FMC Chapter 3287

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It is a portable speaker that uses a dry battery.

Music is one of the few entertainments of the Mozu on the bloody wilderness.

Especially those who use the excited drugs, when fighting, gambling or venting the original animal desire, they like to play crazy rock music to help.

The golden tooth boss pressed the play button, and the sound of the ghostly crying metal sound came from the speaker.

Bai Xiaolu and Wanzanghai have some headaches.

The grandmother of the golden tooth licked his mouth and pulled out the player inserted in the speaker. He crushed it and threw it into the window and caught it in the sand.

I carefully took out my player from the heart and plugged it in. The melodious old song echoed in the stuffy car and brought a bit of coolness.

“In the heavenly West Virginia

There are Blue Ridge Mountains, Chardonnay River

Itโ€™s a distant life, older than trees.

Younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze

The country road, take me home, where is my destination

West Virginia, Dashan Mom

Take the country road, take me home! โ€

Of course, this song, the favorite of the Golden Teeth, the battle song of Citi.

The golden tooth boss smiled, shook his head and sang.

To be honest, on the battlefield of blood boiling from excitement, his rough voice is not too ugly in the vast area of โ€‹โ€‹the wind and sand, and can sing this country music to another taste.

However, in the narrow and stuffy car, when the nerves of the boy and the boy are highly nervous, his singing and the ghosts of the heavy metal just crying, there is not much difference.

“The road to the country -“

The grandmother of the golden tooth roared, the fat buttocks crushed the seat and slammed the slamming of the seat from time to time on the shoulders of Bai Xiaolu or Wanzanghai โ€“ depending on who was driving, โ€œTake me back. Family!”

Boys and teenagers look at each other in dismay, and they all see the taste of “brave and dare not speak” in each other’s eyebrows.

No, even “anger” does not dare to anger, can only shrink the neck, accompany a smile, and even sing with the Golden Teeth boss.

“Sing, why don’t you sing along, this is the best music in the world!”

The golden tooth boss is happily scratching the itch of the wound. “West Virginia, Mother Mountain, Country Road, take me home!”

“West Virginia…Mount Mountain Mother…The Road to the Country… Take me home…”

Boys and teenagers are barely able to follow.

They listened over and over again, and they were forced to sing one side and the other side of the Golden Teeth boss. The ears were listening to the bleeding, and the scorpion also sang the bleeding. The golden tooth finally let them go and changed a song. .

The song’s melody is more melodious and soft, and the slightly hoarse female voice is like the sun at dusk. It is completely different from the country song just now, and it immediately attracts Bai Xiaolu.

The boy was restless and wanted to ask the name of the song of the Golden Teeth boss.

However, he realized that the underground city must have better preservation of the pre-war culture than on the ground. With his “underground” status, perhaps he should know such a moving melody, no need to ask, and ask is a flaw.

The Golden Teeth boss seems to have seen through his mind and took the initiative: “This song is called “Yesterday Once More” – “Reappearing yesterday”, and it is also very nice. Have you heard it in the underground city?”

“I have heard it.”

Sure enough, Wan Zang Hai Road, “These classic English songs, even in our ‘Alliance’ school, have been taught, but they are old songs decades ago, and now there is no one…”

He kept his words in time.

Bai Xiaolu didn’t know what to say, just curled up in the back seat of the guns and ammunition, quietly feeling the ancient and warm music of decades ago, slowly flowing.

“I like to listen to the radio when I am young.

Waiting for my favorite song

I sing more and more when I hear it.

Happy old days

The moment has passed, I donโ€™t know where it is lost.

Now they are reappearing

Old songs that I love, like a lost old friend

Each note of each melody is still shining

Every charming syllable resounds again

How wonderful it feels, sing that past

He smashed her heart, tears could not help but burst out

Just like before, it reappeared yesterday…”

Bai Xiaolu whispered, and at first it was stuttering and could only follow, but when she sang “Yesterday Once More”, she could keep up with the rhythm and feel the warmth, regret and hope contained in the song.

โ€œBefore the nuclear war, it used to be a plantation, with the best vineyards and various fruit gardens, as well as dozens of large-scale wineries, producing this continent, no, the best wine on the planet. โ€

The golden tooth boss put his arm on the window, his feet comfortably stand up, pick up the red eye, look at the sand outside the window, the Gobi and the battlefield wreckage, the ghost makes a difference, to the two little ghosts, “At that time, every By the time the fruit is ripe, it will turn into a colorful, oil-like land that exudes a variety of fascinating aromas. Outsiders come here and are drunk without drinking.

“Apples, pears, sugar cane, corn, tomatoes, potatoes – everything you can think of and everything you can think of can be used for wine making. Of course, the best and the best is wine. Do you know how to make wine at that time?”

The Wasteland Overlord turned the big head and looked at Bai Xiaolu.

Bai Xiaolu shook his head and said honestly: “I don’t know.”

