FMC Chapter 3302

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, re-emerged 31 in the future yesterday (fourth, one of the ends of the end!), Astronomy
The boy walked in the sea of โ€‹โ€‹corpse.

The conspiracy eroded his innocence, the lie burned his childishness, betrayed him with a solid Battle Armor, and repented and desire turned into his sharpest weaponry.

He trampled on the growing bones, first became a teenager, and changed again and again in a reign of terror and danger, becoming a youth, the young man looked up and saw the end of the endless corpse piled up, standing on the throne of the sacrum But all the cheekbones are black.

He smiled, raised his lies, conspiracy, hatred and anger, and he was not flustered, and he was destined to belong to his sacred throne.

But at this time, the blood pool next to it was swaying, and a head appeared in the shackles.


“you again.”

He frowned and was not happy.

Immediately a slight glimpse – I clearly do not remember such a Vulture, why do you say “again”?

Such a distinctive feature, let people look at the itch of the Vulture, even if the smashing of the bones can not forget, if you have seen, must remember?

“I finally got on the line again!”

Vulture was a little relieved and still very nervous. “Listen, Bai Xiaolu, the interference is too strong, ‘you in the future’ will soon break the connection, we only have three or five minutes, we must talk!”

He didn’t understand what Vulture was saying, and he subconsciously said: “I am not Bai Xiaolu, I am Wanzanghai.”

“No, this is what we want to talk about. You are Bai Xiaolu. You are not Wanzanghai, not Super and Hong Chao!”

Vulture hurriedly said, “Well, the inertia of ‘Times’ is too strong. I can’t change the past. Every contact we make will be obliterated. You will eventually become Wanchai, become a super body and Hong Chao.

“But, beg you, no matter how long it has been, no matter how many things you have experienced, how many things you have lost, never forget your true self. It is the innocent, kind, believeful, and believes in the ‘believing’ of others. โ€

His eyes twitched as if he had been pierced by the deepest weakness in his heart. The scales, spikes and armor of the whole body were erected: “Who are you, why have you sneaked into my dreams three times and five times?”

“With your current wisdom, it is difficult for me to explain my identity and how I am connected to you. In short… I am a future person after hundreds of millions of years, and a super hero of the future world. Imagine, the mysterious and mysterious starry battlefield, and the ‘future of you’ are hard to find, but in fact, this ‘future of you’ may not be the future of you, let’s call it!”

Vulture is like a cannon. “In a way that you can understand, this ‘future of you’ is so powerful. After hundreds of millions of years of development, it has developed into a cosmic-level amnesty in the sky and underground. I am blood boiling. The ultimate knives of the clear sky smashed toward him, and he was easily swayed by him. He also gave me a black tiger heart. Then I came to a monkey to steal the peach. As a result, the peach did not steal it. Instead, he was remembered by him. The foot of the scissors locks the throat, and then the head of the skull covers the brain and fights, and my urine is almost broken.”


It is difficult for him to understand Vulture’s words. Is it true that the future people’s speaking styles are like this after millions of years?

“But actually, hey, say you don’t believe it. Actually, I deliberately let the ‘future of you’ urinate, hahahaha, it’s all in my plan!”

Vulture smiled and said, “I pretend to be weak, feces and urine simultaneous flow, and finally succeeded in deceiving the ‘future of you’, invading its ultimate core, even sneaking it and entangled it, spanning hundreds of millions The barrier of the year, and the ‘original you’ put on the line!

“Time is limited, long story short, Bai Xiaolu, I need your help, Human Race Civilization needs your help, the whole universe needs your help!”

“need me?”

His eyes turned and he smiled. “Okay, you help me, I will help you. Since you said that you are a future person and master the mystery of time, then you can help me to turn back the clock, stop the war, change everything! If you do, I can help you how to help you.”

“This is the point.”

Vulture said, “I can’t help you – if I change everything for you, then all the history of millions of years will change, I will not be born at all, since I was not born, how can I help you change everything? Itโ€™s a paradox, no one can go around the time paradox, I canโ€™t get around, you canโ€™t go around.โ€


His eyes were cold and his mouth was pulled down.

