FMC Chapter 3300

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“You know it!”

Bai Xiaolu was stunned and did not consider whether the other party was swindling him and blurted out. “When, how do you know?”

“Do you mean ‘Devil’ or ‘Super Power’?”

Wan Zhaihai smiled coldly. “You are a demon thing. I knew from the beginning that there is no way. Your acting skills are too bad. Those words are completely flawed. I can’t even believe a word.”

“Just, at the time, it was too unsafe to travel long distances on the wilderness, so I barely teamed up with you, you lied to me, I lied to you, very ordinary!

“As for you as a ‘powerful person’, it is slowly guessed. You and the Golden Teeth boss are the experts of the cultivation force. You should have hypnotized me and want to steal. ‘Extreme water purification technology’ extraction password, right?”

“Do you know everything?”

Bai Xiaolu’s blushing, there is a kind of shackles that have been dismantled. “Why have you pretended to be ignorant?”

“Crap, if you tear your face at the time, I am not the opponent of your two Mozu powers. The result is not to be killed by you, or to be suppressed and hypnotized by you with a stronger ‘heart force’.”

Wanzanghai is a handkerchief. “In addition to being crazy and waiting for the opportunity, do I have a second choice? What’s more, I originally needed you two to protect me from reaching my real destination. You are all capable, so success.” The odds and safety factor are greatly improved. This is a good thing. Why should I expose you?”

Bai Xiaolu opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Originally, he knew that Wan Zanghaiโ€™s heart was deep, but he did not expect to be so deep that even the golden tooth boss was cheated by him.

“Now you should understand everything, don’t blame me, it’s too stupid to blame you.”

Wan Zhaihai proudly said, “Everyone is an enemy. You first attacked ‘New Jinshan’ and destroyed my home. I am revenge for my own city. Of course, it is unscrupulous. What is the problem?”

no problem.

Bai Xiaolu is not an unreasonable person.

Even after the ugly wasteland, he still learns that the rogues and villains are arrogant and brazen.

The means of Wanzanghai cannot be called Guangming Zhengda, but he is indeed a victim. It is the boss of Jinya with Bai Xiaolu and other Mozu army. He first attacked the “New Jinshan” and destroyed the underground city.

No matter what the grievances of the underground and the demons were, at least in this matter, there are 10,000 reasons for Wanzanghai to avenge the vengeance of the Golden Teeth.

And now, Bai Xiaolu has a position to avenge the golden tooth boss to the Wanzang poster?

Even if he has a position, is he capable?


He has nothing.

The boy bowed his head and looked at the corpse of the barren tyrants. The tears swirled in the eye sockets and he couldn’t speak for a long time.

At this time, the battle ahead is also coming to an end. The gangsters of the poison gang and Vulture have been slaughtered, and the rocket squadron is unscathed – this is the difference between the discorized mob and the elite regular army.

“Even if you kill the golden tooth boss, you can’t escape.”

Bai Xiaolu is desperate and bitter. “The commander of this unit, Colonel Sterling, is a good friend of the Golden Tooth. He is braving the dust, just to save people, but you kill people. How do you escape?”

“‘Good friend’, hahahaha, really cute, deer classmate, do you know the biggest difference between you and me?”

Wan Zhaihai laughed, pointing to Bai Xiaolu and pointing to his own chest. “You believe in friends, believe in flags, believe in hope, believe in the motherland, believe in compatriots, believe in these things that are nothing but useless, you So believe this, because you are too weak, even if you have super power, you are still a complete loser, you do not believe in yourself, you must find a dependence outside of yourself!

“And I am strong enough to be strong enough to not care about anything. I just need to believe that I am enough. I am destined to embark on the peak and command the world!”

“This is the difference between you and me. It is also the difference between 1% and 99%. It is the difference between the underground and the demons. It is the difference between the superior and the ants.

“Get out of the way, watch your uncle and perform!”

Wan Zanghai was scornful, kicking Bai Xiaolu on one foot and groping on the body of the golden tooth on one knee.

“what are you doing!”

Bai Xiaolu screamed.

“This is my, the thing is the original owner, no problem?”

Wan Zhaihai touched the chip that stores cutting-edge water purification technology at the waist of Jindaโ€™s boss.

Bai Xiaolu has nothing to say.

“and this.”

Wan Zhaihai wants to take away the bloody Citigroup from the hands of the Golden Tooth, but the Golden Tooth Boss is still dead, still clinging to his flag, Wan Zhaihai has not pulled it twice, and he is angry and angry. Pulling out the dagger, the two fingers of the golden tooth boss fell down and finally got the Citi.

“You, you are crazy, this is the flag of the Golden Teeth boss, the flag of the flag of Citigroup!”

Bai Xiaolu’s eyelids and mouth are torn at the same time, and blood is pouring out.

