FMC Chapter 3283

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, skinning mice 12 magic, floating astronomy
Bai Xiaolu smelled the smell of military boots that couldn’t stop.

No, not stinking, but the beast of a lion and a tiger, it is the burning fiercely, the vitality of the acid rain.

At this point, I first fought a battle with “Alliance”, and struggled for a whole day in the thunderstorm, and then tore dozens of wilderness scorpions, but the fire of the life of the Golden Tooth is not extinguished, as if it had never been faint Points, even because of his horrible image, appear to be more and more vigorous, really like a burning flag, hunting in the wilderness.

“hē hē.”

After standing in Wanzanghai, Jinyao boss screamed at Bai Xiaolu. In addition to his teeth, he was covered with black sputum. It was like smoldering coke, releasing smoky smoke, which gradually set off the sharp and sharp teeth.


Wan Zhai also felt the shadow of this horror. The boy’s reaction was agile. He wanted to hide behind the boy, but found that the distance was too far. He couldn’t take Bai Xiaolu as a shield, and immediately bite his teeth. Turned around in midair, the right hand automatic rifle, the left hand pistol, and ready to fire.

However, in the face of the most aggressive hegemony on the bloody wilderness, the youth’s agility and calmness are not of any use.

The golden tooth boss casually crossed the Half-Step, such as the gorilla-like arm, and slammed the Wanzanghai to fly out, and the guns in his hand were shot.

One of the pistols fell just a short distance from Bai Xiaolu.


My brother reminded Bai Xiaolu.


Wan Zhaihai was vomited with blood from this slap, and his eyes were staring at Venus. Half of his face immediately swelled into a blue-violet tumor, but he did not give up hope of survival. He screamed at Bai Xiaolu, “Fawn, take a gun, kill He, you are our last hope!”

His own eyes, but could not help but stalking around, seems to be arrogant when Bai Xiaolu is entangled in the golden tooth boss.

In any case, Bai Xiaolu was still subconsciously rushing forward and picking up the pistol.


The boss of Golden Tooth turned back and saw the gun in Bai Xiaolu’s hand, and the arms that he trembled more than before.

“hē hē.”

The golden tooth boss laughed again, took a bit of masticatory muscles, spit out something from his mouth, and spit it into his own fan-like hand.

It is two teeth, and half an ear.

The tooth is his own, and the ear doesn’t know which is the bad luck.

The golden tooth boss flew his teeth and swallowed half of his ears back. He licked and chewed very well.

“kā chā kā chā ,kā chā kā chā !”

He slowly moved his body and joints, making a loud noise, and he came to Bai Xiaolu without hesitation.

“Shooting, what are you doing?”

Wan Zhaihai screamed not far away, “shoot!”

I did not move to the underside of the chassis of an off-road vehicle.


My brother is also very calm, “Little deer, shot, killed the Golden Tooth and Wanzanghai – there are cars and supplies, we don’t need them.”

“But, me, I…”

Bai Xiaolu’s face was pale, his voice was trembling, and his legs were constantly screaming.

Perhaps the Aggressive of the Golden Teeth boss shocked him completely. Perhaps he remembered yesterday or the day before yesterday, the golden tooth boss’s help for him, maybe he was born to be so weak. In short, he couldn’t do it!

The golden tooth boss went very slowly, but the distance between the two was still shortening at a moment.

“Get it.”

The golden tooth boss reached out to Bai Xiaolu, his voice was low and full of irresistible power.

“Forget it, let go of everything, don’t think about anything.”

My brother said, “Next, I will control your body.”

“it is good!”

Bai Xiaolu can’t wait to do this, immediately shrink his spirit into a ball, and make room for his brother’s will in the neural field.

For a moment, his feet and hands stopped shaking and his eyes became firm.

“pēng pēng pēng pēng 砰!”

“Bai Xiaolu” did not hesitate to aim at the heart of the Golden Teeth boss, shot five bullets in one breath, each one in the center of the bullseye, and suddenly shot the golden tooth boss.


Not far away, Wanzanghai made an unbelievable exclamation, and his eyes turned, and changed direction, and climbed to the automatic rifle that he had fallen.


The golden tooth boss is also full of horror, slowly bowed his head and looked at his heart.

He was originally wearing armor and body armor, and was also inserted with ultra-high-strength ceramic inserts.

But these things are not omnipotent.

In the fierce battle between the two, the armor has been cracked, the bullet-proof vest has been torn open, and the ceramic insert has become a fragment. Below his heart, the three breaks just overlap and become deadly. flaw.

The five bullets of “Bai Xiaolu” were shot exactly in the same position, and the armor, bullet-proof vest and ceramic inserts were completely blasted to form an attack channel enough to accommodate a bullet.