“I know what you are thinking, but that is impossible.”

Vulture said, “If you go back to the past, stop the war, and even let the people you love fall back to life, then your chances will be completely different. Maybe you will live happily together, you will never be able to With the ability to master such horror, you can’t touch the mystery of time. It’s impossible to go back and change everything. Look, let’s go back to the time paradox, right?

“If one day you really changed everything and returned to a new timeline that looks like peace and nothing goes wrong, it doesn’t really go back to the past, it’s just that you created a brand new with the divine ability. The parallel universe, everything in this parallel universe, is what you create to deceive yourself. In the ‘old parallel universe’, nothing can change, but because you consume too much energy, it becomes more and more Pain and darkness.

“Do you understand what I mean, as if you accidentally broke a very beautiful vase, you can go to the market and buy a seemingly identical back to replace it, but the old one is broken, the new vase can never become Old vases, no matter how you deceive yourself, it is impossible!”


He clenched his teeth and tightened his fists. The dangerous emotions condensed in the depths of the black eyes, like hundreds of millions of lightning.

“There is more not good.”

Vulture is not afraid of his anger, and continues to chatter. “There is an old saying that people will die twice, the first is his fleshly body annihilation, the second time everyone forgets him – this sentence Words should be there on Earth Era? It means that people not only live in three dimensional space, but also in other people’s thoughts, memories and all feelings, even if fleshly body annihilates, his ‘information’ Still alive.

“If you really choose ‘go back to the past’, it is actually bypassing the time paradox, jump to another parallel universe, I doubt that you will completely forget those who really love, you will forget them for you. The sacrifices you sacrifice, the love you have for them, and the wonderful days you have spent between them, in other words, you will kill them with your own hands, no one will remember who they are!

“Even if there are those people in the new parallel universe, they are not real, they are just like them, clone people, inflators, fake, fake!”

“shut up!”

He finally couldn’t help but snarl. “I don’t understand what you are talking about, shut up, get out of my dreams!”

“You are very smart, you can understand, even if you don’t understand it now, there will be a long time of hundreds of millions of years, let you slowly understand this truth.”

Vulture said, “On the real age, you are more than enough for my 18th generation ancestors, but on life experience, now I am a little richer than the original one. I am a father and a brother, I tell you When I make some sacrifices for my children and my younger generation as my father or brother, I really donโ€™t really want to see them torture themselves with infinite hatred and remorse, trapped in a thorny In the maze of the maze, I couldnโ€™t break free, and eventually turned myself into a beast, a monster, a demon, going all the way, destroying myself and others, ruining the future of myself and others!

“Really, I don’t want them to be like this. All my sacrifices and all sacrifices have only one purpose. I hope that they can live well, live happily and have a brighter future than me. That’s enough, really enough!

“Your father and brother, those who have given you happiness and happiness, they must be the same, I hope that you will always be happy like that moment, instead of becoming a monster surrounded by hatred and resentment, with billions Will you punish yourself for thousands of years?”

“shut up!”

He held his head and was extremely painful. “Stop, live, and shut up!”

“Enough, the pain of hundreds of millions of years, hundreds of millions of years in the labyrinth of remorse and collision, really enough, it is time to wake up, Bai Xiaolu!”

Vulture opened his wings to him. “I can’t change the past, but you can change the future! My chances of defeating Hong Chao are only one in a billion, but your chances of defeating Hong Chao are 100%! Because you are Hong Chao. Starting point, you are the remorse that Hong Chao can never repair, you are Hong Chao’s ‘heart’s demon ‘!

“Wake up, from the remorse of millions of years, from the pain that can never be undone, to listen to the people who sacrificed for you, the real voice, to collect the past properly, and stride to the future with unlimited possibilities!”