“In any case, he is already dead. What is the relationship between borrowing and using?”

Wan Zanghai smiled slightly and slammed into the face of Bai Xiaolu and patted the boy’s cheek. “I’m not upset? Uncomfortable? I am angry, I want to kill me? Then come, use your ‘heart force’, Exploding my brain and blood vessels, I am suffering from a serious concussion, just like what you did to the gangsters – how, no, the ability is exhausted, and then launch backlash?

“Oh, so the boss of the Golden Teeth said that you are stupid, it is true that it is not wrong at all. As a capable person, you must leave a card for yourself whenever you want, otherwise you will be slaughtered as you are now, deer Classmate!”

He pressed Bai Xiaolu’s head into the dust and rubbed it.

Then he stepped on a wound in Bai Xiaolu’s thigh. Regardless of the boy’s shouting, he unfolded the cock and forced it down.

“Don’t fire, yourself, I want to talk to your commander!”

Wan Zhaihai smiled brightly and shouted at the slow-moving rocket flying soldiers. “Who is Colonel Sterling? I want to see Colonel Sterling, send a precious meeting and talk about a big deal!”

About a dozen The rockets are slowly landing.

The remaining elite warriors are still vigilant in midair, and countless murderous eyes have penetrated the body of Wanzanghai, but he has nothing to do with it.

Opposite, an officer in the finest armor took off his helmet and revealed a knife-cut axe and a frosty face.

“Oh, it was not the colonel.”

Seeing the sign on the other’s chest, Wanzanghai’s eyes are bright and the smile is more intense. “It’s the general, General Sterling, hello.”

“who are you?”

The rocket pilot commander Sterling narrowed his eyes and looked at Wanzanghai and Bai Xiaolu, as well as the body of the golden tooth.

When he saw the broken body of the Golden Tooth, his look was obvious, his lips licked for a moment, he did not speak, and he recovered sharply.

Wan Zhaihai spread his hands and signaled that he had no weapons. He took a deep breath and said loudly: “My name is ‘Shao Jinchuan’, my father is the ‘New Jinshan’ mayor ‘Shao Qingyun’, I am full of authority to represent my father, I want With General Sterling and the ‘Contract’ to make a deal, we are willing to return to the ‘contract’ and help the ‘contract’ to defeat the damn ‘Alliance’!”


The boy at the foot of the juvenile was shocked by the words, as if the deep field of the neural field exploded by 18,000 thunder, and it was a long time ago.

This, this guy is not the son of the director of the “Jinshan Water Purification Company” laboratory, but the son of the new Jinshan mayor? What is going on here!


Sterling narrowed her eyes and sank.

“I don’t know what to say. This is a point of view that I gave my father to General Sterling. You have been looking for the “tip-edge water purification technology”. Please smile, no matter whether the transaction is completed or not, it will not affect our father and son. General Sterling’s friendship!”

Wan Zanghai – Shao Jinchuan smiled and sent the chip to the past, of course, using his super power of “empty air, electromagnetic push”.

He is a “capable” fact, and the Rockets are nervous.

Sterling waved the soldiers to disarm, and put the chips in their palms and carefully scrambled.

“This is true. I am not going to traverse the whole piece of the ‘Northern Wilderness Area’ and make such a joke with my own life.”

Shao Jinchuan said, “My little life is very valuable.”

“‘New Jinshan’ has been ruined. Even if you are the son of the mayor, why do you trade with me?”

Sterling measured the weight of the chip, coldly said, “it is not enough with this chip.”

“‘New Jinshan’ has been ruined, but ‘Jinshan people’ has not died, especially the military and police system responsible for defending the city. There are large groups of people who have escaped under the leadership of my father and evacuated to other ‘Alliance’ underground. When the city goes, they have lost their lives, lost their foundations, and their future is bleak. If the ‘convention’ can give them a chance at this time, they will definitely be desperate and firmly grasped!”

Shao Jinchuan cried. “I know that the ‘contract’ and ‘Alliance’ are stalemate on the front line. I can’t open the situation for a long time. Seeing that the front line has to become a bloody meat grinder, maybe the troops that General Sterling worked hard will have to be formed. Put it in and use it without meaning!

“If this time, there is a change in the ‘Alliance’, and the ‘contract’ and my father’s mixed-ups in the major underground cities should be combined, and they will definitely be able to make a final decision!”


Sterlingโ€™s eyes were deep. โ€œCan you really represent your father? These words are what he said, or what you said.โ€

“I am just a ignorant teenager. If you are not a father, you can say such a thing and throw such a deal?”

Shao Jinchuan sat down with his ass and held up his hands. “General Sterling, this battle, even the victory of this war is in your hands. Perhaps you will change the fate of the whole earth if you miss it.” And, of course, will change your own future, you will be the hero of the end of the war, not only the general, but even – Marshal!”

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