It has been a long time since the wilderness of the wilderness, or Bai Xiaolu has come to this world, I have never seen a real grape, and occasionally found a few wild animals next to the seabuckthorn thorns, all bitter and awkward, like one by one. Small stabbing ball, not into the mouth.

“We… people harvested the big, red, purple, sweet and sweet grapes and pour them into a large grape pond. Then, the most beautiful girls in the area will take off their shoes and socks and jump in. Their feet are hard to step on and the grapes are all stepped into juice. This is the best grape juice.”

The golden tooth boss is happy, “I believe that the wine made by the crush is the best thing in the world. The girls also have the most beautiful feet in the world. They are the most you can find in this world.” A good girl is worthy of everything. Really, let go of everything… get her and protect her.

“Look, it was the remains of one of the most famous wineries at that time. Did you see the big wooden barrel?”

Bai Xiaolu and Wan Zhaihai looked out the window together.

Only the red sand, the melting tanks, the twisted infantry fighting vehicles, the fragmented power armor, and the piles of struggling white bones.

However, under the reflection of the blood color Setting Sun, the depth of the sand seems to have a vague outline, and there is a big wooden barrel of seven or eight meters high – of course, it can not be really a “wooden barrel”, it is estimated that it is a barn. The kind of things, packed into wooden barrels, became the signboard of the winery.

“At that time, the girls were in front of the winery, holding hands on the grape juice, laughing while stepping on, sometimes sing a song, I remember a girl would sing a lot of songs, including those that were outdated at the time. Old songs, songs that our generation’s fathers will sing, such as “Take Me Home, Country Road,” or “Yesterday Once More,” she all wants to sing, and all the boys are crazy about her.”

The golden tooth boss sighed softly, his head deeply into the headrest, muttered. “It’s all over, those good old days have disappeared, those wines, music and girls.”

The red awns in the prosthetic eye are constantly expanding and contracting, and they appear to be a little flickering. In the depths of the head of the golden tooth, a slight “squeaky” sound is heard, like an old tape, which is constantly reversed.

Bai Xiaolu is obsessed with the dust of the sky outside the window, and the dilapidated winery in the dust. There are also large wooden barrels with numerous holes.

He has never seen the grapes and other fruits that the Golden Teeth boss said, nor have they seen those girls whose teeth are white, their hair is golden, and their skin is like honey.

But he can imagine.

He thought of his sister.

If there is no war, how good.

If there is no war, no radiation, acid rain, variation of beasts and cockroaches, if it is still a vast and rich farmhouse, maybe the sister will become the most beautiful girl in the world, jumping on the sweet grape heap, While laughing, I sing freely – how much she loves sing a song, like a lark in a fairy tale.

Rather than being like this, three days and two hairs burned, and when they were weak, they couldnโ€™t walk, and the songs became depressed.

“If it really reappears yesterday -“

Bai Xiaolu closed his eyes and showed a beautiful illusion on the puffy eyelids. The boy resisted tears and muttered, “How much better.”

“what did you say?”

Golden Great Old Dao, “Little Ghost, what do you say ‘how good’?”

“I said that if time can go backwards, it can be reproduced yesterday, so how good.”

Somehow, Bai Xiaoluโ€™s heart rises unstoppable, and will not reveal his identity and bite his teeth. โ€œIn that case, maybe we can stop the outbreak of the thermonuclear war and make the world a better place!โ€

When this statement came out, the golden tooth boss laughed first.

“Innocent little devil, do you think that ‘Nuclear Weapon’ made the world like this, as long as you go back to the past and stop the full-scale thermonuclear war, everything will be fine?”

Bai Xiaolu has a slight glimpse.

“Is not it?”


The Golden Teeth Lightly said, “Nuclear Weapon is made by Human Race after all, it is controlled by people, so it is not Nuclear Weapon that really destroys everything, but Human Race itself. There are 10,000 ways to destroy yourself, even if you can return In the past, to correct one of the mistakes, how to correct the remaining 9,999?”


Bai Xiaolu has nothing to say, but the impulse of the bottom of my heart is getting more and more prosperous, and I am reluctant. “Since you can go back to the past to correct a mistake, you can naturally repeat 10,000 times and correct all 10,000 errors. Let this wasteland change back. Originally rich and colorful farm!”


The golden tooth boss smiled and stopped talking.


Wan Zhai also laughed, shrank his head and concentrated on driving.

Bai Xiaolu asked for a boring, and felt that he was lifting the bar. Sorry to talk again, re-shouldered the thin body and listened to the song with dedication.

No one spoke in the car for a while.

Only the pale gold classic melody continues to reverberate:

“Reviewing the scene of the past, past events

When you are not good, you donโ€™t want to go back.

Everything is no longer, I want to sing to them.

That first love song, I have to remember every lyric

Those familiar melody still touch my heart

Time barriers are gone, every note of each melody is still shining

Every charming syllable, itโ€™s ringing again, how wonderful it feels

All the most beautiful memories, clearly reappearing

Some even told me to cry, just like before, yesterday…and reappear…”

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