FMC Chapter 3284

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“In our hometown, there is an old saying, I don’t know if you can’t understand it – the husband is not guilty and guilty.”

If there is a river in the harbor of Haikou, “Daddy invented this water purification tablet is destined to change the relationship between ‘Alliance’ and ‘Convention’, between the ground and the ground, and even the whole earth’s appearance and pattern, is the most High-Level strategy. Technology, do you think that ‘Alliance’ or ‘contract’ will allow this technology to fall into the hands of others, especially the ‘Devil’?

“Oh, clean water is the most important material in this stinking world, let your Mozu establish their own cheap water purification factory, so that all the demons have water to drink? This is absolutely intolerable!

“So, even if you get this technology, you can’t find a buyer at all. If you are ambitious and want to extract technology and build your own water purification plant to grow and develop, you will be the first time.” Alliance ‘and ‘contract’ are eliminated together – the war between Alliance and the Treaty is a war between people and people, but when dealing with your Mozu, our position is absolutely the same!”

The golden tooth faces sink like water, and squints at Wanzanghai.

“Do you know who I am?”

He is gloomy.

“I don’t know, but if you look at the majestic killing of dozens of cockroaches, you know that you must be a big man on the bloody wilderness.”

The sea of ​​Wanzang does not change color. “But even if you are the hegemon of the bloody wilderness, now it is also in the destiny of being besieged and besieged, you can’t play the value of ‘new water purification technology’, and there is no way to It sells a good price and becomes your returning capital.

“In this case, tortured me, cruelly tortured, and forced out the technology that you simply can’t sell, why bother?”

“It makes sense.”

The golden tooth boss nodded. “But you just said, you are very valuable.”

“Yes, I am very valuable. To be more precise, it’s that ‘new water purification technology’ can be very valuable when I am in my hands.”

The eyes of Wanzanghai radiated light and suddenly said, “Uncle, do you escort me to the ‘Alliance’ site?”


The metal eyebrows of the Golden Teeth boss are bent high, and I don’t know if it’s because of the “uncle” or the proposal of Wanzang’s sea urchin.

“I know that Uncle was still helping the ‘Convention’ attack the underground city of ‘Alliance’ yesterday, but the two armies fought each other and they did not have private grievances.”

Wanchai Haidao, “From the perspective of yesterday’s battle, the ‘Contract’ has also smashed you, and did not tell you all the information – they certainly did not tell you, there is a magnetic explosion in the ‘New Jinshan’ Munitions Factory, otherwise you will not send such a strong force to attack the city.

“So, the ‘convention’ simply did not trust you in the wilderness, maybe, they hope that you can not be hurt by the ‘Alliance’ of these wilderness, so that they can easily take advantage of it!

“He is not benevolent, don’t blame you for being unjust, as long as you can safely escort me to the ‘Alliance’ site, in my capacity, my father’s water purification technology, plus your uncle’s strength, how Can’t re-create a piece of the world? ‘Convention’ can give you, ‘Alliance’ can give you all, ‘Alliance’ can’t give you, I can give you!”


The golden tooth boss looked up and down the teenager and laughed.

“Don’t believe it!”

The eyes of Wanzhai Sea radiate a flame named “Power” and “ambition”. They clench their fists and gnash their teeth. “Don’t look at me now, I have nothing at all. One day, I will stand at the top of the world! But, but I need your help, you, Deer and everyone else! Uncle, help me, I won’t let you down!”

The golden tooth boss has been pondering for a long time.

Wan Zhaihai has always been full of expectations, looking at him with great sincerity, maintaining a delicate balance between “perseverance” and “pleasure.”

“it is good.”

Finally, the Golden Teeth boss finally nodded.

Wan Zhaihai was too late to be happy, and he felt a sharp pain in his ear, but the golden tooth boss completely tore his ear.


Wanzanghai has a painful roll, tears burst out, and the eyes are full of fear and resentment. It takes another half second to hide all the grievances, leaving only fear.

“Go all the way and collect all the firearms and supplies. I will ask your classmates to see if you are telling the truth.”

The golden tooth boss put one ear of Wanzanghai into his mouth, chewed it again happily, chewed his mouth full of blood, and said vaguely, “Of course, you want to shoot at the back of me, and even if you give it a try, Maybe you can kill me?”

“No, don’t dare.”

Wan Zanghai lost too much blood, his lips were pale, he snored and shook his head.

The golden tooth patted the teenager’s shoulder, grinned and turned to Bai Xiaolu.

Bai Xiaolu heard all the dialogues they had just made. I didn’t expect Wan Xihai’s timidity to be so big, the wisdom was so high, and even in this desperate desperate situation, he dared to “persuade” the Golden Teeth boss.

