From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 1005


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“I’m going to see the Lord!”

“Only when I see the Lord can I improve my strength!”

“If the Lord can give Spirit Race some chance, then what is the problem that Spirit Race will not last forever.”

Jianmu’s heart is extremely hot.

At this realm, many things can be understood.

Between the world.

Any strong clan has times of prosperity and weakness.

Although the current Spirit Race is in the flourishing period, it will eventually fall into weakness. At that time, it may be the coming of the crisis of extermination.

If you want not to be annihilated, you must have enough background support.

To be honest.

Jianmu is not sure, he will be able to protect Spirit Race forever.

Although True Immortal is powerful, it also has the limitation of life essence.

Even till now, he hasn’t noticed where the end of his life essence is.

But Jianmu knew that one day he would go to the end, unless he could break the limit of True Immortal, maybe he could get rid of this barrier.

Make a decision.

He quietly differentiated into a ray of mind incarnation, and went to the outside of Spirit Race.


Human Race.

Human Sovereign inside the palace.

As soon as the wind came back, I saw a person standing in the great hall who made myself familiar.

“Wind, I have seen the Lord!”

He bowed and bowed, not daring to be rude.

Qin Shujian turned around and looked towards the person in front of him, his expression a little relieved.

“I haven’t seen you for tens of thousands of years, you have grown to such a point, it is gratifying!”

“I have such accomplishments, and they are all bestowed by the Venerable. If it were not for the Venerable, there would be no wind between Heaven and Earth!”

The wind complexion replied respectfully.

For this creator-like existence, he was in awe from the inside.

Human Race is strong now.

But in front of the other party, it’s just a wave that can be destroyed.

At this level of powerhouse, the wind can’t control each other’s happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. If something is not done well, it will be troublesome to cause the destruction of Human Race.

“You can reach the Seventh Immortal, the innate talent is at the top of Heaven and Earth. It won’t be long before you should Transcending Tribulation!”

Qin Shujian glanced at him casually, suddenly giving Feng the illusion of being seen through.


The attention of the Human Sovereign at this time was completely attracted by Qin Shujian’s words.

Transcending Tribulation?

What Transcending Tribulation?

His face was stunned, and he asked the doubts in his heart.

“What do you mean by Transcending Tribulation?”

“True Immortal has calamities. Every twelve, nine thousand and six hundred years, there will be three calamities and six calamities between Heaven and Earth. If you survive, you will be able to enjoy another 129,600 years of life essence. , If you can’t get through, you can only fall.”

Qin Shujian spoke lightly.

The rules of Inner World are different from those of Great Thousand Worlds. The rules of Great Thousand Worlds are that True Immortal only has a life essence of 129,600 years. When it arrives, you have to die, and no one can make exceptions.

Although there are other means, it can be struggling on whilst at death’s door.

But doing a good job like that is no different from death. One day you dare to be born, Heavenly Tribulation will come naturally, and it is also a dead end.


The rule of Inner World is that True Immortal Transcending Tribulation once every 229,600 years, the success of Transcending Tribulation can continue the life essence, but Transcending Tribulation can only wait for death.

Part of the different rules comes from Qin Shujian’s own formulation.

There is also a natural derivation of Heaven and Earth.

After all.

If the cultivator is not limited by life essence, Heaven and Earth cannot survive forever.

The origin of every disaster is being screened by Heaven and Earth. If the powerhouse can survive, the weak can fall.

If there is no catastrophe, Heaven and Earth will be filled with True Immortal before long. At that time, Heaven and Earth will be ruined.


There is no Heaven and Earth that can provide a large amount of True Immortal.

If there are tens of millions of True Immortal, just simply swallowing Spiritual Qi, Heaven and Earth can be taken away, let alone other things.

“Three Plagues and Six Tribulations!”

The complexion of the wind greatly changed.

If it weren’t for Qin Shujian speaking of which, he simply didn’t know this.

Logically speaking, when you reach the realm of Seventh Immortal, you can already predict your own affairs.


Feng didn’t notice that he was about to suffer disaster.


He would not doubt the truth or falsehood of Qin Shujian’s words, since the other party said so, then he would definitely not make a mistake.

Feng suddenly bowed and bowed, his speech and attitude were sincere.

“Please also give some advice from the Lord, how should I survive this catastrophe!”

“The success of Transcending Tribulation depends on your personal chance. Although the Three Plagues and Six Tribulations are powerful, they are not completely unmatched. The strength of the first Tribulation is measured by the cultivator’s own background.

You are the Seventh Immortal now, so the calamity that comes is that of the Seventh Immortal.

If you are the 8th layer immortal, then what will happen is the calamity of the 8th layer immortal.

Every three calamities and six calamities will be stronger than the previous one, you just have to know it. “

Qin Shujian shook his head.

hearing this.

A certain sense of urgency has been born in Feng’s heart.

According to Qin Shujian, the three calamities and six calamities are not generally powerful. If you can’t get through it, then the fall is right in front of you.

He secretly calculated.

Up to now, I have been about 110,000 years, that is to say, the time left for myself is at most 10,000 years.

“In the words of the Venerable, if I don’t break through the realm, and still stay on the original realm to strengthen the foundation, will the success rate of Transcending Tribulation increase significantly?”

“Perhaps this is the first time, but the power of the following three calamities and six calamities will steadily rise, and you will no longer be stuck in your realm. If you stop, then Transcending Tribulation failure is inevitable.” [19459002 ]

Qin Shujian explained.

Wind looking thoughtful nodded.

The first three calamities and six calamities were measured by one’s own realm. After each disaster, the formidable power has steadily increased.

That is to say.

If when the second catastrophe comes, you still stay in the Seventh Immortal, then you may encounter the calamity of the 8th layer immortal, and the fall is certain at that time.

“Dare to ask the Lord, how can we not be afraid of disasters?”

Feng suddenly raised his head, looking directly at Qin Shujian, wanting to get an answer from the opponent.

Since there are three plagues and six calamities, there must be a way to avoid the three plagues and six calamities.

Right now between Heaven and Earth, the only one in front of you who can give your own answer.

In Feng Xiji’s eyes, Qin Shujian was nodded.


“I also hope that the Venerable will give advice!”

“If you can reach the top of the 9th layer in the future, and then break the True Immortal Sect barrier and break free from the shackles of Heaven and Earth, you will naturally not be plagued by the three plagues and six tribulations. By then, Heaven and Earth will be as big as you are. Travel!”

Climbing to the top of the 9th layer cents.

Beyond the shackles of Heaven and Earth.

In Qin Shujian’s words, Feng seemed to appreciate the vastness of that realm, and then he regained his mind, and his eyes fell on the person in front of him.


Maybe it’s the existence of that realm!