FMC Chapter 3278

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It is said that a philosopher said a word more than a hundred years ago.

“I don’t know what weapons will be used in the Third World War, but I know that the Fourth World War must have started in the collision of stone axes and wooden sticks.”

This sentence is used on today’s battlefield.

Hundreds of thousands of temporary disorganized mobs, in addition to the usual hunting and killing, did not receive the formal large group army assault training, the only tactics that can be used are the sea tactics, the ants attached to the siege.

The only one who can tell the disorganized mob is the only one who can pull the disorganized mob, and the infantry will be stretched a little longer. The infantry will be dispersed and some will not be crowded together, like a stupid marching ant. During the Second World War, this tactic of assault was proved to be the most efficient suicide.

Therefore, they stretched the front line to the limit and almost rushed to the “New Jinshan” from all directions.

Although most of the slaves and recruits who have been entrapped have no experience, fortunately they are not completely on foot. Many people are riding civilian vehicles with steel plates and riding strangely shaped motorcycles. A “motorized” unit.

Despite the advanced doomsday weapons, even the addition of seven Eighth Level steel plates will not help, but such “tight” protection will at least provide the Devils with an illusory sense of security, making them charge faster, more determined, and even fanatical. .

For a time, the depths of the wilderness were filled with the Human Race, which was more barbaric than the beast. Tens of thousands of civilian vehicles rolled up the dust, and there was a bloody jungle on the Gobi Desert.

Bai Xiaolu once got some things called “DVD” from the hands of traders. I have seen a lot of movies depicting pre-war life, and of course the ancient war scenes more than one hundred years ago.

He originally thought that the real war was filled with smoke, and all the guns were screaming, everything was burning fiercely, huge and earth-shattering.

However, the “New Jinshan” in front of him was dead and heavy. The first wave of slaves and recruits of the attacking party rushed to the entrance of the bombardment bombardment. The ground still did not respond, as if it were a ghostly empty city.

Until a large number of slaves and recruits rushed down the slope into the ground, a lot of “wēng wēng” screaming from the ground.

That is a drone.

On the wasteland, drones are synonymous with Death God, and once they are eyeing, no one can escape.

Sure enough, a drone drove and landed lightly, falling to the most intensive part of the attacker, and then bursting open, exploding a series of arcs of claws and claws, covering a hundred meters.

The frantic momentum of the offensive side is like a whip pulled by the icy cold whip.

Everyone was in the gloom of the faint blue electric entanglement, and fell straight.

They still didn’t make a little noise.

I can’t even see half of the smoke and blood.

It is like an absurd, incredible dream.

But the lives of countless people have been so quietly and relentlessly harvested.

Such a scene should make the attackers feel scared, but most of the attackers swallowed the pills and burned the nerves in Brain that were responsible for “fear”, still holding the arc, rushing forward, and then constantly in the blue Die in the light.

Bai Xiaolu clenched his fist and sneaked aside, standing at the golden tooth boss on the armored car.

He found that the golden tooth boss looked as usual, and even yawned, a look of indifference.

Bai Xiaolu understands.

The recruits on the offensive side are the same as the drones on the defensive side.

If you are not lucky, you can follow the golden tooth boss, these fallen bodies should also find him.

Just half an hour.

Tens of thousands of slaves and recruits are almost exhausted.

Even if some people can rush into the hole, but the defensive side is obviously waiting for work, it is estimated that these disorganized mobs have been torn into pieces.

And they have never seen half of the ghosts of the defensive side.

How do you fight this?

Just as he was restless, Bai Xiaolu suddenly heard a burst of screaming, sharper, faster and harsher than the train gun.

When I looked up, I saw hundreds of white lines passing over the sky, tearing the gray clouds of lead gray, and drawing a sharp arc, like a long eye, stalking through the hole above the “New Jinshan.”

Hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!

There was a thunderous roar in the bottom of the earth. The ground above the entire “New Jinshan” was clearly convex. The infinite flames sprang hundreds of meters from the hole, with a large number of charred bodies and twisted wrecks.

Through the military boots, Bai Xiaolu felt that his feet were warming up, the earth seemed to be burning, and the ground had turned into a sea of ​​fire.

“Accurate guided missiles, so that’s how it is.”

My brother calmly analyzed, “It turns out that the tens of thousands of lives on the bloody wilderness are just the ‘fire reconnaissance’ of the Golden Teeth boss and the ‘contract’. The purpose is to find out the defense of the ‘New Jinshan’ underground, and to lock those who do not break the fire, The fire point of rising temperature, and finally rely on the precision guided missile of the rear ‘contract’ launch base, hammering the sound and solving the problem!