I didn’t even think that the grandmother of the Golden Teeth was so sultry, and clearly promised the other’s request, but also to tear off the other side of the other ear!

In short, the boy and the king are both poisonous snakes who eat people without spitting bones, and he is just a four-legged snake that is harmless to humans and animals. It is not a grade at all!

Fortunately, there is still a brother.

But my brother has been discovered by the Golden Teeth boss.

How to do?

Bai Xiaolu only wants to drill under the chassis of the off-road vehicle and bury his head in the gravel.

But even if he is as weak as he is, he understands that it is useless to do so. He can only watch the golden tooth boss step by step and look at him with a condescending look. The stinking hot air will swallow him.

“Those who can?”

The golden tooth boss goes straight into the knife.

Bai Xiaolu swallowed hard and nodded gently.

“No, you are not.”

The grandmother of the golden tooth grinned. “What is that? Just manipulate your body and launch an attack on me. What is it?”


Bai Xiaolu’s heart slammed down and said: “No, no, I am the ability, it is me…”

“It’s not you, you are just a stupid little man who hasn’t gotten a hair, even a woman hasn’t played.”

The golden tooth boss smiled, coldly said, “Let me see him.”

Bai Xiaolu took a nap, subconsciously wrapped his clothes, and realized that this action would expose his brother’s existence and hold it for a while.

“So, is it on your chest or on your stomach?”

Golden Da Lao Great Dao, “Most of the Mozu, there are some deformed variations more or less, your appearance is as normal as the underground family. Is the deformity variation growing on the stomach? Show me, don’t force me to do it myself. ”

“Show him.”

My brother sighed. “I was hurt. In a short time, I couldn’t ‘launch’ it again.”

“I am sorry.”

Bai Xiaolu wants to cry, “Brother, I am sorry.”

“It’s okay, you have done your best, dear brother, not to mention that this is not necessarily a bad thing, at least -“

My brother got a meal. “I am a good chip.”

Bai Xiaolu shuddered and untied the bulletproof vest.

The golden tooth boss moves the footsteps and isolates the sight of the Wanzang Sea.

Wan Zanghai is very well-behaved, hiding in a far away place, not looking at them at all, showing “humble” and “sincerity” of 120,000 points.

Bai Xiaolu opened his dry chest and abdomen, twitching and peeling off the folds under the ribs, revealing his brother’s eyes.

His brother’s eyes “drip” turned, emitting a faint glow.

“Ah, it’s a rare deformity.”

The golden tooth boss is not affected by the gloom. Lightly said, “After the nuclear war, the chance of deformed stillbirth is greatly improved. Many normal twins have suffered excessive radiation in the mother, and it is easy to become a so-called ‘conjoined baby. ‘, ‘Twins’, brothers and sisters have two heads, three or four arms, but share a pair of internal organs and two legs.

“But your situation is more special than those of the ordinary conjoined baby. When you are still in the mother, you swallow up most of your brother’s flesh and blood, leaving only one of his eyes…may also include Part of the Brain?

“His Brain is parasitic between your internal organs, relying on your circulatory system and nutrients to maintain vitality, rare, such abnormal variations, can actually live to this day, but also inspired super power, it is really rare, he has Do you have your own thoughts? Can you talk?”


Bai Xiaolu humiliated, “Brother has his own thoughts and is very smart. He can also tell me the idea and let me help him.”


The grandmother of Jinya squatted down and looked at the eyes between Bai Xiaolu’s chest and abdomen. He smiled. “So, you, Bai Xiaolu’s brother, you are the ability. Now, do you have anything to say?”

“Brother said -“

Bai Xiaolu said, “We can make a deal.”


The golden tooth boss smiled lowly. “I didn’t expect that as the boss of Citigroup, I actually fell to this point. Within one day, there were two stinking ghosts who didn’t know how to be honest. I wanted to trade with me.

“Forget it, let me talk about it, the little devil named ‘Wangzanghai’ uses the ‘new water purification technology’ to make a deal, what about you? What do you use to trade and what to trade.”


Bai Xiaolu said, “We are the best, and we are the best bargaining chip. We are willing to swear to follow the golden tooth boss. No matter what the boss wants us to do, we just want to live.”

“Don’t say anything like ‘swearing to follow’, which is harder to hear than fart.”

The golden tooth pointed at a broken body around him. “These guys have said that they want to “swear to follow” my fart. Now they are all dead.”

Bai Xiaolu stunned, nothing to say, just gasping.

“However, if your ability is just right, there is one thing that can help me.”

Golden Da Lao Great Dao, “Talk about it, what type of ability is yours?”

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