FMC Chapter 3273

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Skinning Mouse 02 Snake, Astronomy
The fleshy market, which was originally hot, was frozen.

The customers who were still coveted, the throat was like a block of wet hair, and they couldnโ€™t make a sound.

The boy barely looked over his face and saw a very “wet” man.

Ignoring the sarcoma on the forehead like a cobra, this man is actually decent, but his sweat glands seem to be affected by radiation, and the yellow sweat is flowing all the time. Under the faint sunlight, it is like a layer of yellow. Brown scales.

“Snake, Snake…”

Just now, I was still awkward and controlled the overall butcher. At this moment, the six gods have no idea and stuttered. “I, I don’t know if you are going to sell. This sheep is brought by the fourth brother. He said, say…”

“Yeah, Serpent.”

The boy saw the strong man who had just tied his five flowers and nodded in front of the “Snake Lord”. He laughed and said, “This kid has been in the gambling squad for three consecutive days. Today he was arrested. According to the rules, To compensate for the loss, touch his pocket, half of the bullets are not, the chips are stolen, and this is worth the money, so…”

Oh .

The snake smirked, like Mu Chunfeng, “Why don’t you tell me?”

The face of “Four Brothers” suddenly became whiter than the butcher, and both legs trembled, and the voice became more and more distorted. “I, this, you, your old man is not busy with the man trade these days. I think, small thoughts, this little thing, don’t bother –“


The snake put a thin, long finger on the thin lips and sighed at the “four brothers” and smiled. “The fourth, the snake does not like what?”


“The Four Brothers” was so swallowing that he screamed, “The Snake Lord doesn’t like to hear excuses.”


The snake no longer looks at him, narrows his eyes, half of his cold eyes are directed at the butcher, and the other half is given to all customers, lightly said, “Say again, this sheep, don’t sell, is there a problem?”


Everyone in Tombstone Town knows that the big boss of the “Sky Wolf gambling house” does not like two things at all.

An excuse.

And the problem.

“Snake Lord, you, the old man brought the sheep back, I really don’t know!”

The butcher cried and said, “I will send you another 50 pounds of double-headed beef. You don’t have too much old. Recently, the acid rain is too strong, and the meat is not good…”

“No, I don’t know if you are not guilty. It doesn’t blame you.”

The snake smiled and caught the boy’s ankle with one hand and picked him up. It was like a lamb just born. “Today’s business is that people in my gambling are not doing things well, delaying you. Half-day business, take fifty chips in the gambling house in the evening, the snakes will send you.”

“Thank you, Grandpa, thank you, Grandpa, thank you, Snake!”

Hearing the word “chip”, the butcher’s eyes were beaming, his face was shaking, and he also drooled like the customers.

“Don’t thank me, thank you for your ‘fairness’.”

Zombie said, “All people on the tombstone town and the bloody wilderness know that the snake Lord likes justice.”

After saying this, the snake is carrying the boy and walking out.

The crowds, such as the tide of splitting, have given way to them. Although many people have a “squeaky” voice in their throats, they watched the boy’s eyes almost bursting with bleeding, but no one dared to say half a “no”.

However, exceptions are always there.

“Hey, itโ€™s rare to have such a good sheep. After waiting for a long time, the meat will not be cut. You will not do it in the town of Tombstone.”


A strong man wearing a three-level armor and a tattoo on his face stopped in front of the snake and put a thick rucksack on the ground. The heavy ones were scrapped spring steel and freshly knives.

Spring steel is a good raw material for the manufacture of war knives, especially the spring steel of heavy-type trucks, and the knives made by Doomsday Technology, which has made rapid progress after the nuclear war, can really break most of the armor.

Therefore, this thing, like bullets, is a hard currency on the wasteland.

“Money, what Lao Tzu has!”

The tattooed brawny stared at the boy’s hand and licked his lips. “Life is a snake, I only need one hand!”

The snake looks at the brawny.

The brave man looked at the snakes inferiorly, and the two companions behind him were tightly packed with spring steel rucksacks, holding the sharp knife and pistol at the waist.

“You are the steel merchants of ‘Steel City’.”

The snake smirked, “‘Waste Iron Gang’, isn’t it?”


The tattooed brawny is proud of the ocean. “The material of our scrap iron gang can create the fastest knife on the bloody wilderness!”

Oh .

The snake nodded, “I want to eat?”

“Want to eat!”

Tattoos and strong men are hard-lined. “We have money. We have been eating sand for half a month on the wilderness. We must eat one hand today!”


The snake does not return. “The fourth child, give me the dagger, let the friends from the steel flower city come to know the hospitality of the tombstone town.”

“Yes, Serpent.”

“The Four Brothers” did not understand what the Serpents wanted to do, but the guilty conscience and fear still made him react quickly, and his hands touched a delicate dagger wrapped in calfskin.

In the scene that happened next, no one saw it, and no one thought of it.

