FMC Chapter 3330

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Star Ocean Cannon King – Han Te! (a), floating astronomy
The long-awaited legend of Han Te, start!

This is, oh, telling a boy, after a series of twists and turns, various reflections and thrilling adventures, grow into a man’s story – in theory, according to the plan, no accident, probably this is the case.

Not updated regularly, but it will definitely be more complete, I believe the old man’s character.

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Not much nonsense, started, Star Ocean Cannon King’s exciting journey at Magic World, from boys to… probably the man’s Immortal legend!


Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, a few years after the end of the battle of the ancient ruins “Immortal Palace”.

Away from the Pangu Universe, the distant Star Field, the unknown world, the ancient and mysterious magical universe, numerous space folds, a vast expanse of continents.

The Sunset Mountain is the most dangerous mountain on the continent called “Jade”.

The fallen forest is the most dangerous place in the entire sunset.

Legend has it that this is the border between “Glorious World” and “Demon Sector”. Numerous Mozu remnants who lost in the eternal bloody battle will climb from here to the world, and those who are scum, scum, killer, gambler, and nowhere to go. The devotees, who provoked the sorcerer’s evil magician, and the bounty hunters and the sacred sects, will also rush to escape here, find the same kind in the dark and breeding grounds of evil, and try to make a comeback.

It is home to the most dangerous killers of the Glorious and Bloody Demon Sector, the most mysterious swordsman, the most greedy hunter, and the most evil, powerful and magical magician.

Every day, every second, there are countless killings, betrayals, chasing and ambushing bloody dramas here.

Numerous brave people came here for faith or money, and they were buried in a pile of dead bones. In the legend, every tree here is full of dead bodies, and every leaf is blown by the yin wind. “The voice, that is the eternal cry of the undead.”

And all the evil magicians who crouched in the fallen forest, “Amoeba” Eric is one of the most evil ones.

Eric, as his name suggests, specializes in the most mysterious transfiguration of the Nine Series of Magic. In order to exploit the mystery of the ancient deformation of Expeditions, he sacrificed his family, friends, disciples and everything else to experiment with the living.

First, the human body and Demon Beast were merged, and even the human body and the demonized plant were merged. In the end, it was madly trying to “deform” the Human Race into steel and rock.

Thousands of inhuman experiments, just to “deform” out the most perfect “ultimate body” in his mind, but until he was in the position of the Royal Great Wizard of the Kaitel Empire, no one knew that the emperor fled to the sunset mountains. What is the so-called “ultimate body” – perhaps even Eric himself does not know, because that is just the concept he found in an ancient magic book.

Now, this secret, no one can ever know.

Because “The Amoeba” Eric has been penetrated by a shiny sword, the whole person is nailed to the rock, all his magic is swallowed by the sword, and nothing can be changed.

— Hunting for the “Amoeba” Eric’s reward has been put on hold in the Hunters Guild for half a year, many people say that no one can hunt in the depths of the fallen forest, Eric’s magic tower radiation range Kill him.

But “Jack? Thunder” was originally created for the sake of miracles, the hunter among the hunters.

Three years ago, when he rose like a rising sun, no one knew where the young man of this black-haired golden eye, mysterious and unfathomable came from.

Today, with his unique hair color as the nickname, the name “Black Jack” has been well-known and well-known.

Not to mention his sharp tricks like lightning flashes and thunder rolls, kill[ed] the murderer on the 27th Hunter Guild Awards list, not to mention his winning streak on the underground platform attached to the Hunters Association, winning 33 games. Before the creation of a brilliant record of the ancients, it is only to see the “Hou Gongtuan” who is surrounded by his left and right, and Yan Yanyan knows how good this young man is.

Whether it is the ancient Princess of Empire, or the female assassin in the underground world, or the head of the mercenary group, the catwoman with sharp ears and claws… countless girls are surrendering at the foot of Jack Thunder, to him Not dead.

He is like a god who is favored by God and condenses the entire Magic World. He is destined to create a miracle, a man like God.

Killing the “Amoeba” Eric is a matter of course, and at most he exchanges his evil charm.

And this laugh, and caused the members of the harem group – the female screamers, female orcs, female dragons, female demons, princesses, Wang Hao, female magicians, female swordsmen scream.

For all this, Jack? Thunder has long been used to it, he touched his nose faintly, faintly pulled out the sword from the body of the evil magician, faintly opened his legs, faintly into the magical tower of the “Amoeba”.

