FMC Chapter 3264

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3264 Parallel Universe, Astronomy
Li Yao didn’t expect the speed of the silver-white giant to increase tenfold in an instant. I didn’t expect it to tear the wound into a bloody mouth that hid the sky and covering the earth. It was too late to escape. The whole world was silvery. The huge waves swallowed, and together with the “Super Giant Divine Weapon” fell into the bottomless gap in the silver-white giant.

Li Yao feels like she is constantly falling in the endless Abyss, where she can’t find a little bit of energy around her, and she doesn’t feel the presence of the body and the Super Giant Divine Weapon.

The surroundings gradually changed from a darkness of Primal Chaos to a little bit of light, followed by a fine sand-like Star Glow pouring down like a waterfall, as if he had returned to the vast universe through the body of a silver-white giant.

However, this is not the universe of ordinary ordinary.

The Star Glow here is too dense.

You know, in the “real” universe, the distance between stars is actually very distant. Even the violent light and heat will become dim after passing thousands of Lightyears, so sailing in the Star Ocean, It’s like an ant passing through a sealed, dark box, and occasionally a few pinholes are punctured on the box, and a few faint rays are infiltrated. That’s all.

But the stars here are too dense, too bright and even too glaring, as if all the stars of Ten Thousand World are attracted to the head of Li Yao, or … hundreds of millions of universes, overlapping.

“here is–“

Li Yao’s heart glimpsed and instantly understood, “It’s the interior of ‘Hong Chao’!”

I want to go deep into the enemy’s back and give Hong Chao a “center flowering”. Now people really open up all the restrictive seals, letting them drive straight in, but the scene inside Hong Chao is far beyond his expectations. The information and data hidden behind Star Glow are deeply addictive, but completely unresolvable.

Li Yao can only rely on the waves of Hong Chao to push himself forward, Star Glow is the most dense, as if hundreds of millions of suns exploded at the same time.

For a moment, endless energy poured into his divine soul, making him completely irresistible, and the divine soul would be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

However, after gradually adapting to the indescribable light of the ink, he “sees” or “feels”. On the brilliant sea of ​​fire, there are countless blue planets floating in the sky. The planets all have their own small and fascinating galaxies as “protective hoods”, and the outer surface of each protective cover is also faintly covered with a glimmer of golden light. I don’t know whether it is a kind of protection or a seal.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

As Li Yao’s consciousness extends, the information of these azure planets instantly floods into the depths of his divine soul. He can clearly see the similar terrain of each azure planet, the mountains and the stars. The towns, as well as the mortal beings living in the towns, the smiles of the living bodies that claim to be “the spirit of all things”, the joys and sorrows, the sorrows and sorrows.

Countless Earths, the emotions, wills, and imaginations of countless Human Races—they are the roots of a smart life, transformed into a pure and powerful force that is sucked out and continually sent into a brilliant sea of ​​fire.

This kind of scene, Li Yao feels very familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere.

By the way, it is behind the scenes of Saint League, super artificial intelligence “Fuxi”!

Fuxi has opened countless “Human Nature Laboratory” in the virtual world, which is designed to collect big data and support its ideal country.

Hong Chao’s actions are similar, but they should be said to be more “advanced” because most of Fuxi’s “Human Nature Laboratory” is virtual, while Hong Chao uses real-life planets, or Say it has the ability to create a real earth in a three-dimensional universe to harvest what it needs!

No… The more I observe, the more horrible Li Yao is. The whole thing that Hong Chao presents is already above the range he can understand. It is like a collection of countless “parallel worlds”. It is countless “parallel”. “Earth”, dancing in the sea of ​​infinite glory.

“Is this the truth of the round of jail?

“Every time the end of the time cycle is about to be restarted, the old ‘Earth’ is not completely destroyed, but is fully dataized and informatized, input into the depths of Hong Chao, and transformed into a ‘parallel earth’.

“It seems that after the computer system is running for a while, a large amount of data changes and calculation results are generated, all the data is copied and saved, transferred to another storage space, and then restarted.

“So, how many rounds have happened, how many ‘parallel earths’ have been birthed, Hong Chao not only controls the emotions and imagination of all the spirits on the earth, but also controls countless ‘parallel earth’. On, the power of countless spirits!”

