FMC Chapter 3334

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, direct to the bottom of Han Te (5) the so-called “lucky”, floating astronomy
When Theresa was “squatting”, the sound of the sound of Sosso sounded outside, and a unique breath of women came.

Damn, when she was a Hot Blooded man, it was clearly a feminine fragrance. When it smelled, it would boil from excitement.

But now, smelling several different feminine sensations, her heart is not fluctuating, and she can’t afford a little interest.

Heaven, earth, what evil magic is this, save her!

With the sound of silver bells, the dragon girl Hera, the head of the maids, Natasha and Princess Axia, got into the tent together.

There was a faint blush on their faces, and the eyes were sparkling, and Teresa’s eyes were exceptionally strange.

In the past, it was a world of bliss with the beautiful beauty of the three national colors and exotics.

But now, scratching the empty pants, there is an unpredictable feeling in the heart of Theresa.

“You, what are you doing?” She stammered and shrank back.

“Don’t be afraid, you have become one of us, the most distressed little sister, we will not hurt you.”

Princess Axia smiled and said, “I just want to help you dress up.”


Teresa just wanted to say that she was dressed up in the middle of the night, and was stunned by the powerful maids, Natasha.

Despite her legs, they took her to the depths of the jungle, next to a clear stream.

There are many leaves floating in the stream, and each leaf has a small candle on it, which is very romantic.

There are also a lot of melons, pears, and a variety of sweet and sweet foods, all placed in a basket of deciduous leaves, floating on the creek, swaying, giving off a refreshing scent.

There is even wine, washed by the stream to the right temperature, just right.

More attractive than food, it is a girl who is so charming and charming.

Black Jack’s huge harem group is playing in the stream, making troubles, giving a silver bell-like laughter, a carefree look, turning the originally chilled and bloody jungle into a fairyland on earth.

When they saw Theresa appear, they all smiled from the heart, as if the sun was shining on their faces.


The harem group made a welcoming ceremony in unison.

At the heart of Theresa, the feeling of creepy hair reappeared.

Perhaps, the conversion of certain organs and adenines has given her the ability to resist beauty, even in the face of such awkward scenery, to maintain an extremely cool thinking ability.

The black Jack guy, how did he form such a harem group, it is more obedient than the Empire of True Humanity guards, this is too…

Teresa originally wanted to say that this is too enviable?

But when you think about it, dozens of girls have completely lost their jealousy and monopoly. They are obedient like robots. They welcome competitors without any mention. Even Black Jack has a look and they are willing to die for him.

Is such a harem group really enviable?

Teresa thought for a long time and sighed in her heart.

She found herself and Black Jack not the same type of person.

Although everyone is a prodigal son and a veteran of flowers, she does not like so much embarrassment or the feeling that robots surround themselves.

Girls, it’s still a joke, a feelings, and a normal look.

“What have you brought me here?”

Teresa suspicion, “I am a little tired, I want to go back to sleep first.”

“The night is still growing, so what are you going to do to rest and rest?”

Dragon girl Hera smiled. “Let’s take a shower first?”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough!”

Theresa coughed up and the skin instantly turned into a rouge-like pink.

“Wash, take a shower?” she repeated while swallowing.

“Yeah, you have been in the dark magic tower of ‘The Amoeba’ Eric for so long, isn’t it very good to clean it, get rid of the bad habits of the past and welcome a new life?”

The dragon girl Hera should be the leader of the harem group. With a clap of hands, women of all races and even females swarmed and pulled Teresa into the stream.

They gently wiped Teresa’s delicate skin with the softest silk scarf.

They moisturize her waterfall-like hair with the most precious resin.

They were amazed at the appearance of her fish and geese, claiming that she could eclipse the most awkward stars and nights, and by the way, put all kinds of jewels on her.

“…stop, stop and stop!”

At first, Teresa was quite enjoyable.

The physiological impulse may have disappeared, but the psychological tendency is still strong, or, because some organs are flying, she is increasingly insisting on her own soul.

Therefore, she is happy to mingle with the girls.

But washing and washing, her feelings are getting more and more wrong. “You, you dressed me like this grand appearance, as if you want to attend a grand reception, what are you doing Ah?”

“Nothing, we just want to welcome you to join us.”

Dragon Girl Hera, “To express our friendship and sincerity, we decided to send you one of the most precious gifts to make you like.”

“What is that?” Teresa was suspicious.

“It is an opportunity to spend a good time with Black Jack.”

Dragon Girl Hera Road, “You are so lucky, Miss Teresa, you will have a whole night, being alone with Black Jack, completely possessing him, it is really embarrassing.”


Teresa ran out of the creek with a roll of crawling, and subconsciously tightened her chest. “You, you say it again, what are you going to do with me, you, what are you thinking in your mind!”

“I can understand your excitement. When every sister just joined, I heard that I can monopolize the love of Black Jack. I am as excited as I am.”

Hera Hira, “However, don’t be too anxious, hold a little, except for a few female warriors such as Natasha’s head, Black Jack does not like girls too active.”

“I don’t like him, I, I, I, I-“

Teresa was so angry that she thought about it and felt more and more horrible. “Wait, let’s say, even among you, ‘sleeping with Black Jack for a night’ is a great fortune, a great gift. ?”

“Of course, Black Jack is eager to work for the future and destiny of the entire continent. There are so many girls around him. How can he stay with a girl for a long time?”

Dragon Girl Hera Road, “Under normal circumstances, Black Jack is based on our performance, to choose his partner every night, and the selected person can only wait for him to change for an hour or two, you still If you don’t stand up, you can monopolize him all night. Isn’t it lucky?”

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