FMC Chapter 3288

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Skinning Mouse 17 Nightmare, Floating Astronomy
They drove all the way to the north for three days and gradually entered the depths of the “Northern Deserted No Man’s Land”. Fortunately, they have not yet encountered the chasing.

Compared with the slightly smoked area in the center of the bloody wilderness, there is a desolation and ridiculous atmosphere after the end of the world. Under the faint and faint glare, the gravel and gravel are attached to the melting tanks and chariots to form a Statues of claws and claws; a collapsed underground fortress that forms a black hole; not to mention the sweeping of radiation and shock waves, still without the complete loss of function of the whistle cannon, automatic machine gun bunker, magnetic storm coil and light ridge tower, deadly everywhere The trap, the bones of numerous adventurers and the wreckage of the vehicle, silently tell the horror of the no man’s land.

Only the veteran hegemony of the Golden Teeth boss, in this bloody red sand, smashed about a dozen years or even a lifetime of the end of the road, only have the cowardice and skill, driving a buggy with two A little devil, hard-nosed.

In the next two days, the Golden Teeth boss dissatisfied with Bai Xiaolu’s driving skills, mainly let Wanzanghai drive, but let Bai Xiaolu huddle in the back seat, focusing on the “spiritual notes” of cultivation Yuri.

Hypnosis is not too difficult in the various skills of “Heart Force”. After all, even ordinary people without super powers are likely to repair into “hypnosis masters”.

My brother mastered it very quickly. He even learned a little with Bai Xiaolu. He just kept going all the time. He didn’t have time to be alone with Wanzanghai. He couldn’t find a chance to start.

Three days later, the opportunity finally came.

Behind the sky behind them, under the dark gray lead cloud, there are several Little Black points that are constantly hovering.

It is the variegated eagle of Vulture, with excellent eyesight and communication with the owner. In many cases, it is more useful than the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

The poison gang and Vulture help to avoid the golden eagle to this extent, knowing that he has been chasing after entering the no-man’s land, it is a bit of a taste of “live to see people, die to see the corpse”.

The sky has enemy reconnaissance, and can only choose to move forward at night. During the day, the off-road vehicle is driven to the depression of the dune and camouflaged with desert camouflage canvas.

It’s just that they have been on the road for three days, day and night, and their physical strength and spirit have all reached their limits. It’s time to take a break.

The golden tooth boss alone dominates the off-road vehicle, and all the firearms, ammunition and materials are around him.

Bai Xiaolu and Wanzanghai are huddled in a desert camouflage tent not far from the car. They can’t escape without guns, transportation and supplies.

The two men narrowed their necks and raised their ears. They heard the heavy hū lū of the golden tooth in the off-road vehicle.

Hū lū The sound continued for a full three minutes without stopping. The interval was very even. The boy and the teenager looked at each other. Wan Zanghai suddenly caught Bai Xiaolu’s collar and his expression became very embarrassing.


Wan Zhaihai almost bite Bai Xiaolu’s ear. “We just met the golden tooth boss that day, when you helped him suture the wound, what did he ask you, did you say leak?”

“No, no.”

Bai Xiaolu put on a half-truthful “panic” and stuttered. “I said, we are classmates in the underground city. You are Wanzanghai. It is the son of the laboratory director of Jinshan Water Purification Company. That’s all.”

“is it?”

Wan Zhaihai squinted and stared at Bai Xiaolu, trying to find flaws from his face.

Bai Xiaolu has been cultivating with her brother for two days of “heart power”, and how it will be easily seen by Wanzanghai.


Wan Zhaihai looked at it for a long time and shouted. “I see that your state in the past two days is a bit wrong. It is sing a song with him. He also helps him change his medicine every day. Is he still accepting his little favor? Was he confused?

“Tell you, the mind is clear, he is the Mozu, the most insidious and deceitful, the shameless demon, the beast without humanity! If necessary, he will kill you, drink your blood, eat your flesh. Hey your bones, even your eyes won’t go halfway down!”


Bai Xiaolu pretends to be panicked. “How come?”

“how come?”

Wan Zhaihai smiled coldly. “The Mozu is not a human being. It is just a beast with human skin. Even the layer of ‘human skin’ is exceptionally ugly. What can’t you do? Even if you don’t remember the education in the classroom, at least’ How does Xinjinshan’s break the city? You should be in the limelight? The Golden Tooth is the culprit!”

Bai Xiaolu is silent.

“If you think that if you listen to him, you can escape alive, that is the typical ‘Stockholm syndrome’, that is, the victim has dependence and trust on the criminals.”

Wan Zhaihai coldly said, “Don’t be stupid, now we have some use value, so he ‘goodwill’ brings us, once he has achieved his purpose, we guarantee that there are no bones!

“Millions, ten million, make sure this is clear. The golden tooth boss is the enemy. We are two of us. We are compatriots and a country!”

