FMC Chapter 3292

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, re-released 21 mines yesterday, floating astronomy
The word “mine” makes the air in the rolling dust instantly solidify, and the temperature is almost reduced by ten degrees.

Bai Xiaolu didn’t dare to move, but Wan Zhaihai jumped up and screamed, fearing that he would step on the mine. After confirming that there was nothing under his feet, he went back two steps and yelled at Bai Xiaolu: “How is this? accidentally!”


Bai Xiaolu can’t speak, the upper and lower rows of teeth fight with the skeletal muscles.

“Don’t move, don’t panic, keep calm, let me see.”

The red eye of the golden tooth boss continued to expand and contract, and the depth of the temple made a “squeaky” noise. He reached the foot of Bai Xiaolu and slowly pulled out the dagger, turning the dagger into a feather with the softest technique. Gently and gently open the sand dust under Bai Xiaolu’s right foot.

A full two or three palms, like a canned anti-infantry mine, reveals a corner.


The golden tooth boss laughed ugly. “We won the prize. This is the K141jump anti-infantry mine in the ‘contract’. It is nicknamed ‘Bird’. Do you know what a ‘bird tarantula’ is? It is Papua New. A kind of giant type spider unique to Guinea. The hunting method is very strange. It does not spit out the net, but ambushes it in the dark. When the bird flies, it rises high. If the bird is hungry, the bird will throw the bird. kill.

“The same is true for this ‘Bird’s Mine Mine’. It contains a Combat Division that can jump up to four or five meters. The Combat Division is equipped with more than 500 diamond fragments. Once it bursts, It is enough to kill all the enemy squadrons within a hundred meters. There is almost no blind spot in all directions. Even if you wear three-level armor, the casualty rate is still above 85% – you will step on it!”

“so smart!”

Bai Xiaolu was too scared to speak, Wan Zhaihai screamed first, and consciously ran two steps toward the 100 meters. After thinking about it, he returned and went to the golden tooth boss: “Uncle, it is too dangerous, you Come over!”

“Boss, I…”

Bai Xiaolu’s Brain is blank, I want to ask for help from the Golden Teeth boss, but I don’t know what to say – everyone used to use each other’s relationship, and they have bad luck. Stepping on such a deadly weapon, how can people make their own funeral? !


The grandmother of Jinya took a look at Wanzanghai in the distance, like a smile, “Do you want to abandon your ‘classmate’?”

“This, of course not.”

Wan Zhaihai had a big red face, coughed and turned his eyes. “I walked hand in hand with the deer. It was very difficult. Everyone’s feelings were deep, but he stepped on such a powerful mine. What is the solution? We can’t save him at all! It’s better to go to the winery in front of us and find out if there is any tool to dismantle the mine. If it doesn’t, we will go to the place where the uncle originally wanted to go – you have to go The place, there must be a lot of professionals and professional tools? At that time, we must come back to save the deer! Deer, you can rest assured, ‘Do not abandon and not give up’ is my motto, you must hold on, bite your teeth, wait for assistance Really, no one or two days, three or five days, the reinforcements will definitely come.”

Bai Xiaolu was stunned and thought about it, but there was nothing to say.

He endured tears and trembling, trying to maintain his last dignity, and trembled: “No, yes, boss, let’s go, I am here… nothing, I can.”


The golden tooth boss continued to bury his head at the foot of Bai Xiaolu and continued to lick the gravel around the mine until most of the “birds” were exposed. This relieved, wiped the sweat from his forehead and made a hit on Wanzanghai. Gesture, “What else is in our rucksack?”

“Uncle -“

Wan Zanghai is stunned and stuttering. “You, what do you want to do, not to say that the mine’s killing radius and power are very big? You must not die in vain. The next journey depends on you. I can’t do it alone!”

“I let you take the rucksack.”

The golden tooth boss stared at the Wanzanghai, word by word, “then to one hundred and ten meters away, dig two pits, two enough to accommodate our pit, depth of more than one meter, completed within two hours β€”β€”The soil used in this area was very fertile. Now there is only one layer of floating sand. It should not be difficult to dig. After you have dug it, you can hide 150 meters away. It is not clear?”

Wan Zanghai opened his mouth and looked at the scarlet gaze that the golden tooth boss had almost sprayed. Then he looked at the golden giant pistol that he was trying to move around his waist. He stopped talking, obediently threw the rucksack, and dug himself. went.

“At the end of the day, our luck is not too bad.”

The golden tooth boss found a few simple tools from the rucksack. “There is a screwdriver, a few razor blades, and a sticky gel that helps the wound stop bleeding.”


Bai Xiaolu felt that his calf was sore and twitching. “Here, can this ‘bird’ spider be dismantled?”

“Try it, but fortunately we have a sticky gel.”

The boss of Golden Teeth explained, “Listen, then I need you to maintain absolute calm and calm, especially the power exerted by the right foot on the mine, and there must be no change.

“Then, I will slowly and slowly dismantle the mine’s outer shell and fill it with some sticky gel.

