FMC Chapter 3311

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Octopus Girl, Four Hearts, Astronomy

It “giggle” and laughed. “I am a prince now.”

“Just my prince.”

Pepe said, “Others still don’t know!”

“That’s good too, that’s enough.”

It thought about it, the synapse kept flashing. “Come on, Pepe, as your prince, I want to give you a present.”

The ripples between the light and shadow are more psychedelic and enchanting, as if there really is a beautiful colorful lake, spread from the depths of its wrinkles, and finally, in the middle of the lake, one The most beautiful flower that Dopepe had never seen before rose.


Pepe’s eyes widened, and it was true that she couldn’t tell whether the flowers were fake or not. She couldn’t help but reach out and pick it up. She actually felt the tenderness of the petals and the spikes on the stems. She was slightly surprised. This is like a starlight. The condensed flower is turned into a stream of light, which is plunged into her eyebrows and blooms in her mind.

“Like it?”

It asked with expectation. “This is what I created for you in my own thinking. Now I am transferring it to your memory through the brainwaves. Whenever you think of me, this bunch of flowers It will bloom in your mind, and each time will become different – I have spent a long time to construct such an ever-changing ‘infinity flower’, like it?”


Pepe really likes the flowers of Shannua, but there is some uneasiness in my heart.

Because the “Dream Handbook” and the father’s teachings say that only the dreamer can unilaterally instill the information in the depths of the hunter’s thinking, and the emptiness hunter in turn interferes with the dreamer’s mind, which is never allowed.

This time, go back and ask your father for help.

Maybe it will be stunned by the uncles and aunts of the “Dream Control Bureau” for a while.

But Shannua didn’t know this rule. It was unintentional, and looking at it so happy, Pepe couldn’t bear to tell it the truth now – waited back to the “Dream Control Bureau”, the powerful Spiritual Force Uncles and aunts, will definitely find ways to erase the “infinite flowers” in her mind, leaving no trace.

At least for now, let’s bloom again before the “infinite flower” has faded!

“Pepe -“

It is very keenly aware of the darkness of the girl’s neural field, wondering, “Are you not happy?”

“Which, where!”

Pepe said with some flustered, “Do you still want to hear a new story, the story of “Happy Prince”?”

“No, I just want to know the answer earlier, why do you want to call me ‘Shanuya’.”

It smiled and said, “Come on you, a little smarter than Malkina, help me ask!”


Pepe walked briskly on the surface of its huge body.

Because of the relationship between volume and density, it can’t provide the huge and stable gravity like a planet. Pepe can fly in the air in a light air, and it will slowly fall over a distance of hundreds of meters.

When the original Human Race settled on the Nether Hunter, it was not suitable for such turbulent gravity and the environment of an earthquake, and many people died, even many generations.

By the time of Pepe’s generation, their slender body and light footsteps, together with the lightweight Craft Technique, which began cultivation from birth, perfectly adapted to the activities of the surface of the Nether Hunter, even in the most violent tentacles. If it is flat.

Looking up, hundreds of meters away from the surface of the Nether Hunter, surrounded by a layer of blue enamel, which is the artificial atmosphere and gravity stability field, the wonderful Spiritual Energy Protective Shield turned the surface of the Nether Hunter into a surface Suitable for the homes where Human Race lives, sheltering them for countless generations, countless years, until now, Human Race has a very powerful interstellar Warship refining technology, built a huge Star Ocean cruiser fleet with the core hunter as the core. More than 95% of the population moved to Starship, and this most sturdy Civilization Shield is a phased historical mission.

However, there are still many people like Pepe who don’t like life on Starship. They think that Starship is too monotonous, cold and boring. Sleeping on Starship can not hear the sound of dozens of energy flowing in the void hunter. It was really boring to see a colorful Bewildering Mist rushing out of the jet hole.

Gently skip a few hundred meters of wrinkles, the front is convenient for the collection area.

There are countless pile drivers around, and a root nerve block is hit deep into the flesh and blood of Shannua, cutting off the connection between the flesh and the thinking area.

Then, Human Race can use its most advanced tools to extract the abandoned Organics contained in Shannua and even remove the Shanuya tentacles to refine their Starship.

Pepe didn’t like to see such a scene, but Dad said it makes sense. For a huge monster like Shannua, collect some small flesh and waste and organize it from it, just like Human Race haircut and scissors. Like nails, there is no pain at all, no harm, even the necessary metabolism.

Shannua took the Human Race through the four dimensional space to find Spiritual Energy’s abundance of Star Field and the planet in the universe, resisting various risks and smashing the huge planets.

Human Race’s Starship is responsible for further mining of the planet’s debris, finishing the ore, and sending the high-purity crystal obtained after finishing to the phagocytic and digestive area of ​​Shanuya.

When Shanuya eats these crystals, he can grow a lot of tentacle and useless abandoned Organization. Human Race will extract these things that it can’t use as “Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure” for its own cultivation or Starship. Refining – a perfect ecological equilibrium, mutual benefit, isn’t it?

Although rationally agree with this approach, Pepe still does not like to see these bloody scenes. Yes, Shannua’s perception system is different from Human Race. Before the collection, a large number of nerve blockers were injected. It is It won’t hurt, but Pepe will, every time I see the collection process of flesh and blood, Pepe will be very sad and heartbroken, and the girls don’t know why.

She can only take a deep breath, speed up the pace, and cross the collection area. The town built by dozens of Starship wrecks in front is the “New Hope City”.

It is said that a long time ago, Human Race just fled the Earth, the road ahead, the heart of the people, and another demon named “Wan Zanghai” ruled the fleet, ruining the soul, making waves.

Later, a great hero named “Iron” stood up, led the survivors, defeated the demons, and opened up a new future.

At that time, the flagship of the Human Race fleet was called the “New Hope”, so the survivors later opened the branches and drove dozens of Nether Hunters to expand their living space. Every time a piece of Spiritual Qi was abundant, Heavenly Paradise was established. The first town is called “New Hope City.”

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