FMC Chapter 3303

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the second part of the revenge, floating astronomy
Sorry to everyone, one of the original fans did not want to write so long, it will be about a dozen chapters of the length, the Hong Chao origins will be explained.

Written and written, yes, controlled by Yuri, this can’t blame me.

In the beginning, I wanted to write a pure black story, not so much annoying Vulture, virus and jealousy – I have seen the old novels of the old cows, what “Devil Arms Merchants”, “Dooms of the Dragon” may remember The old cow originally liked these moral distortions, the humanity was lost, and the darkness was desperate.

As a result, now I am still older, and I can’t stand the complete darkness. I don’t want to say that the ending is bright, at least I still hope to leave the possibility of a bright line, so I have someone’s intrusion.

If you don’t want to see someone, you want to have no horse, you want to dehydrate the version, please ignore the paragraph that someone appears, that is the original black wasteland legend, the origin of Hong Chao origin.

I originally wanted to stop here, but many friends in the book review area said that the origin of Hong Chao is still unclear. Many things have not been explained. If you think about it, then make up two short ones, basically one or two chapters. It will be done in a day or two and will never be delayed.

In addition, this time I really want to take a chapter a day, and try my best to conceive a new book… It’s just that the hand is itchy, itching has to lick the keyboard, I have to jump off the building, all… Hey, hope so!

Gossip less, please enjoy the second, revenge.



Hundreds of rockets that have been transformed by Doomsday technology and whose power is ten times stronger than cruise missiles shocked the outer walls of the ancient palace. Dozens of screaming fast-fired guns suddenly became dumb and became burned fiercely, Heavenly Daughter scattered flowers Scrap copper rotten iron.

The rhythm of the fire cover was interrupted. The attacking party’s large number of light tanks and the higher-level do not arm, the opportunity to come in from the gap, gathered into the steel Frenzy Tide, marching toward the main body of the palace.

Looking around, the whole St. Petersburg was shrouded in smoke and dark fog. The former capital of Greece’s Empire’s, today broke the power center of the earth and turned into a sculptural Shura abattoir.

The defensive side’s will remains firm – a large number of brainwashed fanatics, genetically modified, like a human-carriage-like wild orc, hidden in the dark, using a special biochemical bullet sniper, plus a neurosonic car and spirit Control tanks, as well as the ubiquitous mind control tower, which form the walls of the copper wall that are staggered and waterless.

When the attacking steel Frenzy Tide rushed into the blessed and cursed palace, it was either surrounded by countless fanatical brainwashing soldiers, or shredded by wild orcs, swallowed by biochemical plagues, or controlled by mentally controlled tanks and mind towers. Captive, Brain is blank and turned into a member of the defensive side.

At first glance, there are more defensive parties playing more and more, and the more and more brave.

However, the offensive side has an absolute strength advantage, and it advances toward the palace from three directions, and the number of mind control is ultimately limited. This determines that the balance of victory slowly tilts toward the offensive side, which means that the defensive side is destroyed. Abyss, getting closer.

The light tank that first broke into the palace was only used to consume the number of mind control of the defensive side. When most of the mind control vehicles and the mind control tower reached the limit of control, the dead light of the ruins disappeared from the palace. All the way to the ruin, the momentum is like bamboo, sweeping and raging, constantly refracting, diffracting, splitting, so that a large number of defensive soldiers, chariots, rapid-fire guns and mind control towers are shrouded in the glare of death.

Not to mention, with the loud noises of thunder and lightning roaring in the air, the super-air bastions, which were blessed by Doomsday Technology, advanced toward the palace in a slow but unstoppable state.

Everyone knows that once these aerial fortresses are pushed right above the palace, nothing is over!

Almost all of the defensive side’s air defense fire points were drowned by the attacking steel Frenzy Tide.

Only a few dozen UFOs like UFOs took off and went to perform the air strikes they were not good at.

However, in the rear of the attacking side, there were countless rockets flying in the air, entangled the defensive side’s laser, and prevented them from approaching the precious super sky fortress.

The former “Contract” rocket squadron and the former “Alliance” super air bastion, together with skill, joined hands and shouldered the death knell of the defensive side.

Deep in the palace.

A bald old man stood up and stared blankly at everything, staring… his Empire slowly collapsed.

The old man’s face is ancient, his eyes are deep, and he has a graceful goatee. He has the power of the superiors, the wisdom of the Expeditions, and the piety of the believers. In the eyes of many followers, it is the “God” of a hundred percent. !

However, at this moment of the end of the mountain, the real god, in the rumbling fire of the Human Race will fall!

“Superintendent adults, Superintendent adults!”

One of his High-Level staff members rushed from the communication room. “Thirteen of the eighteen districts of St. Petersburg have completely fallen, and the western line has collapsed. General Konev betrayed you. Announced that his troops no longer accept the ‘Earth Reconstruction Commission’ command, and completely fell to the embrace of the so-called ‘Earth Councilor’!”

