From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 1004


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The fist collapsed, the dragon king’s huge body fell from the void, the scales shattered, and the golden blood swayed into the sky.

Talking about strength.

After all, he was worse than the wind.

After a long period of fierce battle, injury and defeat are inevitable.

Wounded in one blow.

The battle situation suddenly fell into a one-sided situation.


The Dragon King let out an unwilling roar, and all Dragon Races evacuated one after another.

After all Dragon Race evacuated, he stubbornly resisted the wind with a punch. After dropping some scales, he also hit shatter void disappeared.


The battle ended with the defeat of Dragon Race.

“My emperor will win!”

“My emperor will win!”

On the Human Race side, everyone is in high spirits, and the sound of shouting shakes Heaven and Earth.

Regarding this.

The wind looked solemn and solemnly shouted: “Everyone swept the battlefield and occupied that vein. Any race that dared to approach would kill without mercy regardless of origin!”

“I’ll wait to obey!”

Many Human Race True Immortal leads.

This time the war between Human Race and Dragon Race was for an Innate vein, where a large amount of Innate Spirit Stone was produced, which was a necessary resource for cultivator.


Heaven and Earth has just been promoted, all Spiritual Qi is still Innate Spiritual Qi.

So in some places where Spiritual Qi is rich, Innate Spirit Stone Ore Vein is condensed.

Any Innate Spirit Stone condenses a large amount of Innate Spiritual Qi, which can be regarded as Supreme Treasure for the cultivator.

Although said.

The powerhouse of True Immortal Realm does not need Innate Spirit Stone for cultivation.

But the cultivator below True Immortal is needed.

What you need to know is.

Except for the first batch of creatures born between Heaven and Earth, the rest of True Immortal all came up from the bottom step by step.

Only when the number of cultivators at the bottom increase greatly, will it be possible to produce more True Immortal in the future.


The importance of Innate Spirit Stone Ore Vein can be imagined.

Not only Human Race and Dragon Race, other races are greedy for this Innate vein.

However, it is.

The strength of Human Race and Dragon Race belongs to Peak among the ten thousand races. Although the other races around Spirit Stone Ore Vein are itching, they dare not intervene in the battle between the two races.

As for the other Peak clans.

It is also impossible for a Spirit Stone Ore Vein who is far away, to turn his face with two Peak clans.

How to say it again.

This Innate Spirit Stone Ore Vein is near Human Race and Dragon Race, far away from other Peak clans.

The struggle between the two races is justified.

Other ethnic groups intervened, and the meaning of declaring war was too obvious.

You need to know.

Every Peak clan has its own enemies.

In this case, if there is one more enemy of the Peak family, the risk factor will increase substantially, it will cause no end of trouble.


Before the critical juncture, no one hopes to have one more enemy, and it is a terrifying enemy.

Just when all Human Race was cleaning the battlefield, the wind suddenly had a feeling in the heart and looked towards a certain direction.


A person in azure clothes stands floating, as if he is a censored immortal, and like an ordinary Human Race.


At the moment when he saw the person in azure clothes, Feng’s heart was shaking like crazy, and the expression on his face couldn’t keep calm.

Just when he was about to speak.

When I saw azure clothes, the person shook his head slightly, motioned not to say anything, and then his body disappeared in place.

See here.

Feng could only forcefully suppress the excitement in his heart. After seeing the azure clothes people disappeared, he hurriedly confessed a word and left.

“The emperor has something to deal with, you can stay here!”

The wind hurriedly left, leaving many Human Race True Immortal with doubts on their faces.

They can all see the excitement on each other’s face just now.

“It’s weird, could it be a happy event?”

“The emperor has always been calm, how could it lose self-control like this today!”

“Maybe you defeated Dragon Race–”

Some Human Race True Immortal talked secretly, and finally attributed the cause to the defeat of Dragon Race.

After all.

Defeating a Peak family is indeed something to celebrate.


They also stopped thinking about this matter, and instead directed other people to clean the battlefield, while guarding the Quartet to prevent other races from sneaking attacks.

Dragon Race corpses are precious.

The blood essence and scales contained in it can play a significant role.

After the previous battle, Dragon Race also discarded a lot of corpses. These corpses were destined to be transformed into its own power by Human Race.



On the Spirit Race side, Jianmu’s mind was shaken, as if he had seen something incredible.

I was shocked.

also shaken Jianmu’s body.

In an instant.

The mountain range where Spirit Race is located is The earth shook and the mountain quivered, which has caused many Spirit Races to tremble.

Spirit Race True Immortal came out of the closed place one by one, looking towards Jianmu with trembling branches and leaves, they all looked terrified.

“My emperor calms down!”

“I don’t know what is going on, it makes my emperor angry!”

“My Emperor——”

Those Spirit Race True Immortal are all shocked in their hearts.

Since they were conceived, Jianmu hasn’t really woken up much time. Normally, when he awoke, he would at most have some conversations. It was the first time I saw it like this.

For the emperor of Spirit Race, they also felt sincere awe.


The words of Spirit Race True Immortal made Jianmu’s mind slowly recovered, and then there was a gentle voice.

“I just had a feeling in the heart that’s all, don’t panic when you wait!”


The feeling of The earth shook and the mountain quivered is completely disappeared.

Seeing this, those True Immortal are gradually relieved.

There is no problem.

They were also afraid of not doing it well, which made the Sovereign angry.

Jianmu didn’t bother to take care of them either. His mind was completely fixed on the azure clothes man he had just glimpsed.


“That is absolutely right for the Venerable, for hundreds of thousands of years, the Venerable has appeared again!”

He thought to himself.

Until now, Jianmu has not been able to forget the scene, the Supreme powerhouse that inspires and teaches his memories.

He understands better.

The vastness of Heaven and Earth at the moment was developed by the other party alone.

Regardless of the tens of thousands of races fighting for the front, it seems that powerhouses are emerging in endlessly, but in front of that person, there are all ants that’s all.

Jianmu can now be sure that the strength of the Venerable is definitely beyond the scope of True Immortal and has reached an unimaginable realm.

“The Venerable appeared on the Human Race side, is there any great opportunity for Human Race?”

He calmed down.

Such a powerful existence, but appearing in the territory of Human Race, can’t help but not think about the spirit emperor too much.

Although Human Race and Spirit Race have a good relationship, Jianmu didn’t want to give up this opportunity to meet the Venerable.

Compared to my own penance.

If you can get some guidance from Qin Shujian, you can definitely make yourself suddenly enlightened and your realm surpasses the existing limits.