The bounty can’t arouse his interest. To uphold justice is not the purpose of his coming here. He just wants to know what the “ultrasound” Eric is doing at all.

In the dark and deep magic tower, there is a pungent smell everywhere, and the Bewildering Mist presents a test body with fangs and claws โ€“ some like Human Race and beetle; some are directly from the flesh and blood. They have grown metal armor; some even put the magic guide into the human body, replacing the internal organs, the so-called “deformation”, it is really cruel black magic.

Most of the experimental bodies are dead.

Looking at their poor appearance is not like the “ultimate body”.

Unconsciously, Jack? Thunder came to the heart of the Magic Tower.

In Bewildering Mist, something is creeping and coming.

The harem of the harem group was all ready for battle, and Jack? Thunder also lifted the sword high.

Bewildering Mist scatters everything that appears in front of them, but it is beyond everyone’s expectations.

It is a magical array of mysterious and complex to the extreme, as if hundreds of ordinary magical arrays overlap, and use the blood of hundreds of demons and powerful monsters to outline, cast and bless.

But the magic array is empty, nothing.

No, not on the ground, but in midair, hanging four chains in the air, and actually tied a girl to the five flowers, hanging high above the magic array!

“Ohh Ohh ohh–“

The girl’s mouth was stuffed with a huge animal bone, which made her breathless, the whole face twisted, and the tears of humiliation flowed.

Even so embarrassed, there is still nothing to hide the amazing beauty of the girl, even if Jack? Thunder so dumped half of the legendary hunters of the emerald mainland hundreds of millions of girls, can not be deeply poured out for the girl can not be described with a pen and ink.

She is thrilling and beautiful, even if she shines all the crystals on the whole continent, she is not able to match the teardrops of her eyes. Even the infinite glory of the holy city of the Holy See is not able to match her unseen smile, even if she is as clean as Starry Night’s Elf Wonderland “Walde Lake” is no match for her shallow dimples.

In front of her, Jack Thunder’s entire harem group was eclipsed, as if it had become so boring and ugly in wood carving.

Not to mention that she is completely opposite to the pure appearance, and provokes the body of the succubus queen of the Demon Sector.

Jack? Thunder was completely dumbfounded, and he couldn’t help himself. He pulled out the animal bones in the mouth of the girl. He said, “You… this distinguished lady, who is the person who was caught by the evil magician, a country. Princess?”

“I went to your mother’s ‘Amoeba’ Eric, I want to kill you, I want to kill you, you dare to treat Han Te like this, ah ah ah ah, I want to smash you, You are dead!”

The unparalleled girl struggled hard, screaming, and shocked the chain huฤ lฤ huฤ lฤ, but when it came out, it was a strange language. Even the bloggers remembered, and the knowledgeable Jack? I have heard that I donโ€™t know what she is roaring.

“I have never heard of such a princess. She was so carefully tied to the ‘Amoeba’ here, it must be weird, it is better to kill her!”

The harem group instinctively sensed the crisis. The female swordsman, the female orc and the princess all glared at the beautiful girl. Many people also took out the sword and showed off the teeth.

The beautiful girl smelled the dangerous atmosphere, and she was so scared that she couldnโ€™t dare to swear again.

Jack? Thunder’s eyes suddenly turned into a shiny red heart, and the saliva flowed out.

The beautiful girlโ€™s eyes are twitching, and she canโ€™t bear it.

However, seeing so many tigers, the harem of the sword and the gun, can not bear it, and can only endure.

“This… this handsome and handsome brave man, please save people, people are really innocent girls caught by evil magicians!”

The beautiful girl stared at her scorpion and stuttered with the less-skilled emerald continental lingua franca. “The people are called Han Te…Han Te lei…Teresa!”


Jack? Lei Ming was fascinated by the girl’s rich expression, and she was so curious. “There is a good name, but the name that is a good name, is not worthy of the beauty of one billionth of a million.”

“Yes, people are called ‘Teresa’, a magical girl who is very innocent, very pitiful and very cute.”

Theresa’s expression is intricate, as if she was remorseful, and she seems to be more desperate than despair. The eyebrows are full of indescribable shame. “The people were caught by Eric’s amoeba, but he still hasn’t. If you have to torture others, people are still very… pure, please, please save people, this brave person who doesnโ€™t know the name, but looks very good and justice!โ€

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