“Have you seen the Citi on the chest and sleeves of the Golden Tooth? Have you heard the clash of the Citigroup? Yes, he is not only a Devil, but I doubt that he has the background of the regular Soldier of Citi. Still the most elite special forces.

“Have you understood? He used to be the elite Soldier of Citigroup, and Citi is the chief culprit in launching this damn thermonuclear war. It is the existence of incomparable evil!

“Although the Citigroup has collapsed, the ‘Convention’ has been defeated by our ‘Alliance’, but the Citigroup remnants such as the Golden Teeth boss are obviously not dead-hearted. They are still thinking about the day when they let the bloodthirsty Citigroup fly back again. In the sky – if he gets ‘tip clean water technology’, the consequences are unimaginable!

“The Mozu is the enemy, the Citi is also the enemy, so the Golden Teeth boss is a double enemy. Looking at my eyes, both of us have a pair of black eyes. We are brothers connected by blood, are compatriots who never give up, you Be sure to listen to me, be sure to stand on my side, only to have the hope of survival, even if you die, you can’t lose the ‘tip clean water technology’ to the ‘contract’ side, understand?”

Wan Xiaolu’s fanatical and persistent eyes made Bai Xiaolu deeply shocked and nodded subconsciously.

I was hesitant in my heart, and even a little shy. I don’t know if I should use hypnotism to help the golden tooth get the password.

“Get the password first and say that the boy’s eyes are a little flickering, and his words can’t be fully believed.”

Brother said, “The password is in our hands, we will take the initiative, then give ‘Alliance’ or ‘contract’, or have a third option, then.”

My brother said it makes sense.

Bai Xiaolu calmed his mind and pretended to be stunned. He bit his lip and said, “I, of course, I listen to Wandae. How do you say, how do I do it, but fortunately, my brother reminded me, or I was almost deceived by this demon. !

“Wan Big Brother, tell me about the ferocity of the Mozu, so that I won’t pay attention to it tomorrow, and I will be confused.”

Bai Xiaolu said, a glimmer of light appeared in the bottom of his eyes.

Wan Zanghai glimpsed slightly, his facial muscles relaxed slightly, and muttered: “Okay, then I will tell you-“

He opened his voice and said a lot.

Under the hypnosis and guidance of Bai Xiaolu, he not only said “the horror of the Mozu”, but also said the daily life of many underground cities, let Bai Xiaolu know a “normal, ordinary” underground boy, what is it? What a lavish, wonderful and wasteful day.

Supply a resource for a young boy to spend a day, enough for ten Demon children to spend a whole week.

Perhaps, the Mozu really is not a human? Otherwise, it is hard to imagine that the same Human Race has such a different fate.

However, Bai Xiaolu’s hypnotization cultivation is still not at home, and the guidance problem is not enough. After a long chat, it is difficult to get the topic around the extraction code of “tip water purification technology”.

This is not anxious, at least today’s attempt to prove that hypnotism is indeed effective, and it also proves that Bai Xiaolu and his brother’s talent in the cultivation power, which is enough.

After half an hour, the boys and teenagers fell asleep, the journey was dangerous and bumpy, and they were really exhausted.

Before being swallowed up by the darkness, Bai Xiaolu seemed to hear the melody of “Reappearing yesterday”, seeing a healthy younger sister, crawling on the pile of piled grapes, bathing in the sun, making a silver bell-like laugh.

The boy slept very well and had no dreams for three or four hours.

Until the night fell, the Golden Teeth boss began to overhaul the off-road vehicle. When he started the engine, he did a… oh, not a dream of dreams.

He saw a thing in “Dream”, the same can not be described with pen and ink, extremely strange and ugly, people who are sweaty and upright, creepy things.

No, it wasn’t heard in the sand a few days ago, as if from hundreds of millions of years later, he was cautioned about Vulture’s warning.

It’s a Vulture.

One with a “watery big eyes”, obviously very wretched, but also tried to play the cute Vulture.

“Love Vulture, everyone is responsible!

“Love Vulture, everyone is responsible!

“Love Vulture, everyone is responsible!”

The boy seemed to hear, this pretending to be a cute Vulture, dancing with a funny circle dance, shouting at the scorpion.

Bai Xiaolu was instantly awakened and screamed.

“what happened?”

Jinyao boss and Wanzanghai were both shocked by him.

“No, nothing…”

Bai Xiaolu has a chest ups and downs, and he is quick to breathe. He feels sweat and sweat on his chest and back. He is very disgusting and wants to vomit. “It seems like a nightmare.”

“What nightmare?”

The gold-brown boss frowned and asked, perhaps it was a problem with the boy’s cultivation Yuri’s “soul notes”.

Bai Xiaolu thought for a moment with his head, his expression became stunned and confused.

“I forgot.”

Bai Xiaolu looked straight into the distance, leaking from the cracked lead cloud gap, the deep and splendid Star Ocean.

He really forgot.

It may take a long time, long time, and it will take a long time to remember.

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