From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 1002


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Inner World.

Ten thousand races continue to dispute.

After Heaven and Earth opened up the space for ascension, 3rd-layer True Immortal was born one after another in all big clans.

Also because of the birth of 3rd-layer True Immortal, the middle 3rd-layer True Immortal is no longer Peak’s battle strength, and some races have entered a stage of decline.

Heaven and Earth changes.

Not only did it not ease the struggle of the ten thousand races, but on the contrary, it became more intense.

In the Loess Plain.

The two races are fighting each other.

There are manifestations of heaven and human beings, and the space to fight is trembling, and there are also fierce battles with martial arts.


“Dragon Race dare to attack my Human Race, it’s time to kill!”

The space collapsed, a stalwart body stepped out of it, struck out with a palm volley, the power of rules lingered on it, and all the places passed by were vanished.

The Dragon Race powerhouse couldn’t avoid it, and forcibly was beaten into blood mist by that palm.

Ow! !

Shocked Heavenly Dragon groaning, shaking the void and trembling.

Immediately afterwards.

I saw the space in front of me shattered like ceramics, and a ten thousand zhang True Dragon broke out of it and slew directly towards the Human Race powerhouse.

“Dignified True Immortal, to deal with the heavens and humans, is simply a shame, today I will kill you here, and also prove to the tens of thousands of people that the human race is useless!”


Human Race True Immortal sneered disdainfully, looking at the attacking ten thousand zhang True Dragon, his complexion was not afraid.

Everyone is True Immortal, so what is there to be afraid of.

Just one shot.

The momentum is heaven falls and earth rends.

True Immortal level powerhouse confrontation, no matter which world it is in, it is called destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Just the aftermath of a fight between the two cannot be resisted by other cultivators.

The cultivator of Human Race and Dragon Race are now consciously retreating, leaving enough space for the two True Immortal to fight.

When two True Immortal clash.

The other races around the Huangsha Plain are now shiver coldly, and the powerhouse in the tribe does not dare to move at all.

“Human Race and Dragon Race are fighting again!”

“The strength of the two clans is really strong, and a True Immortal comes out at random, it will have such power, when will my clan have such a foundation!”

“I just hope they don’t get here—”

The Sovereign of those races, looking up at the battle between the two True Immortal, also had a desperate look on their faces.

This is the gap between the strong and the weak.

Among the strong clan, although the general True Immortal can be regarded as a powerhouse, it is far from Peak. Any strong clan can send out a lot of True Immortal when fighting.

Let’s look at the words of the weak.

It is a blessing to be able to give birth to a True Immortal.

Those races.

There are only their respective Sovereigns, which can be powerhouses at the True Immortal level. In addition, ordinary clansman wants to be promoted to the True Immortal level, and the difficulty is not ordinary.

And moreover.

Even if it is barely among the ranks of True Immortal, when it comes to true battle strength, it is not as good as True Immortal of the big clan.

Because of the True Immortal of the big clan, you can have more Supreme Treasure, and the strength is naturally even more amazing.



The two True Immortal smashed together, the void shattered with each blow, the aftermath of destruction washed away like a tide, and all the creatures touched by the fluctuations screamed before they even had time to scream, they were completely perished. among them.

“The knife is coming!”

Human Race True Immortal loudly shouted, a long knife with azure light pierced through the air, and fell into his hand in an instant.

The long knife cuts down, the blade light 泯Exterminating Heaven and Earth.

“Innate Spirit Treasure!”

Dragon Race True Immortal’s complexion changed slightly, and when he opened his mouth, he spit out the dragon ball from his belly, together with the blade light strikes.


Two forces collide, and both disappear invisible.

Just at this time.

The void was shattered again, another Human Race True Immortal walked out of it, pressing down with a big palm, as if covering the million li space, engulfing it with infinite power, it fell toward the suppression of Dragon Race True Immortal.

Just a palm.

Dragon Race True Immortal was caught off guard, and was knocked down. The scales of his body were torn apart, and Golden’s blood was flowing.

“Human Race, dare to sneak attack!”

“Human Race should kill!”

The other True Immortal of Dragon Race also appeared one after another at this time, and there were terrifying strikes in an instant.

At the same time.

On the Human Race side, there is also a large number of True Immortal emerging.

It was originally a battle between two True Immortal, but suddenly it turned into a melee of more than twenty True Immortal.

At that moment.

All the fluctuations caused by the True Immortal attack can be described as destroying heaven extinguishing earth, and the entire yellow sand plain is covered.

Many weak creatures around the war were annihilated and shattered in this wave of fluctuations.

“quickly retreat! “

Sovereign surprised and angry have mixed races, and no longer have the idea of ​​offending the two races, and directly burst out their most powerful force to block this wave that can destroy their own race.

The creatures of that race also retreated immediately.


Race Sovereign coughed up blood and regressed.

Although he is True Immortal, he is only playing 3rd-layer True Immortal. Now there are more than 20 True Immortal squad, many of which are 3rd-layer True Immortal, the wave of destruction, even if True Immortal thinks. It is not easy to resist.

“It’s over—”

The Sovereign coughed up blood, looked at the fluctuations that swept again, and couldn’t help showing a look of despair in his eyes.

With the strength of your own race, if it is really swept by the fluctuations, it will definitely be the result of destruction.

This is the sorrow of the weak.

There is no way to protect yourself even if you don’t actively participate in it.


It is possible that after a battle, a race can be completely disappeared.

Just when he thought his race was about to annihilate, suddenly there was a breeze blowing across Heaven and Earth, and all the destructive power that came in was instantly vanished.

“This is—”

The Sovereign startled suddenly looked towards other directions and shouted loudly.

“Dare to ask who is the expert to help, please come out and see!”

He can be sure.

There must be a powerhouse secretly taking action to protect his family.

Otherwise, the fluctuation will not disappear so weird.

The words fall a little bit.

A person in azure clothes has appeared next to the Sovereign at some unknown time.

“Chazhou of the Sinking Clan, I have seen a senior, dare to ask the senior’s first name!”

The Sovereign of the Sinking Clan, bowed directly to salute.

Although the person in front of him looks like a Human Race, there are not a few powerhouses in the world that are transformed into human beings and walk the world, so he does not think that this azure clothes person really comes from Human Race.

Qin Shujian smiled slightly when he looked at the Sinking Emperor.

“My name, you don’t need to ask that many, help is also casual, you don’t have to take seriously, leave here with clansman, maybe the battle will be more intense later.” [19459002 ]

“Thanks Senior to help. If it is useful to get my lost clan in the future, my clan will definitely help!”

Qin Shujian’s words made the Shen Luhuang emperor’s heart beat wildly, and he no longer dared to hesitate for a while, and after a quick comment, he led clansman to evacuate.