FMC Chapter 3307

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, under the sister of Fan Wai, Astronomy
The ghost of the little girl entangled the Wanzanghai, and it was like hugging the old man who stepped into hell. Her problem was like the mighty Willow Leaf Knife, who dissected the soul of the Wanzang Sea and let Human The leader of Race Civilization, United Fleet’s Commander, his lips trembled, his eyes were murky, and he was speechless.

“Why didn’t you bring us Ah?”

“Why didn’t you bring us Ah?”

“Why didn’t you bring us Ah?”

The ghost of the little girl did not notice the strangeness of the old man, and he still asked innocently.

“…sorry, Bai Linger, I am sorry.”

Wanzhai trembling, stretching his twisted hands, wants to hold the ghost of his sister, but a crystal clear ripple of life, slipping from his fingertips, like white and fine sand.

“I am wrong, I am really wrong!”

Wan Zhaihai is crying. “No matter how you want to retaliate, I don’t care. Come, Bai Linger, take my soul away and be buried with you forever!”


The ghost of the little girl seems a bit confused. “What are you talking about, brother, what is ‘retaliation’?”


Wanzanghai is uncertain, his eyes are confused, his hands are swinging down. “Are you real or is it my fantasy before death? Are you really a white Linger, or the wound in my memory? No matter what you are It’s true, it’s a man, a ghost, don’t, don’t torture me anymore, come on, I’m ready for the final trial, no matter what the fate and ending, Bai Linger, and all, all stay on earth, etc. Dead people, come on, you don’t care what you want, come on!”

Wan Zanghai closed his eyes, his eyes lingering, and the red tears.

However, what he ushered in was not cruel revenge, but the confused voice of his sister: “I, I don’t know, we don’t know, brother, save us.”


Wan Zhaihai blinked again and saw the ghost of his sister. It was still as pure, helpless and helpless as the little girl a hundred years ago.

“We don’t know what it is.”

The ghost of the little girl reached out, but the ripples of life at the fingertips lingered with a strong flame, as if to bring her endless pain and fear. “After the immigration Starship left, there was a strong light coming down from the sky, everything was burning. Fiercely up, mountains, seas, cities, villages, and each of us, even in the depths of our souls, have blossoming flowers in bloom.

“Then, I can’t tell, we have become something weird. We don’t seem to have a body, and we seem to be able to manipulate everything. We seem to be dead, but we have a richer perception than the past. We can see There are many ripples and magnetic fields that I could not see in the past, but it seems that many important knowledge and memories are missing. I seem to be Bai Linger, and like many other people, thousands of people who remain on earth.

“Brother, I am so scared. I don’t know what happened to me. I don’t know how long this state can last. One day, will it vanish and die completely!”

“Don’t be afraid, Bai Linger, I have to think about it, I have to think about it!”

Wan Zhaihai stretched make a move in the middle of the scorpion, and gently touched the ghost’s fingers, muttering, “How do you catch up with us, is this true?”

“The immigration Starship sailed in the Star Ocean, leaving a long trail that we could not detect when we were alive, but now it can be seen clearly, like a rut with wheels crushed.”

The ghost of the little girl said, “It is now like this. We are no longer afraid of the vacuum of the universe. We can even use the solar storm and various magnetic field rays to act as a driving force. It took more than a hundred years to catch up. Fortunately, it is too late, my brother is still alive. – Save us, brother, you are our only hope, everyone believes in you, only you can figure out our state, take us out of trouble, we, we don’t want to die, we want to live!”

“Trust me?”

Wanzanghai is ashamed to be self-confident.

“Of course, everyone believes that my brother is a good person.”

The ghost of the little girl smiled sweetly. “At the beginning, when I was still in the village, everyone knew that my brother was very enthusiastic, very kind, always willing to help others, completely different from other demons on the wilderness; later, my brother was not A water purification company was set up to help everyone in the wilderness find a clean water source. You also promoted the great reconciliation between the Mozu and the underground people. The two do not know how many lives were saved! Brother, just like in the past Then save everyone once, you can, we believe in you.”

“Save? Believe?”

Wan Zhai has been squatting for a long time, looking at his skinny body, and painfully said, “I have to think about it, I have to think about it.”


The door opened and the medical team came in for routine treatment and maintenance.

Where the lights are reflected, the ghost of the little girl disappears without a trace, as if it was just the illusion of the old man’s sudden death.


From that day on, the ghost of the little girl often appeared.

It is like a whisper in the wind, like a whisper in the ear, or a string of laughter from a wilderness hundreds of years ago.

No, not only little girls, but also many other ghosts.

The civilians and the hard-working people who have been benefited by the Wanzanghai, the beneficiaries of the “global water purification plan” and the “great reconciliation of the Mozu and the underground people”, those simple and kind people still remember that Wanzanghai once Rescuing Civilization’s little bit of dīdī, but I don’t remember or care about the betrayal and abandonment of Wanzanghai. They smiled and their eyes glowed, making Wanzanghai their last hope.

Even if Wanzanghai is crying and crying, telling the truth to these kindly ghosts, the ghosts are very understanding. I believe that all the bad things are those rich and powerful, and Wanzanghai must be coerced by them. What’s more, isn’t Wanzanghai already avenging them in the “outer solar system massacre”?

Now, there is no constraint on the power, the rich and any power.

Please ask Wan Zhai to re-lead them and live in the Star Ocean!

The old man indulged in the illusion of ghosts all day, forgetting everything in United Fleet.

Because of his physical health, Tie Xiong and other hardcore confidants have made him deal with heavy business affairs, and even gradually cut off his information exchanges with the outside world.

The trend of the returning party has intensified on every Starship. Tie Xiong and his gendarmerie are also like springs in the dark, and they are constantly accumulating strength.

