FMC Chapter 3291

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, re-emerged 20 yesterday, astronomical
“He is going to die.”

Going back to my sleeping bag, my brother, who has been silent for a while, suddenly said to Bai Xiaolu in his heart.


Bai Xiaolu stunned. “You mean… Golden Tooth?”


My brother said, “In the past few days, I have been pondering the physical condition of the Golden Teeth boss, including his ability to go beyond the Human Race limit, such as monster recovery.

“Of course, many Mozus have been stimulated by excessive radiation, genetically mutated, and have extremely powerful recovery and self-healing capabilities, not to mention the ‘powerful’ of mysterious and unfathomable, if this Mozu ‘powerful’ is still It was not surprising that the former elite SEALs had anything happening to him.

“Only, no matter the Mozu, the ‘powerful’ or the elite SEALs, they must follow the wasteland. No, it is the law of the world.

“Any benefit, there are costs, how much, how much, how much, ‘indiscriminately broken meat’ is not there. The golden tooth has repeatedly killed the bleeding road from the desperate situation, and it can recover within a short period of half a day. A lot of blood and even organs, still able to fight, can run and jump – he got such a terrible ‘benefit’, what is the price?”

“What, what is the price?”

Bai Xiaolu swallowed and asked hard.

“Life, I am very skeptical, the golden tooth boss sacrificed his life, only in exchange for a short time ‘return to light’.”

Brother said, “Do you pay attention to Yuri’s ‘Mental Notes’, the content between the 47th and 49th pages – with the supreme will, stimulate the brain cells, control the secretion of various hormones in the body, produce Better than ‘strong heart’ and ‘excited drugs’, the self-healing ability and physiology can be greatly improved in a short time, so that soldiers who are seriously injured can ‘return to light’ and climb up to continue fighting.

“It would be like pouring a scoop of fuel into the fire that is about to go out, so that the bleak flame is brighter than it used to be. Yes, ‘burning life’, I feel that way, the Golden Teeth is desperately Burning life, it is better to have all the cells in the body overdraft, to maintain the normal and strong surface, that’s it!

“But even if he is such a strong man with a bear-bearing waist, it is impossible to maintain the state of ‘crazy burning, returning to the light’ for too long. When he taught us the power of the heart, I obviously felt his brainwaves and… life. The magnetic fields are very turbulent and weaker than yesterday.

“According to this rate of exhaustion, he can’t hold on for too long, and he will die.”


Bai Xiaolu naturally believes in his brother’s judgment, but he is extremely reluctant to believe his brother’s judgment. He does not know why, Ming and Jinyao bosses only use each other’s relationship, and the other party is more aggressive than the “Snake Lord” stream, but he However, he does not want to see the golden tooth boss like “Snake Lord” generally die, “Is it wrong, he is as strong as a rhinoceros, not so easy to die?”

“Is there a difference?”

My brother smiled. “Even if you don’t die, you just overdraw, and you can’t go back to the past forformable and overbearing. Is there a difference?”

Bai Xiaolu instantly understood what his brother meant.

The boss of the Golden Teeth is the hegemon of the wilderness. It is a fierce expert. While gaining the surrender and fear of all, there are of course countless bloody vendettas and more intense disputes over hatred.

The height is not cold, either the overlord or the dead body. For the expert of the Golden Teeth boss, even the weak three or five points are unacceptable, let alone seriously injured and lose most of the power – this will only The “life is not as good as death” that made him fall into the literal sense.


Bai Xiaolu thought that he understood, and thought about it, but it was even more confused. “Since the golden tooth is dying, he has taken a lot of trouble to take us through the ‘Northern Deserted Area’. What are you going to do? Why not accept it? Wan Zhai’s suggestion is to escort ‘tip clean water technology’ to ‘Alliance’. Maybe the Alliance people have a way to cure him. It’s not that the underground medical technology is very developed. Can any disease be healed?”

“That’s not the same.”

My brother said, “The medical technology of ‘Convention’ and ‘Alliance’ is of course advanced to the unimaginable, but the Golden Age boss is not sick, just burns his life, his body and organs are on the verge of exhaustion and collapse. He is ‘death’ and can be brought back to life without any equipment or drugs.”

“So where is he going?”

Bai Xiaolu is puzzled. “It is not always necessary to deliberately go to the “Northern Wasteland No Man’s Area” to kill it. By the way, pull us back?”

“I do not know.”

Brother said, “However, just half a month ago, I heard the caravan from the north and brought a very interesting gossip. It is said that at the end of the ‘Northern Deserted Manor’, there is a new station. Very mysterious new ‘convention’ special forces.”

“For a long time, the Golden Teeth boss still has to find a contractor!”