These thoughts, like a series of sparks, burst into the depths of Li Yao’s consciousness.

Although the dark Bewildering Mist was broken, it also caused him to become more confused. If this is the case, Hong Chao’s power is far beyond their imagination, not by them, at least not by his little cleverness.

But Hong Chao did not attack them with the power of countless “parallel earth”.

This horror to the incredible quasi-God Grade exists, what should we do with such a huge force?

“Now, should you believe me?”

Behind Li Yao, there was a faint voice. “This is not an illusion, but a myriad of ‘parallel earth’ that exists. I have such a huge power, I don’t care about the harassment of your little bug, you still have those who resist. Your noise and bite have no meaning at all for me.”

Li Yao was shocked. When he looked back, he saw the balloon-like silver-white ball, which floated behind his head.

The silver-white ball has no facial features and expressions, and the rounded mirror is just coldly reflecting Li Yao’s own funny expression.

“However, your wisdom and courage, or meanness and stupidity, have won me a glimpse… moved.”

The silver-white ball continues to send messages to Li Yao. “Because this silk is ‘moving’, plus the vast energy you have provided me, I can make you die. No, it shouldn’t be said to be ‘dead’. Instead, it should be said that in the distant past, the new student was regained.”

Li Yao doesn’t know what to do. He has been completely lost in countless “parallel earths” and in countless Star Glows that overlap, interfere, split and regenerate.

The silver-white ball and the information link between him instantly swelled up.

If hundreds of millions of Star Glow-like data, such as Hong Chao, come to Li Yao’s divine soul, they can paint an incredible and even unimaginable picture of the universe to Li Yao in the simplest or even the wrong way.

Everything starts with quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is the physical School Credits branch that studies the movement of microscopic particles in the material world. It mainly studies the atomic, molecular, and condensed matter, as well as the structural and qualitative basic theory of atomic nucleus and elementary particle. It breaks through the scope of classical physics and fundamentally It changed the understanding of Human Race on the structure of matter and its interactions.

Different from the classical mechanics that can be verified intuitively, in the category of quantum mechanics, there are many things that are contrary to common sense or even unimaginable. For example, the understanding of quantum mechanics by ordinary people is almost from the “Schrodinger’s cat” The famous thought experiment began.

Li Yao now knows that “Schrodinger’s Cat” is not a ghost of Hong Chao, but a real thought experiment on the “original earth” hundreds of millions of years ago, proposed by the famous Austrian physicist Schrödinger. Trying to explain the problem of the quantum superposition principle at the microscopic scale from a macro scale.

This thought experiment is like this: Suppose there is a live cat in a box with an ideal state, and a small amount of radioactive material. After that, there is a probability that 50% radioactive material will decay and release poison gas to kill the cat, and there is 50%. The probability of radioactive material will not decay and the cat will survive.

According to classical physics, one of these two results will occur in the box, and the external observer can only know the result if he opens the box.

In the quantum world, when the box is closed, the entire system maintains the wave state of uncertainty, that is, the superposition of the cat.

Whether a cat is dead or alive must be determined after the box is opened and the external observer observes the substance in the form of particles.

This famous ideological experiment aims to demonstrate that quantum mechanics has a common understanding and understanding of the microscopic particle world, which makes microscopic uncertainty into macroscopic uncertainty. Cats live and die in violation of logical thinking.

Schrödinger’s cat itself is a hypothetical concept. Even Schrödinger’s own experiment throws this experiment with a bit of sarcasm. However, with the development of technology, people have realized “Schrödinger’s cat” in photons, atoms and molecules. State, even found that Schrödinger’s cat state is a quantum superposition state, which itself is universal in life.

This made the Human Race a solid, unique, and determined world that was greatly shaken.

Even the concept of “parallel universe” has been derived from this.

The reason is very simple – because all the microscopic particles are “inaccurate”, in the non-life, non-left and right, non-involved quantum superposition state, and all matter on the macro including the whole universe They are all composed of countless microscopic particles. Then, in theory, the macro universe should also be “inaccurate” and in a superposition of “everything is possible”, if we do not perceive this “superposition” and ” Uncertainty can only be because there are countless parallel universes that are roughly similar but have subtle differences. We only live in one of them. “I don’t know the true face of the mountain, but I am in this mountain.” That’s all.

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