FMC Chapter 3325

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the mystery of the five Jade Chips
The mystery of the five Jade Chip

Hey, I’m seeing you again, I’m not surprised Ah?

I’m sorry, I’ve told you that “two days have passed”, the result has been dragged on for so long, mainly because… the taste of rest is really comfortable, I don’t want to move when I rest, hahaha, I want to open a new book next month. And you have to go all out, let the old cows indulge for a little ten days and a half!

The progress of the new book… Okay, I wrote the beginning of a 50-60,000-word word. I feel that it is not very good. I have overthrown it again. Now I am back to the scale of 50,000-60,000 words. It is estimated that before the book is issued in the middle of next month, I can also make a manuscript about a few million.

In addition to the “Study of the Four”, I was prepared to write the stories of several important supporting roles in chronological order, but now I think it is better to keep mystery. Star Ocean is so big, the universe is so wonderful, Ding Lingdang, Han Te, Fist King, Boss Bai, Long Yangjun… They will encounter many interesting stories. Why should the old cows finish them all?

Therefore, Fanwai has basically ended at the end of this month. Next, I will concentrate on writing new books. If you really want to see it, then the old bulls will see the situation later.

In the end, there are still two exceptions, but these two are really outside the outside world, and have nothing to do with the main line, everyone is free!

Start below, the fifth, “Jade Chip Mystery”:


after a long time.

A parallel universe, in a timeline.

“Step on Stomp!”

On the starless night, the mountain wind whistling, the rugged mountain road above the rugged mountain road, the two iron dragons of “Dragon Wolf” trampled on the bluestone, and the sparkling sparks, breaking the large mountain rock, “Crackling” rolled down to Wanzhang Abyss Under the anger, the waves surged.

The mountain is so sinister, Rao is the spirit of the gods, coupled with the expert training of the cultivation, a little careless, but also torn a body and crushed bones, the dead.

But the knights on the front and back of the two gods, regardless of disregard, rushed wildly, using the secret skill to stimulate the blood of Shen Jun, the speed to the limit.


Behind the overcast clouds, the “human face” of the head of the first eagle was circled by the Evil Path murderer with a secret skill. The sly face showed a strong embarrassment, and continued to face two dragons. The Wolf Knight launched a fight.

The two knights held the Golden Ravens and fired a series of fireballs in the air. They burned all the days and were all red lotus fires. They barely resisted the attack of the brigade.

It seems that the defensive water can’t be poured, but the arrow in the storage ring is getting less and less.

At this time, the mountain road in front appeared to collapse. It was a torrential rain that was devastated by giant rocks and exposed a gap of several dozen feet.


The rear knight exclaimed, his voice was tender, and he was a young man in his early twenties.

“Crush over!”

The knight in front of the horse swayed and jumped up. Dragon Wolf shouted and turned into a lightning bolt, and it really rushed nearly a hundred feet away.

The rear Dragon Wolf was inspired by his companions, not waiting for the Cavaliers to whip, but also leaping high, the figure is like electricity, crossing the missing mountain road.


Not waiting for the two knights to breathe a little, the mountain road has come to an end.

In front of it is a high-pitched cliff. Underneath the cliff is the Nether Spring, where the black scorpion is bottomless. The opposite point is at least two or three hundred feet away. The eyesight is less, and the other side cannot be seen.

“No way, Master!”

The young knight calls again.

“There is no way to take a road, Zhao Chuang, you have to listen to the teacher. This ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ records the Taiko Era, a Ten Ocean Ocean’s Ten Thousand Worlds Supreme, the biggest secret of this life. It may be that he roars the stars and licks the heavenly divine ability!”

The former knight bites his teeth. “It is old-fashioned, who can crack and comprehend the contents of ‘Supreme Jade Chip’, who can dominate the world, suppress the nine worlds, and even travel on the stars! And in the past ten years, ‘Supreme Jade Chip ‘The nine appearances, each time triggered the world turmoil, loss of life, blood dyed nine worlds!