The fifth bullet, long drive straight into, penetrate all the protection, and firmly inserted in the heart of the golden tooth boss.

Wait, “plug in”?

“Bai Xiaolu” fixed his eyes and found that the golden tooth of the boss of the golden tooth was shining with silver. This peerless murderer would directly embed the metal of the material directly above the heart and become a flesh-and-blood “heart guard”?

“Bai Xiaolu” has no room for shock and error. The hands are calm and stable as before, “pā pā”, raising his hand is two shots, straightening the eyebrows of the golden tooth boss.

But this time, the Golden Teeth boss has already prepared.

On the neck thicker than the head, the muscles and nerve roots bulge, supporting his head to shake the left and right beyond the limit of the Human Race.

The first bullet flew out of his temple, and the second bullet hit the left side of his head – but unfortunately his head was also embed with a lot of superalloy steel plates. This bullet only stayed on the curved steel plate. Under the shallow white seal, I don’t know where to fly.

“Bai Xiaolu” still wants to shoot, and the big fan of the golden tooth has wrapped his gun and hand.

“Bai Xiaolu” feels like his hand is broken like a pistol.

“Yes, even the kid who has never played a woman.”

The golden tooth boss said to his ear that the voice was very light, like a joke.

“Bai Xiaolu” is about to launch a “power”.

The golden tooth boss is a more powerful “powerful person” than him. The two brain waves collided in midair, and all the attacks of “Bai Xiaolu” were rewinded. The boy felt like he was being met by a meteorite falling from the sky. The bombardment, followed by the whole person vacated, flew to about a dozen meters away, smashing into a burning off-road vehicle.


The off-road vehicle was smashed.

When he fell to the ground, his mouth vomited, his nausea and powerlessness reached the extreme, and even his toes were undetectable, and even the strength of breathing was gone.

After three minutes of contraction and vomiting, the boy returned to the shackles.


He cried in his heart. “What happened to your brother, you must not die, brother!”

“I, I am fine.”

My brother’s voice is very weak, but it’s more fearful than weakness. “He found out, he found me there!”


Bai Xiaolu If he is struck by lightning, he will become more and more ignorant.

Looking at the golden tooth boss, the wilderness hegemon is not far away, with two fingers inserted into the nostrils of Wanzanghai, the youngsters of the underground are picked up, and the young boy makes a pig-like roar, two legs are not Stopping and screaming, I yelled, “You can’t kill me. If you kill me, you will regret it. I am very valuable. If you kill me, you will regret it!”


The grandmother of the Golden Tooth also took out the Wanzang Sea and smashed it on a pile of wreckage. He strode over and grabbed the boy’s ear. The ear roots ripped a blood mark: “Let’s see, you value. how much is it?”

The ears of Wanzanghai must be ripped off by him. He wants to roll around, but he screams with pain. “My father is the laboratory director of Jinshan Water Purification Company. His laboratory has just developed a new type of laboratory. Water purification tablets, purification efficiency is at least three times higher than the previous tablets, no matter how severely polluted water can be purified, even acid rain and water with Level 5 radiation can greatly improve safety, reach Human Race or even drink The most important thing is that the manufacturing process of this tablet is very simple, and the raw materials are also very easy to find. Even the most rudimentary workshop on the ground, it is possible to mass produce – this is enough to change the world, you understand, water is The source of life, with water, everything will change the whole world!”


The golden tooth boss continues to lick the ears of Wanzanghai. “Go on.”

“Dad, Dad will store all the research materials, experimental logs and molecular formulas in this chip.”

Wanchao Haishuo found a memory chip branded with the “Jinshan Water Purification Company” logo in his arms, and handed it to the boss of the Golden Teeth. “But the file is extracted and the password is needed. Dad is dead. Only I know the password by myself, this is my father left me a life-saving!”

“is it.”

Jinya boss took over the memory chip, looked and looked, said, “Tell me the password.”

“This is impossible, tell you the password, I will die.”

Wanchai Haidao, “You are useless to torture me – I am of course very afraid of pain, but I am more afraid of death, nothing is dead, no good things can be enjoyed!

“You don’t even think about cracking your own passwords – the password technology of the underground people is absolutely impossible for you to violently crack the Mozu. This memory chip contains anti-cracking. If you try to fail, the information inside will be deleted automatically. You Nothing can be obtained.

“Moreover, you still don’t understand, you are so lonely, ‘a tiger may even be teased by a dog when it leaves the remote mountains’. This technology is useless in your hands, but it will be Bring you disaster!”

“A disaster?”

The golden tooth boss touched his burning charcoal, and his eyes were full of incredible light. “What disaster?”

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