FMC Chapter 3316

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, octopus girl nine heresy, floating astronomy
“No, don’t need a void hunter?”

Pepe exclaimed, “How can this be?”

“Why not?”

Brother said, “In the past thousands of years, I have lived in the Nether Hunter and become a small reptile under the protection of such a giant. This humble and humiliating day has passed too long and too long, so many people have forgotten more distant. Former glory, forget that our ancestors still live on the earth, we are the ‘spirit of all things’, we are the king of the entire planet, we are standing on the top of the food chain of horror erect, no creatures, can compete with us!

“At that time, the ancestors claimed the king on the earth and looked at it. All life is either our food, our slaves or toys, there is no such thing as a emptiness hunter, we can compare with us, even faintly over us. Something above.

“When we wandered Star Ocean, we were desperate and dying, we were forced to hang on the Nether Hunter, and we were forced to linger. This is a helpless move. It has been regarded as a shame by countless people! Now, we have slowed down and stepped back. On the road to the rise of the radiant, why should you be stalked by the emptiness of the area, and bind your hands and feet?

“Do you know, Pepe, after abandoning the Nether Hunter, many fleets chose to use Heavenly Paradise as a base camp, and the development speed is extremely fast, leaving us far behind.

“Those people on the fleet also laughed at the old stubbornness of our food, the ruin of the millennium, the ignorance of the wind, the development of new ways of production and social forms.

“There is also a power struggle in the highest combat conference. The relationship is very complicated. I can’t even tell.

“Now, among the about a dozen fleets that still choose to support the Nether Hunter, there are also a large number of faintly shaken, ready to accept the technical assistance of other fleets, completely giving up the backward and dangerous vehicles of the Nether Hunter.

“Our fleet commander is the most stubborn one in the highest combat conference. I always feel that I can’t put all the eggs in one basket. Since most of the fleets have chosen a new direction, then several fleets still maintain the past. There is nothing wrong with the millennial tradition. In this way, if there is any drastic change, it will save some seeds of hope – and the reason why he is so stubborn is that Dad’s persistence is also very important.

“However, it is precisely at this time that our fleet’s Nether Hunter has touched the dangerous bottom line of ‘Awakening Self-Awareness’. Now there are hundreds of millions of eyes staring at us, waiting to see how we deal with the Nether Hunter. It can’t be solved neatly, and even what kind of moths come out, not only our fleet, but also the rest of the hunter of about a dozen fleets, and even the whole life of the Human Race and the Void Hunter ‘harmonious coexistence, can’t keep it, You really don’t understand!”

Pepe’s brain was a mess.

Every word that her brother said, she can understand, but after combining a sentence, the hidden cold killing intent, but the girl shudders, neither, nor want to understand.

Pepe is a sensible girl after all, knowing that it is useless to rush his brother to lose his temper, just a tear.

“do not Cry.”

My brother handed over a paper towel and said, “Is such a beautiful little girl crying and ugly?”

Pepe pulled the paper towel from her brother, but she cried even harder.

“Don’t blame my father’s heart, I think, he is also here to protect you.”

My brother said again, “In the past six months, the situation of the highest combat conference has changed very subtly, the doves have been weak, and the hawks have been in power. It is said that the new commander of the new commander should strengthen the control of hundreds of fleets and search for heretics in an extraordinary period. I have to be careful.”

β€œEagle? Dove? Heresy?”

Pepe didn’t cry, swollen with two eyes. “What is Ah?”

“That is…”

My brother thought about it and reluctantly explained, “The hawks are the most iron-clad and toughest Soldiers. They think that the living space we are now colonizing is not enough. Human Race Civilization should continue to expand outward, expand 100 times, even thousands of times. Tens of times of living space, until it becomes the overlord of the entire Star Ocean, all possible threats to our lives and Civilization should be mercilessly obliterated, at least, to eliminate their threats and thoroughly suppress them for Human Race Civilization service.

“Doves, it is considered that this goal is too grand and far-reaching. For the time being, it should be in harmony with those who have the wisdom of Starry Sky Foreign Race. It will grow and develop naturally, and it will come naturally.

“As for heresy, those are those who are under the control of cosmic radiation, Starry Sky Foreign Race, or inconsistencies and betray the interests of Human Race Civilization!”


Pepe’s eyes widened. “Is there such a guy there?”

“of course.”

My brother said with a sad look, “If Dad doesn’t control you in time, let you sneak up and look for Shannua to say everything, you become a heresy of ‘controlled by Starry Sky Foreign Race, betray the interests of Human Race Civilization’. ?”

Pepe was deeply chilled and subconsciously said: “I, I am not!”

“You are not, it doesn’t matter.”

My brother said, “The important thing is that the highest combat conference and the highest Commander think that you are not – the new official took up three fires. I heard that the highest Commander is now using some disgraceful means. The status is not stable, so he has been sharpening his knife, thinking about killing chickens and monkeys and consolidating his position. It is not surprising that we should not be used by him to find excuses.”

“Brother, what exactly are you talking about Ah? It was a matter of Shannua at the beginning, and later became the highest combat conference, and finally the highest Commander.”

Pepe muttered, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand at all.”

“I don’t understand the best.”

My brother smiled. “My brother and father’s biggest wish is that you never know these things… bloody, dirty and even evil things, always a carefree little princess.

“Well, my little princess, take a good sleep, and tomorrow will transfer you to the medical ship. Nothing will happen until then.”

As soon as he heard that he was going to be separated from Shannu, Pepe’s nerves that had just been relaxed were tightened again.

But when she saw her brother’s expression, she knew that she was useless.

“Brother, I just want to ask you the last question.”

The girl whispered.

“Just ask.”

My brother smiled.

“I remember a long time ago, you told me that you chose to be a ‘warrior’ to protect all your loved ones without any harm.”

Pepe said, “Now, look at my eyes, tell me once again – do you still think so, still 100%, sincerely, do not think that you are just “guarding”, not for anything else Do you choose to fight?”

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