FMC Chapter 3322

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, octopus girls fifteen fights, floating astronomy
Pepe took a breath, accelerated, and drove the escape cabin, smashing into the brother’s universe, Battle Armor.

“So, brother -“

Pepe bit his lip. “You are still determined to kill Shanuya, right? After he has just saved his life and saved everyone, he didn’t even hesitate?”

“forgive me.”

His brotherโ€™s voice was shaking, and he seemed to close his eyes in the Battle Armor, and he said, โ€œIn order to survive, we have no choice.โ€

“Itโ€™s ridiculous to survive.”

Pepe said, “Even if you use this method, you can really survive for a while, what kind of person do we become? Wolf, dog, lungs, ungrateful, murderous bad guys, like the story of the forty The thief’ is the same!

“Brother, I remember that you were not like this in the past. When you were young, you liked listening to stories like me. Listening to the stories of good people fighting the bad guys, heroes defeating demons, you praise Alibaba’s kindness and good luck, you worship Sinbad. Courage, you vow to be like a protagonist in the story, be a great hero who is going to help the good guys, fight the bad guys, and do the right thing.

“When did you start to become like this, it became the ‘Forty Thieves’ in the story, a downright bad guy! Is this really you, really, really you? What are you doing, you still Do you know yourself now?”

“It doesn’t matter, Pepe, in the face of survival, good and bad, right and wrong, no meaning.”

My brother said with pain, “Even, even if it becomes a ‘forty thief’, as long as it can survive, it will be enough.”

“No, not enough, not enough. We must not only live, but also be like a good person, live like a hero, that is the real life, the real Civilization!”

Pepe screamed, “If you want to survive, you turn yourself into a ’40 thief’, turn the fleet into a robber, break through all the rules, trample on all the bottom lines, and people who are alive will really be happy, A group of robbers who have no morals, no bottom line, and extermination of humanity. Can they really unite for a long time and overcome difficulties?”

“You do not understandโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

My brother said.

But before he finished, he was interrupted by Pepe:

“Yes, I really don’t understand. I don’t understand what you guys are doing. – Be a good person, be a hero, defend your homeland and justice, fight against darkness and evil. It’s not that you guys are writing stories. Teach everything to all children?”

The girl cried out, “Good and good, bad and bad, as long as you have a kind heart, uphold the law of justice, and treat your friends with enthusiasm, you will eventually overcome all difficulties and defeat the most powerful enemy, the prince. Living with the princess happily – isn’t that all said in the story? Aren’t the adults instilled in the children so much that the children are convinced of all this?

“Why, from the story jump to the reality, from the child to the adult, everything has changed dramatically, have you changed?”

“Tell me, who is wrong, is the story that you adults wrote to the children, or the adults themselves?”

“Maybe we are wrong.”

My brother sighed softly. “But I still can’t let you go.”


Pepe asked, “If you know that you are wrong, why don’t you want to change, stop, and save it? It’s still too late!”

“You do not understand.”

Brother said, “This is complicated, I have no choice.”

“Why does everything become ‘complicated’ in the eyes of your adults? Can’t you simply follow your own heart, do the right thing, just things, good things?”

Pepe cried. “You obviously have a choice. Just let the passage go and let me go!”

“Do not.”

Brother said, “No.”

“That, then -“

Pepe took a deep breath and “destroy me, like you are going to kill Shanuya, destroy my escape cabin!”


Brother said, “I won’t do it for you, but I can’t see what you tell the Nether Hunter to make it possible to kill everyone.”

“That believe me.”

Pepe said, “I will never let you kill Shanuya, but I will never let Shanuya kill you.”

“This is impossible.”

Brother said, “Even if you are, there is no way to predict and control the behavior of the Nether Hunter.”

“I know, but I have come up with a solution.”

Pepe said, “Minimize the risk of possible dangers – to say it again, I will not let it hurt you, and will not let you hurt it.”

“any solution?”

My brother gave a slight glimpse.

“You can’t say it now, it won’t work if you say it.”

Pepe pleaded, “Brother, believe me, I can do it, give me a chance to try, give you a chance to guard things, give a chance to the stories of heroes and good people!”

Brother is silent.

The Battle Armor of the universe trembled fiercely, as if it was under tremendous pressure from the inside out.

“Remember the games that we used to play when we were young. I played Malkina in the game, and you played Alibaba, but no children are willing to play forty thieves!”

Pepeโ€™s voice was crying. โ€œOur Civilization has a total of 100 fleets. If ninety-nine of them choose to be ‘forty thieves’, there should be at least one, try to become ‘Alibaba’ and ‘Malkey. Na’, right? Brother, right?”

My brother continued to be silent.

The Battle Armor of the universe stopped shaking, as if a statue of thinking, floating quietly in front of Pepe.

“Trust me, my brother, I can save everyone and save everyone!”

Pepe screamed, “I beg you, believe me!”

When the escape cabin was gently swept past the Cosmic Battle Armor, the brother still didn’t speak, but… there was no make a move to stop it.

The escape cabin continues to accelerate, getting further and further away from the Space Battle Armor, and getting closer and closer to the Nether Hunter.

My brother still didn’t have any movements, as if the universe Battle Armor was empty.


Pepe was surprised and happy, whispering in the communication channel.

“I am here.”

My brother finally spoke, his voice was as low and difficult as a collapse. “Pepe, now, everyone’s life is in your hands.”

Not far away, there are a few shining lights that spurt.

Itโ€™s Dad and the four guard members, who also control the Battle Armor.

“What about people?”

Dad asked quietly.

“Just past.”

My brother calmly answered.

“Gambling, how to do it, chase!”

Dad whispered, waved his hand and led the four guards to catch up with Pepe’s escape cabin.

However, they just launched, the cosmic Battle Armor sent a sharp alarm beep.

From the brother’s hot blade glow, turned into a magma in the Star Ocean, shrouded their skulls.

“what the hell.”

Dad was shocked and screamed, “You are crazy!”

“I do not know.”

My brother smiled, opened his arms and stopped in front of the five universes, Battle Armor. “Maybe.”

โ€œLei Qi !โ€

Dad was stunned. “What are you doing?”

“Do your duty as a soldier.”

My brother was silent for a long time, and he said, “Fighting for the things we have always guarded.”

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