FMC Chapter 3262

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3262 Super Giant Divine Weapon! Floating astronomy
Although the image is a bit embarrassing, but this screaming roar is still deep enough in the hearts of the people, many of the prisoners have been inspired by Li Yao, the original somewhat lax fist, once again tightened.

However, when they saw the silver-white giant standing in the sky, the belief that had just risen collapsed in an instant.

The giant is like the devil who swallows everything. Before the Ark Island, the Thunder and the waves are its slaves. Around it, the hundreds of ships that floated on the sea – more than 10,000 tons The freighters and tankers, including the Warship in the army, and even a whole fleet of aircraft carriers, were all wrapped up in invisible force fields, and suddenly floated into the air.

On top of the freighter and Warship, countless prisoners and controlled crew members panicked, such as ants in hot pots, running around on the deck.

However, even if they ran to the end of the deck, what they could see was the sea with a drop of hundreds of meters. Some people took the courage to jump and were immediately swallowed up by the violent waves. Some people still slammed the ship’s side and cables. It can only make your own life more prolonged.

A second later, hundreds of giant wheels, millions of tons of calculated steel, artillery shells and fuel, all waved by the silver-white giant, like a meteorite rain to the center of the Ark Island, squatting in Li Yao.

“hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!”

Dozens of Warship’s ammunition depots burst into flames, igniting the rest of Warship’s fuel depot, and millions of tons of steel burning fiercely, as if to turn into hot magma, turning the entire island into a silver-white statue.

“The guy who speaks a lot, you don’t even know the wisdom and power of condensing all the billions of creatures. How terrible the real super!”

The will of the earth – Hong Chao issued a disdainful sneer, “I just defeated 1% of me. It is enough to make you so complacent and dancing. I am just curious about what you can play before you die. Three times and five times to spare you a life, fool.

“This is a round of jail, the Absolute Domain I created. I have all the rules of this small world. I can freely manipulate most of the material and energy here. No one can beat me here, no!”

“is it?”

Under the burning of fiercely’s steel and billions of tons of reinforced concrete, Li Yao’s voice is like a sharp blade. “So, now, is it worth a few percent of your strength?”

Hōng hōng hōng hōng !


Kā kā kā kā !

The burning steel made a very strange sound, and the twisted wreckage was suspended in the air in the haunt of the flame, as if it were a pair, no, it was the ingenious dismantling of countless double invisible big hands, dismantling into countless basic fragments.

Then, including the aircraft carrier, the Aegis Ship and the guided missile destroyer, the fragments of the numerous Warships were put together in an incredible way. When two distinct pieces were brought together, there was often a cluster of magnificent rainbow fires from the seams. The gushing out, when the flame is extinguished, the two pieces are seamlessly blended and integrated.

In a short period of time, with the entire aircraft carrier formation and dozens of tons of giant wheels as raw materials, in the ruin of the destruction of the birth, the mighty steel behemoth, will appear in the earth will – Hong Chao, and all the prisoners and towns In front of the prisoner.

“This, this is –“

The prisoners can’t believe their eyes.

They saw a hundred-meter-high steel Iron God, surrounded by black and red spirit marks and arcs, and jumped with colorful flames to block everything and stand in front of the silver-white giant.

Behind the steel Iron God, it seems to use Warship’s barrel to condense into nine invincible blades, and like nine lightning rods, constantly attracting all the lightning between the heavens and the earth, “charging” for itself, making it The spirit mark on the body, together with the sword on the right hand that was condensed by the entire destroyer, showed a nearly transparent luster.

“Removed the entire aircraft carrier formation and refining it into a huge robot hundreds of meters high?”

The prisoners looked at each other in dismay and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Would you like to be so exaggerated!”

“Oh, the intrusion and analysis just did not completely swallow the ‘1% of the Earth’s will,’ but it is enough for me to understand your structure and the mystery of the reincarnation.”

Li Yao sneered at the core of Iron Iron God. “Now, I have broken through the legendary ‘fitness period’, and I have deepened the mystery of the round of jail, knowing that this is not the three dimensional space of the ordinary and the original earth. It is built in a huge ‘cosmic bubble’, ‘three-point five-dimensional earth’!

“I have partially sold and copied your authority in this ‘three-point five-dimensional earth’, you can freely manipulate the material and energy here, let us compare it and see who has higher authority!

“Everyone, pay attention to safety, ‘Super Giant Divine Weapon? King of the Prison? Commemorating Vulture Li Yao Gorgeous Return to Power Plus’ is coming!”


