FMC Chapter 3299

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, re-emerged 28 yesterday, floating astronomy
“this is–”

Hearing the sound of the wild bee dancing, the lips of the golden tooth smashed up and squinted for a while, and the red liquid in the broken red eyes blew out the turbid liquid, as if it were hot tears. “It’s a reinforcement, yes. Our people, help me up, the little devil, help me!”

Bai Xiaolu is too excited to say anything. I don’t know if I can survive, or because I’m not guilty of the “belief” of myself and Jinda’s boss. He feels that he is so powerful that he will really be a few hundred pounds. The golden tooth boss, hard and raw 搀 搀.

“In the belt.”

The golden tooth boss is weak. “There is something in the belt on the left, help me, cough, help me out.”

Bai Xiaolu quickly touched the package that was properly collected, and took it out to shake the wind. It was a flag and a blood-stained flag.

The old man of Jinya had not been able to walk all the way. A gust of wind could blow him down, but the blood-stained Citigroup came to him, but it was like giving him infinite power. The broken spine was straight and pushed away. Bai Xiaolu climbed into the remains of a still burning fiercely in three or two steps, shaking the cock to the limit, desperately swinging down and hunting in the wind.


The golden tooth boss swung down the citi and gestured to the sky. “We are here! We are here! In! This!”


Bai Xiaolu scared the scalp and numb, “Danger, come down!”

Although the main force of the drug gang and Vulture gang is still three or five hundred meters away, and was attacked by the “Contract” rocket squad, it became the lamb to be slaughtered, but the bullets flew, the sword has no eyes, who knows no? Will there be a stray bullet to suddenly make a big head?

The golden tooth boss turned a deaf ear to Bai Xiaolu’s shouts.

In his eyes, in his ears, and in his heart, it seems that there are only rockets flying in the sky, only the blood-stained Citi and the “contract” glittering emblem.


Citigroup recruited, the former SEAL commando elite to make a resounding resounding storm.

“Boss, come down, you are coming down!”

Bai Xiaolu was so mad that he rushed to the top, and wanted to take the golden tooth from the wreckage of the chariot, but the other’s feet were deeply rooted in the scrap metal, how could he move?

The boy’s move finally caught the attention of the wilderness hegemon, and the golden tooth boss turned back, and the ugly big face showed an unprecedented gentleness.

“Trust me, it’s okay.”

The wilderness hegemony to the boy, “We are saved -“

This sentence has not been finished yet, the golden tooth of the boss’s chest burst out with a bright blood flower, the flag of the hand is loose, wrapped in flames, flying away from the distance, he reached out with a slight sigh, it seems I wanted to catch Citi, but I didn’t catch it. I fell on my back from the wreckage of the burning chariot.


Bai Xiaolu stunned for three seconds, as if the brain cells couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the optic nerves, and couldn’t handle such abrupt scenes. After three seconds, they rushed toward the golden tooth boss and found that the other party was blown up from the chest to the back. Not to mention the heart and lungs, even the vertebrae were blown up.

No one can live with such a serious injury, even if it is the wilderness hegemon who controls the power of the “corps”.


Bai Xiaolu shouted hysterically. “How are you bosses, you can’t die, you must not die, the reinforcements have come, you have heard, you have been looking forward to Colonel Sterling to save you, you still You must give ‘tip clean water technology’ to you, you can’t die!”

The golden toothed mouth is full of pink foam, and it is suddenly dispersed by the sticky Black Blood. The body of the former vicissitudes of the mountain looks so thin and weak, like a piece of ice that is constantly melting, he lies in Bai Xiaolu. In the arms, let the boy cry in his head, and have a hard time breathing for a while, then intermittently, “Yes, believe me, nothing, nothing, you help me, help me put the ‘tip clean water technology’ To Colonel Sterling, he will take care of you, you can live well and live…”

“No, you have to pay yourself!”

Bai Xiaolu’s tears can’t stop. “You don’t mean that we will all be fine. You can’t die. You must live. You can’t be a liar. You can’t lie to me. You obviously say that we will be fine!” ”

“So, cough, cough, cough, so you are stupid.”

The golden tooth boss laughed again, and his smile was extremely ugly and extremely gentle. “I didn’t tell you, don’t trust anyone, don’t listen to me, I don’t lie to you, cough, who?”

“No, I won’t let you die!”

Bai Xiaolu was filled with sticky gel and hemostatic bandage in the hole of the golden tooth’s chest, but he couldn’t stop the blood and the internal organs. The boy’s expression was like crazy, and the dark eyes burned from Nine. Underworld Yellow Spring’s anger, “No matter what the cost, no matter how much you have to give up, no matter how far you want to go, what you want to be, how many lives you want to sacrifice, I won’t let you die, even if you die I will also raise you up!”

“Enough, noisy little devil, I have lived enough, lived… It’s been too long, too tired, let me rest, you should have forgotten me and have been to your own life.”

