FMC Chapter 3279

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, skinning mice 08 magnetic storm, floating astronomy
Bai Xiaolu feels that his blood is burning.

His vision has become extremely small, small like a pinhole, looking out through the eye of a needle, heaven, hell, a demon disguised as an angel and a revenge angel smeared into a demon.

Even at the beginning, he was coerced and smothered by the Golden Teeth boss, and he was reluctant to die in vain. But now, seeing the underground city is such a scene, and being shocked by the roar of the Golden Tooth, he forgot everything. Just thinking –


Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!

Bai Xiaolu and all the surrounding soldiers, gangsters, jackals, hyenas, rats, baboons, and demons, issued a hysterical roar, accompanied by the song of “Country Road, take me home”, full of bloody killing intent .

Suddenly, a cone of ice, pierced into the shoulder of Bai Xiaolu’s spine, made him a spirit, completely awake.

“Calm, don’t be fooled.”

Brother said, “It seems that the legend is true.”

Bai Xiaolu stunned: “What legend?”

“With regard to the legend of the Golden Teeth boss, why did he become the first hegemon of the bloody wilderness, not only his luck, but also the difficulty of grabbing a military base, and because he is a ‘powerful person’.”

My brother said, “In legend, the ability of the Golden Teeth boss is called the ‘corporate’. It can greatly strengthen its brainwaves and release it like a stormy wave, maximizing the resonance of all the soldiers nearby and enhancing the soldier’s physical strength, courage and will. Let the soldiers become fearless, such as crazy “magic warrior”, with some excited drugs, the effect is better, even the soldiers who interrupted the bullets do not know the pain, will continue to charge – of course, At the cost of a large overdraft of the soldiersโ€™ lives, they will be scrapped if they donโ€™t die!โ€

“so that’s how it is, no wonder I was so excited, these people are all influenced by the ability of the Golden Legion ‘legion’!”

Bai Xiaolu suddenly realized, “Just, the golden tooth boss did not think that my body still hides my brother, and my brother is also a ‘capacity’, able to immunize his ‘corps’!”

“Yes, waking up, don’t forget our purpose, but don’t expose yourself to the fact that you haven’t been “crazy”, and you will be able to act as soon as possible. The farther away you are from the Golden Tooth.”

The brother paused and continued. “Then go to the buildings or vehicles that have the ‘Red Cross’ logo. There must be a medical kit inside, find one, immediately-“

The word “going away” has not been said yet, and the hair of Bai Xiaolu suddenly stands up, which is the extremely dangerous danger omen.

Then he was picked up by a big fan and squatted to the side.

โ€œpฤ“ng pฤ“ng ็ ฐ!โ€

The place where he just stood, sparkling, is a bullet that snarls the arc!

If it wasn’t for Pu Fan’s big hand to open him, he would definitely die and be turned into coke.

Bai Xiaolu was shocked and looked at the owner of the big fan.

It is the golden tooth boss.


Bai Xiaolu can’t speak, the golden tooth boss actually saved his life?

“Be careful, Bai Xiaolu.”

The golden tooth boss finally remembered his name and grinned. “You haven’t played a woman yet!”

“Thank you, thank you boss.”

Bai Xiaolu is stuttering, and his heart is full of enthusiasm. He is the boss. The golden tooth boss and the “snake master” are really different.

The grandmother of the Golden Teeth smashed the shackles and ignored him. He continued to sing the song of the “Country Road”, swinging down Fire God Cannon and rushing toward the city.

Behind him, following the tides, you are not afraid of death, the ugly, mad, and maddening.

The fierce street fighting broke out.

All the citizens of “New Jinshan” are mobilized, and they have the most excellent power armor. They hold the most advanced weapons. Every citizen is a small type fortress that will move.

But the number of Mozus is ten times higher than them, and the slaves and new recruits have almost been exhausted. The rest are Citigroup, Condor Gang, Black Water Gang, Broken bone tribe, and other madmen. It was spurred by the excitement of drugs and the “leg” of the Golden Teeth boss, just in the narrow streets and lanes, to the limit of their best singles.

The ferocious fortress, surrounded by ten times the number of Frenzy Tide, will be completely extinguished within half a minute.

Here, the cockroaches were torn into pieces by heavy fire. On the other hand, the citizens were swallowed up by the Mozu. The armored vehicles were exploded by hundreds of grenades at the same time and turned into scrap iron. The broken limbs were broken and the blood was flowing in every piece. Streets, artificial gardens, torches, raging flames carrying a futuristic silver-white building, burning the building into a black skeleton, the underground city finally turned into a hell like the city on the ground.

Only Bai Xiaolu was not affected by the โ€œcorpsโ€ and did not participate in this โ€œwar of hellโ€.

He only patrolled the city outside, and the cat’s waist smacked bullets that were raging in the air, searching for all the materials that could be used.