“Ready, Deer, you have to charge.”

Sure enough, when the white line appeared in the sky, the expression of the golden tooth boss changed.

He stared straight at the white lines, his face twitching, and secretly swearing, even though he was very afraid and disgusted with the terrible of these “accurate guided missiles.”

But after all, he was not entangled for too long, licking his lips, taking out a thick sip, and personally inserting a blood-stained flag into an armored vehicle.

Thirteen red and white wide strips, fifty white small stars embed in the blue long square in the upper left corner, it is said that this citi has once represented the most overbearing power on the planet, where the sun shines, all fluttering The glory of Citi – but what is the use of it? The war destroyed everything, including the Citi, which waged war. Now, the glory of the past is only occasionally shining between the minions of the wolves and the hyenas in the wilderness.

“chī chī , chī chī chī chī .”

Bai Xiaolu heard that there was a sudden noise in the armored car of the Golden Teeth, as if something had opened the horn, followed by melodious music.

He had thought that it must be an impassioned war song. It was a very strange and very nice thing, but it didn’t seem to be suitable for the country songs of the battlefield.

“In the heavenly West Virginia

There are Blue Ridge Mountains, Chardonnay River

It’s a distant life, older than trees.

Younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze

The country road, take me home, where is my destination

West Virginia, Dashan Mom

Take the country road, take me home! ”

In the beautiful, warm and even “rustic” music, all the Citigroup gangs are armed and armed.

The Golden Teeth boss has three or five rounds of chains on the chest, dozens of grenade hanging around his waist, and a hand-held Fire God Cannon – God, is he really Human Race?


In the voice of the song, the grandmother of the Golden Tooth is exhausted and blood is drawn.


All Citigroup gangsters are crazy, like a madman.

The real charge started!

Bai Xiaolu has some regrets about his choice.

He found that the golden tooth boss is simply a Madman.

When the slaves and recruits who had temporarily seized the number of charges were charged, the golden tooth boss stayed in the last place, like a ruthless conspiracy, and naturally saved the safety of Bai Xiaolu.

But now, when it is the turn of Citi to help others charge, the gang of the gang, “the boss of the boss”, is rushing to the front, not even sitting in the armored car, but sitting across the armored car. On the rapid-fire cannon, holding the blood-stained Citigroup, screaming “War of the Country, take me home”, “War of the War”, while laughing, while making a “噫-ha–” blame, as if It’s a cowboy who doesn’t fear death. He doesn’t care if the ground can fly a new drone and blast a lightning flashes and thunder rolls.

Even Bai Xiaolu had to sit in an armored vehicle closest to him, shaking his head and shaking his head, lest his own life be inadvertently reimbursed with the Golden Teeth boss.

But they finally rushed into the ground, and did not encounter any obstacles along the way – just the precision-guided missile bombing, indeed the defensive firepower points deployed outside the “New Jinshan” were crushed into powder, once entering the urban chaos In the street fighting, the power of the elite people of the underground people will be weakened to the lowest, and the advantage of the number of the devils will be played to the end.

While sing a song, they poured bullets, crushed the burnt bodies, and rushed along the rugged slopes, and quickly rushed into the “New Jinshan” from dozens of different slopes.

Presented in the exquisite and bustling underground city, all the demons can’t believe their eyes.

Bai Xiaolu hasn’t seen the scenery outside, but the awake air that has been blown from the face slammed his head and slammed his eyes into Venus.

“There is still such a good air in the world.”

Bai Xiaolu has tears in his eyes. “There is no smell, no rust, no sourness and radiant sweetness, that is, air, the purest air!”

He is a little drunk.

The same is true of the soldiers around.

Some people even cried out, “Hey,” and couldn’t help it.

The city ahead is even more dazzling and furious.

All the demons have imagined the underground city innumerable times – decorating this “paradise” with the most colorful and extravagant scenes that one can think of.

But the real underground cities are even more colorful and extravagant than they can think of.

Not to mention the scales, the automatic lighting, the futuristic high-rise buildings.

Not to mention everywhere, planting artificial gardens throughout the city.

It is said that in the pipelines that are criss-crossed at the top of the head, from time to time, a piece of misty water mist is sprayed out, which wastes the water of the Mozu people on the countless wasteland, just to bring a slight insignificance to the underground people.

So extravagant and extravagant!

So absurd!

So inhumane, sinful things, they all can do it!

“Do you see it? These underground people would rather waste their precious water, and they are not willing to give us a living path!”

The grandmother of the Golden Tooth roared, “Let’s go, use our bullets and butcher’s knife to recapture what belongs to us!”

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