In the intrigues and tricks of the Wanzanghai, he has been able to smell the bloody smell from the wind.

He just doesn’t care about these things, he doesn’t care about everything except the ghost.

at last–

When Tiexiong did not appear for three consecutive days, the medical team responsible for his health also replaced a group of strangers, and all the communication with the outside world was completely cut off. When Starship’s continuous small shocks were transmitted to his bedroom, Wanzanghai knew The time is up.

Tiexiong appeared again, a murderous aura sturdy armor, trampling the blood and internal organs of the military boots, black shoulders, embed a red red identification card, the sign is a 骷髅 sign that Wanzanghai has not seen .

Tiexiong looked at Wanzanghai, his eyes were red, his eyes were shaking, he was excited and fearful.

The old man looked at his confidant, his expression was indifferent, his eyes were quiet, and he struggled to take out a wooden box from under the pillow and lost the past: “Give it to you, Axiong.”

Tiexiong hesitated for a moment, opened the wooden box, but it was a dagger, engraved with the words “easy day, only yesterday”, which was the rumor of the old SEAL.

“in those days–“

Wan Zanghai calmly said, “I just used this dagger to kill my mentor.”

Tiexiong understood.

“Report Commander. Under Commander’s wise leadership, proper deployment, and personal command, all ‘return’ ‘Human Race public enemies’ have been degraded and got the punishment they deserved. United Fleet’s order has completely recovered, no one dares Indiscriminately talking!”

Tiexiong lived in the dagger and said one word at a time. “I am a faithful believer of Commander. I firmly believe that Human Race Civilization can no longer look back. Only by bravely going straight to the other side of the stars is a new hope, a new home!

“Only, the system of ‘New Earth United Fleet’ is too loose, cowardly and decadent. We are completely like a sheet of loose sand. It is simply unable to withstand the wind and waves on the way forward. The emergence of ‘return’ is the best. Proof and warning!

“Only by reorganizing the United Fleet command layer, setting up the ‘Army Government’, and implementing a strong military management, can we unite tens of millions of people into a sure determination to complete this dark road!

“Commander, I have been busy with this for the past two months. Until now, the Iron Fleet is a little rudimentary. I can finally report it to you, please rest assured!”


Wan Zhaihai smiled and said, “It’s very good, Tiexiong.”

“Only, it is a big thing, and countless crew members are tempted by the ‘return’. They cannot understand the necessity and justice of the establishment of the military government, and even say that we are… the murderer.”

Tiong Xiongdao, “We can’t kill all the opponents, nor can we let their resistance turn into complete hostility. Someone must stand up and be responsible for the ‘killing the returning’ and ‘setting the military’. To expose the dark chapters to the light journey.

“Commander, you have always been the savior of Human Race Civilization, the ‘God’ in everyone’s mind, for our Civilization to wave in the sea of ​​stars, all the way to the end of the stars, are you willing to sacrifice anything? ”

“Yeah yeah.”

Wan Zhaihai laughed, “Do it, Tie Xiong, do it, just… even if our Civilization can really sail to the end of the stars, then it is still ‘our Civilization’, it is still ‘Earth Civilization’ or ‘Human Race Civilization ‘?”

“I do not know.”

Tiexiong carried the dagger and walked toward the Wanzang Sea. “The earth has been destroyed, and the people who have escaped from the ninety-nine are also tragically killed in the “outer solar system massacre” that Commander has planned. Now we can Squatting and calling himself ‘Earth Civilization’ or ‘Human Race Civilization’?”

“I don’t know.”

The old man closed his eyes, but couldn’t lock his tears. “…I don’t know.”


Thousands of angry hands, holding the high seas of Wanzang, spit and shuffled, all the way to the reaction furnace.


“Bloody executioner!”

“Devil, this demon has deceived us, betrayed us, destroyed everything!”

“The thief, the husband, at this time, still want to be a dictator!”

“Burn him, burn him to ashes, let him never die, never live!”

Many times, Human Race needs demons.

Human Race needs demons, so he creates a demon himself, and then defeats the devil through hard work, thereby giving himself the banner of “justice” and the courage to move on.

Wan Zhaihai is thinking calmly in the flames of raging flames.

My sister and other ghosts, thousands of ghosts from the earth, huddled in the corner of the reaction furnace, quietly watching him, protecting him, waiting for him.


His corpse turned into hundreds of millions of stars of dust, spilled into the dark vacuum.

In front of him, the escaped fleet of “reborn and renewed” accelerated, and behind him, countless ripples and ripples turned into billions of ghosts, wrapping and swallowing tiny shimmering dust to form a brand new fleet, the ghost fleet.

“Brother, we are finally together, that’s great.”

“Yeah, that’s great. I didn’t think that another form of life would be like this.”

“Next, where are we going, are we going to catch up with the flight fleet?”

“No, no hurry, anyway, we have their voyage and jump trajectory. If you want to chase, you can catch up at any time.”

“Brother, we were all so scared that we couldn’t control our form and frequency. It seems that they will fall apart at any time, but now that you have it, everyone is not afraid.”

“Yes, believe me, there is me, everyone does not need a vital point.”

“Brother, what will happen in the future, where are we going?”

“In the future, it will be very beautiful. One day, we can reach the other side of the light, find a way to reverse the time, change everything, we can stop all mistakes, save all regrets, and resurrect every one who died in natural disasters and man-made disasters. Everyone can live happily together.”

“Brother, we are no longer Human Race, what about us now?”

“I don’t know, but the universe is so big, the time is so long, and one day, I will tell you the answer. Now, sleep for a while, sister, you are too tired, everything is left to me, there is My brother is here, sleep for a while, sister, sleep, sleep…”

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