FMC Chapter 3275

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Brother cried, “Run, run!”

Bai Xiaolu rushed toward the window, but the ankle was still smothered by the snake. The big boss of the Sky Wolf gambling room was not dead. The blushing red eyes stared at the boy, and the mouth was flowing with bloody mouth and deep throat. Finally, the voice of “hē hē hē hē” was issued, and I don’t know if it was a laugh.


Bai Xiaolu fears to the extreme, his face flashed a sigh of anger, I don’t know where to give birth to timidity, even bent over to take down the snake’s pistol, stuffed into the snake’s mouth, and pulled the trigger.

The boy shot all the bullets in the magazine in one breath, and his fingers were still twitching.

“Enough, deer, enough!”

Brother cried, “He is dead, run!”

The snake master finally let go, his head with sarcoma disappeared completely in the burning smoke.

“Snake Lord! Fuck! Snake Lord!”

The door knocked louder and the door frame slammed.

Bai Xiaolu smashed the snake’s coat and put it on his body, covering his brother’s eyes, and then he slammed into the window and shook the fence hard, naturally unable to open and twist.

“I come!”

Brother is quiet.

“No, you have been launched twice in a row, and then use ‘ability’, you will die!”

Bai Xiaolu cried and screamed.

“I always want to die, let’s open, deer.”

My brother said.

Then there is the third “launch”.

This time, even Bai Xiaolu’s nerve endings clearly perceive the extreme pain of his brother.

Then I really want to dig my brother’s Brain from his chest and abdomen and send it to the oil pan to fry.

But my brother resisted the pain, using “ability” one inch and one inch, twisting and tearing off two iron bars and pulling out a small hole.

When Bai Xiaolu squeezed out, the door was knocked open.

The Sky Wolf gambling scene is a strong man with a tiger-backed waist. No one can drill out of such a small hole like Bai Xiaolu.

“Snake Lord!”


“Don’t let the kid run!”

“砰!砰!pēng pēng pēng pēng !”

Bai Xiaolu rolled into the poor street behind the Sky Wolf gambling house, smashed his nose and swollen face, and the bones in his body were dull, but he didn’t stop for a while and ran away.

The bullet whizzed past him, even on his shoulders and cheeks to wipe out a trace of severe pain.

He even climbed and climbed the road, but after all, he was weak, and he had just been pumped three times by the snake. His brother started three times and consumed too much physical energy and spirit. He gradually felt that his legs were like lead and his chest was like The burning bellows is gradually blurred.

“Little bastard is there!”

“Don’t run!”

“Catch him, look at it, catch him, Sky Wolf gambling is rewarding!”

“Five hundred chips, no, one thousand, grab this kid and give a thousand chips!”

There was a roar behind.

The people who were watching the bustle in front of them suddenly turned into a beastly beast and a hungry Zombie.

Bai Xiaolu panicked, and ran more and more chaotic, knocked over the medicine pot of the witch doctor, smashed the waste groceries on the roadside, smashed the cowhide and clam shells that were drying, and went around, nowhere, and turned back. Near the meat market.


A dizzy shock bomb exploded in the vicinity of his temple. He suddenly hammered his head like a hammer and couldn’t support it anymore. His feet were soft and flew out.

Then, he hit an iron tower, bounced back, and was trampled under the foot of the tower.

His face can clearly feel the curved pattern under the big scalp boots.

But even if the leather boots with steel plates were added, they could not withstand the strong foot odor of the tower and infiltrated into his nostrils.

This person who stepped on him is so stinky!

Bai Xiaolu heard a sigh of relief, as if the “Snake Lord” appeared not long ago, no, ten times more terrible than that.

Then there was a burst of “哒哒哒哒哒”, a fine and dense voice, and if the melted metal was poured into the rain, it fell from the sky.

Some people screamed, and some people even screamed when they were too late to be torn into pieces. More people even had the courage and strength of screaming.

Bai Xiaolu’s eyes widened and saw an incredible scene – twenty or thirty Sky Wolf gambling houses that were chasing him, were caught in the bullet storm, and they only wore the ordinary bulletproof vests in the intensive storm. There was no resistance at all under the ravages, and the moment was broken and shattered, and like more people who chased him for the reward of a thousand chips, mixed into a muddy blood.

“Who is this vicious?”

Bai Xiaolu was dumbfounded, “a big crowd, so slaughtered!”

The intensive gunshots lasted for ten seconds and then gradually stopped. At least hundreds of people died under the bullet storm. The world’s life was like a mustard, but such “harvesting” was rare in the tombstone town.

“Golden tooth boss is talking -“

Bai Xiaolu heard a voice dissatisfied. “Who told you to run like this?”

Killing first, then questioning, listening to the meaning of the complaint, it seems that the residual limbs and corpses lying on the ground are wrong.

“Golden tooth boss!”

This name provoked the stormy waves of Bai Xiaolu’s heart.

There are many Gang Lords, presidents and bosses on the bloody wilderness.

But there is only one boss in the boss, that is, “Citigroup helper” “Golden tooth boss Barrett”!