The entire Ark Island was shocked by Li Yao’s “Super Giant Divine Weapon”, and the prisoners screamed, and Ms. Gray and Sparta couldn’t help but scream, “Do you have to name your weapon?”

It was too late to respond, Li Yao had already driven the “Super Giant Divine Weapon”, slammed the reefs on the outskirts of the island and stepped into the cold waters.

Because the “Giant Divine Weapon” has just been refining, the outer armor that was forcibly pressed with Spiritual Energy is still in a state of extreme heat. The hot metal is in contact with the cold sea water, and the sound of “chī chī” is suddenly heard. Turning into a transpirational white smoke, it adds a bit of awesome power to the “Giant Divine Weapon”. Li Yao sighs with anger, hands up the sword and smashes toward the silver-white giant!


This knife, directly from the Silver Spirit’s Heaven Spirit Shell position, suddenly split it from head to chest.

But the silver-white giant split into two halves did not have any pain or slow response, but instead turned the split body into a new arm, and slammed Li Yao’s sword, but with extra hands to Li. Yao launched a storm and flew Li Yao’s “Super Giant Divine Weapon” out of the box, almost not hitting the Ark Island, splashing and smashing the tsunami about a dozen meters high.


The silver-white giant swings down four arms, and the wound heals instantly, coldly said. “This kind of bad attack is completely ineffective for me.”

“is it?”

Li Yao smiled.

“hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng !”

Within the body of the silver-white giant, a violent explosion suddenly broke out. Because the explosion point was in the body, there was no room for venting the destructive power. It suddenly fried it into a skin, and it was as smooth as a mirror. On the outer shell, it seems that there are countless silver flowers.

However, Li Yao just took the sword down and opened the other body’s body, and sent dozens of shells into the other’s body.

“Even if it’s useless, maybe a hundred knives, a thousand knives, and a 10,000 knives will knock you down. No one can predict the outcome of the battle. This is the most exciting part of the battle. Let’s die, Hong Chao!”

The legs of the “Giant Divine Weapon” re-energized, and countless engines and energy output units that surpassed the ordinary engine made a deafening roar. The violent airflow even blew the water within a few miles, revealing the dryness. The seabed, Li Yao, with the help of recoil, leaped high, the second time the flames of war, the arc of the sword, slanted toward the silver-white giant.

This knife is no longer a component of fraud, but a symbol of his purest will and vitality.

The sword has not yet been smashed, and the blade glow has passed through the silver-white giant, and on the sea behind it, it has traced a wave of tens of kilometers.

The speed is too fast, the power is too strong, and even the knives that the destroyer consolidates can’t support it. At the moment of whistling, it bends to a larger arc, from a straight knife to a scimitar. It adds a bit of speed to chasing the wind.

This knife slams into the will of the earth, but it seems to be able to open the whole earth.

Rao is the embodiment of the Earth’s will, Hong Chao’s projection in the round of jail, has pushed the power to 3% or even 5% of the silver-white giant, facing Li Yao’s earth-shattering knife, is no longer as calm as before, only Can barely dodge backwards, and from the end of the four silver arms, extended four sharp edges to resist.

For a time, one red and one white, two god-like giants, battling into the sea.

The stormy waves are their battlefield, lightning flashes and thunder rolls are their armed, blasts reflect the momentum of their Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, and all the prisoners and prisoners can only be stunned and scalp Bystander – this is no longer a battle they can participate in, even beyond the understandable scope, reaching … the realm of God!

“Too exaggeration?”

Zhang Da Niu and other awakened people have just escaped from the underground chamber that is about to collapse. They will see such a thrilling and magnificent scene, and the eyeballs will fall off. “Is there any mistake, what is this, the gods are still alien This is the power of ‘100%Li Yao’? One person can solve the battle!”

“You are wrong, I am not a god, and the battle is far from being solved by me alone!”

Li Yao is confronted with the silver-white giant, but he is always concerned about the situation on the Ark Island, especially the case of Zhang Daniu and other former “Li Yao divine soul holders”. They saw that they all escaped safely and loosened a little. In one breath, it sent an information ripple to Zhang Daniu. “The specific scientific reason is difficult to explain to you for a while. In short, I found some very interesting rules when I invaded and resolved the mystery of the round.” – Perhaps, the so-called round of jail, is not determined by me, nor by this guy, but by the six billion spirits, is built by you, you decide!

“Yes, the round of return to prison – the earth – the future of the universe is in your hands, the stronger your desire for freedom, the more vulnerable the barriers to the return of the seal to the prison; the more you believe in victory and hope, the power of this guy The weaker you are; the more you believe that we can defeat it, then we can certainly defeat it!”

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