“We need you, Human Race Civilization needs you, you need it in the future, only you can completely transform Hong Chao, bring the Human Race Civilization after hundreds of millions of years to the new realm, only you can lead us to defeat the ‘Greater Elimination Agreement’, Conquer the ‘faster collapse’, defeat the ‘singularity of the Lord’ and the ‘everything to swallow the beast’, with the sacrifices, hopes and ardent expectations of countless people in hundreds of millions of years to create the best tomorrow! The only way to do this is The people you sacrifice can get real rest!”


He hesitated for the first time, and some could not see how he was in a pool of blood. “I am so powerful in the future – what about you?”


Vulture said, “As long as you can wake up, I immediately recognize you as a big man, and you can satisfy your leg pendant.”

“Leg pendant?”

He wondered, “What is that?”

“It’s the leg hair.”

Vulture said, “You are truly a peerless expert of Multiverse. It is a human race that has been well-deserved for hundreds of millions of years. I can be a hair on your legs, go with you to Multiverse, high-dimensional space, help you shake the flag and see you. I am satisfied with sweeping hundreds of millions of universes – now you should know how sharp and how important you are, how should you wake up?”

“Of course, it turned out to be like this…”

He wondered, always felt strange.

“Of course it is, don’t doubt, maybe you don’t know me, but in the future of hundreds of millions of years, I am known as Star Ocean with honesty, honesty and reliability.”

Vulture said, “I don’t know, ‘you in the future’ found me, it is entangled, I have to withdraw, you must not forget the secret!”


He stunned, “What is the secret number?”

“That’s that, ‘Love Vulture, everyone is responsible’!”

Vulture cried, “The inertia of ‘Time Tide’ is so powerful that it will obliterate all the traces that I have left hundreds of millions of years ago, and I will not stay behind, so you will soon forget this dream and forget my existence.

“But I still hope that you should not forget that you are Bai Xiaolu anyway, it is just good and good, hopeful to believe in tomorrow’s Bai Xiaolu, and put your ‘believe’, and ‘love Vulture, everyone is responsible'” Bundled together, branded into the deepest part of your divine soul.

“In this way, when the battlefield of the stars and the sky after hundreds of millions of years, I and the ‘future of you’ battle to the most intense, I shouted ‘love Vulture, everyone is responsible’, you may wake up, think of the past Everything, reproduce the true self, the original Bai Xiaolu!

“Remember, be sure to think about it, give yourself a chance, give the future Human Race Civilization a chance, give ‘hope’, ‘tomorrow’ and ‘believe’ an opportunity, this is the only possibility we can beat Hong Chao Sex, I believe in you, Bai Xiaolu, Bai Xiaolu, Bai Xiao-“

Vulture seems to have been caught in the throat and dragged back hundreds of millions of years later.

Soon, he forgot the existence of Vulture, forgot the conversation just now, and forgot the “shadow” of incomparable shame.

However, the sacral throne on the sea of โ€‹โ€‹corpse blood became a bit dazzling and faintly showing signs of collapse.

When he bowed his head, the clear face of the bloody Central Plains also began to blur again, and it was impossible to tell whether it was “Wan Zanghai” or “Bai Xiaolu”.


Brother, we are successful, I am not dead, and I have successfully entered the underground city of “Alliance”. They have no doubts and really regard me as “Wanzanghai”!

Brother, I was sent to a hospital where the medical conditions were very good and the wounds would heal quickly. They didn’t find any traces of your residue. Haha, your plan is really amazing. Now I am a “underground” “!

Brother, this hospital’s Dean is also called “Yuri”, of course not the terrible Yuri Aikes, he is a real good man, an angel without wings, special care for me, helped me solve a lot Unnecessary trouble, I also said that I have a rare psychology and extra brain science talent, saying that I want to accept me as a student! Oh, it seems that we are really running, and the days ahead will definitely be better every day.

Brother, I seem to remember that when the golden tooth died, and when you… died, you all said a word to me, how do I want to come? Really damn, I forgot.

Please, tell me again in my dreams, the underground city is very prosperous, but my heart is a little confused, I don’t know how to go in the future.

But it doesn’t matter, the days are still very long, there are still a lot of time, I will eventually think of it, right?

[One of the foreigners reappeared yesterday]

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