Sky Wolf gambling, man gang, scrap iron gang, and even the “Tombstone Town” or “Iron City” forces, compared with the “Giti gang” of the Golden Teeth Barrett, like a double-headed cow and three Compared with the head-changing monitor lizard – there is no comparison at all. The latter sneezes and can shoot the former into a riddled hole, as if it were in front of him.

In the troubled times, there is a gun that is the head of the grass. It is said that the Citigroup has occupied a well-equipped military base, not to mention the general light and heavy firearms, even the heavy-type armored vehicles and helicopter gunships. The yellow bullets are full of pits. Naturally became the hegemon of the bloody wilderness.

Maybe it was a little kick, the big scalp boots on the face moved a little, moved to the boy’s chest, Bai Xiaolu finally turned his head, and saw the airy land in the center of the meat market, parked a powerful armored car, on the wheel It was also stained with blood spots, and it was just a few unlucky ones when it just came in.

The bullet storm just came out from the armored car. The muzzle was sprayed with white smoke and mixed with dust, like a blurred blood fog.

Next to the armored car, there are two rows of sturdy, murderous aura.

Clear one-color stab-resistant boots, knee pads and wristbands, color-changing camouflage suits, three-level armor and bulletproof vests, smart helmets, tactical goggles and wrist-type microcomputer combat systems, with the famous “Citi” logo on the chest and arms. It’s a bit more than a gang of tombstones. At first glance, it’s really like a regular army from the bottom of the earth.

The only difference from the regular army is that they do not wear the “alliance” or “contract” logo on their helmets, but they use the oily pen to draw four capital letters in English:


This is their trench and their vows, so the Citi gang is also called “MAGA gang” or “Ma 珈 gang”. When the “MAGA” sounds on the bloody wilderness, the most sorrowful sorrow, Inevitably, you have to tremble.

“What does Citi do to help the tombstone town?”

Bai Xiaolu thought dizzy, “They have military bases, they are very rich, and there is no need to rob the tombstone towns such a barren place.”

“Boss, the mosquitoes are all killed, and the people in the tombstone town are also called, and they are waiting for you to order!”

Bai Xiaolu saw that the person who had just spoke, nodded to the iron tower on his own, and took a megaphone with both hands.

Is the person who accidentally bumped into it, the “Overlord” and “Death God” on the bloody wilderness, the golden tooth Barrett?

Bai Xiaolu feels that he is dead.

But I was not willing to be so confused, I don’t know where to have the courage to look up.

Through the faint sunshine like a stream, Bai Xiaolu first saw a pair of cold golden teeth, then a sturdy scorpion, and above it was a pitted, incomplete face, all the broken places. Filled with aluminum alloy material or even rivets, both eyeballs are replaced by red heat-sensing artificial eyes. On both sides of the temple, there are even two very exaggerated metal horns, which are full of unreasonable explosive forces.

Between the two horns, above the aluminum alloy skull, a small red-brimmed hat is buckled. The hat is embroidered with gold letters in the middle of the hat, which is naturally “MAGA”!

“It turned out that he is the ‘Golden tooth boss Barrett.'”

Bai Xiaolu thought, “Smelly, he is really stinking!”

The boss of Golden Tooth sensed Bai Xiaolu’s gaze and looked down at him. The two eyes continued to make a “squeaky” sound, but did not mean to remove the boots, like Bai Xiaolu as a very comfortable foot. stone.

“The underground people took everything we have!”

The King of the Golden Teeth took over the megaphone and shouted at the entire tombstone town. “The underground people launched a nuclear war, taking away blue sky and white clouds, forests and wilderness, bustling cities and quiet countryside, fresh air and clean water. , took away all the good days of the past!

“They took everything from us, hiding in a comfortable, luxurious, clean underground city, hiding in a paradise-like sanctuary, where everything is there, fresh air and clean water, delicious steak. And cakes, banquets! Dances! There are women! Beautiful women, clean women, normal women, women with two mouths! Smells like a woman with a double head of cow dung! !

“What about us? Brothers on the bloody wilderness, you tell me, what do we have? Do we have fresh oxygen, do we have clean water, do we have cakes, have steaks, have wine and dance? Is there a woman like a woman? Is there a basic dignity as a person? Tell me!

“No, no! No! We have nothing to fuck! In the eyes of the underground people, we are not even human beings, just some strange-shaped, extinct, nausea-like animals. Zombies, beasts, garbage, are ‘devil’, even nothing, is a ‘zero’, is a nasty natural phenomenon, a mouse and a donkey that cannot be extinct but must be extinct!

“This kind of life, are you still not fed up, want to spend a lifetime of stone, endure a woman who radiates like a dead pig, and then slowly rotten with her?

“If you are no longer willing to live like this, don’t say that the Golden Teeth boss will not give you the opportunity. Now there is a golden opportunity. There is an undefended underground city waiting for us, wine, food, clean air, Water and women, and even the medical cabins that treat radiation sickness, are waiting for us there. Tell me, do you have the courage to go with the Golden Teeth boss to take back the things that belong to us?”


Oops, I said that I have a chapter every day, and I have time to conceive a new book.

But why didn’t there be the interference of Old Demon Li, and didn’t use the chicken blood to write those paragraphs that were very just Hot Blooded? It was so addictive, so energetic, so smooth? This is not, the hand slips, the three chapters come out!

I am distressed, what should I do?

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