From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 1081


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Xiao Xuan fell.

It was just a momentary matter. When the other person came back to his senses, the other person’s headless body had fallen to the ground.

Immediately afterwards.

They saw Ye Hong look towards himself and the others with cold eyes.

“Ye Young Master, we have nothing to do with Xiao Family!”

“Yes, we are not familiar with Xiao Xuan.”

“Ye Young Master ——”

Those people are all stepping back, with a panic look on their faces.

Not afraid of it.

Ye Hong is too strong, as strong as Xiao Xuan is not the opponent of the other party, he was forcibly beheaded here.

Everyone can understand that when Xiao Xuan dies, Xiao Family will be completely cold.

A family without a deity, facing a vengeful deity, what is the possibility of resistance.


The destruction of Xiao Family is inevitable.

When Xiao Xuan was still there, they were willing to work hard for Xiao Family, hoping to get some benefits from Xiao Family.

But now.

Xiao Xuan is already dead, and the big ship Xiao Family is already riddled with holes, and the ship may be destroyed and killed at any time.

In this case, who would be willing to stand with Xiao Family.

If that’s the case.

It is no different from bring about one’s own destruction.


Ye Hong’s face was indifferent, a palm printed out, the palm of the palm covered the void world, and directly covered everyone present.

Next breath.

The palm of the hand fell.

All the cultivators and fleshy bodies that were touched exploded instantly, completely body dies and Dao disappears.

He has no thoughts left at all about these hordes of grass.


On the contrary, it is clean.

Looking at Xiao Xuan’s body on the ground, Ye Hong planned to turn around and leave.


In his mind, Qin Er’s voice stopped him.

Ye Hong heard this, he couldn’t help but pause: “senior, what happened?”

“Go and take off the jasper finger that Xiao Xuan carried with his left hand. There is something in it, which looks quite interesting.”

Jasper pulls fingers.

Ye Hong’s expression startedled, he turned and looked towards Xiao Xuan’s corpse. The opponent did indeed carry a jasper finger on his hand.

Just from his perspective, there is no clue.


Ye Hong trusts Qin Er 100%. Since the other party has something, it must have something.

astral qi, like a knife, cut off Xiao Xuan’s fingers.

Jasper pulls off his fingers, and the next breath is in his hands.

The moment Ye Hong held Biyu’s finger, an old voice came from inside.

“Boy, strength is good!”


The sudden sound made Ye Hong a little wary, and he soon found the source of the sound.

Jasper pulls fingers!

There really is something in it.

Qin Er has no voice in his mind, so he will communicate by himself.

“What on earth are you, dare to dress up as God, playing the Devil in front of me!”

“The old man is not dressed up as God, playing the Devil. I am True Immortal one hundred thousand years ago. My name is the Lord Tyrant. Xiao Xuan is able to achieve today’s achievements because of me. Now he is dead, you get the old man’s guidance, and you will achieve True Immortal nothing difficult in the future.”

In Jasper’s fingers, the old Divine Soul said proudly.

Although a Xiao Xuan died, a stronger Ye Hong came, which is a good thing for him.

People of inheritance.

The stronger the better.

Although Ye Hong’s strength is not weak now, the Overlord believes that with his name of True Immortal, he will surely make the other party obediently obedient.

“True Immortal one hundred thousand years ago!”

“Venerable Tyrant!”

After hearing the words of Venerable Tyrant God, Ye Hong was indeed shocked, but he quickly reacted.

True Immortal!

In the Great World in September, it was indeed extinct for many years.

But in Great Thousand Worlds, True Immortal is not too much.

And moreover.

There is an incarnation of the Heavenly Emperor in his body. What is the Heavenly Emperor? It is the Supreme powerhouse that governs the True Immortal of all races. In this comparison, the level of the Overlord has dropped a lot.

Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Qin Er also heard the words of Venerable Tyrant God, with a faint smile on his face: “Interesting, really interesting, didn’t expect to see a True Immortal Remnant Soul here, kid, let him into the Sea of Consciousness, I will talk to him.”


Ye Hong answered in his heart.

Then, he looked at Jasper’s finger and said: “What kind of god, I have never heard of it, but since you are True Immortal senior, it is always wrong to stay in Jasper’s finger. I don’t know if the senior is willing to join me Sea of Consciousness to live?”

“en? “

Venerable Tyrant God was taken aback, he almost thought he had heard it wrong.

Live in the Sea of ​​Consciousness!

You know, Sea of ​​Consciousness is the lifeblood of a cultivator. Once you enter Sea of ​​Consciousness, things are not that simple.


Venerable Tyrant God was still thinking about how to find an excuse to enter Ye Hong’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, but didn’t expect the other party to invite him.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

As an ancient True Immortal, he is not a fool, he has a moment of hesitation in his heart.

But soon.

This hesitation was dispelled.

Without him.

I am an ancient True Immortal, and there is no True Immortal in the Great World in September. Even if I have a part of Remnant Soul left, it is definitely not something that heavens can contend with.

If you enter the Sea of ​​Consciousness, even if Ye Hong has any back then, it is impossible to threaten him.

That way.

I have been silent for so many thousands of years, and finally I have a chance to Seize Body For Rebirth.

Excited in my heart.

However, on the surface of the Tyrant God, the tone of his speech is still calm.

“Since you have such a heart, that’s okay, let go of Sea of ​​Consciousness, I will go in now!”


Ye Hong’s divine sense attached to Jasper’s finger, and then released the blockade of Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The Venerable Tyrant followed the divine sense and escaped directly into the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Just entered the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

He was shocked by Xiao Xiao.

Because of the vastness of Ye Hong’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, it is not something ordinary heavenly beings can have.

But after being shocked, it was replaced by overjoy.


“Okay, didn’t expect to be able to have such a talented fleshy body when my Lord God is about to die out, boy, don’t worry, I will definitely use your body in the future to reach the top of this Peak of Heaven and Earth.

In this way, you will be enough to look down! “

The Lord Overlord was laughed unbridled, and now he has no more hiding, directly exposing his own nature.

Hearing the other party’s wild words, Ye Hong looked weird: “Senior is really upset and kind, but it’s better for senior to look at the surrounding environment before talking?”

Venerable Bashen harboring malicious intentions, he had already guessed.

After all, how can there be an unprovoked opportunity to send it to myself.

If Xiao Xuan is immortal, he might be Seize Body For Rebirth in the future.

Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The laughter of the Lord Tyrant stopped abruptly, because Ye Hong’s words and reaction made him unexpected, and he immediately began to look at the environment of Sea of ​​Consciousness.

When I saw someone looking at me with a smile.

At that moment.

The Venerable Tyrant felt that his Divine Soul seemed to be frozen.