The voice of the golden tooth boss is getting weaker and weaker, and the righteous eye that is intact is gradually dimmed. Only the hands are still groping. “My flag, I can’t see it.”

“it’s here.”

Bai Xiaolu’s tears and nose were mixed into a group, helping the golden tooth boss to find the Citi, and stuffed it into his hand, sobbing. “You are not saying, do you hate your motherland? You are not saying, do you hate this citi? You are not saying that people who believe in ‘the motherland’ and ‘flag’ are all idiots?”

The golden tooth boss is stiff and his face is awkward.

“Shut up, little devil.”

After all, he did not defend, just put the burning, blood-stained, riddled cricket on his chest, muttering, “habit, got used to it.”


Bai Xiaolu finally couldn’t help but cry, and the tears of his eyes fell on the face and banner of the golden tooth.

“Don’t cry.”

The Wasteland Overlord reached out and wiped away the boy’s tears. He paused and said gently, “My child, don’t cry…”

Citi no longer undulates, the big hand has solidified, and the last expression of “Golden Tooth Barrett” in this black world is actually unspeakable calmness and satisfaction. Every fold of the ugly face flows out. A soft glow.

“Boss! Boss! Boss!”

With his thin body, the boy clung to the heavy body of the wasteland hegemon, and vented his grief and anger unscrupulously.

“Wait, deer.”

His brother’s brainwaves were also a bit confusing, and his voice became trembling and hoarse. “Somewhat wrong.”

“What is wrong?”

Bai Xiaolu’s eyes are red, like a beast, staring at the poison gang and Vulture to help the shackles that are about to be slaughtered. “I want to kill them, I want to kill them!”

“Not them.”

My brother quickly said, “You didn’t notice the wound of the golden tooth. This is a penetrating wound. The wound behind it is small. The wound on the chest is big. It is obvious that the bullet is shot from behind, after rolling in the body, from the chest. Explosion – this is a bullet shot from the rear!”


Bai Xiaolu stunned.

“Yes, rear!”

My brother continued. “Golden tooth boss is brave and has no back step. Although his bullet-proof vest and armor chest are smashed, the back is intact. It is not the ordinary bullet that can be blasted unless it is Sunder Armor. Bomb, but we just didn’t hear too loud noises, it was like a ghost bullet, coming from behind, silently knocking down the golden tooth boss!”


Bai Xiaolu was shocked. He only felt that there was a chill in the back. When they looked back, they were not even behind the ruins of the winery.

But at this time, Bai Xiaolu was keenly aware of an extremely dangerous danger omen.

At the first glance, an object resembling a bullet whizzed past his ear, cutting the earlobe down half.


Bai Xiaolu screamed, staring at the ruins of the winery, still did not find the enemy’s trace.

However, a piece of broken brick flying from the left, but drawn a strange arc, slap on his temple, and immediately shot him to the ground.

Bai Xiaolu was exhausted. My brother was swaying the edge of the oil after the launch of about a dozen “spiritual lightning”. It was so badly wounded that he turned around and turned black. Where did he stand up?

In the meantime, I saw a ghostly figure, slowly coming out of the ruins of the winery, and not coming to them.

No, it’s not going, but “floating”, the feet are three feet off the ground and floated directly.

The eyes emit a fascinating lilac light, and the corner of the mouth evokes a sneer sneer, his hands open, his palms are suspended with dozens of sharp edges, like a bullet-like pebbles, and there is a subtle arc around the stone, as if At any time, the pebbles can be accelerated by electromagnetic force, such as an armor-piercing projectile.

It is the boy of the earth, Wanzanghai!

“It’s you!”

Bai Xiaolu was originally wary of Wanzanghai. He deliberately took away all the weapons and ammunition when he was in charge. He thought that there would be no way to make a ghost in Wanchaihai. I did not expect to underestimate this guy. “You are also a ‘capable person’!”


Wan Zhaihai smiled. “I didn’t expect it, Xiaolu, my classmates, I am both ‘powerful people’, but I think that even if you have ‘super power’, there is no need to go to hū hū all day long. If you don’t move, you will overdraw your life and release the ‘super power’. This kind of brave behavior is just a self-seeking, low-key, low-key to live for a long time. What do you say?”

“It’s you! You killed the golden tooth boss!”

Bai Xiaolu’s fingers turned into ghost claws and caught on the gravel. “Why, why are you killing him!”

“Why – this question is too stupid?”

Wan Zhaihai continued to smile. “He is a Mozu, I am a Dijia; he is a shackle on the wasteland. I am a law-abiding underground city student. He is a running dog of the ‘Convention’. I am ‘Alliance’. Citizen; he is the chief culprit in attacking ‘New Jinshan’. I am the victim of the destruction of my homeland. I have nothing to do with him. I am killing him. Isn’t it a matter of righteousness and justice?

“So simple, how can you not understand, do you really have Stockholm syndrome, forget our homeland ‘New Jinshan’, or say … Oh, or say, you are not a Dijia, you and Jinya Like the boss, they are evil demons!”

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