“This kind of mine is very sensitive, your strength has changed a little, ‘Boom’! Who wants to remove its inductive parts, ‘Boom’! Who wants to freeze its inductive parts, ‘Boom’! Who wants to use something else? To replace your right foot, ‘Boom’! However, if you just inject some sticky gel into the sensing part, you should be able to delay its jump and detonation time, about delay… Ten to fifteen seconds? ”

“Ten, ten to fifteen seconds?”

Bai Xiaolu took a quick heart and thought about it. “That is, we have to run 100 meters in ten seconds and jump into the ‘bulletproof hole’? I can’t do it!”

Before the nuclear war, the Human Race’s 100-meter limit speed just exceeded ten seconds, but that was the result of repeated attempts by professional athletes under the most perfect conditions.

Although the radiation variation causes some Mozus to have incomparable formidable body, it does not mean that they can trample on the limits of Human Race speed, let alone Bai Xiaolu and Jinyao bosses are bruised and bruised, and after two long nights, they are on the verge of The edge of the crash.

“If you can’t do it, then go to hell.”

The boss of Golden Tooth looked up and looked at Bai Xiaolu deeply. “There is nothing like you in the bloody wilderness. There are still many children who can’t do anything. Later, they are all dead. No one cares about your life and death except yourself. ,nobody.”

He did not expect Bai Xiaolu’s answer, continued to bury his head, concentrated on dismantling the mines, and quickly dismantled the curved outer shell, gently removing it with the scalpel’s precise hands, revealing the delicate internal structure of the clock.

“I, I can’t hold on.”

Bai Xiaolu saw the piece of overlapping, cold, killing fragments, imagining that he was shredded by fragments, turned into countless pieces of meat, and was smashed by Vulture. His heart, lower abdomen and calves twitched. When I got up, the voice brought me to cry again. “I can’t stand, boss, run fast, go to 100 meters, or I will kill you.”

“You better stand for me, stand firm, stand up.”

The old tooth of the golden tooth does not lift, “otherwise I killed you.”


Bai Xiaolu really can’t understand, “Why save me?”

“Stupid little devil, you figured out one thing for me – no one wants to save you, I just want to extract the password for ‘tip clean water technology’!”

The golden tooth boss gnashed his teeth and said, “If you are blown up into a broken piece of meat, who will help me hypnotize another little devil, get the password?”

“This, this is not important at all!”

Bai Xiaolu couldn’t help it, said, “Wan Zanghai is re-spirited, but it is a teenager about a dozen years old. I don’t believe that you used to be an elite SEAL, and you have been a about a few years old.” There is no way to torture him. Many modern penalties completely break through the limits of the human body, and any secret can be tortured!”


The golden tooth boss stunned for a long time, gently snorted, said, “So, what about my investment in you? I have to rely on you to revive Citigroup, so I will teach you Yuri’s ‘spirit notes’ Your life is mine before you take back all your investment!”


Bai Xiaolu cried, “My brother said that you are going to die. For a dying person, what does it mean to reinvigorate what Citi helps? Ah?”

Golden Tooth Boss: “…”


“Smelly, you are really, you will die without speaking!”

The golden tooth boss gnawed his teeth. “Shut up. From this moment, you give me a complete shut up, otherwise I will leave you here and wait to die!”

Bai Xiaolu obediently shut up.

However, it is strange to say that after a conversation with the Golden Teeth boss, his heart, lower abdomen and calves have even calmed down, no pain or convulsions at all.

Looking at the golden tooth boss to save his life, the boy’s heart seems to have raised a colorful cloud of radiation, can not tell what it is.

Although it is clear that “the unintentional falling meat” does not exist, but if it exists, even if it is only once, only one second, how good it is!

“All right.”

The golden tooth boss left the remaining one-third of the canister viscous gel gently into the mine’s combat unit and the sensing component. It was difficult to stand up, and the stiff hands and feet were activated. The bones made a “kā kā” sound. Listen to me counting up to three, get ready to run.”

“So fast?”

Bai Xiaolu was shocked and his muscles twitched.

In fact, it is not fast. The time has passed for two and a half hours. Wanzanghai has dug the pit in the distance.

Bai Xiaolu should have been in seconds.

“I, I can’t seem to move.”

The boy is weak.

“Look at my eyes, little devil, I believe you, you just did a good job, really didn’t move.”

The boss of Jinya fixed the face of Bai Xiaolu with a big fan, and he slammed the word. “I still believe in you. I believe you can run a hundred meters in fifteen seconds. You must believe me too.” Believe in every word of mine, do you believe me?”

Bai Xiaolu nodded.

“Good, you believe me, I believe in you.”

Golden Dao, Great Dao, “This way, we can all live.”


Bai Xiaolu cried and said, “You told me a few days ago that no one is worth trusting. Those who dub shout ‘believe’ are the ones who will slap the knife behind me.”


The golden tooth boss took a deep breath and married Bai Xiaolu, “Three! Run!”

The wilderness tyrant took the boy and smashed out like an arrow!

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