“This time, our ‘Sky Wolf Zong’ accidentally got the ‘Supreme Jade Chip’, which led to the scourge of the massacre. If the ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ is left in the hands of the evil demon, I don’t know what kind of catastrophe will be encountered!

“Zhao Chuang, Sky Wolf can be destroyed, you and my master and disciple can also sacrifice their lives, but this ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ must be sent to the ‘Seven Great Factions’, the ‘King Hang Temple’ In his hands, only he knows how to seal ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ and prevent it from ruining the world!”

Master and disciple have already rushed to the front of the cliff.

The “human face” who was chasing after him, made a harsh scream in the air, as if they laughed and they had nowhere to escape.

Zhao Chuang understood Master’s determination in an instant, and was shocked: “Master, what are you doing for the elderly!”

“Hold, Zhao Chuang, remember, your head can be broken, you can die, your soul can vanish, but this ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ must be handed over to Master Cihang!”

Master took a green bamboo tube to Zhao Chuang’s arms and shouted screamingly. “Ten thousand can’t let it fall into the hands of the evil demon. It’s impossible!”


Master Dragon’s Dragon Wolf leaps high toward the endless cliff.

At the same time, Master blew a strange whistle, and Zhao Chuang’s singer Shen Jun also jumped behind him.

After the two heads of the gods, they made a thrilling arc in midair. After all, they lost some height. They had not arrived on the other side and fell.

However, Master carefully calculated the trajectory of the two sacred horses, and Zhao Chuang’s sacred prince was unbiased, just behind Master’s Shen Jun.


Zhao Chuang’s Shen Jun took a step and turned Master’s God as a stepping stone, thus gaining new heights, strengths and speeds and continuing to rush toward the other side.

Master, along with Shen Jun, accelerated the fall and fell into the dark clouds.


Zhao Chuang heartache is like a twist, but the teacher’s door has been drastically changed recently. Everyone except himself has died. This kind of anger makes him take care of his heart, clench his teeth, control the gods, and fall dangerously on the other side.

The cliffs on both sides were extremely different. Zhao Chuang was also slightly injured when he confronted the “human face”. Spiritual Energy could not work. He fell into a darkness and spurted a red blood.

His Majesty Shen Jun also fell and his limbs were broken, unable to move forward.

Zhao Chuang got up and squeezed his arms. He was still in the middle of his arms. He was still a little relieved, and then he looked around in the air. The brigade “faced with people” but smirked and chased him up.

“chī chī chī chī !”

Zhao Chuang shot the Golden Raven Fire, shot the two “human face” into a fireball, and then pulled out the waist knife, ready to fight.

At the turn of the millennium, dozens of mysterious ripples emerged in the void, condensing into the wind blade of blowing hair and breaking hair, and about a dozen heads of “human face 枭” suddenly lost their heads!

“Sky Wolf Zongdaoyou don’t want to panic, Ardent Wind Sect Han Ziyi and ‘Hurricane 19 Sword’ come to meet!”

In the jungle on both sides of the hillside, drill about a dozen famous sword cultivator, ten of them manipulate Flying Sword, and the remaining “human face”, but there are three sword cultivators, fluttering to Zhao Chuang, “‘Supreme Jade Chip ‘Where, let us go to the ‘Master of Mercy’ to go!”

Ardent Wind Sect is a well-known and well-known decent, flat and reluctant to help the weak, presided over justice, and has a reputation. Zhao Chuang is a little relieved.

But when I think of Master’s death, I still said: “Senior Brother of Ardent Wind Sect, Sky Wolf Zong Zhao Chuang is here, ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ is also in my hands, Master told me to hand it to Master Cihang.” , bother you, Senior Brother leads the way!”


The three sword cultivators suddenly accelerated, and the head of Han Ziyi’s face was no less than “human face”. “Let us send you on the road!”

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