Bai Xiaolu is not a taste in his heart. “Does he still have to hand over ‘new water purification technology’ to the ‘contract’? He is obviously misunderstood by the ‘contract’!”

“Who knows?”

My brother said, “After all, he used to fight for Citi, and the ‘convention’ was built on the wreckage of the Citigroup collapse, with the power of the original Citigroup as the main body.”

“But he is not saying that he no longer believes in Citi, no longer believes in ‘Hawthorn’s Hope’, what is ‘again great’?”

Bai Xiaolu said, “He doesn’t mean that he wears Citi and shouts ‘MAGA’, just to defraud the ‘contract’, and try to get more benefits for himself? He doesn’t mean, never for any flags and rhetoric. Sacrifice? Why, he has to risk his life, no, is he destined to sacrifice his life, and hand over ‘tip water purification technology’ to the contractor?”

“Ha ha.”

My brother said, “Maybe, he is that kind of person.”

Bai Xiaolu Q: “Which kind of person?”

“There is only one kind of person in the world.”

Brother said, “The mouth is the wrong person.”

Bai Xiaolu has been silent for a long time.


The boy continued to ask, “Why should he give us the “soul notes” of Yuri completely, even at the expense of the brainwaves and life magnetic fields that are about to be exhausted, to help us feel the mystery of the spiritual world, and to make his fame ‘The Legion’ is broken down and told us carefully.”

“Perhaps a new means of fraud, use us to test the limits of the ‘corporate’; perhaps to gain our trust and use us to gain greater benefits; perhaps it is true to make friends with us, I hope we can help him reinvigorate Citigroup.”

Brother said, “I only know, go on like this. Within a few days, I will kill me. Maybe we can kill him in the psychological confrontation.

“How, deer, when will you kill him?”


Bai Xiaolu panicked and subconsciously said, “Brother is the ‘powerful person’, I am not!”

“If you are?”

Brother said, “If you have the ability to kill him, will you do it?”

“I do not know.”

Bai Xiaolu thought for a long time and sighed with distress. “Brother, let’s decide, I will listen to you.”


My brother was silent, changing the calmness and indifference of the past, and some awkwardly said, “I don’t know.”


They walked for another three days in the dust of the northern wasteland.

Originally relying on off-road vehicles, a destination that can be reached overnight is still far away. Food and compressed drinking water are exhausted. Bandages and drugs have not changed for a long time. The three people are pale, their lips are chapped, and the wounds are stinky and physical. And the spirit is approaching the limit again.

The winds and clouds on the wasteland seduce them like the banshee in the deep sea, afflicting them – sometimes, the shadows in front will show an oasis, and sometimes, a silver-smelling city will emerge. At least the gathering place where the smoke is floating. However, when they gather all their will and strength to run and look for it, they discover that it is an illusion or a mirage. The front is the sand, the front is still the sand, and the front of the front is still the front. Sand, sand and sand.

They are trapped in the sand and desperate world. To some extent, they have become comrades in a trench. Even if the Golden Teeth boss is so strong and overbearing, it does not force the two little ghosts to pick up too much weight, even The water didn’t give them a drink. After all, the two little devils had what they wanted most. They accidentally killed the little devil. It was only himself who lost. When the sandstorm hit, the three even wrapped tightly. Living in the same windproof canvas, constantly excavating and struggling, so that you can not be completely buried by the sand.

Perhaps the Golden Teeth boss has also considered, in the absence of choice, whether to kill one of the devils, drink blood and meat, and add strength.

But the Little Black point, which hovered in the sky behind him, made him temporarily dismissed the idea.

The falcons that Vulture helped were getting closer and closer to them, and they found their existence in all likelihood.

There is no way to deal with the drug gang and Vulture, but at least someone has to help him contain and harass.

“That, what is that!”

On the third morning, the three were exhausted. When they almost gave up, there was a silvery metal jungle suddenly on the left side of the dry river.

Bai Xiaolu narrowed his eyes and observed it carefully, only to find that it was a large towering wind turbine.

Only in the nuclear war, the high heat and shock waves were invaded, all melted, broken, and fell to the ground.

“It’s a power station. I know this place. I used to come here before the war. There is a small winery, just nearby!”

The red eye of the golden tooth boss constantly adjusted, and he determined that he really saw the twisted wind turbine instead of the mirage. Even he couldn’t help but be ecstatic. “We have saved!”

The three people looked at each other in dismay and suddenly shouted and ran towards the wind power station.

Bai Xiaolu ran too fast and fell halfway.

I don’t care about the pain of the wound, and I use my hands and feet to climb up. When I want to move on, I suddenly step on a hard thing under my feet and make a “beep” sound.

The golden tooth boss suddenly stood still and looked back at Bai Xiaolu.

“do not move!”

His red eye is almost burning holes in Bai Xiaolu. “Don’t move, mine.”

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