FMC Chapter 3297

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, re-released 26 War God yesterday, floating astronomy
Bai Xiaolu soon forgot this dream.

Most people can’t remember dreams for too long, but this time the strange dreams dissipated too fast and too strange. Almost blink of an eye, he completely forgot all the details in the dream, even forgetting that he had dreamed.

It’s like there is a wave that completely erases the dream.

Then Bai Xiaolu heard the roar of the golden tooth boss, and was smashed out by the golden tooth boss.

“The reinforcements are coming?”

Bai Xiaolu blurted out, but looking at the face of the golden tooth boss, it is not quite like.

“Not a reinforcement.”

The golden tooth boss bit his teeth, one word and one word out from the tooth gap. “It is the poison gang and Vulture gang.”


Bai Xiaolu was shocked.

“Don’t be afraid, the reinforcements will definitely come today. We only need to be able to survive this wave. But there is only one entrance and exit here. It is a dead place. You can’t stay here. Otherwise, people will block the entrance and exit, and the smoke will burn. We will When you are finished, you must go to the ground and rely on the ruins of the winery to have room for manoeuvre.”

The boss of Jinya took Bai Xiaolu out of the room and woke up Wanzanghai. He asked him to pack up the weapons and ammunition. He took the opportunity to whisper to Bai Xiaolu. “Reassured, the reinforcements are a ‘conventional’ secret special force, very fast, all terrain. Passing, will definitely come.”

“Do you trust them so much?”

Bai Xiaolu suspicious, “Why?”

“Because the commander of this special force, my captain in the ‘sea seal’, Colonel Sterling, that is, in the operation of ‘grabbing Yuri’, was rescued by me and the other three brothers. Man, if it is not our sacrifice, he will be caught by Yuri and put into the X camp!”

Golden Daoda, Great Dao, “When I went through the hardships, Colonel Sterling took care of me a lot. He also helped me to prove my loyalty and re-engaged with the ‘contract’. If I was in the blood If the wilderness and the ‘contract’ still trust someone, that is him! I am only willing to hand over ‘tip clean water technology’ to Colonel Sterling, and he will certainly save us!”


Bai Xiaolu said, “After a few days of attacking the ‘New Jinshan’, he also smashed you and did not tell you the information of the Munitions Factory.”

“No, that’s not his business!”

The grandmother’s forehead, the blue-and-golden forehead, was swearing. “School Stirling came to the secret base in the northern part of the bloody wilderness a year ago and trained a new special force. He didn’t know it. If he knew the truth, he would never sell it. I will never!”

Bai Xiaolu was frightened by the fierceness of the golden tooth boss and nodded subconsciously.

“Believe me, believe Colonel Sterling, we must be fine, you must be fine, just like yesterday’s stepping on mines, just a false alarm, a false alarm.”

The golden tooth boss greeted the two little devils and climbed to the ground again.

On the horizon, the wind and sand rolled, and dozens of columns of smoke were rolled up, like Devil’s claws.

In the sky, countless eagle hovering, eager to try, want to dive, just like Death God’s minions.

Through the telescope, you can see the team of the poison gang and the Vulture gang. The two teams are distinct and decorated with great features. The scorpion scorpion is covered with numerous giant types of poisonous clams. “There are often one or two hooks hanging behind them, which are used to smash the enemy’s chariots, and they are like the tails of the scorpions; Vulture helps to completely cover the chariots with colorful feathers, like the scorpions. The decoration is the same.

Regardless of the scorpion gang or the Vulture gang, there are numerous metal hooks and hanging rods welded on the vehicle, which allows a large number of squatters to climb on it. An off-road vehicle can carry at least a dozen soldiers.

Looking at it, there are at least three or four ten chariots, that is, at least three or four hundred squadrons, the poison gang and Vulture help the most elite forces, and come out.

On their side, there are only three people, one boy, one boy, one dying person.

Three, for three hundred, the ending seems to have been doomed.

The teeth of Wanzanghai began to fight and made a “giggle” sound.

Bai Xiaolu didn’t know what happened to him, and he was not afraid at all.

“Our weapons and ammunition are running out, and it is not the way to attack the enemy here.”

The grandmother of Jinya glanced at the firearms and ammunition on the canvas, and sighed. “These are all for you. Don’t lick the bullets. Try to open the fire to attract the attention of the other side. I walked around and killed them. Grab some weapons and ammunition back.”


Bai Xiaolu, “You, what are you doing?”

“Reassured, nothing.”

The grandmother of the golden tooth grinned. “You didn’t feel it. The wind is getting bigger and bigger. Soon it is a big wind. The visibility is very low. No one can think that I will suddenly kill it. It will definitely kill the individual and turn it over. ”

“But there are hundreds of people there!”

Bai Xiaolu wants to go to the sleeves of Jinda’s boss and dare not.

“Hundreds of people, huh, huh…”

The golden tooth boss did not take a light shot on Bai Xiaolu’s shoulder. “You know, why is my ability called ‘legion’?”


Bai Xiaolu doesn’t understand why the Golden Teeth boss said this, “Because your ability to launch can stimulate the morale and combat effectiveness of the entire legion?”

