invincible Super Brain Wave Amplification System”, wearing a top on all heads. Special metal helmets, helmets filled with display lights, and various spells including but not limited to cultivation Glyph Rune.

Everyone’s metal helmets are connected by a thick data line like a python, which is connected to dozens of large-scale computing devices that transcend Era and have a futuristic color. The scene is solemn and the air is filled with arc surges. The silicon wafer is burning fiercely.

In addition to the dream traveler, all the awakened here are the in-depth readers of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the holder of the “Li Yao divine soul shards”, through reading records, posting bars, chat groups, etc. , was found by blood heart’s demon, and pointed out the truth to them, invited them to the Ark Island.

Although in the process of finding and communicating, many people, like the director of the training director Zhang Jiashu, sneered at the truth, preferring to bury their heads in the gravel, indulging in illusory safety and happiness, but after all, most of them People still can’t stand the life without “truth” and “dream” and plunge into the ultimate war for freedom.

Especially when the end of the day comes, the whole earth is in a deep and hot scene, and their will is more firm.

“Teacher Cow, it’s time to start.”

The dream traveler put his hand on Zhang Da Niu’s shoulder and inspires the other party. “Maybe, the win or loss of this war, the future of this planet and even this universe will be decided by the readers of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. Please You can try your best to let go of the mind, stir up the Brain, and reflect more of the information from the Great Universe battlefield!”

“I, I still don’t know.”

Zhang Daniu swallowed hard and his teeth giggled. “I am a little nervous, and the Brain is empty, there is no inspiration!”

“No, you are not enough to relax, not enough to be able to block the information interaction between the Great Universe battlefield and the Earth Prison.”

Dream traveler softly said, “Let’s relax, relax, try to empty your Brain, don’t think about anything. If you can’t do it, well, think about something that has nothing to do with Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, let’s say you save. The earth, the treatment that you enjoy after becoming a hero, the things that you are most interested in… money and beauty, even for these, you have to work hard to inspire and become a hero, isn’t it?”

“…Yes, when it comes to this money and beauty, oh, my inspiration seems to come. It seems that there are hundreds of small bugs in my head, and it’s so painful, my head hurts. !”

Zhang Da Niu’s expression, half and half painful, his mouth screamed. “In my mind, there seems to be a sudden emergence of colorful soap bubbles. Each soap bubble carries a planet, a story, a Hero or demon, I seem to see a lifelike repair of the universe is a new chapter I have not yet written, Li Yao has experienced countless new, thrilling, wonderful adventures, Empire, Saint League, God Tomb, Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, Super Artificial Intelligence Fuxi, Black Wall Maker, Legendary Emperor’s Secret, Vomit! Vomit! Vomit!”

Zhang Da Niu suddenly trembled violently. The whole person was a little convulsed, and a pair of students couldn’t be loved. They had to spit out the internal organs.

“What happened to you, Teacher Cow?”

The dream traveler was shocked. “The invincible super brain wave amplification system” should have no such side effects. “Teacher Cow, suddenly received the top torrent of information like topple the mountains and overturn the seas. Can Brain not bear it for a while? ”

“No, no.”

Zhang Daniu’s face is pale, his lips are shaking, his eyes are empty. “I just received the message piece of ‘Gold Crystal Tower bottom, Li Yao war Wuying Ji’, oh, this one, I will delete it, or it will be serious. Fighting our morale, as for all the remaining chapters, those smashing soap bubbles, how can I pass them all to everyone, not just the readers, but all the readers, or even the whole spirit?”

“You just have to think hard about it.”

The dream traveler smiled. “A strong imagination produces reality. This is a world where dreams can be turned into reality. Think about it, dream it, fantasy, think about it, even think about it. Use the power of endless imagination to make your mind deep. Those soap bubbles all surfaced!”

Several awakened people were nervously operating on the computing system that surpassed Era. All the metal helmets on the head, including Zhang Da Niu, flashed in an instant, the lights flashed, and the Glyph Rune illuminates, releasing a colorful scene. After the ripples of the ripples and the ripples of all people’s imaginations, they poured into the brains of Zhang Daniu through the indigo and the data lines, and they resonated with the divine soul of Zhang Daniu to create a crystal clear and transparent. The gossamer, through heavy reinforced concrete and rock, through storms and lightning flashes and thunder rolls, through the blue sky and white clouds and the atmosphere, through the three-point five-dimensional and three-dimensional boundaries, through real and illusory barriers, and the Great Universe battlefield On a burning fiercely, like a torch-like Warship, connected together!

Information from the Pangu Universe and even the entire Multiverse Sea, the stories of Vulture Li Yao and his companions, the story of Arsonist in Dark Forest, the people who have struggled and resisted for hundreds of millions of years, full of barbarism, Hot Blooded, and proud The story, along with the “spirit”, poured into the brain of Zhang Daniu, and used each of his brain cells as a mirror, refracting in all directions, and into the divine soul of thousands of awakened people. .


“It turned out to be like this!”

“Empire is like this!”

“The strong enemy of Saint League is actually it, super artificial intelligence ‘Fuxi’!”

“And God Tomb, black wall makers, hundreds of pioneers, Civilization, this is incredible!”

In the resonance of brain waves, the awakened people are immersed in the vast ocean of information flooding, and read the subsequent chapters of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation in a fast-changing and mysterious way.

The “Li Yao divine soul fragments” hidden in the depths of their neural fields are also stimulated by familiar memories, waking up, oscillating, floating out of the sea, in the form of ripples, toward the upper blood heart’s demon and the earth will fight The fighting room rushed.

No, it is far more than these awakened people, there are more spirits, all over the earth, the spirits who are fighting the end.


“huā lā !huā lā !huā lā !”

The steel High Tower, which was originally set up around Ark Island, has broken and melted, but it is only a false target to attract enemy firepower, not a real antenna.

Until then, the reefs around the island were separated, and the real antenna emerged from below the surface of the sea. In the highest fortress in the central part of Ark Island, the top ceiling was opened to the sides, revealing rows of silver. The array of signal towers, like hundreds of silver umbrellas slowly open.

Although earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, various supernatural disasters occur frequently on the surface of the earth, but for satellites orbiting synchronous orbits, they have not been hit too hard.

Blood heart’s demon was originally an Information Lifeform that invaded virtual systems, such as the sacs. It is not too difficult to invade and control several communication satellites while the Earth’s will is in a very weak “cooling time.”

What’s more, the Ark Foundation has considerable financial resources and resources in the open channel, and secretly controlling several large type communication companies is not impossible.

So, when the information from the Great Universe battlefield evoked the resonance of hundreds of awakened people in the depths of Ark Island, such resonances were also transmitted to the entire surface of the Earth through the transmission of array-type signal transmitting antennas and communication satellites. .

The earth itself is a large magnetic field. Every second, there are countless invisible electromagnetic waves whizzing past every other person. In most cases, the average person will not perceive the existence of ripples unless they use radios, televisions, mobile phones, etc. The terminal goes to receive it.

However, in some specific cases, for example, when the frequency of the electromagnetic wave coincides with the “self” hidden in the depths of the divine soul, the invisible corrugation will turn into a golden horn, in the ear of the human ear. Blow the last charge and awaken the “dreams”, “Hot Blooded” and “Hope” lost in the millions of reincarnations.

At this moment, countless heroes have been awakened by the horns all over the world.

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