โ€œๅ™Œ!shuฤ! Chi! โ€

After three sounds of lighter than the wind, the scabbard scabbard was empty, and the left hand of the “four brothers” flew high into the air, and was sharply sharpened by a sharp knife. Tie a pair of wear, and this fast knife is firmly copied in the hands of the snake.

Everyone’s face has become extraordinarily ugly.

The tattooed strong man looked at his empty scabbard scabbard at his waist, and his face was as dead.

Scrap iron can also help the knife, can beat the fastest knife on the bloody wilderness, and naturally can also send this knife to the fastest speed.

But his knife went to the snake, and he didn’t see what was going on.

The “four brothers” are even more stunned and look at their left wrists with their wrists broken. Under the rain, half a word can’t be called, and they dare not call.

The snake lord wants to slap his hand, then he is guilty of even spurting blood.


The snake master slowly, slowly, and slowly handed over the other’s knife, together with the left hand of the “four brothers”, “the hand you want.”

The lips of the tattooed strong man moved, like the “four brothers”, the sweat on his forehead, and the boy who was still being lifted by the snake, did not speak.

“I know, you suspect that the meat of this hand is too old, I want to eat the hand of this sheep, but I tell you that the owner of this hand was the best place to watch the gambling gambling, his hand is used every day. Soaking, and activities many times, each piece is live meat, not old, but also chewy enough to ensure delicious.”

When the snake god looked at the tattooed and strong man, he almost had to smash the tip of the knife into the nose of the other party. “Just, the snake is doing things, absolutely fair.”


The tattooed strong man looked at the sharp knife tip and stunned. “Xie Zheye, then, then we need this hand, how much, how much?”

“Fifty spring steel.”

Snake Road.


The tattooed strong man has widened his eyes. “Snake Lord, we can’t afford it. You know that in the bloody wilderness, how many knives can be played by 50 spring steels, how many hands can you lick, and then bargain!” โ€

“Yes, one hundred spring steel.”

Snake Road.

“This this!”

The tattooed and strong man is shaking, “Snake Lord, we scrap iron help –“

“Two hundred spring steels.”

The snake smiled. “This is my last bid, but it is not a hand. It is seven, seven hands, two hundred spring steels. The price is very reasonable.”

While the snake was laughing, he looked at the tattooed and strong man and the hands of two companions.

Three scrap iron gangs, two hands per person, add up to six.

The scrap iron helps six hands, plus the “four brothers” one hand, is it just seven hands?

The tattooed strong man understood.

Look at the serpent, look at the knife on the snake’s hand and the hand on the knife, and then look at the countless pairs of eyes that are not well-intentioned. He bites his teeth, screaming, and swearing: “…good, deal, But there are only fifty here, and the rest of the inventory is in the man’s warehouse.”

“It doesn’t matter, the snake god believes in you.”

Zombie said, “People who like to eat are very tasteful. People with good tastes will not be too bad. Everyone is a good friend. Tombstone Town welcomes distinguished guests. If you have time at night, you may also go to Sky Wolf. One hundred chips per person, the snakes are offered free of charge. If you are lucky, you may win back two hundred spring steels overnight.”

The eyes of the three scrap iron gangs, like the butcher, lit up.

โ€œReassured, no one dares to play tricks at the Sky Wolf gambling.โ€

The snake trembled the boy in his hand, “unless he wants to become the flesh on the chopping board.”


The tattooed strong man has some regrets. “The fairness of the snake is also well known in Ganghua City.”

The snake smiled and kicked the spring steel on the ground. He said: “Butcher, come over, call the steel here, how many, change the meat, and divide it to someone at the place. It is a snake to compensate everyone for the loss. After eating the meat, I came to the gambling house to sit, one person and ten chips, all recorded in the Snakes account!”

Inside and outside the meat market, I was cheering and cheering.


The boy was lifted by the snake and left the meat market all the way.

The whole world turned upside down, and the lead cloud and purple day seemed to become a swaying sea, while the stinking and sticky land became a black pressed sky.

They passed the “Old John Cars” that were carrying armor and smashing on the off-road vehicle. After passing a strong bloody smell, they were carrying out a black boxing tent. After a full day of deafening noise, the man helped. The knife shop, after a stinking smoke, dozens of cauldrons do not know what kind of grease ointment witch medicine workshop.

People who are full of abscesses, people with sarcomas, people with scales and claws, people in blood coats, people wearing armor and swaying with shotguns, the heads of the people who are asking God to go up, the group dances, If you are sneaky.

In the end, the boy was caught back to the starting point of the meat market, the Sky Wolf gambling.

The boy was originally a little scared, and he was so upset that he couldnโ€™t think.

When he recovered a little, he found that he had been taken to the deepest part of the gambling room in a room he had never seen before.

“kฤ chฤ.”

The snakes locked the door, only two of them in the room, and the only ventilation window was welded by the iron fence.

There is also a cabinet, a TV, and a bed.

This bed is big and comfortable.

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