FMC Chapter 3327

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, under the mystery of the five Jade Chips (End), Astronomy
At the same time as the blood lotus lord screamed at the same time, more than 500 miles from the main battlefield of the confrontation between the evil and the evil, the misty haze, the bottomless cliff is also not long ago, Zhao Chuang’s master, Sky Wolf Sect Master cast “Antelope” Feidu is extinct, sacrificing self and saving Zhao Chuang and Supreme Jade Chip.

No one had thought that the bottom of the cliff was close to the rolling rag, and there was a crack on the smooth mirrored mountain wall.

Going deep into the mountain along the crack, there is another Qiankun Heaven and Earth, which is a spacious and breathable underground palace.

And the underground palace is filled with water, food, Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure and spirit pill elixir, enough to support a cultivator, re-cultivating cultivation for three years and five years.

The Sky Wolf Sect Master, which was supposed to have died on the cliff, appeared here. Everything around him was already prepared, and the most beloved disciple, Zhao Chuang, was just the “incentive” he released. !

However, at this moment, the Sky Wolf Sect Master, and the dead differs not much bones are broken, the hands and feet are broken, the meridians are broken, and life is better than death!

Even the “Supreme Jade Chip”, which has been painstakingly sacrificed and sacrificed to the Sky Wolf, has been retained by his own death, has also fallen into the hands of another person.

It is a wide-mouthed, kind-hearted person.

At first glance, it is compassionate compassion, and the sorrowful light of all living beings.

Not the leader of the Righteous Path, who is the master of the Cihai Temple, but who is it?

“For a Supreme Jade Chip, I don’t hesitate to kill my own house, and I am ruthless, and I am ruined, Sky Wolf Sect Master, why bother?”

Master Cihang sighed and groped for the Supreme Jade Chip in the palm of his hand, while smashing the leg bones of the Sky Wolf Sect Master.

Sky Wolf Sect Master hurts in tears, but the pain has stimulated his divine soul, which made his ideas clear. He glared at Master Ci, screaming: “Cihang, you are not a good thing, If you really have no evil thoughts, you can’t be alone here waiting for me. With your strength, you can easily take me to the Kuhai Temple and accept the Interrogation of the Righteous Path! You are uncharacteristic and have no compassion. It’s a killer here, don’t you want to learn from me and swallow ‘Supreme Jade Chip’?

“Haha, hahahaha, I am a northwest savage, a small name in the Culture World. I hope that I will rely on the ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ to step into the sky, and I will start the evil thoughts. I didn’t expect you to be a Righteous Path leader, worth hundreds of millions of people. Millions of cultivators admired the ‘civil masters’, but also can not hold, fell to the same level as I have bloody Lord, ridiculous, really ridiculous!”

“Not the same, you and I are still different.”

Master Cihang is not angry, smiles. “Sky Wolf Sect Master, do you know the contents of ‘Supreme Jade Chip’? Do you know how to unlock the seal of Jade Chip? No, you don’t know anything, you move. Greedy heart, trying to retreat here for three or five years, seven or eight years, can solve the mystery of Supreme Jade Chip? So ridiculous, simply looking for a dead end, how can you and me?

“My family, pursuing and researching ‘Supreme Jade Chip’, has already been for several thousand years, and the efforts and sacrifices of countless ancestors have barely pushed out most of the content of Jade Chip, and I know that there is a lot in Jade Chip. A strong spiritual test, in order to strengthen the divine soul, but also spared no effort to join the bitter sea Buddhist temple for more than 100 years, painstaking cultivation of various secret skills of the spirit of the soul, this has a chance to withstand the strength of Jade Chip.

“You are just a temporary idea. I am waiting for a hundred years for today, Sky Wolf Sect Master, can you really be the same?”

“Even if you waste a hundred years of time, it is also a dream, and it will never be successful.”

Sky Wolf Sect Master struggled. “Don’t underestimate the world’s heroes. Someone will soon see your conspiracy. Knowing that ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ is in your hands, the image of your hard-working disguise for a hundred years will be completely shattered. You will Became the biggest traitor in the Kuhai Temple, and the two cross-street mice that attacked the evil spirits, the nine worlds, and no place for you!”

“so what?”

Master Cihang still smiled. “Honor, status, image, bitter sea temple, righteousness and evil, the nine people of the world.” In the face of strong power, this is not important.

“As long as I cracked the mystery of ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ and practiced it as a master of the world, I was the deserved king of the world, the king of kings, the god of Gods, I coughed softly, nine Wanzhou, who dares not to follow? That is what is now the “Righteous Path Leader” who has a false name?

“Well, Sky Wolf Sect Master, it’s time to send you on the road. See you help me get the Supreme Jade Chip. Is there any unfulfilled wish before I die?”

“and many more!”

Sky Wolf Sect Master has a heart, “Supreme Jade Chip has a strong heritage of the Taikoo, so that the Master of Mercedes-Benz is willing to give up everything he has been practicing in exchange for a hundred years of practice, I, I want to know, I I want to die!”

“Whether, telling you is no problem, who told me that it is ‘Bitter Sea Cihang’, the most unacceptable to others.”