“Do not.”

The golden tooth boss said, “Because my ability is stirring to the limit, I am a soldier!”

He rushed out one step and rushed into the sand and rushed into the blood-stained wasteland.

The claws of the teeth are like Devil’s plume, and they are approaching them.

Bai Xiaolu burst into tears, his teeth deep into his lips and tearing the bitter blood.

Wan Zhaihai’s eyeballs are turning around, and they are ready to move.

“do not move!”

Bai Xiaolu glanced at him, his expression was awkward, and he said with awkwardness, “If you don’t beat these cockroaches, you will not be able to escape to the ends of the earth. You will be caught by them, and you will be alive and smashed, and you will get a lot of money!”

Wan Zhaihai looked at the blue veins on Bai Xiaolu’s face, and then he saw that he was holding a gun, could not shake his hand, touched his nose, and his eyes did not turn.

“Well, I don’t move.”

Wanzanghai huddled between the ruins of the ruins of the winery and whispered. “Unfortunately, the Golden Teeth boss has moved. Do you really think he will attack the team of the drug gang and Vulture, and play hundreds of people?” Maybe, he just wants to use our attention to attract the attention of the enemy, smearing oil on their soles, sneaking and running away!”

“To shut up.”

Bai Xiaolu narrowed his eyes and said a word, “Give me, shut up.”

Wan Zhaihai’s heart trembled and looked at the boy’s expression without expression, and he did not dare to speak.

“pēng pēng , pēng pēng pēng pēng !”

Bai Xiaolu aimed at the gang team not far away and fired first.

Such a long distance, such a large sand, certainly not hit, but enough to attract the other side of the fire, such as pouring rain towards the ruins of the winery, hit the gravel splash, fire, everywhere “Crackling” The boy and the teenager could not lift their heads.

“You are crazy!”

Wanzanghai screams.


Bai Xiaolu curled up in the corner of the wall, only the handle and the gun extended to fight back, attracting a more dense barrage.

“He left us and has run away!”

Wanzanghai yelled.

“Let your mother’s fart!”

Bai Xiaolu is arrogant.

The young man squatted on the ground and smashed a bullet-proof vest on his head. The boy picked up the second gun and opened the bow left and right. He shook the tiger’s mouth and numb his arms. The bullets did not know where to fly.

The enemy is getting closer.

The sound of the off-road vehicle can be heard in the sand, the other party’s clear fire, and the sound of the slap.

In the sky, a red-eyed mutated eagle, suddenly shouting, like a string of arrows toward Bai Xiaolu swooping down, speed, Bai Xiaolu can even smell the stench of it.

Bai Xiaolu bites his lips, between his chest and abdomen, his brother’s Brain is hot and hot, helping him to accurately lock down the dive down monster, “pēng pēng 砰”, a beautiful shot, the mutated eagle turns into a smashed smash meat.

In the sands not far from them, the guns and laughter of the gangsters came to an abrupt end, turning into horror, screams and screams.

“this is–“

Bai Xiaolu glimpsed a little, and was overjoyed, desperate to put his head out of the low wall.

“He didn’t go?”

Wan Zanghai did not believe it, swallowed his mouth, and also put a small half of his head out of the wall.

Rolling sand, strong smoke, visibility is extremely low.

However, the strong sand and the thicker smoke can not cover the burning of the golden tooth to the limit, the vitality of the exuberant and embarrassing.

This is the hegemon of the bloody wilderness.

Yes, War God above the waste soil.

Bai Xiaolu saw that the Golden Teeth had been lurking in the gravel, using camouflage camouflage to integrate himself with the earth until the team of the drug gang and Vulture helped slowly pass by him, suddenly bursting like a fury. The rhinoceros suddenly knocked over an off-road vehicle.

Bai Xiaolu saw that the golden tooth boss was in a no-man’s land. A dagger and a dogleg chopper spurred two blade glows. No matter how many layers of armor they wear, several pieces of bulletproof vests were cut off by him. The road ahead is full of internal organs and broken limbs.

Bai Xiaolu saw that the Great Zhou of the Golden Tooth was constantly spreading out of the pale golden cockroaches visible to the naked eye. All the enemies shrouded in shackles, the speed and reaction were slowed down by half a beat, and they became the chickens and dogs that were allowed to be slaughtered.

Bai Xiaolu saw that the golden tooth boss constantly grabbed the grenade from the enemy, and then threw it into the off-road vehicle next to him. He created numerous fireballs of explosives in front of him. Countless enemies were blown up by him, but he was like a stormy wave. One of the towers is still standing still.

He, where is he going to “grab a few weapons”, clearly is to rely on his own strength, the drug gang and Vulture to help all the shackles, all kill!

Of course, the golden tooth boss is also a human, there are limits, the number of the other party is too much, even if the visibility is low, the other party’s reaction is slow, after all, there are many bullets, smashed through the body of the golden tooth.

But the golden tooth boss is like copper pouring iron casting, no response, continue to move forward, all the way to the blade glow, all the way to explode, all the way to continue to advance!

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