The eyes of the bald old man blinked in the depths, and a purple vein was emerging on the forehead and back of the hand. The anger and faintness on his face flashed away.

“St. Petersburg is completely in the hands of the rebels, and we can’t last long.”

The High-Level staff did not pay attention to the observations and continued to plead. “It is time to retreat. Superintendent adults, and the national air defense units in Eastern Europe are still in our hands. Now almost all the troops are ready to move, and will be tempted by the rebels at any time.” If you don’t leave, it’s too late!”

“You mean -“

The bald old man finally got angry, his eyes flashed purple and stared at the High-Level staff. “Can we fail?”

“……Do not.”

The high-level staff’s look suddenly changed from panic to stunned, and from savage to firm, and finally from steadiness to fanaticism. “Victory belongs to the reconstruction committee, and victory belongs to Yuri Ax!”

He screamed like a beast.


It is a pity that the sound of the rumbling fire in front was not controlled by the old man of the bald head, and the entire palace was shocked.

β€œSuperintendent adults!”

Another bloody officer, retreating from the line of fire, dragged a long blood mark behind him. “The big thing is not good -“

The last word has not been completely exported. He has already flew to the front of the bald old man. Suddenly, he pulled out a modified powerful pistol from his arms and pointed at the brow of the old man.

Unfortunately, a strange force controlled every nerve of his nerves. He didn’t even have the strength to blink and pull the trigger. It was like an invisible shackle, fixed in place.


The bald old man whispered, “Do you even betray me, even if you are qualified to betray me?”

“Haha, hahahaha!”

When the officer saw the assassination failure, he burst into laughter. “Listen, listen to the rumble of guns outside, Yuriy Ax, your death is here!”

“Why, why should you betray me?”

The bald old man, Yuri Ax, narrowed his eyes and asked with a grin. “I saved the broken earth. I saved the Civilization that is about to be destroyed. I integrated the power of ‘Alliance’ and ‘Contract.’ Based on the two major establishments, the ‘Earth Reconstruction Commission’ was established, bringing long-lasting peace! I am the savior of the Earth, I am the guardian of Civilization, I am the father of the entire Human Race and the sun! Why, You guys who are ungrateful and ignorant, dare to betray me!”

“This is the end of the matter, and I still don’t forget to boast, Yuri Ax, you are disgusting!”

The officer was not afraid, he laughed. “On the surface, you integrated ‘Alliance’ and ‘contract’ and established a global unified government. It is the hero and savior of the entire Human Race; but in the dark, you secretly establish ‘X Camp’s illegal and wicked laboratories, engaged in bloody and cruel living experiments, created countless genetic and biological weapons, and extended the claws into the most noble soul of Human Race, in an attempt to establish a super mind control device. All Human Races become your slaves!

“It’s a pity, I am so lucky. You are a little bit worse than success. It’s still a little bit worse. Yuri Ax, your true face has been completely exposed to the world, and all your ugliness is in the world! Yours Both the secret base and the super-mind control device have been destroyed by us. Your devil without humanity is not qualified to be the leader of the entire Human Race. Your only ending is to accept the justice of artillery, electromagnetic and death light!”

β€œpā! ”

The officer just spit out the last word and his head blew open.

Yuri Axe moved his fingers and flew the headless body to a few tens of meters away.


It was also a loud bang, but it was a self-destruct truck that was originally developed by the “Alliance” and blessed by Doom Technology. It broke into the most dense area of ​​the defensive side and bombed everything in the 100-meter radius. Half empty.

Yuri Ax’s eyebrows were also blown up.

Standing for a half minute with gloomy, he finally turned and walked towards the secret passage behind the palace.

Ten minutes later, a heavily armed armored team, under the protection of a large number of followers, hurriedly left the palace and rushed away in the direction of the only position that had not yet been attacked by the attacking party.

Yuri Axe received the latest bad news from all over the world on armored vehicles.

He spent all his life and the “Earth Reconstruction Commission” created by him, has been deprived of legitimacy, replaced by a force called “Earth Councilor.”

He himself, under the accusation of a large number of blood tests, was convicted of committing twenty-three great crimes including “treason, anti-Human Race crime.”

Crime of treason?

It’s ridiculous, now the only country on earth is his hard-working country. Which country does he rebel?

This is not a just trial, just an ugly coup, a betrayal of ungratefulness, a shameful plot of a deeper ambition than him!

However, he has not failed.

He has secret bases in the ocean floor of Oceania, Antarctica and the Arctic ice sheet, as well as a large number of loyal followers, including the lunar base under development, and he will win the final victory as long as he can escape from the besieged besieged St. Petersburg!

Thinking of this, Yuri Aikes opened a secret communication line to the airport.

β€œWan Zanghai, what is the situation at the airport?”

Yuri Axe said, “In five minutes, I have to take off!”

“Reassured, my mentor.”

On the opposite side of the communication line, a young and deep voice came. “Everything is ready… everything.”

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