Master Cihang squatted for a hundred years in the Kuhai Temple. He had already suffered from mischief. He shook his disguise and revealed his true face. He couldn’t tell the truth. There are indeed countless words in his heart. He wants to tell people, he is proud of it. The so-called ‘Supreme Jade Chip’, said that a few years ago, a Star Ocean universe Supreme, called “Vulture Li Yao”, that is the myth of the stars to take the moon, the earth-opening characters, its powerful, far from us Unimaginable.

“In legend, we have the strongest Artificer Sect ‘Fruit Gold Piece’ in the nine worlds. The Old Ancestor of the Nine Kingdoms got a half-cheat of a fairy-tale singer’s Witch Star, only to open the establishment Sect, the millennium and the witch. Ma Xing’, but the “Supreme Li Yao” has been a great-grand, unremarkable little person.

“In the legend, there was a big Empire across Ten Thousand Worlds. The territory was far more than a hundred million times in the nine worlds, and even conquered the stars above the stars. The big Empire’s Sovereign Emperor also called Supreme Li Yao a brother.

β€œIt’s legendary that there is a mysterious and unfathomable and powerful ‘Covenant’ that can open flowers and trees, even the stone and metal coffins, so that they can be refined into people without the supreme order of Supreme Li Yao, ‘Covenant ‘ Half point divine ability.

“In the legend, there is a red flame dragon, who has trampled on hundreds of millions of stars, swallowed countless creatures, destroyed thousands of worlds, and only Supreme Li Yao can surrender this tyrannosaurus!

“Supreme Li Yao, it is the past and present, Ten Thousand World’s expert! Even the countless worlds, the ancient hegemons of countless worlds, were all ordered and educated by Supreme Li Yao, which opened up Immortal.

“And this ‘Supreme Jade Chip’ contains all the essence of Supreme Li Yao’s most dangerous life, including how he defeated the enemy’s pressure box. You said that such things are not worth my sacrifice. Got it?”

Sky Wolf Sect Master was stunned.

β€œEven, even then, how does the master know that Jade Chip is the most dangerous trick of Supreme Li Yao?” Sky Wolf Sect Master vomited blood and asked quickly.

β€œIt’s very simple, because my people have been studying it for thousands of years. Singreme Era, Supreme Li Yao once destroyed the same type of Jade Chip within the scope of Ten Thousand World.”

Master Cihang said, “My ethnic studies have found that Supreme Li Yao is not a person who likes to hide. He has spent hundreds of thousands of battles in Star Ocean’s countless years, naturally leaving countless Cultural Technique, secret technique and tricks. However, the other Cultural Technique books are not in a hurry to destroy, but they are painstaking to destroy the Jade Chip that records his battle with ‘Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji’.

“It can be seen that this ‘Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji’ must be a rare enemy of Supreme Li Yao’s life, and Supreme Li Yao must also display Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth in order to deal with the Dark Star Great Emperor. Taboo secret art, the power of this move, even to the extent that Supreme Li Yao is afraid of himself.

“Perhaps, learning the tricks in Jade Chip can reverse Supreme Li Yao yourself!

“So, Supreme Li Yao was impatient to destroy all the Jade Chips of the ‘Dark Star Great Emperor’. Until today, the whole piece of the nine worlds, only the last one, but I was lucky to get it, haha, hahahaha !

“Well, Sky Wolf Sect Master, I have answered all your questions. Do you have anything else to say?”

Sky Wolf Sect Master spit out a long sigh of breath, and a series of blood foam spilled over his mouth.

Looking at the eyes of Master Cihang, there is a very complicated light, I do not know whether it is resentment, is it awkward, or envy?

“I really want to… see the confrontation process between Supreme Li Yao and Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji. Look at the invincible Supreme of Star Ocean. What exactly is the use of the bottom of the box to defeat the strong enemy!” Sky Wolf Sect Master is secluded.

“Greed, Sky Wolf Sect Master.”

Master Cihang said, stepping on the head of Sky Wolf Sect Master.

Now, there is only one person left in the underground palace.

No, it should be said that although the world is big, he personally ruined everything and became a lonely man.

Listening, the whistling sound of “ε‘œε‘œ” outside the underground palace, is it a gale, a raging wave, or a sinister evil and the vassal countries to denounce his roar?

A hundred years of time, desperately thrown, this is really a gamble that squanders everything, but fortunately, he gambled to win.

“It doesn’t matter, even if you personally ruin the past 100 years, it doesn’t matter, even if you become the public enemy, it doesn’t matter, even if everyone hates, despise and chase, it doesn’t matter, just crack the Jade Chip mystery and learn Supreme Li Yao to defeat Dark Star Great. Emperor’s Taikoo secret art, the past hundred years of forbearance and bitterness have paid off, the whole world is mine, even Ten Thousand World…”

Master Cihang laughed, and in every pore of his face, he gave a light called ambition and hope.

Convergence, chanting spells, Capricorn Jade Chip, Master Cihang learn to concentrate on learning.

[Five outside, the mystery of Jade Chip, finished]

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