Although it is the periphery of the city, everything here is enough to make Bai Xiaolu feel strange and alienated.

Wide streets, large-capacity battery-powered unmanned self-driving vehicles, dazzling array of merchandise in the window, large advertisements, blue sky and white clouds, sunshine and hustle, large lavender fields, light smiles, happy women .

That’s right, woman.

Bai Xiaolu โ€œๅ’•ๅ™œโ€ swallowed.

The golden tooth boss said yes, this is the real woman.

They are carefree and careless, as if they lived decades ago, when the war had not yet erupted.

The ground and the ground are two different worlds.

The underground people and the demons on the ground seem to have also divided into two different species, humans and beasts.

But I don’t know, who is a person, who is a beast?


My brother suddenly cried, “There is an ambulance over there!”

Under the guidance of his brother, Bai Xiaolu successfully found the ambulance that was blown up by the grenade.

The car was bloody, but no one, this piece has just been cleaned by “Demon Tide”, at the moment it is dead, half a ghost.

“This… seems to be… syringe, it should be a little useful… this is a radiation-resistant tablet, great, really a radiation-resistant tablet!”

Bai Xiaolu was in a wreck in the wreck of the ambulance. Finally, his hands were high and he held a heavy metal box. The eyes showed an unbelievable light. “Brother, is this what you said as a ‘portable automatic medical box’? Yes, yes Ok, right?”

“should be.”

My brother is not sure, “Forget it, it is it. Go quickly, and go outside to get some military supplies. It is best to have clean water chips and compressed military food. You can bring it back to the village. Time is tight, go quickly, go quickly. !”

Bai Xiaolu and his brother explored countless bodies on the periphery of the battlefield, both the “New Jinshan” citizens and the wilderness gangs.

Jinshan citizens are handsome, tall and well-proportioned. Many people are like jade, and they are the standard “spirit of all things.”

The wilderness gang is ugly, deformed, wretched, grotesque, stinking, and even Bai Xiaolu feels that the name of “Devil” is not wrong at all.

However, death is equal.

Noble and low-lying, beautiful and ugly, pure and wretched, sinful and innocent, as long as they die, they are all rotten and smothered, and there is no difference.

Bai Xiaolu found two huge military rucksacks, one on the chest and one on the back.


Brother said, “Too heavy, too late, you are so greedy, we can’t escape!”

“almost done.”

Bai Xiaolu gritted his teeth and rolled in the blood of the corpse. He groped for the supplies on the body. “Get a piece of water-purifying pills. The villagers can drink a day of clean water, get a piece of compressed biscuits, and the sister and the village.” The little hair that was born will have a bowl of paste to eat. I am fine. I can still carry a little more. I am not tired. Really, I am not-“

There was a deafening explosion in front of it. The building next to Bai Xiaolu could no longer support the fierce exchange of fire. The whole collapsed. The air wave blows Bai Xiaolu, and the smoke drowns the boy.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Bai Xiaolu fell a lot of bruises before the wreckage, blood and sputum, but he couldn’t take care of his own injuries, but he was squinting with two military rucksacks in the dust with his eyes closed. When he felt the bulging sac still, a heart Only fell into the stomach.

When the dust is falling, the building that blocks the line of sight has become a ruin.

Bai Xiaolu can clearly see the scenes in the depths of the city and the most intense street fighting.

I also saw the hundreds of steel giants who lingered around the secluded blue awns.

The wilderness gangs are still violently impacted and swallowed like Frenzy Tide, but hundreds of three-meter-high steel giants are like black-skinned reefs on the coast. No matter how the waves hit, they donโ€™t move, they donโ€™t care.

They finally moved around, and between the breath, countless lightnings exploded in a radial way, like a lightning storm, instantly killing a lot of wilderness gangs, even the most elite Citi gang is not their place, being understated Coke was smashed into pieces.

The arcs that linger around them seem to be accompanied by some kind of force field distortion, which can help them defend against bullets and explosion shock waves, making them like monsters that are invulnerable.

The steel giants are like a tomahawk that weighs a thousand pounds and broke into the Heaven Spirit Shell of the Wasteland Gang.

“Magnetic Explosive Infantry is the “Terrorist Infantry” made by ‘Alliance’ with ‘Doomsday Technology’, and there are so many!”

My brother exclaimed, “The ‘New Jinshan’ must have a ‘Munitions Factory’ hidden in it. We can continue to produce a large number of magnetic blasting infantry. We are fooled, the golden tooth boss is fooled, everyone is cannon fodder, including the golden tooth boss. The Citigroup, all of us, are the cannon fodder of the ‘contract’, the ‘contract’ to the purpose of the Golden Tooth Raiders attacking the ‘new Jinshan’, but to drag the magnetic explosive infantry, so that they can not be transferred to the most The front line is a threat to the ‘contract,’ and that’s it. As for the success of the siege, we live and die, no one cares!”

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