FMC Chapter 3333

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Han Te (four) quirky black jack, floating astronomy
“…” Theresa was silent for a long time.

She is a bit confused.

In a subtle state of not knowing whether to scream, or to smile, or to vomit, or to escape.

“Don’t deny it. This is an obvious fact. Our black Jack is such a good man, just like the purple and red moons hanging over the emerald continent. Even the blind girl will be masculine.” The gas is completely convinced.”

The catwoman shook her tail and her cheeks were red. “I thought that when I saw his first second, I fell in love with him hopelessly – how could you be different from me?”

“That is, although you are very beautiful, perhaps have been sought after by countless Wang Sunzi, but Black Jack is completely different from those people.”

Natasha, the head of the maids, said, “No woman can get rid of his charm under the sun, even if the female in the human race can’t escape from his affectionate eyes, unless it is not a woman, or a monster without emotion! ”

Teresa: “Hey…”

“Of course you are a woman with strong emotions, so I fell in love with Black Jack like us.”

Dragon girl Hera coldly said, “Otherwise, why don’t you want to, you blurt out, we must go to the bloody battle Demon Sector with us, look for the Kuba, there is no other reason!”

Teresa thought for a long time: “It seems, indeed, that, there is no other reason to find out.”

“You finally admitted!”

Princess Axia screamed and watched Teresa’s eyes full of vigilance and jealousy. “You really want to compete with us for Black Jack’s favor!”

The girls were imposing and forced to come up, like a group of cats with exposed claws.

Teresa couldn’t tell her clearly, but she could only be weak: “No, my sisters, you really misunderstood, I actually, actually, I, that, I know that I am just one, an unremarkable magic apprentice. It is not worthy of the love of Black Jack, but I don’t expect to be with him. I just want to follow you, I can look at him from afar, vomit, sorry, my gut function is still Some disorders, don’t be like this, big deal, big deal -“

She took a deep breath and suddenly thought, “Big big from this moment, you stay with me day and night, keep watching me, we eat together, take a bath together, sleep together, make sure I don’t have a chance to get close to Black Jack, so Can you always?”

“Well?” The girls glimpsed and thought about Teresa’s proposal.

After all, they are bounty hunters, not evil sorcerers or gangsters from the bloody Demon Sector. They really want them to destroy the rare treasures of Teresa, which is a rare treasure in the world.

“Okay, girls, don’t make trouble.”

Black Jack went forward, and the deep feelings looked around for a week. The eyes were full of magical light. The voice was full of magnetism that could not be described by pen and ink. “You are all my favorite women, even more and more girls are gathered around me. My love for each of you will not be deducted by half. Don’t make a little boy’s temper. You have a headache, promise me, let Teresa join our family, like me, take her. Take care of being the most beloved sister, OK?”

There were wonderful ripples in the air, and Black Jack’s eyes were so deep that the invisible shackles were wrapped around the girls’ Brain.

A strange scene happened. They were angry and thorny, full of vigilance and jealousy, but Black Jack was light and clever, and his expression was relaxed, confused, and then calmed, joyous, and generous.


Natasha, the head of the maids, shrugged. “We should have thought that whoever called Black Jack is so charming, all women will be impressed by him, Teresa is also a woman, this can not blame her.”

“Yeah, we are too selfish.”

The catwoman can hang her ears shyly. “How can we monopolize the love of Black Jack with a few of us? This is unfair to other women!”

“Yes, it hurts Black Jack to be upset, and we are simply guilty of sin.”

Princess Axia said, “Since Black Jack likes you, we should like you as much as Black Jack, take care of you, protect your life, welcome to join our family, Teresa sisters!”

“Welcome, welcome, welcome to join our family, like us, become a woman of Black Jack!” Girls of all races, composed of a large group of harem, have reached out to Theresa, with a sincere and warm face. And a smile.

Teresa is creepy.

Eng, what the hell, these girls just envy and hate, are full of vigilance about her appearance, and even want to destroy her – think about it, this is normal, after all, “woman’s name is 嫉妒” Well!

Why, Black Jack is a word floating, a look, they are like being hypnotized, the whole person has completely changed?

Surprising, it is too strange, Teresa’s heartbeat speeds up, suddenly found that the black Jack this guy is more dangerous than the “Amoeba” Eric.

His eyes inadvertently swept to Black Jack, and she found that Black Jack was also mad at the evil spirits, looking at her like a smile.

Damn, this guy laughs more than the past, but also evil!

Moreover, perhaps the illusion, Teresa suddenly felt that Black Jack’s gaze was a strange ripple, being gently scanned or even … interfering with her Brain, trying to control some of the hormone secretion in her body.

“This guy, there are weird!

Teresa’s heart pēng pēng jumped straight, and the subconscious stepped back. The eyes turned and shy, and dared not look at Black Jack again.

“So, it was decided. We went to the Demon Sector with Miss Teresa to find the evil tyrant Kuba, to figure out the ultimate secret of the ancient black magic, and perhaps save the entire emerald continent!”

Black Jack regained his gaze and smiled and waved.

The harem group responded, and the girls shouted, their eyes blurred, their expressions mad, looking at Black Jack’s appearance, like a mad believer, watching their leader.


Into the night, deep in the forest, bonfire, camp, laughter.

Although it is a place of full of dangers, no one dares to provoke this extremely dangerous team of hunters – the news that Eric’s Black Magic Tower was destroyed, has been blown through the entire forest, all hidden in the dark The magic, Devil, evil mercenaries and bloody killers know that Black Jack is here!

Theresa huddled in the shadow of the deepest part of the tent, thinking silently about the daytime and his future.

“how can that be possible?

“Know, the most important thing is not to pick up a girl, not even how to soak about a dozen twenty girls at the same time, but how to make so many girls live in harmony, happy!

“When I was in the same year, this grandfather was starring at Star Ocean. When I was in the wind, I didn’t try to hold the left and right, and I was in contact with several girls. But as long as they knew each other’s existence, they would definitely be finished, even if there were several Time, let’s talk about feelings, and over time, they still have to make trouble!

“This black Jack, what is the method used to conquer such a huge harem group, so that all girls are not noisy, noisy, and listen to him, it is like some kind of…傀儡 or slave?

“And, who is the Lord Kuba, is it more powerful than the ‘Amoeba’ Eric? Is there anything I want in his hand?”

Teresa thought distressedly, habitually scratching her pants, and found that her pants were empty and her expressions were more frustrating, but her eyes were filled with strong unwillingness and reluctance.

No matter what the black Jack and the Kubarah are, no matter how dangerous the road ahead and how hopeful it is, she will take back what belongs to her.

She… Don’t be a member of Teresa, let alone be a member of the harem group… oh…

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