From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 1003


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Seeing the departure of the Sinner Clan, Qin Shujian shook his head slightly, then set his eyes on the battlefield again.

He helped the Sinking Clan, really just casually.

For Qin Shujian.

Any creature in Inner World has the same relationship with itself.

Although he was born in Human Race, he will be partial to Human Race in nature, but he can speak of which seriously, whether it is Human Race or not, he created it himself.

Simply put.

That is the palm of the hand and the back of the hand, all of which are considered meat.

Unless he provokes himself, Qin Shujian rarely kills him.

Just like now.

The sinking clan is weak, and is about to be destroyed in the aftermath of the battle, so he will rescue him by the way.

The weak are sad.

Qin Shujian is also giving the other party a chance.

Whether these weak people can rise in the future depends only on their own chances.

“What a pity!”

“Just look at the luck of this race. If there is not a major change in the follow-up, it will be difficult to achieve anything.”

Qin Shujian shook his head.

The luck of a race can tell the strength of a race and its subsequent potential.

At least from the perspective of now, the luck of the Sinking clan is very sluggish, and it is destined that no powerhouse will be born.

Unless one day, the Sinking clan can change their lives, maybe there is a chance to soar.


How easy is it to change your life.


If Qin Shujian did it himself, it would help the Sinking Race to change their lives, but he did not intend to interfere in the development of a race.

Rescue is nothing but silence to prevent the Sinking Clan from being destroyed.

Can be rescued.

It does not mean that we have to help a race change their lives.

Between the two.

There is a big difference.

At this time.

In Human Race and Dragon Race, True Immortal has joined the battle group one after another.

It was just a small-scale conflict, which directly evolved into a True Immortal level battle.

“Inner World is developing so fast, so many True Immortal can be born in such a time -”

The Slaughter Blade couldn’t help sighing.

How long has it been since the True Immortal of the two clans appeared without money. If you count the True Immortal of all ten thousand clans, then the number of True Immortal will definitely reach an astonishing level.

Look at Great Thousand Worlds again.

In ancient times, when the ten thousand races were at their peak, I was afraid that there was no way to come up with so many True Immortal.

Qin Shujian was not too weird for the exclamation of the Slaughter Sword.

“When Heaven and Earth was just spawned, it was when Heaven and Earth was the most powerful. The number of powerhouses born during this time will be the largest. Even if powerhouses appear one after another in the future, it is difficult to match this time. .”

The chance of Heaven and Earth.

It’s all piled up in the front.

This is what, most Peak powerhouses come from when Heaven and Earth first opened.

Not because those powerhouses live long, but because those powerhouses have received resources that ordinary people don’t have at this point in time.


Although the battle was fierce, for Qin Shujian, it was nothing more than that.

Standing in the territory of the original Sinking race, neither Human Race nor Dragon Race True Immortal found his existence.

“Celestial Emperor thought, which clan would win?”

“Human Race!”

Qin Shujian thought about it and gave an answer.

“Human Race?”

The Slaughter God Blade was surprised. In his opinion, the current confrontation between the two clans did not show any strength or weakness.

Qin Shujian believes that Human Race will win, perhaps because the opponent is from Human Race.

Qin Shujian knew the inner thoughts of this ancestor soldier.

But he didn’t explain too much.

No matter which era or world it is, Human Race is mostly a strong race.

In Inner World.

Human Race is also the family of Peak.

But judging from the luck of the two, Dragon Race is still a bit worse than Human Race.

It’s just that the gap is not big.

Whether Human Race can really cause crushing is hard to say.


A breath of crushing sky struck, two beams of golden light cut through Heaven and Earth, and a huge dragon head appeared above the sky. The imposing manner that emitted it alone made the Human Race party horrified.

Dragon King!

Dragon Race Sovereign!

“Human Sovereign, dare to come out for a fight!”

The Dragon King’s voice shook Heaven and Earth, opening his mouth and closing it, already putting pressure on other Human Races.

Also when Dragon Race Sovereign appeared.

A stalwart body came from in the sky, and when each step came out, the void wailed, as if it could not bear such a powerful oppression.

“We meet again!”

Feng looked at the dragon emperor in front of him, his flesh was full of blood to the extreme, which was already turned into the power of rules to linger in it.

For the Dragon King.

He is not unfamiliar at all.

As early as at first, when I created Human Race by myself, I had already forged enmity with the opponent.

Until now.

Human Race grows stronger, Dragon Race grows too, this hatred is intensified.

“Last time you lost in my hands, but now you still dare to come, are you really afraid that one hundred thousand years of hard work will be ruined?” Feng said indifferently.

“hmph, it was only you who made that’s all last time. This time the emperor has already broken through, it must be a shame!”

Dragon Emperor is extremely angry and laughs.

He has already passed through the 3rd-layer True Immortal, and his strength has greatly increased. Even if the Human Sovereign in front of him is the same as the breakthrough, he is sure to defeat the opponent.

“It seems that you and I have nothing to say.”

The wind shook the head and didn’t want to talk nonsense with the Dragon Emperor.

I saw him stepping out in one step, millions and millions li The void is all turned into nothingness, the moment a punch strikes out, the torrent of rules collapsing the heavens splitting the earth.

“such insignificant ability!”

The Dragon Emperor was not afraid of it. He opened his mouth and there was a terrifying flame spit, which instantly burned the power of the rules.

Next breath.

His body disappeared in place, the huge dragon tail shattering void, moved towards the wind drew towards him severely.


Fist strikes and collided with dragon tail, both of their bodies shook wildly.


No one took a step back, on the contrary, there was a further battle together.

The true immortal strength of the 3rd-layer is not comparable to other True Immortal.

When the two Sovereigns were fighting, the Sovereigns of the other Peak clans cast their gazes over and watched the heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battle silently.

Since Inner World was promoted, although 3rd-layer True Immortal has come out.


This level of powerhouse fights, but it is the first time in history.


Faced with this battle, everyone wants to observe it and see if they can see some clues.

“The strength of Human Sovereign is even stronger. Human Race is really blessed by heaven, and it can be compared to an extraordinary race!”

In the territory of Spirit Race, Jianmu looked at the battle with a serious mind.

Although he was born in the first place, the strength that Feng has shown up to now is no weaker than himself.

This can be seen.

The potential of Human Race is indeed terrifying and terrifying.

In comparison.

The strength of Dragon Race Sovereign is actually weaker by one point.